Who Is Magnus Thunderbolt?

A Rugian Viking

Skalvian Baltik Barbarian

“We will boldly explore the subject of exorcism and self-healing.  We are going to find out all about victory over forces that, unknown to us, harm us.  We are going to learn the whole story so that we are more intelligent than what’s been hurting us all these years.  These subjects apply to everyone on earth.  Everyone is concerned with them because there is a very definite connection between the dark forces and everyone.  No one can escape a connection with them.”
Vernon Howard

A Vinland Viking Vision Quest

Baltik Barbarian Style

“You really live in two different worlds at the same time! We will refer to them in this book as the Inner World and the Outer World. The understanding of this does much to clear away confusion and to add psychic and cosmic strength to you.
“You live in the Outer World of the physical body, other people, homes, finances, government, travel, automobiles and so on. You also dwell in the Inner World of your thoughts, feelings, desires, insight, curiosity and other psychological items. You must place your Inner World FIRST in your order of thinking. This is a primary teaching of every TRUE religion and philosophy, including those discussed in this book.”

Vernon Howard

“Listen to what is being preached today.  Look at everyone around us.  You’ve wondered why they suffer, why they seek happiness and never find it.  If any man stopped and asked himself whether he’s ever held a truly personal desire, he’d find the answer.  He’d see that all his wishes, his efforts, his dreams, his ambitions are motivated by other men.  He’s not really struggling even for material wealth, but for the second-hander’s delusion – prestige.  A stamp of approval, not his own.  He can find no joy in the struggle and no joy when he has succeeded.  He can’t say about a single thing: ‘This is what I wanted because I wanted it, not because it made my neighbors gape at me’.  Then he wonders why he’s unhappy.”
Ayn Rand

“All problems are merely contradictions.  All contradictions are caused by the wrong thinking of the conditioned mind which splits everything into opposites – the opposites of friend and enemy, you and I, yesterday and tomorrow and so on.  When self-knowledge dissolves this opposite-thinking, this contradictory thinking, all problems disappear.  You then see that the problem was not a treacherous friend or a denied desire or a stubborn habit, but only wrong thinking itself.”
Vernon Howard

“Contradictions do not exist.  Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises.  You will find that one of them is wrong.”

Hugh Akston


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“There comes a time, when, on the one hand a vague awakening consciousness stirs the soul, the consciousness of the higher law… and the sufferings a man endures from the contradictions of life, compel him to renounce the social order and to adopt the new… And this time has now arrived.”

Leo Tolstoy

Like most Generation X’ers, I grew up in the B.C. Era or Before Computers – giving us a perspective of life WITHOUT technology as well as an APPRECIATION for Spell Check and Smart Phones.  Being raised on radio, (<== Red-Brown linked text to click on) we naturally put our face in front of speakers instead of Smart Phones.  We were ALWAYS playing outdoors – playing baseball and fishing in the spring, playing basketball, bass “bugging,” swimming and “tubing” down Lycoming Creek into the Susquehanna River to Maynard Street in the summer, hiking and playing tackle ball in the fall and bumper skiing, snowballing, “tubing” and sled riding in the winter.

The Environmental Protection Agency was newly established and DESTROYED our access to Natural, clean, crisp, cold mountain water by capping and sealing the ABUNDANT Natural springs that were all around us.  Thank YOU thirty-seventh pathetic pin-head.  Yea, we were INTRODUCED to the “Environmental Fascist Agenda,” currently marketed as the #GreenNewDeal, at an early age and were suspicious from the start.  ESPECIALLY when “businesses” started marketing “Natural Spring Water” in PLASTIC containers.  You see, we used to gather the spring water in GLASS bottles we saved from when the milkman DELIVERED raw milk to our doorstep before the Food and Drug Administration deemed such practice unacceptable while the newly established Food Safety and Inspection Service destroyed our access to organic meat and farm fresh eggs.  I know, it’s hard to believe such a free and natural way of living ACTUALLY existed, once upon a time, in the United States of America.

Yea, we were NATURALLY healthy and didn’t need to concern ourselves with any “Health Care Agenda,” currently marketed as Medicare FOR ALL, propagated by the United States Pharmacopeia industry of drug-addicts which is endorsed by the United States Department of Health & Human Services.  Just ask Bayer AG.

Are you starting TO SEE a trend here folks?  Government agencies, on top of government agencies, on top of government agencies manipulated by the “too big to fail” international business conglomerates who dictate government regulation, on top of government regulation, on top of government regulation, on top of government regulation ALL for the sake of OUR PROTECTION while DESTROYING the Free Market Economy where we can FREELY choose FOR OURSELVES and PROVIDE for our OWN WELL-BEING.  “A Green New Deal is a big, bold [Supreme Socialist] transformation of the [current corrupt] economy to tackle the [crony created] twin crises of inequality and [swindle science] climate change.  It would mobilize vast [taxpayer] public resources to help us [Socialist Slaves] transition from an [egregiously ineffective] economy built on [Elitist] exploitation and [polluting] fossil fuels to [a World Government] one driven by [delusional] dignified work and [hypothetical] clean energy.” Sierra Club.  “Get it” NOW?  #GreenNewDeal DUMBASS!

‘Black Friday’ was ACTUALLY on the Friday after Thanksgiving when stores opened at their usual time.  ‘Small Business Saturday’ was inconceivable since you purchased your gifts at the local stores until “The Mall” (<== Red-Brown linked text to click on) came into existence.  Christmas decorations were hung on Immaculate Conception (December Eighth) and Christmas music on the radio usually commenced about a week before Christmas when we would go to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas Tree.

Our televisions had thirteen channels and a UHF channel that were knobs on the set you had to physically turn.  You answered the telephone when it rang without knowing who was on the other end of the line.

Meteorology was not yet sensationalized to promote the Environmental Fascist Agenda.  In other words, a sensational “Bomb Cyclone” was naturally a blizzard, a sensational “Polar Vortex” was naturally an arctic air mass and a sensational “Super Storm” was naturally a nor’easter.

Methadone Clinics were non-existent because those who decided to go down the drug-addict road FOR THEMSELVES, didn’t DRAG the rest us down such a “guilt trip” ridden, ridiculous path. “Neurotic guilt must be understood and ended, otherwise individual and mass destruction will continue.” Vernon Howard.  In other words, we understood the spiritual meaning of “you reap what you sow” and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY to their self-selected, self-destruction.  We also understood the economic principle of “what you subsidize, you get more of” and chose not to increase drug-addicted derelicts.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Enabling Idiots.  DUMBASS!  The same economic principle discouraged us from “donating” to ineffectual charities which were set up as foundations to funnel wealth for illicit purposes by the Financially Fraudulent rather than address the “issue” they were set up to solve.  Just a glimpse of what life was like in the B.C. Era or Before Coddling.

In public elementary school, we learned to read, write, add, subtract, multiply, divide as well as make monetary change.  We learned the fallacy of a “free lunch” too.  Every Monday morning our teacher would collect our lunch money for the week, in little brown envelopes, and those who qualified for a free lunch, which were VERY few, were told that their lunch was NOT free.  The ever elusive, Somebody Else, was PAYING FOR their lunch.  Hence; it was drilled into our little heads that there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH – utter NONSENSE.  We were taught responsibility, accountability, proper personal conduct and the consequences of our actions.

On the first day of school, our third grade teacher wrote the word “Responsibility” on the chalk board and instructed each of us to retrieve a dictionary from the shelf loaded with them and look up the word and write the definition in our notebooks.  She proceeded to tell us from this day forward, each of us individually is responsible for everything we do or fail to do.  “I am responsible for my own grief, confusion.  I cause my life to be what it is.” Vernon Howard.  Finger-pointing was not tolerated, excuses would not be accepted and reasons would be used to learn from the experience so we do not repeat the same mistake again.  “If you won’t blame others for your sorrow, you will see where it’s coming from and then that will consciously destroy it.” Vernon Howard.  Obviously, Daniel Webster Elementary School was not a place pathetic politicians would be interested in attending or allowing to continue existing.

Oh yea, our schools provided our productive needs of pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, construction paper, listening centers, books, musical instruments, gym equipment etc. because the school board was not yet bankrupt by the idiotic decision to grant school teachers “civil servant” status; thus ENTITLING the Union Members to a lifelong pension upon retirement after a certain number of years of COMPENSATED service.  BRILLIANT!  Nowadays, public schools cry poverty and have the gullible do-gooders donate “backpacks” full of school supplies to the “needy” students because ALL the school “tax-revenue” goes to compensating the school teachers and their egregiously overpaid superintendents along with their retired brethren.

I am grateful for my attendance at Daniel Webster Elementary School and the competent teachers who instructed us in REALITY.  (What a concept.)  The building was condemned the year I progressed to Middle School, but last I knew, the building still stands and an Islamic Center occupies the facility.  Talk about “equal opportunity” in the “land of diversity.”

Since my brother brought the chicken-pox home from school with him when I was six months old, I didn’t remember experiencing them.  So when the chicken-pox broke out in third grade, I got to experience the misery of shingles instead.  Not fun.

On the first day of school, our fourth grade teacher wrote the phrase, “REMEMBER THE ECHO” on the chalk board.  He proceeded to tell us the story of the echo and to be aware of whatever we think about, say or do toward others because it will come back to us many times over like an echo in the mountains.  He kept the phrase in the corner of the chalk board the entire school year and referred to it often to teach a lesson.  “Attention is the cure for a wandering mind.” Vernon Howard.  My favorite module we studied was The Native Americans of Pennsylvania.  It was a demanding exploration as our teacher was thorough.  I found their culture fascinating.

You were held accountable for improper behavior by being paddled by the teacher and/or principle, depending on the severity of the transgression – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Moving up to public middle school, we learned to read books and write reports on what we read along with algebra, science, music, art and history.  We had to get changed for gym class and were able to compete in sports for our school after classes ended for the day if our grades and conduct were acceptable to represent our school honorably.  You were sent to in-school detention for improper behavior – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Moving on to public high school, we learned how to read, write, speak and communicate clearly and effectively.  We learned Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and advanced mathematics along with Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  We learned world history, American history and civics.  Along with music and art, we had home economics and industrial arts classes as well.  In Home Economics classes, we learned to sew simple items, including attaching buttons, bake and cook by following simple recipes.  In Industrial Arts classes, our drafting teacher demanded precision – our metal/plastics shop teacher had a stack of Penthouse magazines in his office and our wood shop teacher allowed students to bring their rifles/shotguns to class and help them work on their wood stocks.  Students and faculty who drove pick-up trucks to school usually had a gun rack across the rear window with shotguns and rifles in them.  Security guards were unnecessary since we were young adults who KNEW how to conduct ourselves appropriately.  Being responsible students, stolen property was an unusual occurrence since we were held accountable for improper conduct in elementary and middle school by experiencing the consequences of punishment to teach correction.  You were thrown out of high school and suspended for improper behavior – NO EXCEPTIONS.

For those students who wanted to pursue a trade after high school, the local community college offered half-year or two semester programs in conjunction with their basic studies in Small Engine Repair, Automotive Mechanics, Automotive Body Shop, Basic Welding, Basic Bricklaying and Basic Carpentry so upon graduation, they could immediately start an apprenticeship.

Those students who QUALIFIED to further their studies at college went to be EDUCATED, in every sense of the word, rather than coddled.  If they decided to pledge a fraternity or sorority, they accepted the risks involved and NEVER pointed fingers and went crying to “Big Daddy” government if their personal decisions turned out badly.

Just a glimpse of what public schools THAT MADE GROWING UP IN AMERICA GREAT (<== Red-Brown linked text to click on) were like in the B.C. Era or Before Columbine.

Like “Christmas” carol music genre, I came to thoroughly despise team sports.  In Little League, I was on a team where the coach played two other ten-year-olds, whose parents he knew well, consistently while I had one opportunity and made the best of it going three-for-five at the plate while committing no errors in the field.  Being introduced to politics in my young life, along with the guidance of my father and support of my mother, I decided to abandon “Original” Little League and go across West Fourth Street to try-out for “Memorial” Little League.  I was picked first over-all thus placing me on the worst team from the previous year.  Going against the best teams and the best pitching in the league, I still ended up fourth in the league in batting-average while vaulting our team to third place.  I made the All-Star team as a shortstop.  The following year, I was the All-Star catcher while leading the league in runs-batted-in and finished fifth in the league in batting-average.  Yes, I received a trophy for my RBI accomplishment and no, not everyone was ‘awarded’ a trophy for just ‘showing’ up.  Participation is a PRIVILEGE not some silly, sacred solemnity.  I would have been tied for most home runs but one of the fence-clearers I hit, that appeared to go OVER the foul pole, was RULED foul.  We had the best record in the league but lost a “key” game (the one where my game-tying home run was ruled foul – coincidence?) preventing our team from playing for the championship – politics?  So the “championship” game was for second place – such NONSENSE.

Entering Middle School I followed both my older brothers lead and tried out for the basketball team.  No one expected much from me but I worked hard and when the season started, I was on the starting five much to the disappointment of a fellow teammate who extracted his revenge.

Moving up to Babe Ruth Baseball League, I made the thirteen-year-old All-Star team that was coached by the father of the disgruntled basketball player.  At our first tournament, I sat the bench the whole time.  Knowing I was completely wasting my time, I never showed for our next tournament and no one came looking for me.  Told me all I needed to know – baseball was not my sport.

After my eighth grade basketball season, the ninth grade basketball coach pulled me aside and informed me I would be his point guard the following season.  During summer basketball season, our coach unexpectedly showed up to coach us for one game.  I sat the bench the whole contest.  I was naive but not stupid.  I knew I could not play point guard while sitting on the bench.  Riding my bike home from the gym, I decided to pedal over to my dad’s mail route.  Locating him walking his route delivering the mail, I explained what happened at my game.  Seeing I was upset, he said he couldn’t understand it either and didn’t know what to tell me.

[Side Note: My father was an OUTSTANDING left-handed basketball player and an even BETTER coach.  He was not into politics so he enjoyed refereeing football and basketball instead.  In fact, it was through officiating that he was able to figure out HOW sporting events are predetermined and if money, in the form of betting, is involved then the outcome was fixed.  One of his favorite sayings was “The Fix Is In.”  (<== Red-Brown linked text to click on)  He enjoyed watching Larry Bird play for the Boston Celtics, in spite of the predetermined outcomes, and stopped watching professional basketball altogether once Larry Bird retired.]

When winter sport sign-ups took place my freshman year of high school, I signed up for the swim team.  The best player on our Middle School team, of African descent, came running down the hallway to chase me down and ask if I was going out for basketball this year.  I told him no, I am going out for the swim team instead.  He was bummed and said, “Damn!  The second best player on our team is not even playing this year.”  He was the only one who noticed.  The ninth grade, junior varsity and varsity coaches never tracked me down to ask me the same question.  Told me all I needed to know – I made the right decision.

Kick-Ass, Heathen-Warriors need not apply since Spiritual-Studs are NOT WELCOMED on TEAM ‘Loki-Satan’ known as the ‘World of Men‘.  Just ask Vernon Howard.  Take a GOOD look around you folks, and you will NOTICE the ‘void.’  [Of course I didn’t KNOW IT at the time — THAT is what THIS Vinland Viking Vision Quest is ALL ABOUT – you will FINALLY learn HOW your Judeo-Christian-Muslim existence came to be such a Diabolical DISGRACE and WHY the ‘World of Men‘ is Totally FUCKED – making Ragnarok not only NECESSARY but at this point in time INEVITABLE – so PAY ATTENTION!  DUMBASS!]  “We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

Even the wrestling coach asked if I would be interested in joining the studs on his team now that I was not playing basketball.  I assured him if swim team didn’t work out, I would try out for mat grappling.

All you team-first fanatics can kiss my INDIVIDUAL ass – I bury my nose in no one’s ass to be anointed “CHOSEN1” thus entitling me to “receive” by “privilege” what I am capable of “earning” through “merit” – Fuck ALL you FRAUDS and EVERYTHING your ‘TEAM’ represents.  I am ETERNALLY grateful for being introduced to politics through team sports early in my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed swimming and at our first practice no boys were trying out for the dive team so I volunteered.  I enjoyed doing flips, bananas and can-openers off the diving board at the local pool during the summer and was receptive to developing and honing artful diving skills.  I was a fearless and fast learner and ended up “Lettering” in both swimming and diving all four years.

But my TRUE PASSION was revealed to me during my sophomore year of gym-class when we had a Weightlifting Module.  I took to lifting weights like a screwdriver to a screw.  The harder I worked or “turned” the stronger or “tighter” I became until I transformed (<== Red-Brown linked text to click on) into being rock-hard and “water-tight.”  CAUTION!  One “side-effect” of weightlifting; was, it IMPROVED my swimming and diving skills IMMENSELY.

I was still naive but not stupid.  I KNEW bodybuilders were liars and NEVER followed their advice or purchased products in “Muscle Mags.”  No, I was more interested in books and manuals for practical information.  Super Squats: How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks by Randall J. Strossen (Ph.D.)Big Beyond Belief by Leo Costa Jr. and Dr. R. L. Horine and The Anabolic Diet by Dr. Mauro DiPasquale were a few of my favorites that produced FANTASTIC results when properly applied.  But the BEST part of lifting weights was being able to EXPERIMENT!  “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.  Willing is not enough; we must do.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Developing the ability of turning acquired knowledge into practical application in the physical realm was to serve me well in the spiritual realm later in life.

“Knowledge is the observation of a fact.
“Knowing is the inward experience of that fact.”
Vernon Howard

Like most eighteen year olds, I had no idea what I wanted to do after mandatory public schooling (Lyrics).  (<== Red-Brown linked text to click on – there was no Lyrics Video for this song {Hint, Hint}; click on the Lyrics text FIRST so the lyrics are ready to go when you click on the music link; this is your LAST linked text heads-up)  I discovered an aptitude for math and science and an interest in history and art.  Also, like most high school graduates, I was well conditioned in the social paradigm and easily influenced.  Finishing thirty-second in a graduating class of five-hundred, ten; my parents insisted I attend college and my father suggested I apply for appointment to the military academies and become an officer.  He had a positive experience enlisting in the Navy and thought I would benefit as well.  Academy selection is a grueling and political process that I did not get very far into when being rejected – imagine THAT.  Also, rejected in applying for four-year Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarships.  I did manage to make it to the final round of selection for the Coast Guard Academy (without political recommendation) only to be rejected again.  So, I attended Lock Haven University majoring in Computer Science to soar like a Bald Eagle.

Just before classes started, I was recruited by the Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer (OSO) to join the Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) program.  I could attend any college, complete any degree course, complete two six-week summer training or one ten-week training course at Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia and upon commencement, I would be commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.  I would then be assigned to The Basic School (TBS), also in Quantico, to begin officer training.  It seemed like an exciting adventure and a perfect match, so I applied.  “The prestige of the military meant that educated young men found it attractive and wanted to be associated with it.  Educated soldiers who understand how to use the sophisticated weapons they have been given are clearly going to be much more successful on the battlefield than their opponents.” John Mosier.  The application process was complete with the submission of my first semester grades and I was immediately accepted into the program and started preparing for my first six-week training session (PLC-JR) following the spring semester in nineteen eighty-nine.

The sluggard believes he shall live forever,
If the fight he faces not;
But age shall not grant him the gift of peace,
Though spears may spare his life.

Indoctrination into the military is a unique experience.  Indoctrination into the United States Marine Corps is an extraordinary experience.  “We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school.” Thucydides.  You don’t choose the Marine Corps, the Marine Corps chooses you.  Fortunately, I was in excellent physical condition, well prepared and stuck with it to finish second in the “India” Company class of two hundred fifty-four.  My Officer Selection Officer was so proud of my accomplishment that he encouraged me to apply for a two-year NROTC scholarship.  Initially, I was reluctant since I was already rejected when applying for a four-year scholarship.  He convinced me I would have a better chance now that I completed the PLC-JR course, so I decided to apply again.  Wouldn’t you know, I was accepted and had to transfer to a school with a NROTC program and attend a six-week training program, in the summer of nineteen, ninety, at the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, Rhode Island.  After completing the training, I went to Pennsylvania State University to get acclimated to my new situation and Nittany Lion surroundings.

Changed major from Computer Science to General Science – computer programming was not my thing and it was the one major I could change to without losing too many credits.  The first semester at my new school was brutal.  After cruising through my first four semesters, with a three-point-three Grade-Point-Average, at my old school, my grades dropped significantly at my new school despite my increased effort.  Both my grandfathers passed away during the semester as well, adding to the academic struggles.  Once returning for my second semester, I was placed on academic probation by the NROTC unit and met with my academic advisor to see where I went from here.  I was assigned a new academic advisor by the school and when he looked at my previous semester grades, the first thing he did was congratulate me.  He said he did not know too many students who could have had Biology, Chemistry (with lab), Differential Equations, Vector Calculus and Landscape Architecture crammed into their first semester at a new school and pass everything.  Adding in NROTC classes and exercises only made it more impressive. That came as a bit of a shock as I was beginning to doubt if I was college material.  With his help, I was able to reduce the difficulty and rebound my grades somewhat from a one-point-eight up to a two-point-four over four semesters.

While on campus, I witnessed the most fantastically fraudulent philanthropy every February in the form of delusional dancers donating time and raising money “for the kids” in the HOPE of curing childhood cancer.  “Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle.” Vladimir Putin.  The SENSATIONAL Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, known simply as THON, or sympathetic students using sentimentality to stimulate support from stupid subscribers.  “A man with an exterior cause is an unhappy man.  His public enthusiasm cannot deceive his private nature.  Regardless of how worthwhile his cause may appear to be in the eyes of others, it is his prison.  It is a frantic but vain effort to escape the unescapable — self-confrontation.  There is only one satisfying cause in life, which is the release of ourselves from all that binds.  This true cause starts with receptivity, for when receptivity meets truth, something happens.” Vernon Howard.  I ask YOU dear reader, is a “Cure” EVER going to be “Discovered” while swindled students are able to “Raise” MILLIONS of dollars “for the kids?”  I’ll save you the suspense – NEVER!  In fact, the “Donations” will be used to “Create” another “Problem” in NEED of a charitable cure to “Stimulate” ANOTHER “Stream of Revenue.”  Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter refer to MULTIPLE “Streams of Income” as BUILDING WEALTH rather than SOLVING PROBLEMS.  DUMBASS!  “Cursed are the organizers of Charities, they are propagators of plagues.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Under the guise of “Charity,” taxes are avoided on the MILLIONS generated.  BRILLIANT!  Vinland Vikings CALL IT a Student Sanctioned Scam.

Some of the ridiculous classes that were “required” for a bachelor of science degree were Womyn’s Studies and Drug Culture Awareness.  Womyn’s Studies (yes, that is women spelled with a ‘y’) was taught by a Femine-NAZI who was hell bent on Female Supremacy.  Not only were males irrelevant, but their fantasizing about stimulating an extremely attractive woman’s sweet-spot senseless with their tongue was now considered a psychological crime to be prohibitively penalized to the male detriment and female enrichment.  Drug Culture Awareness was, of course, “instructed” by a “recovering” drug addict who needed to be put on the state’s payroll to tell his pathetic story to students who were “required” to be interested.  Personally, if someone CHOOSES to destroy their own life – that is THEIR business.  Their choice has NOTHING to do with MY option to get the hell out of their way and NOT ALLOW them to drag me down the path they FREELY CHOSE FOR THEMSELVES.  My only wish for them is their misery to get ten thousand times WORSE if that is what it takes for them to REALIZE the error of their ways FOR THEMSELVES.  The “fruits” of such Social Justice “indoctrination” was the Crusading “#MeToo Movement” and “Hillary/Obama-Care” Opioid Epidemic – ‘Lucky’ us.  “Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism.” Joseph Stalin.  Remarkably, there was absolutely NO REQUIREMENT to successfully complete an Economics course to earn a bachelor of SCIENCE degree – Incredible.  Truly, the Money Mafia Manipulator’s desire no one to figure out their fantastic fraud FOR THEMSELVES.

“Did you wonder what is wrong with the world?”
John Gault

“Economics must not be relegated to classrooms and statistical offices and must not be left to [pseudo] esoteric circles.  It is the philosophy of human life and action and concerns everybody and everything.  It is the path of civilization and of man’s human existence.”
Ludwig von Mises

[Ludwig von Mises wrote The Book on Liberalism titled: Liberalismus.  The modern-day definition of liberalism DIFFERS GREATLY from Classical Liberalism Ludwig von Mises so clearly wrote about in his day and age.  To clarify the confusion intended by the Thought Police, we will examine trusty ‘ol Wikipedia, with appropriate bracketed inserts, to CLARIFY the terms used in THIS Blog.

According to Wikipedia: Modern liberalism in the United States is the dominant version of [Socialist] liberalism in the United States.  It combines [Marxist] ideas of civil liberty and equality with support for social justice and a [Fascist] mixed economy.  Economically, modern American liberalism opposes cuts to the social safety net and supports a role for government in reducing inequality, providing education, ensuring access to healthcare, regulating economic activity and protecting the natural environment.  [In other words, anti-Classical Liberalism.]  This form of [Marxist-Fascist] liberalism took shape in the 20th century United States as the [Democratic-Republican Party] franchise [enabled by] other [delusional] civil rights [being] extended to a larger class of [Untermensch] citizens.  Major examples include Theodore Roosevelt’s New Nationalism, Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, Harry S. Truman’s Fair Deal, John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society.  [Modern manifestation is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s #GrrenNewDeal.]  This is what will be referred to as Anti-Liberalism.

“Socialism or communism is that organization of society in which property – the power of deploying all the means of production – is vested in society, i.e., in the state, as the social apparatus of compulsion and coercion. For a society to be judged as socialist it is of no consequence whether the social dividend is distributed equally or according to some other principle. Neither is it of decisive significance whether socialism is brought about by a formal transfer of the ownership of all the means of production to the state, the social apparatus of compulsion and coercion, or whether the private owners retain their property in name and the [fascist] socialization consists in the fact that all these “owners” are entitled to employ the means of production left in their hands only according to [regulatory] instructions issued by the state. If the government decides what is to be produced and how, and to whom it is to be sold, and at what “price,” then private property still exists in name only; in reality, all property is already socialized, for the mainspring of economic activity is no longer profitseeking on the part of entrepreneurs and capitalists, but the necessity of fulfilling an imposed duty and of obeying [government dictated] commands.
“Men can consume only if they labor, and then only as much as their labor has produced. Now it is the characteristic feature of the capitalist system that it provides each member of society with this incentive to carry on his work with the greatest efficiency and thus achieves the highest output. In a socialist society, this direct connection between the labor of the individual and the goods and services he might thereby enjoy would be lacking. The incentive to work would not consist in the possibility of enjoying the fruit of one’s labor, but in the command of the [unionized] authorities to work and in one’s own feeling of [Constitutional] duty.”

Ludwig von Mises

According to Wikipedia: Neoliberalism or neo-liberalism is the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism and free market capitalism, which constituted a paradigm shift away from the post-war [Israeli-Illuminati International] Keynesian [Fractional Reserve] consensus that has lasted from 1945 to [Present].  Neoliberalism is generally associated with policies of [social and] economic liberalization, including privatization, deregulation, free trade, austerity, and [elimination of] government [at ALL levels] in order to increase the role of the private sector in the [Laissez-Faire Capitalist] economy and [Anarchy] society [where there are no man-made written-laws].  This is what will be referred to as Neo-Liberalism.]

“What is always criticized in the capitalist system is the fact that the owners of the means of production occupy a preferential position. They can live without working. If one views the social order from an individualistic standpoint, one must see in this a serious shortcoming of capitalism. Why should one man be better off than another? But whoever considers things, not from the standpoint of individual persons, but from that of the whole social order, will find that the owners of property can preserve their agreeable position solely on condition that they perform a service indispensable for society. The capitalist can keep his favored position only by shifting the means of production to the application most important for society. If he does not do this—if he invests his wealth unwisely—he will suffer losses, and if he does not correct his mistake in time, he will soon be ruthlessly ousted from his preferential position. He will cease to be a capitalist, and others who are better qualified for it will take his place. In a capitalist society, the deployment of the means of production is always in the hands of those best fitted for it; and whether they want to or not, they must constantly take care to employ the means of production in such a way that they yield the greatest output.
“In a capitalist society, every individual knows that the fruit of his labor is his own to enjoy, that his income increases or decreases accordingly as the output of his labor is greater or smaller.”

Ludwig von Mises

“If you ask me to name the proudest distinction of Americans [under the Articles of Confederation], I would choose – because it contains all the others – the fact that [early 19th century Americans] were the [first] people who created the phrase ‘to make money.’ … [Classical liberal] Americans were the first [entrepreneurs] to understand that [real] wealth has to be created.  The [laissez-faire capitalist] words ‘to make money’ hold the essence of [Neo-Liberal] human morality.”
Francisco d’Anconia

“The philosophers, sociologists, and economists of the eighteenth and the early part of the nineteenth century formulated a political program that served as a guide to social policy first in England and the United States, then on the European continent, and finally in the other parts of the inhabited world as well.  Nowhere was this program ever completely carried out.  Even in England, which has been called the homeland of liberalism and the model liberal country, the proponents of liberal policies never succeeded in winning all their demands.  In the rest of the world only parts of the liberal program were adopted, while others, no less important, were either rejected from the very first or discarded after a short time. [Think Articles of Confederation]  Only with some exaggeration can one say that the world once lived through a liberal era.  [Classical] Liberalism was never permitted to come to full fruition.
“Nevertheless, brief and all too limited as the supremacy of [Classic] liberal ideas was, it sufficed to change the face of the earth.  A magnificent economic development took place.  The release of man’s productive powers multiplied the means of subsistence many times over.  On the eve of the [First] World War (which was itself the result of a long and bitter struggle against the [Classical] liberal spirit and which ushered in a period of still more bitter attacks on [Classical] liberal principles), the world was incomparably more densely populated than it had ever been, and each inhabitant could live incomparably better than had been possible in earlier centuries.  The prosperity that [Classical] liberalism had created reduced considerably infant mortality, which had been the pitiless scourge of earlier ages, and, as a result of the improvement in living conditions, lengthened the average span of life.
“Nor did this prosperity flow only to a select class of privileged persons.  On the eve of the [First] World War the worker in the industrial nations of Europe, in the United States, and in the overseas dominions of England lived better and more graciously than the nobleman of not too long before.  Not only could he eat and drink according to his desire; he could give his children a better education; he could, if he wished, take part in the intellectual and cultural life of his nation; and, if he possessed enough talent and energy, he could, without difficulty, raise his social position.  It was precisely in the countries that had gone the farthest in adopting the [Classical] liberal program that the top of the social pyramid was composed, in the main, not of those who had, from their very birth, enjoyed a privileged position by virtue of the wealth or high rank of their parents, but of those who, under favorable conditions, had worked their way up from straitened circumstances by their own power.  The barriers that had in earlier ages separated lords and serfs had fallen.  Now there were only citizens with equal rights. No one was handicapped or persecuted on account of his nationality, his opinions, or his faith.  Domestic Political and religious persecutions had ceased, and international wars began to become less frequent.  Optimists were already hailing the dawn of the age of eternal peace.
“But events have turned out otherwise.  In the nineteenth century strong and violent opponents of [Classical] liberalism sprang up who succeeded in wiping out a great part of what had been gained by the [Classical] liberals.  The world today wants to hear no more of [Neo-Liberalism].  Outside England the term “liberalism” is frankly proscribed.  In England, there are, to be sure, still “liberals,” but most of them are so in name only.
“In fact, they are rather moderate socialists.  Everywhere today political power is in the hands of the [Anti-Liberal] parties.  The program of [Anti-Liberalism] unleashed the forces that gave rise to the great [First] World War and, by virtue of import and export quotas, tariffs, migration barriers, and similar measures, has brought the nations of the world to the point of mutual isolation.  Within each nation it has led to socialist experiments whose result has been a reduction in the productivity of labor and a concomitant [associated] increase in want and misery.  Whoever does not deliberately close his eyes to the facts must recognize everywhere the signs of an approaching catastrophe in world economy.  [Anti-Liberalism] is heading toward a general collapse of civilization.
“If one wants to know what [Neo-Liberalism] is and what it aims at, one cannot simply turn to history for the information and inquire what the [Classical] liberal politicians stood for and what they accomplished.  For [Classical] liberalism nowhere succeeded in carrying out its program as it had intended.
“Nor can the programs and actions of those parties that today call themselves liberal provide us with any enlightenment concerning the nature of true [Neo-Liberalism]. It has already been mentioned that even in England what is understood as [Classical] liberalism today bears a much greater resemblance to Toryism and socialism than to the old program of the freetraders.  If there are [so called] liberals who find it compatible with their [agenda of] liberalism to endorse the nationalization of railroads, of mines, [of health insurance], and of other enterprises, and even to support protective tariffs, one can easily see that nowadays nothing is left of [Classical] liberalism but the name.
“Nor does it any longer suffice today to form one’s idea of [Neo-Liberalism] from a study of the writings of its great founders.  [Neo-Liberalism] is not a completed doctrine or a fixed dogma.  On the contrary: it is the application of the teachings of science to the social life of man.  And just as economics, sociology, and philosophy have not stood still since the days of David Hume, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Jeremy Bentham, and Wilhelm Humboldt, so the doctrine of [Neo-Liberalism] is different today from what it was in their [Classic liberal] day, even though its fundamental principles have remained unchanged.
“For many years now no one has undertaken to present a concise statement of the essential meaning of that doctrine.  This may serve to justify our present attempt at providing just such a work.”
Ludwig von Mises

Might as well make “higher” education Free – no need for tax increases either – it is ALREADY worthless.  “It means that our meritocracy doesn’t begin in college – it ends, for many, upon admission to college.  And THAT, in turn, means that the failures of our lower education system loom larger.  This also has significant political ramifications.  It means that students admitted to colleges expect to be pampered, not challenged.  This [college entrance “scandal”] story, then, is less about people committing a [victim-less] crime, and more about a [corrupt] system that fails the tests of meritocratic education so badly that people [with more money than brains] can buy their way past the merit and the education.” Ben “Semite Supremacist” Shapiro.  Just ask the students of Oriental descent about entrance criteria at Harvard University “Get control of the schools.  Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda.  Soften the curriculum.  Get control of teachers’ associations.  Put the [Zionist] party line in textbooks.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  Just ask Boston University.  You know, the institution whose economics department produced Socialist, Bottom Feeder Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and authored her proposed Green New Deal.  “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a [Green New Deal Socialist] Republican.” H. L. Mencken.  

Hint: “Oh, and despite her inane statement on why unemployment is low, – “because everyone is working two jobs.” (Yes, she really said that.) – she is a Really Intelligent Person, something that is obvious because she is young, photogenic, and committed to the socialist cause.
“Trying to explain economics to progressives is like trying to explain how a satellite orbits the planet to a flat-earth believer.  Someone who believes that the Diamond-Water Paradox is nothing more than a rhetorical trick is not going to believe that economic calculation has a role to play in the production and distribution of medical care or housing or food or anything else a progressive claims to be a human right, or believe that an entire economy cannot be directed from a single office in Washington, D.C.
“It is doubly-ironic that Ocasio-Cortez was an economics major at Boston University, although one doubts that economics taught there would differ from the usual statism that dominates most college economics programs.  One doubts that she intellectually internalized anything that would resemble price theory and certainly would not be able to identify anything resembling a shortage or surplus.  That she will advocate for government intervention and establishment of programs that almost certainly will lead to shortages should not be lost on anyone.
“The editors of The Nation and the New York Times
may have convinced themselves that a young woman with a pretty face through sheer force of will can solve the problems that have bedeviled central planners for a century, but even though progressives may sincerely believe that economic laws don’t exist, that changes nothing.  It is nothing more than another exercise in progressive arrogance.  Bernie Sanders is not the “Keeper of the Secret” who can make socialism work.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not the “Keeper of the Secret” who can make socialism work.  Joseph Stiglitz is not the “Keeper of the Secret” who can make socialism work.  Paul Krugman is not the “Keeper of the Secret” who can make socialism work.  There is no Keeper, no matter what American journalists tell us we are supposed to believe.”
Excerpt from:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won’t Be the One to Finally Make Socialism Work
William L. Anderson

FUCK YOU BU and EVERYTHING your Putz Professors profess.  Now we KNOW WHERE this idiocy originates.  “School teachers, taking them by and large, are probably the most ignorant and stupid class of men [and women] in the whole group of mental workers.” H. L. MenckenJust ask media personality “Sonali Kolhatkar.”

Socialism is an economic philosophy for the numerically abundant Bottom Feeders of society who are too FUCKIN’ LAZY to learn about economics FOR THEMSELVES which makes them too FUCKIN’ STUPID to realize Socialism HAS FAILED miserably EVERYWHERE it has EVER been violently or subtly implemented – why – because it is a SYSTEM OF FAILURE by its very Nature.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Ignorance AS Bliss.  “That’s what happens to you.  You take the intellect for the spirit and the hideous force of vanity is in back of that.  And vanity serves as a substitute for Reality.  It’s an imagination and vanity that you’re sensible, that you’re spiritual, that you know all about inner subjects and you’re a good knowledgeable person, in charge of yourself.  You’ve substituted dangerous vanity for safe Reality.  When are you going to stop?” Vernon Howard.  In other words, a SYSTEM OF FAILURE promoted by self-centered EXPLOITERS can only be embraced by SOCIETY’S FAILURES in order to drag EVERYONE down to their degeneratively despicable level of being.  “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill.  The RESULTS speak for themselves.  DUMBASS!  Most people want security in this world, not liberty.” H. L. Mencken.

We are supposed to BELIEVE Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Fascist-Socialist New Deal was such an economic success that we should be clamoring for a Fascist-Environmentalist New Deal.  “The objection to [Social Justice and Environmental Fundamentalist] Puritans is not that they try to make us think as they do, but that they try to make us do as they think.” H. L. Mencken.  Why not check the solvency of the government directed Ponzi Scheme known as Social Security.  “…wealth inequality in America is simply enormous.  This disparity in wealth comes as the pension system is in steep decline and the promises of Social Security programs seem impossible to keep.” James Smith.  You know, the New Deal solution to Retirement FOR ALL.  “All efforts to realize Socialism lead only to the destruction of society.” Ludwig von Mises.  Then, decide for yourself, if we should turn over our ENTIRE Medical Establishment to Washington D.C. dictation to provide Medicare FOR ALL along with ridiculous regulations founded on swindle-science to eradicate what little remains of our corrupt-capitalist economy.  “In the 20th century, the Soviet Union [violently] made the state’s role absolute.  In the long run, this [Para-Semite imposed Socialism] made the Soviet economy totally [incompetent and thus] uncompetitive.  This lesson cost us [Para-Semite Socialist Slaves] dearly.  I am sure nobody [in the former Soviet Union who experienced Para-Semite Socialist economics] wants to see it repeated.” Vladimir Putin.  Obviously, it worked out so well in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s Red China, Castro’s Cuba, Pot’s Cambodia, Un’s North Korea and Chávez’s Venezuela, that the United States MUST institutionalize Governmental Dictatorship to be counted among the Modern Wealth-Redistribution Scandinavian Welfare-State Fascist-Elites of the New World Order.  Good ‘Luck’ with THAT.  “The idea that political freedom can be preserved in the absence of economic freedom, and vice versa, is an illusion.” Ludwig von Mises.

In fact, “education” taxes can be eliminated as these “institutions” are closed down.  “The truth must be repeated over and over again, because error is repeatedly preached among us, and not only by individuals, but by the masses.  In periodicals and cyclopedias, in schools and universities – everywhere, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the feeling that it has a decided majority on its side.  Often, too, people teach truth and error together, and stick to the latter.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  In other words, we are already coerced into OVERSPENDING on a PROVEN colossal failure.  It is TIME to “face the facts” ALREADY.  DUMBASS!

College IS NOT for everyone.  “Everything has its limit – iron ore cannot be educated into gold.” Mark Twain.  Isn’t it ASTONISHING, everybody IS NOT college material.  A University Education is unique because LESS THAN twenty percent of the population is capable of completing a rigorous college curriculum.  That is LESS THAN one in five people for all you math morons out there.  Think of it like this, if you have four friends, the odds are LESS THAN ONE of you is college capable.  That DOES NOT make you INFERIOR to anybody.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  It is Baby Boomer BULLSHIT that you need a college degree to properly function in society.  “In Germany, there has been too much emphasis on training the intellect and not enough on strength of character.” Adolf Hitler.

Here’s a thought: why not do what you are passionate about and STICK WITH IT until you master it.  THAT is what the world needs FROM you.  “The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.” Adolf Hitler.  If you do not have a passion, then start applying for entry level jobs and perform your best until you master the position.  At that point, MOVE ON!  Apply for another position DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT until you master that position also.  KEEP MOVING until you DISCOVER your passion and then STICK WITH IT until you master your passion.  THAT is what the world NEEDS from you.  Just ask Anna Bell Peaks.

Keep in mind, if you are UNABLE to properly care for yourself, it is UNWISE to add the burden of raising a child until you can take care of yourself FIRST.  Captain Obvious, I know.  Oh, proper care FOR YOURSELF does NOT INCLUDE government provided housing, utilities, WIC, food stamps, free school lunch, cell phone, education, methadone clinics or healthcare.  Get the picture?  “The quality of your thought and feelings is extremely low.  That is draining you.  Who you really are has no need of, doesn’t want a word of comfort, sympathy, or consolation from anything or anyone.  It doesn’t need it.  Only the false needs the false.  The true doesn’t need the false.” Vernon Howard.

It is only when the college experience is “watered down” that you have Incompetent Idiots wandering around with a “college degree” whining about being unable to find a position requiring an advanced education because their baccalaureate is in “The Social Injustice of Underwater Basket Weaving” or “The Utopia of Social Economic Community Planning“.  “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him [or her] to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Friedrich Nietzsche.  Then these morons WONDER WHY potential employers are not interested in “utilizing” their insanity.  ONLY GOVERNMENT has any delusional need for these USELESS IDIOTS.  “Personal evil hides itself by battling public evil.” Vernon Howard.  The results SPEAK for themselves.  “[Political] Altruism declares that any [government dictated] action taken for the benefit of others is good, and any [individual] action taken for one’s own benefit is evil.  Thus the [government determined] beneficiary of an action is the only criterion of moral value – and so long as that [victimized] beneficiary is anybody other than oneself, anything goes.” Ayn Rand.  Just ask the Justice Democrats about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal, Bashida Tlaib, Raúl Grijalva and Ro Khanna.  “To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world.  That’s what everybody does every hour of his life.  If I asked you to keep your soul – would you understand why that’s much harder?” Ayn Rand.  You know, the USEFUL IDIOTS, who are incapable of thinking for themselves, affiliated with the Super Socialist organization partnered with Our Revolution (the largest Marxist front group in America for the Democratic Socialists of America) along with the Communist Party USA and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, who together recruit ignorant imbeciles, when it comes to entrepreneurial economics, so the agenda of Semite Supremacist Socialism can be propagated.  “In the last hundred years, the socialist ideal, in one form or another, has found adherents among many sincere and honest people.  A number of the best and noblest men and women have accepted it with enthusiasm.  It has been the guiding star of distinguished statesmen.  It has achieved a dominant position at the universities and has served as a source of inspiration to youth.  It has so filled the thoughts and fed the emotions of both the past and the present generation that history will some day quite justly characterize our era as the age of socialism.  In the last decades, in all countries people have done as much as they could to make the socialist ideal a reality by nationalizing and municipalizing enterprises and by adopting measures designed to lead to a planned economy.  The defects necessarily involved in socialist management—its unfavorable effects on the productivity of human labor and the impossibility of economic calculation under socialism—everywhere brought these endeavors to the point where virtually every step further in the direction of socialism threatened too flagrant an impairment of the supply of goods available to the public.  From sheer necessity one had to pause on the road to socialism; and the socialist ideal—even while preserving its ideological ascendancy—became, in practical politics, merely a cloak for the labor parties in their scramble for privileges.” Ludwig von Mises Vinland Vikings CALL THEM Social-Democrat Political Para-Semites or simply: Oxygen Thieves.

The summer of nineteen, ninety-one, I returned to Quantico, Virginia for the six-week NROTC-Bulldog course at OCS.  I did not fare as well the second time around due to an infected spider bite on my right foot that slowed me down considerably but graduated none the less from “Hotel” Company.  I ended up needing to go an extra semester to fulfill all the requirements to earn my bachelor’s degree and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.  During my final year of college, I started competing in bodybuilding competitions, winning my hometown crown in the fall of nineteen, ninety-two.

After graduation in January nineteen, ninety-three, I drove down to Quantico, Virginia to commence The Basic School training.  Arriving in January, the next class did not start until April so they had me do odd jobs around base until our class started.

I made some friends before class started and we all commenced “Charlie” Company training in April.  Training was my main focus until around August when all the indoctrination started to get old and the tank trails, to go muddin’ in my nineteen, eighty-three Jeep CJ-Seven with eight inch lift and thirty-five inch tires, wore out.  What does a restless young man turn his attention toward at that point?  Women!  “The true man wants two things: danger and play.  For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

I had a gym membership in town (Stafford, Virginia) and met two young ladies that I started hanging out with.  “Women are made sexually attractive to equilibrate their lesser masculinity.” Ragnar Redbeard.  They were both college students, so it was not long before they had to return to their campuses.  Our training was culminating into a nine day war so I would not have had time to spend with them anyway.  “The allurement that [women] hold out to men is precisely the allurement that Cape Hatteras holds out to sailors: they are enormously dangerous and hence enormously fascinating.” H. L. Mencken.

When it came time to select our Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), my Platoon Commander, who was an Infantry Officer, strongly recommended I put in for Infantry Officer Course (IOC).  “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger.  Even though I was capable and competent, I knew I did not ‘bleed green‘ (more Red with Jolly Roger Black and White) and felt the grunts in the fleet deserved the most committed (Lyrics).  Besides, it didn’t take me long to figure out I was incapable of carrying enough weapons, ammunition, food and water to BOTH kill ALL our “enemies” while sustaining MY individual “well-being.”  IMPOSSIBLE!  “See the impossible AS impossible, then the possible BECOMES possible.  The reason people are frustrated is simply because a lie cannot be turned into a truth.” Vernon Howard.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Being Expendable.  Obviously, I couldn’t EXPECT the Marines under my command to do what I was INCAPABLE of doing MYSELF – taking “Combat Arms” Military Occupational Specialty OFF the table.  I chipped a bone in my right thumb during pugil stick training, a week before graduation; being ambidextrous, it only slowed me down for a while.

I was selected for Data Systems Officer Course (computer/communications) and assigned to Okinawa, Japan.  Again, school did not start for three months, so I was assigned as a shadow for a Data Systems Officer on base to receive some on-the-job-training before attending class and deploying over seas.  Ended up meeting another woman while awaiting classes to start.  She was a Sergeant working at another part of base.  Our relationship was forbidden under the Uniform Code of Military Justice but we enjoyed hanging out and did not make a big deal of it.  She was two years older than I and had a daughter from her marriage she was currently going through the divorce process to end.  Once our relationship became intimate (Lyrics), she assured me she was taking birth control pills to avoid bringing a child into the world while exposing our clandestine relationship.  “Of course there are temptations.  That’s what this whole sick evil world is all about, to try to drag you down to the darkness where it lives and suffers.” Vernon Howard.  We kept our relationship discreet while I was completing schooling.  Right when the class ended and I was due to deploy over seas, she dropped the bomb that she was pregnant.  You place yourself in great personal danger when you are mechanically kindly and helpful to a lost person.  And if you don’t try to understand what this means, you will find yourself in danger when it is too late to save yourself from injury at the hands of the lost person.  Lost people are totally treacherous.” Vernon Howard.  Not wanting to believe it, I blamed her for our situation.  “Whoever blames another person for his troubles is making a terrible confession.  He admits he does not think for himself.  Think deeply about that.” Vernon Howard.  She said she was on anti-biotics for a sinus infection which negated the birth control pills effectiveness.  “Sufferers!  Human beings who suffer have no other aim in life but to pass it on to you.  To give it to you in a vain attempt to rid themselves of it and it will never, never work, and so they continue to suffer, and they continue to play the game.” Vernon Howard.  Not knowing what else to do, I said we’ll keep in touch while I’m stationed in Japan and go from there.

Shortly after arriving in Okinawa, I was interviewing for the General’s Aide-de-Camp position.  I had a lot on my mind and had no one to talk to about it – making me feel lost and alone.  I must have held it together pretty well.  The General informed me that he decided not to make me his aide because he wanted me to get experience in my occupational specialty.  I was assigned the Officer-In-Charge of the Communications Center for the Marine Corps Base at Camp Butler located on Camp Foster.  I took over from a Master Gunnery Sergeant who was in the Marine Corps longer than I was alive.  I (almost) made the old salty dog shed a tear when I threw him a going-away party.  After it was over, he came over to me, shook my hand and said in all his years in the Marine Corps he never had an officer do anything like this for him and let me know how grateful he was for doing this for him.  I told him it seemed an appropriate expression of appreciation and rank should not be a barrier preventing such a gesture.

My new assignment was a lot of work as technology was advancing rapidly and the Communications Center needed a massive upgrade.  First, we needed to transition to an electronic mail messaging system – replacing the antiquated system of manually dropping the messages off and entering them by hand in the system.  Once that was accomplished, we would then be able to consolidate all the communications centers on the island into one automated center.  While supervising this process, I started attending Catholic services daily and befriending the Chaplin to discuss my personal situation.  With his help and guidance, I decided to go back on leave and get married.

An unwise man, if a maiden’s love
Or wealth he chances to win,
His pride will wax, but his wisdom never,
Straight forward he fares in conceit.

With the hard work of the Marines, competent technical skill of the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and coordination of the Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (Staff NCOs) in the Communications Center, the electronic messaging system was in place.  Once we started consolidating the communications centers, I was eligible to go on leave in October.

Returning to the United States and her mother’s orchard in western New York, we were married by the Justice of the Peace.  She was going to return to Quantico and be discharged with her pregnancy option while I returned to Okinawa to file dependency paperwork once she was discharged and await the arrival of our child in late November or early December.

All seemed to be working out upon my return to Okinawa.  The communications centers were consolidating smoothly, she was discharged and I submitted the dependency paperwork.  When my wife was admitted to the hospital to give birth, I was granted leave to be with them.  I arrived forty-eight hours after our son was born.  I stayed through the holidays and returned to Japan at the beginning of the new year to complete my tour in April.  Everything was working out so it seemed our relationship was meant to be.

Upon my return to Okinawa, I was reassigned as a “Special Projects Officer” and relieved of my duties in the Communications Center by a Captain.  The Captain completed what we started and received all the recognition for our hard work.  ‘Lucky’ him.

At the end of January, I received a phone call from an unfamiliar Lieutenant Colonel who needed to see me right away in his office.  Upon arriving, he informed me of my rights and said he was conducting an investigation, on behalf of the Battalion Commander, (herself, a Lieutenant Colonel married to a Chief Warrant Officer) into my relationship with my wife in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  I sought legal advise from the Judge Advocate General and was assigned my former NROTC Major for counsel.  I was facing General’s Office Hours from the same General I was interviewing for his Aide-de-Camp position.  After exploring my options, I decided to resign my commission and request immediate discharge.  Fortunately for me, the “Tailhook” scandal was recently “settled” and officers were being discharged at will.  My counsel recommended I send a letter to the General explaining my actions and decision.  I later learned the General was quite impressed with my letter, which surprised me, since, the gist of my premise was; I violated a man-made policy rather than Natural Law.  The Marines that worked for me were bummed I was resigning.  It was a grueling process that consumed large amounts of time.

While I was waiting for my resignation acceptance, a recently discharged Marine Master Sergeant, who I worked with briefly, was working in Rochester, New York for a computer outsourcing company called Electronic Data Systems (EDS).  Since I planned to be discharged to the Buffalo, New York area, he was willing to help me out in my job search by referring me to his fellow supervisors.  I also competed in the Okinawa bodybuilding competition over the summer.  I didn’t place but enjoyed the competition immensely.

My resignation was finally accepted and I was discharged around the autumnal equinox and returned to western New York to live at my mother-in-law’s orchard with my family and commence my job search.  “The officer’s calling was his mission in life, and he fulfilled it with a maturity rare in one so young.” Field Marshal Erich von Manstein.  Landing at the Buffalo, NY airport, my step-daughter was thrilled to see me while my wife seemed disappointed at my arrival.  So much so, I wanted to get back on the plane and fly away.  I decided to stay and give it a shot.  I interviewed with EDS but they were not hiring until the beginning of the year so my father-in-law said I could work for his small computer business while searching for employment.  I ended up working for him until being hired on at EDS in January, nineteen, ninety-six.

I worked for EDS as a project manager on the Xerox account and commuted to Rochester, New York until an opportunity arose in Lockport, New York, just north of Buffalo, in October.  I was accepted into the computer programming training course while being much closer to home.

Yes, I voted for Ross Perot BOTH times he ran for president of the United States NOT because I worked for EDS (I was still in college in nineteen ninety-two) but because HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT.  “Which government is the best?  The one that teaches us to govern ourselves.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Unfortunately, pathetic people prefer popular perverts to proper policy.  Sexual scandal is more glamorous than sound statehood.

Besides, Americans are too cowardly to vote for a “Third Party” candidate since they believe it is a wasted vote.  Vicious Voters prefer to elect the lesser of two evils never realizing they are perpetuating a process that incrementally STRENGTHENS EVIL.  The “lesser of two evils” today was the “greater of two evils” yesterday and the “greater of two evils” today will be the “lesser of two evils” tomorrow.  Now we know WHY, like Socialism, Democracy DOESN’T WORK – Public Plundering in the name of the “In God We Trust” majority NEVER did work and NEVER will.  Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good.” H. L. Mencken.

In other words, “We the People” PREFER an evil, democratically “elected” government, where the “candidates” to choose from are hand-picked by the Elite Establishment whose sole desire is to keep their Political Power status quo, over INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM to choose for yourself – which is, by definition, Heathen Anarchy or No God AND No Government.  More on this later.  But under the play of all these opposites there is something fundamental and permanent — the basic delusion that men may be governed and yet be free.” H. L. Mencken.  So, “In God We Trust” ENDOWS evil as JUSTIFIED while freedom is CONDEMNED.  BRILLIANT!

We were living with her mother for over a year at this point and with her and her mother working together, I felt like the fifth wheel on the wagon.  Her mom even approached me one time and asked why I was still there.  I told her because of our son – I couldn’t abandon him.  I really liked my Mother-In-Law, she was not the typical pain in the neck, meddling force.  On the contrary, she was quite generous and supportive despite our foolish behavior and pathetic situation we put ourselves into.

As winter turned to spring, I was not happy with my career or my family situation and felt some changes were necessary.  You must not anxiously and mistakenly call upon your false nature to save you.  When you call upon your imaginary self for help, it will respond quickly, but it will cruelly surround you with more of its darkness while making you think it is light.  Don’t believe in it.” Vernon Howard.  Experiencing “Hi-T” (high testosterone), I applied for Special Agent positions in both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service.  The Secret Service written exam was by far the most difficult Civil Service exam I ever attempted.  I left the exam thinking there was no way I passed.  I felt much better after the FBI exam and shortly afterward I was contacted for an interview in New York City.  I was put up in a hotel for the night and was interviewed by a three agent panel.  After the grueling interview, I returned to western New York fully anticipating being hired.  Obviously changing careers would have meant relocation and my wife was not very keen on the idea.  She had settled into life with her mother helping manage the orchard business.  I received a call quite some time after my interview stating I was no longer being considered for the Special Agent position with the FBI.  When questioning why I was no longer being considered, I was informed they could not tell me any specific reason – just that I was no longer being considered.  Shortly after being rejected, I was notified that I had indeed passed the Secret Service exam and they requested an interview.  The interview went wonderfully, one of the agents even slipped and started talking about the rest of the application process as if I had already passed the interview.  When I returned home with excitement, my wife was livid.  She told me in no uncertain terms she was not willing to relocate.  I told her to relax – we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

We were all sleeping in separate rooms when suddenly her mother had one of the upstairs rooms remodeled (a fire destroyed the second floor).  She moved upstairs and left her room for us to use.  After one night of intimacy, my wife was conveniently pregnant again.  For the first time, I thought she might be manipulating the children to coerce me into fulfilling her desires.  By the end of summer, the Secret Service notified me and again said I was no longer being considered without being able to tell me any specific reason why.  At this point, I did not know what else to do.

One day when I returned home from work, my wife said a retired New York State Trooper friend of hers informed her the New York State Police was administering an entrance exam if I was still interested in law enforcement.  I said I was, and started looking into taking the exam.

I did extremely well on the exam and was placed at the top of the list to attend the New York State Police Academy in the spring if I met all the requirements.  People live in a peculiar position of protecting wrong ideas they cannot value because the ideas have no value except to egotism.” Vernon Howard.  My wife seemed to be more amicable with this opportunity and we started looking for a house of our own.  We found one we liked, closed on it and moved in during February.  I eventually replaced the roof on it.  I was also scheduled for computer training through EDS in Michigan, so I informed my supervisor of my pending opportunity with the State Police.  He was very appreciative of my heads-up and postponed training until we saw what would happen with my pending opportunity.  I ended up qualifying and accepting the position of Trooper with the State Police.  I started training, in the one hundred, seventy-ninth academy class, at Albany in May and my youngest son was born three weeks later.  My wife went into labor on a Friday, I was dismissed early from the academy in Albany and made it back to Buffalo in time to witness his birth.

It was another grueling six-month indoctrination process and another three-months of field training before I was sent to my first duty station in February nineteen, ninety-nine at Cortland, New York.  I was going to keep my expenses at a minimum so my wife could use the funds to take care of the house and family expenses.  She also opened her own convenient store business to help with expenses.  The State Police was experimenting with twelve-hour shifts in the Troop I was assigned, so I was not away from my family for long stretches at a time.  When I first joined the State Police, I was interested in becoming an investigator.  It did not take long to observe they were glorified report writers and quickly realized the road is where I belonged.

After a year at Cortland, I was transferred to Horseheads, New York in the southern tier.  By the summer, I really enjoyed the duty station, supervisors, fellow Troopers and area we worked.  In July, I approached my wife and asked if she would consider visiting the Horseheads area to see if she liked it and possibly relocate there.  She would not even consider it.  When I asked why, she said she could not do that to her father.  Do what to your father?  She said he was a big help when I was away and since he resided outside Buffalo, it would be too far for him to travel.  I reminded her we would be living TOGETHER and his assistance would be minimal if at all needed.  Besides, it was not like I wanted to relocate to Plattsburgh or Long Island at the other end of the state.  She refused to consider it further.  I told her it took me two years to get you away from your mother and now you are hiding behind your father.  I asked, are you married to me or to your parents?  She said, do not ever ask me to make that choice because I will always pick them over you.  I started laughing and said, you’re joking!  Straight-faced she said, no, I will always choose them over you.  Fault for loving let no man find Ever with any other; Havamal.  I told her I appreciated her honesty and informed her that was not marriage.  Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who would want to live in an institution?” H. L. Mencken.

A man shall trust not the oath of a maid,
Nor the word a womanly saint speaks;
For their hearts on a whirling wheel were fashioned,
And fickle their breasts were formed.

At that point, our relationship ended for me (Lyrics) internally and I was just going through the motions to see what would come up next (Lyrics).

Hotter than fire between false friends
Does friendship five days burn;
When the sixth day comes the fire cools,
And ended is all the love.

On my favorite holiday; Halloween, I was invited to the local watering hole after our shift ended at eleven PM.  I enjoyed lifting weights before and after shift, so, I told them I would be down after working out in the station gym.  Approximately forty to fifty minutes later, I arrived.  Most everyone left except for one Trooper who was hanging out with one of his former, long and lean, brunette female classmates.  He introduced us and I was hanging out with them for a while.  He had to get going so it was just the two of us for a while.  She had two children and was going through a divorce from her husband.  We hung out for a while and then she invited me over to her place for a beer.  I declined, saying I had to work a swing shift so I had to get going.

A week later, we ended up meeting again at the same place and hit it off well.  She invited me over again and this time I accepted.  We enjoyed each other’s company and were soon intimate with each other.  Sport with maidens at dusk, for day’s eyes are many; Havamal.  Come to find out, her father was a retired State Trooper and hit it off well with her parents when we met.

The drives between the shores of Lake Ontario and the southern tier were growing increasingly difficult.  Adultery is the application of democracy to love.” H. L. Mencken.  Finally, the one evening, after the children were in bed, my wife said she was going to bed early too.  Very unusual behavior for a night hawk who is up until the wee hours of the morning.  I just stood up and said, I’m going back to Horseheads now.  Baffled, she asked why now, since I was not scheduled to work the next day.  I told her I would rather go back now since nothing was planned.  She asked if I was seeing someone.  I said maybe, why would you care.  She said she did care so I asked her when the last time we were intimate with each other.  She just looked at me blankly.  I told her not to worry about it because I couldn’t remember either.

Things were touch and go for a while and we agreed to work on our relationship, so I said goodbye to my Fuck-Buddy and requested a hardship transfer to Rochester, New York.  “What deluded society insists is right for you is precisely what is wrong for you.” Vernon Howard.  The holidays were brutal.

Clear now will I speak, for I know them both,
Men false to women are found;
When fairest we speak, then falsest we think,
Against wisdom we work with deceit.

She kept shoving my extra-marital relationship in my face and tried involving the children to be upset with me.  The fact that men and women quarrel and hurt each other is the plain proof that they don’t possess the loving natures they claim to have.  But few people want to see this obvious fact, preferring to deceive themselves.  And if their deceit is pointed out to them it arouses their anger – which proves the fact.  Such a person is like a penniless vagabond who wanders desperately around, foolishly and pathetically telling everyone that he owns a gold mine.” Vernon Howard.  After the beginning of the year, I made arrangements to stay with another Trooper that worked at a different station until I could figure out what to do next.

“You must dare to disassociate yourself from those who would delay your journey… Leave, depart, if not physically, then mentally.  Go your own way, quietly, undramatically, and venture toward Trueness at last.”
Vernon Howard

I opened a new bank account to start using my earnings to take care of myself FIRST and then my children.  After opening the account, the bank manager called and requested my presence.  When I arrived, she had a huge printout of my credit report.  As we went through it, I was astounded.  My wife opened all kinds of credit cards, ran them up and was not making any payments on several of them which were being referred to collection agencies.  Weak people who drag you down will always claim to be strong people trying to lift you up.” Vernon Howard.  The manager explained to me how bad all this was for financial considerations.  “Refuse to play the roles that people try to cast you in – for their benefit.” Vernon Howard.  I told her I had no idea any of this was going on and thanked her for bringing this situation to my attention.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
Beware of sleep on a saint’s bosom,
Nor let her limbs ensnare you.
Such is her might that you have no mind
For the council or meeting of men;
Meat you hate, joy you have not,
And sadly to slumber you fare.

I returned to my friend’s apartment and immediately tried to contact the mutual fund company of the retirement fund I opened while still in the Marine Corps.  My plan was to cash it out regardless of the penalties, pay off the creditors and start new financially.  When I finally reached a representative of the company, I was informed it was already cashed out – during the time I was in training at the academy.  I asked who cashed it out and was informed my wife helped herself to it.  Gullibility consists of not seeing people as they really are until they have taken all they can from you.” Vernon Howard.  I requested copies of the forged cleared checks which they sent to me.  After I hung up the phone, I sat there and had an epiphany.  A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar.” Mark Twain.  My wife never loved me.  She loved making mine hers.  She just wanted me to keep fulfilling her desires without ever considering my needs.

Fault with another let no man find
For what touches many a man;
Wise men often into witless fools
Are made by mighty love.

She loved squandering what I worked so hard to provide.  Everyone secretly knows that you can only love someone when you don’t want something from him.” Vernon Howard.  On that eleventh day of January two thousand, one, I had no idea how I was going to pay all the debt off, I just knew I would.  As for my soon to be ex-wife’s gravy train, it just came to a crashing halt.  She just proved herself irresponsible and untrustworthy.  It is against the law to permit weak people to steal your strength.  Never permit it.” Vernon Howard.  Looking back on how our relationship started, it dawned on me that she was irresponsible and untrustworthy when she got pregnant and I was irresponsible and untrustworthy for getting her pregnant.  A free man is free because at one point in his life he became willing to hear what he did not want to hear.” Vernon Howard.  The whole situation was a reflection of what I was really like.  I didn’t like the results of living this way.  To the exact degree that we tolerate our own nonsense we must suffer from the nonsense of others.” Vernon Howard.  It was a painful realization that made me want to learn from my negligence and become responsible and trustworthy – first to myself and then to my step-daughter and two sons.  Right responsibility for yourself IS RIGHT RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD OTHERS.” Vernon Howard.

My wife contacted me shortly after the financial situation was revealed to me and begged me to return home.  You can end half your troubles immediately by no longer permitting people to tell you what you want.” Vernon Howard.  I asked her why – so you can continue to deceive me, lie to me, take advantage of me and steal from me?  She claimed to have no idea what I was talking about.  So, I laid it all out telling her what I recently discovered about her financial shenanigans and that I would not be returning to a Red-Headed – Scottish/Irish flamethrower (Lyrics) I couldn’t trust to have my back or betray my heart.  A chief duty of yours is to ignore the duties that other people insist you owe them.” Vernon Howard.  She filed for divorce at the end of January – the feeling was mutual – she just saved me the trouble.  Presently you can’t live your own life because you don’t know what it means to live your own life.  What it means to live your own life is to no longer live from the belief that you are living your own life.” Vernon Howard.  Eventually, discovered she had an affair (Lyrics) not long after our youngest son was born resulting in a pregnancy.  ‘Lucky’ her.  Now, I know the REAL reason she did not want to relocate with me to Horseheads and why her dad’s assistance was so vital.  Also explains, after putting the children to bed for the night, hinting I would like for her to join me for some sexual enjoyment.  She assured me she would be right up after checking on something on the computer.  I would go to our bedroom, disrobe, crawl into bed and wait patiently.  Eventually falling asleep and when awakening in the morning, finding her completely robed, buried under blankets and as far away from me as she could get on our king-size bed.  So be it.  Hindsight is twenty/ten.  She had an abortion to keep the infidelity from coming to light.  “Don’t fool yourself, my dear.  You’re much worse than a bitch.  You’re a saint.  Which shows why saints are dangerous and undesirable.” Ayn Rand.  I found it interesting she did not choose this option when we were still in the Marine Corps since we not only put our careers in jeopardy, but she was STILL LEGALLY MARRIED at the time she became pregnant.  Games People Play.  Makes me wonder if any of the children are mine (Lyrics).  ‘Lucky’ me.  But I digress.

I immersed myself into my work.  I signed up for all the overtime I could work to start paying off the collection agencies first.  “Others may have hurt us in the past, but now we are responsible for tossing out the damage.” Vernon Howard.  I then consolidated all the credit cards that were in both our names into a single loan and closed the accounts.  The only other loan in my name was for my vehicle.  By the spring, I had the bleeding stopped by surviving on peanut butter and bread.  Laws control the lesser man… Right conduct controls the greater one.” Mark Twain.  In April, my friend’s landlord no longer consented to me staying with him so I thanked him for his hospitality and moved into the basement of the Troop Headquarters building in Canandaigua, New York while I searched for an apartment in the Rochester area.  Stop glorifying suffering.  It has no glory.  Not an ounce.  Drop the secret and foolish self-glory in suffering and you will see it fall off like a dropped hat.” Vernon Howard.  By July, I had the loans paid off and moved into a two bedroom apartment in Hilton, New York, a hamlet just west of Rochester and a fifty minute drive to visit my children.

I now had a place of my own where my children could visit on a regular basis.  By this time, we were working twelve-hour shifts statewide so I always had two weekdays and every other weekend off.  Visitation consisted of visiting with my children once a week where they lived and stay with me every other weekend.  I would have lunch with them at school, up until fourth grade, and then take them all out for supper after school on my visits out to see them once a week.  I paid off everything in my name and everything in both our names.  She was responsible for what was in her name and she can have the house and business – I had no interest in any of it.  I was ordered to start paying child support based on my previous year earnings (forty-six thousand dollars).  The divorce should have been a breeze – in fact, I just wanted to go through mediation since there was no significant investments in the six years we were together in time or money – all the assets were liquidated except for the house and business.  Unfortunately, things are never easy when lawyers perceive a resource to be exploited.  On September eleventh, such an asset became quite lucrative.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.  It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
Mark Twain

The colossal loss of life and property damage inflicted in New York City, sent a call for assistance to the State Police.  “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Mark Twain.  A couple observations from that day puzzled me.  “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” Lysander Spooner.

First, before the day ended, our fearless leaders were urging us to return to our daily lives of routine WITHOUT communicating exactly what was going on.  “Using the public to fool the public is an important aspect of the government’s program of deception.” Irwin Schiff.  Strange advise, considering, a true terrorist would lull you into a false sense of security and then strike again and again, so it seemed VIGILANCE would be implored.  “Society wants to take over your mind and can you think of anything more disastrous?” Vernon Howard.  The only way our fearless leaders would disregard a follow-up attack is if they already knew beforehand that another strike was not imminent and the only way they would be privy to such information is if they were in on the planning and execution of the entire operation.  “The road to tyranny, we must never forget, begins with the destruction of the truth.” William J. Clinton.

Second, an overwhelming majority of the so-called jihadist, suicidal hijackers hailed from Saudi Arabia – a supposed ally.  In spite of such evidence, the American Wehrmacht pinpointed cave dwellers in Afghanistan for retribution – eventually linking Saudi Arabia’s arch nemesis, Iraq, for annihilation – strange indeed.  “Infiltrate the press.  Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  He-Man NEEDS Skeletor.  Remember, destructive falsehood is an expert in disguising itself as constructive truth.” Vernon Howard.

But the MOST baffling observation was a “terrorist attack” aimed directly at United States power taking down office buildings in New York City, without killing a single noteworthy Jew in the MOST Yiddish city in America, and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, without killing a single noteworthy Skull & Bones Elitist in the city designed, constructed and occupied by Freemason Elitists.  “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” Ayn Rand.  What are the odds that a “surprise” attack, killing THOUSANDS, claims NOT ONE prominent Yiddish or Elitist?  “America and Israel share a special bond.  Our relationship is unique among all nations.  [Just ask the Puerto Ricans and the Palestinians about the following claim:]  Like America, Israel is a strong democracy, a symbol of freedom, and an oasis of liberty, a home to the oppressed and persecuted,” William J. Clinton.  Ever notice it is NEVER a prominent, pathetic, political pin-head that perishes as a result of their implemented draconian policies, it is ALWAYS “We The People” – ever notice THAT?  It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.” Mark Twain.

Why on earth would “terrorists” target these mundane landmarks, rather than Wall Street Stock Exchanges in New York City and the Federal Reserve in Washington, DC to put the United States “out of business” PERMANENTLY?  Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination.  This is the war of the future.” Adolf Hitler.

Following the money, how could Larry Silverstein make a fortune by “pulling” Building Seven in the midst of a “surprise” attack?  AND while “We The People” were proudly pursuing payback, how did the failure of ENRON precipitate a monumental transfer of wealth from the “hard working” middle class to the “non-working” District of Columbia, Elite, Oligarchic, Plantation Establishment in the guise of a Stock Exchange “crash” followed by Government “bailouts”?  “We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  What gave you the impression that the Constitutionally Established, Plantation Apartheid of the Elite Oligarchy ever terminated?  “These questions require no formal answering.  They answer themselves in the asking.” Ragnar Redbeard.  (Hint: District of Columbia is neither a State nor a Commonwealth, it is the Supreme Exception to both.  Oh look, we just discovered the origin of American Exceptionalism.  Also, “apartheid” can be segregation on grounds other than “race” – such as, religious preference or political usefulness, for example.)

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If evil you know, as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with fools.

The media NEVER posed these questions and the government ‘Of the People, By the People and For the People’ NEVER “investigated” the Jewish Jihad “covered up” by Skull & Bones Elitists, and “avenged” by Freemason Elitists.  “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” Ron Paul.  The media and government just redirected our attention to the Islamic Jihad “perpetrators.”  “… but among the alluring priests of Unreason, the most dangerous is the fanatical propagandist.” Ragnar Redbeard.

The “founding fathers” and their “Providence” would have been SO proud of the scale of the deception.  “If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” Ayn Rand.  THAT is the textbook operation of a properly functioning conspiracy.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

The man-made makers of truth, perpetrators, would know since they wrote the book on how to properly perform a conspiracy – it’s known as the Torah/Bible/Koran depending on what truth you choose to BELIEVE. “Deranged minds while being very susceptible to suggestion, possess — no initiative.” Ragnar Redbeard.

“Seeing evil in the right way is to see it has no power except as we wrongly credit it with power.”
Vernon Howard

I did not respond to New York City with the initial wave of Troopers from the Rochester station and worked normal patrol the weekend after the attacks.  I was placed on standby status but was still able to have my children over the following weekend.  I received a call from the station that Saturday stating I was to be ready to head down and relieve the first wave the following morning.  I called my wife to let her know I was being deployed to New York City tomorrow morning and had to cut the visit with our children short this time.  She told me no way – she had plans and I had to make other arrangements and hung up on me.  Odd response from a mother with young children in a time of crisis.  Initially, I was panic stricken and wondered who I could trust with my children to help me out.  I befriended a single woman with a daughter the same age as my step-daughter over the summer at a swimming pool.  I called her up and explained my situation to her.  She was more than eager to help out and proved to be a great friend in time of need.  She was more upset than I was when she ended up dropping the children off to a babysitter.  Must have been big plans.

If a friend you have whom you fully will trust,
And good from her would get,
Your thoughts with hers mingle, and gifts shall you make,
And fare to find her often.

Arriving at ‘Ground Zero,’ I knew one thing for sure from my high school physics class – two airplanes could not have caused this much damage – physically impossible (Lyrics).  “See the impossible AS impossible, then the possible BECOMES possible.  The reason people are frustrated is simply because a lie cannot be turned into a truth.” Vernon Howard.

A Cesspool of Cancer

Today, 15 years after the attacks, doctors are starting to understand why people are still dying.  When the towers came down, they say, they released a massive plume of carcinogens [Demolition Compounds?], turning lower Manhattan into a cesspool of cancer and deadly disease. “We will never know the composition of that cloud, because the wind carried it away, [how convenient] but people were breathing and eating it,” [How, when “the wind carried it away?”] says Mount Sinai’s [Dr. Michael] Crane.  “What we do know is that it had all kinds of god-awful things in it.  [How, when “the wind carried it away?”] Burning jet fuel. [CONSUMED within seconds]  Plastics, metal, fiberglass, asbestos. [Demolition Compounds?]  It was thick, terrible stuff.  [How do you KNOW?]  A witch’s brew.”  [INCLUDING Demolition Compounds?]
New research confirms that this toxic cocktail caused heightened rates of cancer. 
[Is it POSSIBLE Demolition Compounds were the PRIMARY part of “this toxic cocktail” the wind was UNABLE to carry away or was it a result of the Hutchison Effect?  The QUESTION everybody REFUSES to ASK let alone ANSWER HONESTLY!  WHY?!]
Yet following the attacks, the government repeatedly announced the air within Ground
 Zero’s 16-acre zone was safe to breathe.  [THAT’S WHY!  It was a DREADFUL stench!]  One week after the towers fell, Christine Todd Whitman, then the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, stated that the air did “not pose a health hazard.”  She was wrong.  [ACCOUNTABILITY?]  At the time, the EPA “did not have sufficient data and analyses to make such a blanket statement,” according to a 2003 U.S. inspector general report.  “The White House Council on Environmental Quality (under George W. Bush) influenced, through the collaboration process, the information that the EPA communicated to the public through its early press releases when it convinced the EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones.  [What EXACTLY is the Government COVERING UP?]
The U.S. Court of Appeals later ruled that Whitman wasn’t liable for the EPA’s claims
[Diplomatic Immunity?], because she did not intend any harm.  [‘Lucky’ Her!]

The average age of rescue and recovery workers is approaching 54, says Andy Todd, co-deputy director of Mount Sinai’s World Trade Center Health Program.  More than 86 percent of them are men, and more than half are suffering from multiple World Trade Center–related illnesses.  Fewer than 10 percent have cancer right now, Todd says, but as these people get older, both he and Crane expect that number to steadily rise.  “If you were down there, and especially if you were a responder,” Crane says, “you need to be seen.”

Excerpt from:
9/11’s Second Wave: Cancer and Other Diseases Linked to the 2001 Attacks Are Surging

“If you were down there, and especially if you were a responder,” Crane says, “you need to be seen.” [WHY?  So you COLLABORATORS can PROLONG our MISERY while funding YOUR “Mount Sinai World Trade Center Health Program“?  Take ‘good’ care of us “responders” like the U.S. Court of Appeals took ‘good’ care of Christine Todd Whitman?  “The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.” Vernon Howard.  FUCK YOU!  And EVERYTHING Your “Hippocratic Oath” REPRESENTS!  “Hilary/Obama Care” EXPOSED the Medical Profession as the FRAUDS you ALL conspire with to DESTROY lives!  “Remember, before they called it Obamacare, they called it Hillarycare.  We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” Hillary Clinton.  You know, the Fascist Healthcare Plan authored by Democratic Semite Supremacist Senator, Pencil-Necked Geek Jay Rockefeller of Washington, who sought to consolidate the Health Insurance Industry like the Rothschilds continue to consolidate the Banking Industry, making it MUCH EASIER to IMPOSE One World Government, UNDER Semite Supremacists, WITH Slavery and Poverty FOR ALL who Sympathetically Submit.

Your “Mount Sinai World Trade Center Health Program” is Incompetent to Heal and Incapable to Kill so where does THAT leave those of us “trusted” to Your Care, Dr. Crane?  Totally FUCKED!  ALL You “Cure Nothing” SCUMBAGS and Your Corrupt “Cure Nothing” Cancer CHARITIES can Kiss My FUCKIN’ Ass!  The DAMAGE is ALREADY done!  DUMBASS!

Thank you EPA Demon: Christine Todd Whitman, US President Demon: George W. Bush, NY Governor Demon: George E. Pataki, NYC Mayor Demon: Rudolph W. L. Giuliani and the ENTIRE Elite Establishment Demons.  “Blessed is the man who hath powerful enemies, they shall make him a hero — Cursed is he who “doeth good” unto others, he shall be despised.” Ragnar Redbeard.

Just another expendable peasant casualty the tax-payers won’t be “footing the bill” to construct a “library” in “honor” of his “contribution” to Yahweh’s Empire of “In God We Trust.”  “All religions are equally sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher.” Titus Lucretius Carus.

THUNDER-FUCK YOUR God, YOUR Lord God, YOUR Christ and YOUR Prophet!  YOU ALL brought RAGNAROK upon YOURSELVES!  Woe to the wicked!  Disaster is upon [the Semite Supremacists]!  They [and THEIR Converted Crusading Christian Sympathizers] will be [THUNDER-FUCKED] for what THEIR [ELITIST] HANDS HAVE DONE.  Isaiah 3:11.


“There is land for the taking, and gold for the raking; and fame, and power, and [libraries]; for the [Zionist], the [Illuminati], and the [Preacher-Politician]. — AND FOR NONE OTHER.
“The ethical principles of [Literalist] Christendom, judging by daily developments, are the [Para-Semite] principles of a mocking, sneaking hypocritical devil — if there is a devil.”
Ragnar Redbeard]

“Satan and stupidity must be studied together, for evil and ignorance relate closely.  Badness is madness.  Stupidity is the absence of spiritual wisdom.  A man can run his business adequately and still be spiritually stupid.  A stupid person does not see himself as stupid, which makes him a typically horrible human being.  His mind is stuffed with useless clippings from yesterday’s news, which he proudly calls his library.  Intelligence starts with awareness of personal stupidity.”
Vernon Howard

To quote a deceptive icon: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually, they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler.  At which point, it becomes a ‘Sacred Lie‘.  “…so too does the government rely on and utilize the nation’s media — converting it into a virtual monolithic government propaganda agency.” Irwin Schiff.

My third trip to work in New York City found our Troop working the night shift instead of the day shift.  During a break one night, I told my partner we should go down to “Ground Zero” and talk to some of the workers cleaning up.  He reluctantly agreed and down we went.  We found a foreman and I asked him who was investigating this attack and how were they processing such a massive crime scene.  “A person hears only what they understand.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  When he looked at me blankly, I asked if the NYPD, State Police or the FBI was processing the crime scene.  He said none of the above – the FBI was just interested in recovering the “Black Box” and haven’t returned since.  I asked if they were sending the mangled steel girders to a crime lab.  He laughed and said no, they were hauling the girders to the harbor port to be loaded on barges destined for India.  To WHERE?  INDIA.  “In the description of the Brianvillers trail [1772] this sentence: “The greatest crimes, far from being suspected, cannot even be imagined.”  That is quite true [in regards to the 9/11 incidents] and derives from the fact that as the magnitude of the crime increases, the more it rises above the instinctive.  The more [deceptively] intelligent [the crime] becomes, the more the evidence disappears.” Ernst Jünger.  I thanked him for the info and left him to his task at hand.

Told me all I needed to know.  In all affairs, it’s a healthy thing, now and then, to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.” Bertrand Russell.  There are no crime labs in India so I concluded you only process crime scenes when you want TO LEARN what happened.  If you do not process a “crime scene” it means you ALREADY KNOW what happened.  “The art of [evil] leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.” Adolf Hitler.  Just ask retired Flight Attendant Rebekah Roth“Men prefer one great lie to a mass of small truths.” Alexander Pushkin.  My partner was LAZILY accepting the “official” story but I KNEW BETTER now.  The truth, indeed, is something that mankind, for some mysterious reason, instinctively dislikes.  Every man who tries to tell it is unpopular, and even when, by the sheer strength of his case, he prevails, he is put down as a [conspiracy theory] scoundrel.” H. L. MenckenHint: Conspiracy Theory Scoundrel – (n). Valorous Vinland Viking eager to relieve “In God We Trust” of His DUMBASS Delusional Duty toward “We The People” conducted through His pathetic propaganda.  “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” Adolf Hitler.

I worked a total of eight weeks through the holidays in “The Big Apple” until the detail was discontinued shortly after the beginning of the new year.

I squatted five hundred, fifteen pounds during my time in the city and two years later, I would bench press four hundred, five pounds.  No, I did not utilize knee wraps, belts, compression shirts/suit, or any other such NONSENSE in my training – just solid lifting shoes and chalk.  I chose to strengthen my body naturally by allowing my joints to strengthen WITH my muscles.  It’s not for everybody, but it worked for me.  I also became interested in Olympic style lifting (snatch along with clean and jerk) by reading the book The Weightlifting Encyclopedia: A Guide to World Class Performance by Arthur J. Drechsler and watching the accompanying videos during my time in New York City then added those techniques to my training regimen.  I would eventually Snatch two hundred, five pounds and Clean and Jerk two hundred, forty-five pounds, all at a body weight of two hundred pounds.  Oh, five foot, ten inches, for those interested in my height dimension.

After the detail ended, court proceedings for our divorce picked up.  Being a new year, they promptly had to recalculate my child support payments based on my previous year earnings.  The support calculation was based on seventy-thousand dollars when my base pay was only forty-six thousand dollars.  I explained my situation to the court saying I ended up working hundreds of hours of overtime due to the unexpected attack in New York City and the detail was now discontinued.

I was told it did not matter since that is what I was capable of earning – INCREDIBLE!  “The conditioned mind cannot protect against the assaults of life, for it is unknowingly a part of the forces of assault.  You might as well appoint a wolf to guard sheep.  Why must we insist upon going beyond mere opinions gathered by the intellect?  Because the painful questions asked by the heart cannot be answered by a confused mind.” Vernon Howard.  When I returned to my car after that hearing, I vowed to no longer work any overtime if at all possible.  “You are aware when you sense that you really do not know what you are doing.  You are unaware when you falsely assume you already know what is going on.” Vernon Howard.  It seemed everybody else was benefiting at my expense so I was no longer going to exhaust myself.  Besides, I can spend the extra time with the children.

“Those who have talked themselves into accepting fantasy as fact must now stop talking and begin to listen.”
Vernon Howard

“In a recent conversation with an official at the Internal Revenue Service, I was amazed when he told me that, ‘If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the Internal Revenue Service operates on 90 percent bluff, the entire system will collapse’.”
Senator Henry Bellmon (1969)

“Beware of those who use your fears to exploit you, for the human jungle is thick with such people.”
Vernon Howard

One night while driving on duty in the cruiser, I heard an advertisement on the radio asking why I was paying income taxes when no law required it?  “There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true.  The other is to refuse to accept what is true.” Soren Kierkegaard.  I almost drove off the road in disbelief.  “The world is not ruled by human beings or by laws but by outer appearances.” Vernon Howard.  I quickly pulled to the shoulder of the road and retrieved my notepad and pen to record the contact information at the end of the commercial.  “Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge, while stupidity is a refusal to collect needed knowledge.” Vernon Howard.  I had to investigate this claim for myself.  “When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust man less on the same amount of income.” Plato.

I ordered a copy of the Internal Revenue Code and the book The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes by Irwin Schiff.  “The power to tax involves the power to destroy.” Chief Justice John Marshall.  The more I researched the law requiring payment of income taxes the more I learned for myself that there was indeed no law requiring me to pay any income taxes let alone file any kind of income tax return – AMAZING!  “In short, if you think you are living in a country governed by law and a Constitution, this book will convince you that you are living in a fool’s paradise.” Irwin Schiff.  To quote Anonymous“It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a thousand times, than to know a fact no one has heard before.”

I was not able to put this valuable information to use right away since my wife and I already filed jointly for two thousand, one and the judge in our divorce proceedings ordered my wife and I to file a joint return for two thousand, two and any refund was to be signed over to our lawyers.  I wondered if we ended up owing taxes if they would be as eager to pay the tax on our behalf – probably not.  We ended up with a refund, after my wife drug out the process for almost a year – so I never found out if the lawyers would pay on our behalf.  By the end of two thousand, two, the judge legally divorced us with the financial decision still pending.

“The last thing falsehood wants you to do is question it, so question it.”
Vernon Howard

At the start of two thousand, three, my child support payment was again recalculated and again was based on seventy-thousand dollars plus (three hundred, twenty-four dollars A WEEK! – Fuck ME!).  Again, I explained to the court that a lot of overtime rolled over from the New York City detail and the Troopers Union negotiated a new contract which contained a significant amount of back pay that was not going to repeat.  My base pay had risen to just over fifty-thousand dollars a year but was still no where near the seventy-thousand plus my child support was based upon.  Again, I was informed that I was capable of making that amount of money and it stood.  I started to really question his motivation for basing my payments on such an unrealistic amount of income.  I was soon to discover the answer and it had nothing to do with the well being of my children.

I really felt I was being taken advantage of during the divorce court proceedings and started to look for some explanations.  I discovered an Equal Rights for Fathers support group that met regularly.  Its purpose was to give information to divorced fathers so they can better understand the legal process and protect themselves from ruthless court rulings.  It was beneficial at first but occasionally turned into a bitch session for fathers to vent their frustrations.  “Truth never enters a room filled with people whose chief talent is to chatter about social service.” Vernon Howard

At about the fourth or fifth meeting I attended, they had a guest speaker from the Child Support Collections Unit on hand to explain their role and answer questions.  After he gave his spiel on his ‘authority’ to plunder the public and opened it up to questions, one guy put him on the spot.  He asked the bureaucrat point-blank how their agency is funded.  When the representative looked at him kind of funny, the guy stated that Child Support Collections Unit was NOT a state funded agency and inquired again the source of their funding.  After some hesitation and verbal wrangling, the speaker himself finally admitted that the unit was funded through the collections they take in to redistribute to the child support recipient.  BINGO!!!  State-sponsored child-exploitation.  “To lay with one hand the power of the government on the property of the citizen, and with the other bestow it on favored individuals …is nonetheless robbery because it is done under the form of law and is called taxation.” United States Supreme Court, Loan Association v. Topeka (1874).

That explained the judge’s insistence that I was capable of earning so much money when all the evidence proved otherwise.  “Learn to see things as they really are, not as we imagine they are.” Vernon Howard.  The Child Support Collections Unit needed to be well-funded and the best way to accomplish that was to extort by “tax” ALL he could from the “contributors.”  “Starting now, place your own life ahead of the cunning demands of people who scheme to use you.” Vernon Howard.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If evil you know, as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with fools.

If one person “benefits” by exploiting a child for their personal pleasure it is considered prohibitive pedophilia, but if the ENTIRE commune “benefits” by exploiting ALL the children for ITS pleasure then THAT is what Madam Hillary “Rodham” Clinton meant when she authored It Takes A Village.  “If you get so unequal that people believe they don’t have a chance, that the field isn’t level for them and their children, that puts democracy at risk.  All of us have to recognize that we owe our children more than we have been giving them.  We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” Hillary Clinton.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Lady Legislative Extortion.  Youths oppress my people, women rule over them. Isaiah 3:12.  ‘Get it’ NOW?  DUMBASS!  Just ask Her Highness’ paramour “partner” in crime Michelle “Rockefeller” Obama.  “What I admire most about Hillary is that she never buckles under pressure.  She never takes the easy way out.  And Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life.  And when I think about the kind of president that I want for my girls and all our children, that’s what I want.  Fortunately, we have help from the media.  I have to say this: I’m very grateful for the support and kindness that we’ve gotten [from the mass media outlets].” Michelle Obama.  Not to be outdone.  “If I am honored to serve as first lady, I will use that wonderful privilege to try to help people in our country who need it the most. [Then why are you jet setting to Africa?] One of the many causes dear to my heart is helping children and women.” Melania Trump.  ‘Lucky’ us.  “My personal position is that society must keep children safe.” Vladimir Putin.  Is there an Echo Chamber in here?  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

Now it was starting to make sense and I was starting to see clearly how I was funding my own destruction in the name of exploitation by the State of the innocent and incompetent.

“Yearn to be your own judge between right and wrong and the inner instructor will teach you.”
Vernon Howard

The best is what none but one’s self doth know,

In the spring, we were to finalize the financial part of our divorce.  My attorney went into the judge’s chamber with with her attorney to conclude the proceedings.  When my attorney didn’t return for quite some time, I knew something was up.  My attorney returned with another fifteen thousand dollars worth of her personal credit card debt that the judge felt obligated to consider.  I told my attorney that I already paid more than that in joint credit card debt and another ten thousand dollars to pay off my car loan.  The judge was going to consider it and that was that.  “A weak person’s duty is to try to shove his responsibilities onto you, and your duty is to refuse them.” Vernon Howard.

I never understood how giving someone more money, when they proved themselves incompetent with the funds already in their possession, was going to solve their financial problems.  It seemed like giving another drink to an alcoholic, another hit to a drug addict and another roll of the dice to a gambler.  Do-gooders have much to gain from their agony with your altruistic God-Glorifying gullible generosity.  “Question the motives of those who make requests of you.  Discover what they really want.  You may not want to give it.” Vernon Howard.

“The moment we stop calling a meaningless life meaningful we begin to find the meaningful.”
Vernon Howard

It was in the judge’s hands now and on the eleventh of July, he made his decision.  My attorney called me into his office and handed me a copy of the judge’s decision.  “Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  When handing it to me, he said this is what the judge had in mind the whole time and it wasn’t that bad.  My first thought was why did we need to go through all these hearings if this is what he decided from the start.  “This is what happens when judges work from predetermined conclusions — they work backwards, eliminating and distorting as they go.  This, again, demonstrates that “case law” can be based on nothing but the prejudicial and biased sentiments of the man writing the decision.  Yet this is how “case law” is made!  …America, despite the popular belief to the contrary, is really a society of men, not law.  …– it is not what the law clearly says, that counts, but what men (lawyers in black robes) claim the law says.” Irwin Schiff.

As I sat there reading it, I was devastated.  Not only was my child support payments based on seventy-thousand plus, but the judge awarded her an additional two hundred dollars a month in spousal support for thirty months.  All these payments were retroactive to when she first filed for divorce in January, two thousand, one, when I was earning a mere forty-six thousand dollar base salary and surviving on peanut butter and bread.  “Suffering by nature or chance never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us by the arbitrary will of another.” Arthur Schopenhauer.

To add insult to injury he ordered me to take out a life insurance policy, pay an additional five thousand dollars toward her personal debt along with ALL her attorney fees.  Isn’t it GREAT to spend other people’s money?

Since it was already two and a half years since she first filed, all monies were now in arrears.  I walked into my attorney’s office debt free and now owed exponentially more than the debts I already paid off.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT the Marriage Penalty.

So, she was NEVER held accountable for her financial ineptitude, to the contrary, she was REWARDED and even ENCOURAGED since she is NEVER required to show EXACTLY HOW the money she receives in “Child Support” is DIRECTLY benefiting the children.  For all we know, it is going “up her nose” and no one is the wiser.  “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” H. L. Mencken.  So THIS is “Equality Under The Law” for those who desire to be responsible and trustworthy.  “Equality before the Law, is thus a contradiction in terms for Law itself is an incarnation of Inequality.  It is true only in the subjective sense, that all who OBEY the Law are equally the SERVANTS of those who MAKE IT or CAUSED IT to be made.” Ragnar Redbeard.

Question: Why on Earth would a man marry a women in the “eyes of the State” when the cards are stacked against him?  Answer: Simply because he THINKS it will NEVER happen to him and if it does, he naively BELIEVES he is the exception.  Be careful what you wish for homosexuals, trans-sexuals and any other gender-bender category the State can “recognize” in order to dictate the terms of the “relationship” for the EXCLUSIVE benefit of the Legion of Lawyers employed by Big Brother.

Now, I KNOW why the Vikings NEVER considered Democracy as a viable form of government.  Not only do Vikings CELEBRATE their Wonderful Warrior Women, but they would NEVER allow children to RULE OVER them by “Equalizing” Witless Welfare Women through idiotic “Legal Tender” Laws.  Not only that, but the Vociferous Village Voting Villain OUTNUMBERS the Valorous Viking One BILLION to ONE.  “The ‘Law’ [preserves to exploit] the [Spiritually] Unfit.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Why grant Minions of Mindless Morons “authority” over anything more than a pig-sty?

When I finished reading the judge’s decision, I stood up and told my attorney I know why the judge had this in mind the whole time and why you didn’t think it was so bad.  He asked, why?  I told him the judge doesn’t have to live with his own decision and neither do you.  I HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT!  And who the hell are you people to dictate my life to me like this!?!  This decision is absolutely absurd (Lyrics) and left.  “One false idea is that anyone can hurt you.  Events can ruin your reputation, take your money, mistreat you, revenge itself upon you, deceive, betray, abandon you, but cannot hurt you.” Vernon Howard.  I needed some Sunshine.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
An evil man you must not let
Bring aught of ill to you;
For an evil man will never make
Reward for a worthy thought.
I saw a man who was wounded sore
By an evil woman’s word;
A lying tongue his death-blow launched,
And no word of truth there was.

“Equality before the law is probably forever unattainable.  It is a noble ideal, but it can never be realized, for what men value in this world is not rights but privileges.”
H. L. Mencken

On my way to my car, I thought to myself, if anybody wants any more money from me, they are going to have to come and TAKE IT from me because I am through GIVING anymore to anyone.  Come after it they eventually did.

As I sat in my car reflecting, I started to clearly see the world I was living in was ridiculous.  Judges interpret the legislative laws and statutes to tilt the decisions in their favor – keep giving us what we demand of you gullible moron – we dictate how much YOU OWE US and you have no say in such determinations – we exploit the incompetent and the innocent for OUR benefit at YOUR expense – we call this FREEDOM to do what we tell you to do.  ““Liberty REGULATED by Law” is, in practice, tyranny of the darkest and foulest description; because it is so IMPERSONAL.” Ragnar Redbeard.

The worst part of it was realizing I was involved in this neurotic nonsense with every arrest I made and ticket I wrote in service to these derelicts.  “Just as surely as distress must follow self-deceit, healing must follow self-honesty.” Vernon Howard.  My ‘activity’ of making arrests was going to dramatically drop and I could care less how my supervisors tried to coerce me into giving them what they claimed I owed them – more ‘activity.’  If I came across criminal activity, I would do what was necessary, but I was no longer on the prowl for criminals.  I get it!  “Imaginary life has great power to control and wreck people because it insists it is not imaginary life.” Vernon Howard.  I started to feel like a plantation nigger yearning to escape this dreadful world.  “You can not escape a prison if you do not know you are in one.” Vernon Howard.  Escape it, I would.

I had a financial account at a small local Credit Union and shortly after the judge’s decision, the manager gave me a heads-up that a judgment was coming down to seize my account.  I withdrew my remaining funds minus the checks that had not cleared and cancelled my direct deposit.  I thanked her for her assistance and never opened a bank/credit union account afterwards.  I was paid by check every payday and cashed it at the bank it was drawn upon with two forms of picture identification.  I paid all my bills in cash or money order from that point forward.

I was now more than eager to no longer voluntarily pay “income taxes” since receiving a paycheck in the amount of four hundred, fifty-six dollars and change for TWO WEEKS worth of work.  “He is now rising from affluence to poverty.” Mark Twain.  Why so little compensation for so much effort working twelve-hour shifts you ask?  GREAT QUESTION!  Let’s see ALL the “deductions” subtracted BEFORE I was paid for my services: Federal Withholding, State of New York Withholding, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Spousal Support and Child Support “deductions” leaving me EIGHTH on the priority list.  Now, I ask YOU, oh reader, WHO is the INSANE IDIOT?  “Necessity is the mother of taking chances.” Mark Twain.

Looking at my pay stub, I could not help but recall the forty-second pathetic pin head’s declaration: “Work is about more than making a living, as vital as that is.  It’s fundamental to human dignity, to our sense of self-worth as useful, independent, free people.” William J. Clinton.  What EXACTLY is Mr. Clinton’s definition of “useful, independent, free people” – FIRST or eighth on the “list” of priorities for “human dignity?”  Being fed up with “making a living” for EVERYONE ELSE at MY EXPENSE, I filed my “income tax” returns requesting full refunds at the end of the year.  “For more than eighty years, your [s]elected [Para-Semite] representatives have used the income tax to drain trillions of dollars away from local communities and the private sector to fund their own [Zionist-Illuminati] destructive, vote-seeking projects.  What productive, law-abiding [Judeo-Christian, Arrogant] Americans fail to realize is that this insidious extortion is being carried out in violation of law and the Constitution.  Therefore, it is the patriotic duty of all responsible citizens to avoid this “tax” altogether.”  Irwin Schiff.  The State of New York complied while the Internal Revenue Service did not.

Since my refund was being refused, the next step was to stop the withholding from my paychecks.  “You can end half your troubles immediately by no longer permitting [pathetic] people to tell you what you want.” Vernon Howard.  With a little research, I discovered that to have the withholding stopped at the federal level, I just needed to annually submit a W-4 form stating that I owed no federal tax the previous year and anticipated owing nothing for the current year.  “All government letters to employers “directing” them to withhold more of their employees’ salary than employees elect to have withheld must be illegal.  Employees, can not be required to have anything at all taken from their pay, since pursuant to Code sections 6201, 6203 and 6303, no employee could possibly “owe” an income tax subject to withholding.” Irwin Schiff.  At the State of New York level, I was told by the Office of Taxation and Finance to claim as many dependents/deductions so the appropriate amount would be withheld.  Since the appropriate amount was zero, I claimed one hundred, fifty dependents.  From that moment on, I no longer had tax withheld from my paycheck and at tax time, I would file owing no tax and claiming no refund – zeros across the board.

After reading Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America by Peter Eric Hendrickson, I learned how to ‘correct’ my W-2 Form and that I could have all the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid withholding refunded as well.  I could not have these taxes prevented from being withheld but I claimed them as refunds on my tax returns but never received the funds.  “What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector?  The taxidermist takes only your skin.” Mark Twain.

While working a night patrol, I returned to the station at midnight to team up for the remainder of the shift.  I was the only ‘white guy’ on duty that night as the Sergeant and four other Troopers were of African descent.  They approached me and said I was made an ‘Honorary Brother‘ for the night which meant the Soul Patrol was in effect.  What an Honor!  Demonstrating once again “their” so-called people and “our” so-called people are EXACTLY alike with one GLARING exception.  They don’t need to step down from their superstitious ‘Pedestal of Grandeur‘ to be REAL with the rest of us.  “I don’t see much future for the Americans … it’s a decayed country.  And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified.  How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” Adolf Hitler.  Any blind fool can see it for himself just by watching BET, TV One and Investigation Discovery.

White Sugar and Brown Sugar are BOTH Sweet!  It is salt and pepper that is bitter and irritating.  No one is “punished” because no one is “privileged” – pure propaganda pedaled by the Elite for Gullible Gentiles to BELIEVE in and “fight” each other in the process of being “robbed” blind.  Take a closer look.

My partner wanted to fix me up with a Sister friend of his.  I told him I just went through a vicious divorce and was not ready for the dating scene yet.  He pointed out to me – hence the term “FIX” in the expression “fix me up.”  We laughed and I told him I would let him know when I was ready to be fixed up” (Lyrics) and to be on the lookout for a Kick-Ass, Jamaican, Rebel Girl (Lyrics) capable of doing the “fixing” until then.  I also told him I like my Rebel Girls the same way I enjoy my Swiss Chocolate – the DARKER, the BETTER.

Soft words shall he speak and wealth shall he offer
Who longs for a maiden’s love,
And the beauty praise of the maiden bright;
He wins whose wooing is best.

“Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.”
Henri Frédéric Amiel

He inquired, “Rebel Girl?”  I defined the term “Rebel Girl” for him: an Independent Minded Confederate Girl who ROCKS You Like A Hurricane, leaving you Texas Thunderstruck.  “The more Animal Nature a maiden possesses; the more of a true woman she is — the better wife and mother she will make.” Ragnar Redbeard.

Unlike a pathetic minded “Country Girl” who whines and wallows in her sorrow, a lonely minded “Ghetto Girl” who Raps and Hip-Hops for your attention and affection, a dead minded “Drug Addicted Girl” who chooses suicide in slow-motion because she lacks the courage to complete the task quickly (Lyrics) “Of all escape mechanisms, death is the most efficient.” H. L. Mencken, a weak minded “Religious Girl” who glorifies God and blesses her pastor for her miserable existence, a delusional minded “Political Girl” who subsists on government handouts and votes for MORE! while contemplating how to be elected to ‘office’ so she can help herself while pretending to assist others, an impractical minded “Over-Intellectualized Girl” who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground or a despotic minded “Material Girl” who lusts after her desires.

He was intrigued and stated he would like the company of a Rebel Girl too.  I informed him Rebel Girls are as rare as turkey teeth, as a result, they are to be treasured for their value rather than coddled as a bride.  (I only know of TWO — the bad ass of Oakland on BET and the Texas ‘Storm’ in the novel Sexy/Dangerous by Beverly Jenkins ; ) )

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,-
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If you fain would win a woman’s love,
And gladness get from her,
Fair be your promise and well fulfilled;
None loathes what good he gets.

“The secret of happiness is freedom

and the secret of freedom is courage.” Thucydides

World Of Men

“Stress and strain in life are the result of trying to make the unworkable work.  If you are not comfortable with yourself, if you are uncomfortable in society, if you are just plain old uncomfortable living with yourself, you can be quite sure that somewhere you’re trying to make something work that can’t work, which, of course, is the story of the whole world [of men].  Everyone has his own pet [Para-Semite] philosophy, or [Socialist] scientific or [Climate Crisis] unscientific system, in which each individual thinks that it will work for him and he hopes it will work for others so that he’ll get added gold and glory.
“You can start tonight to understand that all stress, all strain, all discomfort inside of you, which you do have, is a result of you trying to force something to happen that can never happen.  And one of these peculiar things that human beings try to do in order to find happiness, in order to find contentment, which they really don’t want in the first place — by the way they prefer strife.  One thing that human beings try to do, which is impossible, is to try and be happy without understanding themselves, without knowing how their minds work, without understanding their relationships with others, even their relationships with nature or with mechanical things.
“People have an almost complete total lack of understanding of how life works, both their own and consequently, that of other people.  This means exactly what you and I see in the world today — people hurting each other, people not knowing how to behave, people not knowing how to behave toward themselves or anyone else.”
Vernon Howard

“I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.”

H. L. Mencken

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“One essential of a free government is that it rest wholly on voluntary support. And one certain proof that a government is not free, is that it coerces more or less persons to support it, against their will.”
Lysander Spooner

By election time two thousand, four, I was thoroughly fed up with the political process.  Since Ron Paul wasn’t running in the election, I wrote in the Constitution Party candidate, Michael Peroutka.  “The bulk of what the federal government now spends money on is for expenditures nowhere authorized in the Constitution.” Irwin Schiff.  Congress is no longer restrained by “yearly budgets.”  The ‘Representative Overlords’ now simply pass – AS NEEDED to avoid Government Shutdown – “Spending Bills” which are authored by The Federal Reserve to “reward” the ‘Useful Idiots’ of the ‘Political Elite’ for their “Patriotism.”  BRILLIANT!  “Well, first of all, I think that a lot of the voters who are voting for the tea party candidates have really good impulses.  That is, they believe that for years and years and years, the people with wealth and power or government power have done well and ordinary people have not.  That’s true.” William J. Clinton.

Elections were the Elitists’ scheme to legitimize the illegitimate by exploiting the formula: Belief in Authority + Use of Force = Chaos.  “If you win elections on the theory that government is always bad and will mess up a two-car parade… a real change-maker represents a real threat.” William J. Clinton.

The National Socialist ‘Fascist’ Vampire Economy Agenda, where the government OVERBURDENS the Free Market with excessive inefficient regulations to siphon off “public” resources in order to finance their international escapades, was represented by the Republican Party and the Communist Socialist ‘Marxist’ Suicidal Economy Agenda, where the government TAKES OWNERSHIP of the Free Market by installing ITSELF as the ONLY authoritarian monopoly, was represented by the Democratic Party.  Each ‘Agenda’ alternated eight year “Economic Plans” known as “terms” to ‘progress’ their specific ‘brand’ of Elitist Apartheid while Individual Liberty in the form of Anarch-Capitalism, where NO GOVERNMENT EXISTS to interfere with the Free Market, was non-existent.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Two Sides of the SAME COIN.  “Indeed the masses of mankind are but the sediment from which all the more valuable elements have been long ago distilled.  They are totally incapable of real [Spiritual] freedom, and if it were granted to them, they would straightway [attempt to refuse individual self-reliance by voting] themselves a [dictatorial] master, or a thousand [representative] masters within twenty-four hours.” Ragnar Redbeard.

Candidates were worthless charlatans (Lyrics), voting was meaningless and nothing ever changed for the better.  “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain.  When I left my polling place that day, I vowed never again to participate in such idiotocracy.  Aristotle once observed: “Republics decline into democracies which degenerate into despotisms.”  I just needed to look around to see his observation accurate.  “The real danger is, that innocent and natural combinations for mutual pleasure, comradeship, profit, and defence, may transform themselves gradually into organized majority-box tyrannies — enslaving institutionalisms of the most dictatorial and obnoxious character.” Ragnar Redbeard.

Representative Democracy is a Total Mind Crime.  “If there are people who act outside the law, then the state must use legal means to impose law in the interests of majority.  That’s the way it’s done in the U.S., and that’s the way it’s done in Russia.” Vladimir Putin.  Putting aside gerrymandering and the fact that as a population grows so should the number of representatives, who represents the disarmed convicted felon?  “There is no distinctly American criminal class – except Congress.” Mark Twain.  Now we know why so many “drug related offenses,” “tax evaders” and “sexual offenders” are felonies (in a drug/money/sex crazed culture) – to eliminate these folks from ANY political representation and therefore “justice.”  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  Not only are they blacklisted by being “released” into parole/probation “custody” but they are “required,” by court order, to keep current on mandated registries.  This is how the government controls those who neglect to voluntarily file “income” tax returns.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT “Justice For All.”  “The world consists of imaginary people, claiming imaginary virtues and suffering from imaginary happiness.” Vernon Howard.

It is downright ridiculous when one realizes it is GOVERNMENT that put the ‘racket’ in ‘racketeering.’  “A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people.  Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about.  It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.” Smedley D. Butler, Major General, USMC.  A pathetically, pandering politician is incapable of representing ANYBODY but their own self-interest.  “The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.” Ayn Rand.  Just ask Cherokee Nation about Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“The majority is wrong and the minority is wrong, for only cosmic truth is right.”
Vernon Howard

“Isn’t it great that Americans sent to government schools grow up to be so burned out about government that many of them turn their backs on voting?  The belief that people can be programmed to believe anything is untrue.  They might not be able to unravel all the corruption swirling around them but they surely know it’s there.  They’re hungry for a better deal but don’t see one in the offering, so they don’t vote.
“Nevertheless, there was a clear-cut winner, an overwhelming winner, in the 2016 presidential election.  The “winner” received 471 electoral votes and won all but eight states and D.C.  Who won this landslide?  According to brilliantmaps.com, “did not vote” smashed all challengers: 
[Kinda makes “Russian Meddling” look ridiculous, doesn’t it?]
“Mainstream commentators bemoan this finding, describing US voter turnout as “abysmal” compared to other countries in the “developed world.”  The nonvoter is depicted as too lazy to deal with the hassle of casting a vote.  But when the choice is either Tweedledum or Tweedledee, both of which have their eyes on voters’ wallets, why should they head for the polls?
“It is not a matter of finding better candidates.  The current system forbids better candidates, as it did with [Ross Perot and] Ron Paul.
“The heart of the government is a legal monopoly on coercion.  When this monopoly is magnified by the seeming omnipotence of the US military and its vast intelligence apparatus, and has the power to drain the productive resources of its citizens by whatever trillions it claims to need, whether to bail out the [Wall Street] big boys or drop bombs on some hapless Third World backwater [without a Central Bank owned or controlled by the Rothschild’s] that nevertheless poses a threat to our “freedom,” you have a [Federal Reserve] monster that cannot be tamed by casting ballots
George F. Smith

“To say that majorities, as such, have a right to rule minorities, is equivalent to saying that minorities have, and ought to have, no rights, except such as majorities please to allow them.”
Lysander Spooner

“Government, like any other organism, refuses to acquiesce in its own extinction.  This refusal, of course, involves the resistance to any effort to diminish its powers and prerogatives.  There has been no organized effort to keep government down since Jefferson’s day.  Ever since then the American people have been bolstering up its powers and giving it more and more jurisdiction over their affairs.  They pay for that folly in increased taxes and diminished liberties.  No government as such is ever in favor of the freedom of the individual.  It invariably seeks to limit that freedom, if not by overt denial, then by seeking constantly to widen its own functions.”
H. L. Mencken

To make well-indoctrinated imbeciles of future generations, after thirteen years of pledging allegiance to a FLAG (of all things), eighteen year old “adults” are “required” to “register” with Selective Service until they decide whether they will habitually voluntarily file “income” tax returns or be slapped with the “convicted felon” label.  “Children from an early age must be encouraged that they must work for what they want in life and that the world does not owe them a living!  Our aim should not be for them to be shut off from the rest of the world and insular, but rather [to] advocate the exploration of it, to seek knowledge whenever possible and to experience and enjoy the pleasures Midgard has to offer.  To stifle and “brainwash” serves no purpose and will ultimately have an adverse effect;” Stuart R. Brogan.  However, eighteen year old “adults” may not “legally” partake in alcoholic beverages OR “legally” purchase a firearm FOR THEMSELVES because they are too untrustworthy.  Go figure!  “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

It’s kind of like their choice between the Republican Party or the Democratic Party – all that matters is you’re a “registered” imbecile.  “Ignorant people remain ignorant because they have a secret agreement to call one another intelligent.” Vernon Howard.  No draft needed when you have “registered” well-indebted college imbeciles who can’t afford to pay attention then decide to turn to “Uncle Sam” for a ‘bail out’ of their financial ineptitude.  “One may no more live in the world without picking up the moral prejudices of the world than one will be able to go to hell without perspiring.” H. L. Mencken.  Deaf, dumb and blind to the FACT it was the ‘good’ Uncle who put them in their exploitable position in the first place, by taking advantage of their financial ignorance they were “taught” in public schools!  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

Upon “commencement,” good o’ Uncle Sam grants them “college loans” to make Indentured Servants (Lyrics) of the Indebted Imbeciles FOR LIFE.  THAT is what is known as “Political Problem Creation.”  Not to worry, a Democratic Party Demon will “magically” make those “college student loans” DISAPPEAR thus “freeing” the Indentured Idiots to ‘qualify’ for ‘consumer’ automobile loans AND ‘improve’ their ‘Credit Score’ enough to ‘take out’ a mortgage loan.  ALL “supported” with the APPEARANCE of being “opposed” by the Republican Retard Party whose “lobbyists” will “prosper” as a result of the Demon Debacle.  THAT is what is known as “Political Problem Solving.”  “The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.” Vernon Howard.

As a result, Pathetic Politicians build “monuments” and “libraries” to “worship” THEIR Idiotic Incompetence at YOUR expense.  Given enough defaults, these ‘good’ loans will ‘magically’ disappear like the ‘bad’ loans via Fraudulent Federal Reserve “Restructuring.”  Leading to generational ‘payback’ for the Social Security Swindle perpetuated by the Demonic Democratic Deliverers.  Of course, THAT is what Demons Desire – the Population at each others throat demonstratively DEMANDING their ENTITLEMENTS!  “Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use “united force” to solve economic, political or social problems.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  Just ask Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.  People will oppress each other—man against man, neighbor against neighbor.  The young will rise up against the old, the nobody against the honored. Isaiah 3:5.  ‘Get it’ NOW?  DUMBASS!  The glorious harvest of government baby-farming through State-Sponsored education (Lyrics)!  “I was a pure and utterly successful product of Soviet patriotic education.” Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of the Population at each others throat.  If you are a male of African descent, you are the MOST likely demographic to be incarcerated because we are to naively BELIEVE these people are the ones “committing ALL the crime.”  That is like saying the males of European descent who work at the New York Stock Exchanges are “ALL honest traders” or the “Kosher Keeper” males running the Federal Reserve are “ALL trustworthy stewards” of the banking system – PURE POPPYCOCK!  Government “schooling” is not for everyone – if it’s not for you – Walk Away – Educate YOURSELF!  “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” Mark Twain.  MUCH easier to do in the Information Age with internet technology.  THAT is what is known as “Political Problem Free” Self-Reliant living.  “Self-reliance exists on two levels.  On the everyday level, self-reliance is developed by acquiring knowledge.  You can then rely on yourself for building a house or repairing a car.  But a higher form of self-reliance is needed for uplifting the inner person.  This superior self-reliance consists of no longer accepting all the wrong descriptions of ourselves collected over the years.  This produces uncertainty at first, but this very not-knowing-who-we-are leads to real knowing.” Vernon Howard.

While they’re at it, the Democratic Demon Party, courtesy of Bernie Sanders Style of Socialism, will throw in a “Government Job” GUARANTEEING a wage of AT LEAST fifteen dollars an hour INCLUDING (an unsustainable) ‘full benefits’ (medical/retirement) package to any useless idiot desiring a FEELING of entitlement.  “Various individuals who, employed by the government, expect compensation for their work.  The only way it can pay these individuals is by taxing others who are still generating real wealth.  By doing this, the government weakens the wealth-generating process and undermines prospects for economic [growth].” Frank Shostak.  To clarify the expression “useless idiot” – any Coddled Coward desiring to “be blessed” by eliminating RISK from their life and CONDEMNING themselves to an EXISTENCE of being STUCK in the comfort that tomorrow will be EXACTLY like yesterday.  “The terrible immoralities are the cunning ones hiding behind masks of morality, such as exploiting people while pretending to help them.” Vernon Howard.  Oh look, ‘Stuck on Stupid’ Semite Supremacist Bernie Sanders Socialites, NOTHING CHANGES.  “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.  The world owes you nothing.  It was here first.” Mark Twain.

By the way, if you “work for the State” or have a “Government Job” at ANY level, you contribute ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE to the economy, to the contrary, you ALL consume precious capital “pushing papers” of REGULATORY agencies, that STIFLE the economy, that could be better spent on productive enterprises that serve practical purposes.  “In other words, when it comes to government provision of anything, we have good reason to expect poor quality, high prices, and arbitrary and wasteful resource allocation.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  In other words, ALL “Government Employees” choose to be a LAZY LIABILITY rather than being an AWARE ASSET to the economy.  PERIOD!  End of Story.

The BIGGEST fraud, waste and abuse of precious capital is the ONE BOONDOGGLE the Ruling Elite and BOTH political parties are in TOTAL AGREEMENT upon – THE FUCKIN’ MILITARY!  “Until the bourgeoisie is completely vanquished, until its wealth has been confiscated, the proletariat must without fail possess a military force.” Joseph Stalin.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Bullying.  DUMBASS!  “The aim of American foreign policy is to impose the will of our ruling elite on the rest of the world.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  “Get it” NOW, Military Moron?  “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty [at home or abroad]…” James Madison.  How about NOW?  THAT is WHY we have TWENTY-FOUR hours-a-day, SEVEN days-a-week ‘Religious,’ ‘News,’ ‘Sports,’ and ‘Weather’ channels to CONVINCE you, through propaganda, of the NECESSITY for the INSANITY of Bullying.  “Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan, ‘You’re either with us or against us.'” Vladimir Putin.  Just ask Joseph Goebbels.  You know, the NAZI Minister of Propaganda who, through The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda which was the Nazi government “news” agency, disseminated and reinforced Nazi-Socialist ideology for the “consumption” of gullible Gentiles.  “The State is not force alone.  It depends upon the credulity of man quite as much as upon his docility.  Its aim is not merely to make him obey, but also to make him want to obey.” H. L. Mencken.

Now, the ‘main stream media’ is the Semite Supremacist Ministry of Judeo-Christian Enlightenment and Socialist Propaganda where the US government is used to disseminate and enforce The Global Semitic-Socialist ideology against “all enemies foreign and domestic” – Federal Reserve Style known as “Legal Tender Laws” via the Bretton Woods Agreement.  “It is wrong to make anyone into an enemy; it is wrong to scare the people of one’s own country with that enemy and try to rally some allies on that basis.” Vladimir Putin.  Fuck YOU “Order Obeying” Ogres AND Your psychotic ‘service’ to the Zionist-Illuminati ‘ruling elite agenda.’  “In doing so, we have inflicted massive death and destruction, without moral justification.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  You Military Morons, so revered by politicians for doing THEIR ‘dirty work’ FOR THEM, ‘represent’ EVERYTHING despicable!  “Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.” Mark Twain.  You Insane Imbeciles VOLUNTARILY subject YOURSELVES to the HUMILIATINGLY ASININE Uniform Code of Military Justice for the “honor” of “parading” around in ridiculous uniforms while “following” the “orders” of YOUR “superiors” rather than DO the ONE thing You DREAD the most – Thinking FOR Yourself.  How’s THAT working out for ya, Coddled Coward?  “In the US, the public obediently pays homage to the [Crusading] military, readily absorbing the most preposterous stories about “keeping us safe” and protecting our freedom [to do as we’re told].  “Public service” – which always means service to The State – is urged upon the young [by being GLORIFIED via Hollywood].” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

As for you ‘Wounded Warriors,’ it is time for you ALL to GROW UP!  Nobody cares what you VOLUNTARILY chose to put YOURSELF through in ‘service’ to the EMPIRE of the Egregious Elite.  “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger.  You GET what you DESERVE ‘Combat Cry-Baby’ – DEAL WITH IT!  “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” Mark Twain.

[Even more insane, is the MANIACAL majority VOTING to INCREASE their OWN “school taxes” by approving the local school board budget EVERY year!  “Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good [and holy].” H. L. Mencken.  Talk about ‘Stuck on Stupid’!  I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them. Isaiah 3:4.  “Get it” now?  DUMBASS!  “God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board.” Mark Twain.

“There is only one argument that has any bearing at all on this question, viz., that continued adherence to a policy of compulsory education is utterly incompatible with efforts to establish lasting peace.
“There is, in fact, only one solution: the state, the government, the laws must not in any way concern themselves with schooling or education. Public funds must not be used for such purposes. The rearing and instruction of youth must be left entirely to parents and to private associations and institutions.”

Ludwig von Mises

Speaking of Intimidated Imbeciles, the PURPOSE of the US Census is for Proper Representation AND Direct Taxation – NEITHER of which APPLIES to current circumstances – hence, the Social Security Administration.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  How else does AARP know to market to you upon reaching your fiftieth birthday?  Proper “Representation” based on the population census became “obsolete” with the Victorious Northern Aggressors in “Lincoln’s Crusade” known as the “Civil War.”  Direct Taxation based on the population census became “obsolete” when GULLIBLE Americans ASSUMED they were LIABLE to pay an “income” tax with the implementation of the Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.  “One of the things I have been preaching around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the [politically opposed] elites.” Hillary Clinton.  NEVER realizing for themselves the term “income” is NEVER “defined” IN THE CONSTITUTION – for good reason – The United States Constitution NEVER granted the Federal Government such taxing AUTHORITY – exposing ALL lawyers, tax-preparers AND accountants as complicit FRAUDS.  Only blind belief “In God We Trust” makes one APPEAR “liable” for the Voluntary Tax.

Well done Reich Ministry of Enlightened Propaganda known as the Department of Education.  Now you know WHY the US Census was made OBSOLETE with the NECESSARY implementation of the Social Security Administration.  Thank You, Franklin Delano Roosevelt for even MORE irrelevant governmental nonsense.  “We don’t need a weakened government but a strong government that would take responsibility for the rights of the individual and care for the society as a whole.” Vladimir Putin.  In other words, “Nobody and nothing will stop Russia on the [United States] road to strengthening democracy and ensuring human rights and freedoms.  Our aims are absolutely clear: They are a high living standard in the country and a secure, free and comfortable life.” Vladimir Putin.  When translated means, “No one should be allowed to violently trample on the [Constitutional] law.  If there are people who act outside the [Zionist] law, then the [Para-Semite Socialist] state must use legal means to impose law in the interests of [the delusional Judeo-Christian] majority.  That’s the way it’s done in the [Judeo-Christian Crusading] U.S., and that’s the way it’s done in [Judeo-Orthodox Oligarchic] Russia.” Vladimir Putin.  Oh wait, “My English is very bad.” Vladimir Putin.  Not to worry, so is my Yiddish, English, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Prussian and German since my Native Tongue is Runes.  Fortunately, NOTHING is lost in translation, My Politburo Prince.

It is “Voluntary Compliance” to shit-can the Census Form upon arrival.  Let your ‘representatives’ herd Cats instead of Mice for a change!  Better yet, have your Congressional ‘Representative’ and BOTH ‘Senators’ come ‘collect’ the Census Form from your household PERSONALLY.  Government is SHUT DOWN and Military Personnel is SENT HOME until EVERYONE is accounted for – (Those who don’t belong here are BRANDED, regardless of ‘age,’ with a ‘Star of David’ on their forehead and IMMEDIATELY deported to their country of origin and if they EVER cross the border again, their BRAND will serve as their ‘Death Warrant’ and they will be SUMMARILY executed and their corpse returned to their family.  PROBLEM SOLVED – Vinland-Viking Style!  No need to close the border either.  You just need to SEND A MESSAGE!  Remember, actions SPEAK louder than words.  DUMBASS!  We DON’T NEED a FUCKIN’ Border Wall like the Semite Supremacist State of Israel.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  What we NEED is to grow a set of Balls and a Backbone to do what is NECESSARY and WITHOUT apology to a deluded Semite Sympathetic ‘World of Men’ for doing so.  Either WE ARE a nation of “Law” or WE AREN’T!  Either THERE IS a proper procedure to enter this country or THERE ISN’T!  Either THERE IS drastic CONSEQUENCES for disregarding the process or THERE ISN’T!  You can’t have it both ways.  ENOUGH ALREADY of this Pathetic, Political, Pansy-Ass Pandering.  We already have enough Trailer-Trash in this country that NEEDS to be ELIMINATED – including the pathetic Politically-Privileged Entitlement Class, along with their altruistic sympathizers, who occupy government subsidized housing because the Worthless Weasels are INCAPABLE to live WITHIN their OWN means and EXPECT to live at the expense of OTHER tithing and tax-paying Christian-Democrat Demons who ENABLE the entire FIASCO.  We don’t NEED the rest of the world to add to this Semitic-Sympathizing-Socialist-Subsidized CLUSTER-FUCK by dumping their USELESS GARBAGE on top of OUR home-grown Trailer-Trash.  Let these USELESS IDIOTS clean up their own Semite-Socialist Cartel-Country Hell-Hole financed to REMAIN in place BY the United States Federal Reserve Government or be EXTINGUISHED in the action so they can be “Born Again.”  DUMBASS!) – with any luck, it will take TEN YEARS to complete and then we will KNOW we no longer REQUIRE Uncle Sam’s Baby-Sitting Services!  “Suppose two-thirds of the members of the national House of Representatives were dumped into the Washington garbage incinerator tomorrow, what would we lose to offset our gain of their salaries and the salaries of their parasites?” H. L. Mencken.  Allow Courageously-Castrated Congress members to meet the people they egregiously STEAL from – FACE TO FACE – for a change!

You Coddled Cowards don’t even have the Intestinal Fortitude to do THAT.  Let alone, commemorating the September Eleventh “incidents” every 9/11 at 9:11AM local time by EVERYONE dialing Nine-One-One and then hanging up when the call is answered.  Repeat the procedure for nine minutes and eleven seconds.  Because FUCK THE “IN GOD WE TRUST” GOVERNMENT THAT PERFORMED the “attacks” and FUCK THE “TOO BIG TO FAIL” STATE SYSTEMS THAT PERPETRATED the murders and FUCK THE “BLIND BELIEVING” LAZY MINIONS OF MINDLESS MORONS who depend on THEIR UNTRUSTWORTHY “Nine-One-One” to “protect” their life, liberty and property so the Para-Semites can continue TO “NEO” CON the Gullible Gentiles – THAT’S WHY!  DUMBASS!  “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” H. L. Mencken.  Oh look, even non-service cell phones can STILL DIAL Nine-One-One and get through.  Hmm.

The lives of the brave and noble are best,
Sorrows they seldom feed;
But the coward fear of all things feels,
And not gladly the niggard gives.

You ALL might as well “mail-in” your firearms with the Census Form, because projectile launchers IN THE HANDS OF COWARDS is what makes FIREARMS DANGEROUS – NOT the weapons (Lyrics) themselves.  DUMBASS!  Just ask The Khmer Rouge.

Fuck YOU Columbine Crusading Crybabies and EVERYTHING your Socialist Political Agenda of the Coddled Coward REPRESENTS.  Joseph Goebbels would have been SO PROUD of you Useful Idiots.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Disarming the population STARTS WITH THE STATE and then proceeds to the citizen IF HE FREELY CHOOSES TO DO SO – NOT the other way around.  DUMBASS!  “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.  The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” Mao Tse Tsung.  Just ask China, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea and South Africa.

Furthermore, there should be ABSOLUTELY NO restrictions on ownership of ANYTHING to ANYBODY – nor should there be REQUIREMENTS to register ANYTHING such as, vehicles, ‘sex’-offenders, firearms, etc.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Freedom!  DUMBASS!  It’s what happens when Anarcho-Capitalism comes to town.  Get used to it.  “Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got used to it.” H. L. Mencken.  ALL political problems START with EXCLUSION – the RESULTS speak for THEMSELVES.  Just ask Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.  The SOLUTION to ALL problems is ALWAYS more FREEDOM and NEVER more REGULATION.  You are too blinded by your own arrogance to SEE this Natural Fact FOR YOURSELF.  Like was said, Intimidated Imbeciles who are EASILY manipulated by the Pathetic Propaganda of the Egregious Elite.  Which is, BY DEFINITION: Gullibility – characteristic of the Coddled Coward – “Mail It In” ALREADY!  DUMBASS!]

“Whenever any government anywhere promotes and celebrates the idea of reduced individual responsibility to the point where it becomes a cultural ideal – so that its people are actually thankful to the powers that be for diminishing their own higher possibilities – so dawns a new dark age, which is, as it turns out, the goal of the same dark powers that helped to usher it in.”
Guy Finley

The public schools are unable to ‘educate’ and incapable to ‘protect’ the children entrusted to their ‘authority’ – so what ‘good’ ARE they?  Woe to the sinful nation, a people whose guilt is great, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption! Isaiah 1:4.

The current ‘Presidential’ pathetic pinhead’s solution is to “arm” teachers and thus remove ANY remaining doubt that Public Schools are nothing more than Juvenile Prison Facilities flying under the ‘banner’ of “education.”  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Martial Law.  “Everything has its limit – iron ore cannot be educated into gold.” Mark Twain.  And supposed mature adults STILL entrust the State with their children which REVEALS how little parents ‘value’ their OWN flesh and blood.  “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Then people scratch their heads and wonder WHY intelligent people like Jeff Bezos have to pick-up the ‘slack’ when the rest of us can’t be bothered to ‘pull our own weight.’  The main function of education is to train you in obedience to authority.” The Book of Danu.  Brilliant people like the Jeff Bezos of the world SOLVED the ‘problem’ BEFORE the rest of us were even AWARE the ‘problem’ existed.  “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” Arthur Schopenhauer.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT a BLESSING from Nature.  DUMBASS!

“It hardly occurs to anyone, when he forms his notion of a capitalist, that a social order organized on genuinely [Neo-Liberal] principles is so constituted as to leave the entrepreneurs and the capitalists only one way to wealth, viz., by better providing their fellow men with what they themselves think they need. Instead of speaking of capitalism in connection with the prodigious improvement in the standard of living of the masses, [Anti-Liberal] propaganda mentions capitalism only in referring to those phenomena whose emergence was made possible solely because of the restraints that were imposed upon [Neo-Liberalism]. No reference is made to the fact that capitalism has placed a delectable luxury as well as a food, in the form of sugar, at the disposal of the great masses. Capitalism is mentioned in connection with sugar only when the price of sugar in a country is raised above the world market price by an [Anti-Liberal] cartel. As if such a development were even conceivable in a social order in which [Neo-Liberal] principles were put into effect in a country with [an Anarchist] regime, in which there are no [Government] tariffs, [Anti-Liberal] cartels capable of driving the price of a commodity above the world market price would be quite unthinkable.”
Ludwig von Mises

You don’t “demonize” Practical People, like Jeff Bezos, you conduct BUSINESS with these Productive People and IGNORE Insane Imbeciles – no matter how loud Pathetic Politicians scream for your Attention and Applause.  “There are basically two types of people.  People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things.  The first group is less crowded.” Mark Twain.  You want to CONDEMN the very man who dramatically IMPROVED everyone’s life.  Talk about STUCK ON STUPID!

A man knows not, if nothing he knows,
That gold often apes begets;
One man is wealthy and one is poor,
Yet scorn for him none should know.

Like the Christ Myth, the Mob, riled up by “the Banker” who accused Him, “the Preacher” who condemned Him and “the Politician” who authorized and carried out executing Him (oh look, the “Holy Trinity” – “Christian — One who is willing to serve three Gods, but draws the line at one wife.” H. L. Mencken), is Hell-Bent on DESTROYING the very SALVATION they have been BLESSED with to IMPROVE their lives.  “Few of us can stand prosperity.  Another man’s, I mean.” Mark Twain.  Looks like NOTHING changes in the ‘World of Men’ because the Mob REFUSES to “learn its lessons” and MIND ITS OWN FUCKIN’ BUSINESS!  “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” Winston Churchill.

Unlike politicians, Jeff Bezos’ fortune was a RESULT of the number of lives he DIRECTLY improved.  “Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot [i.e. Socialism].  Others look on it as a cow they can milk [i.e. Democracy].  Not enough people see it [like the Ludwig von Mises Institute] as a [naturally] healthy horse, [effortlessly performing its spiritual function by] pulling a sturdy wagon.  [No man-made governmental-fractional reserve intervention required (or desired) to distress the horse. i.e. Anarcho-Capitalism]” Winston Churchill.

What the hell is WRONG with you Ignorant Idiots?  DESTROYING such men is HOW Russia, North Korea, Cuba, South Africa, and Hong Kong were sucked into Hell.  “Socialism is the theory that the desire of one man to get something he hasn’t got is more pleasing to a just God than the desire of some other man to keep what he has got.” H. L. Mencken.  Remember, the Road To Hell is paved with ‘good’ intentions.  MORON!  “If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” Ayn Rand.

The forty-fifth pathetic pinhead is SCREAMING the charge to destroy the Jeff Bezos of the ‘World of Men’ which REVEALS the forked-tongued “businessman” as the POLITICIAN he ACTUALLY is – don’ be fooled by this charlatan.  “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.  The demaslave is one who listens to what these idiots have to say and pretends to believe it himself.” H. L. Mencken.

A paltry man and poor of mind
At all things ever mocks;
For never he knows, what he ought to know,
That he is not free from faults.

“What is any political campaign save a concerted effort to turn out a set of politicians who are admittedly bad and put in a set who are thought to be better.  The former assumption, I believe is always sound; the latter is just as certainly false.  For if experience teaches us anything at all it teaches us this: that a good politician, under democracy, is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”
H. L. Mencken

Remember: For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.  Washington flourished but the people did not share in its wealth. … That all changes starting right here and right now at the ‘coronation’ ceremony?  “An alert mind can learn a thousand things about other people by seeing through their remarks.” Vernon Howard.  Ask yourself ONE question: Is Washington flourishing by STILL TAKING wealth in the form of record-breaking “income-tax” revenue FROM the American people these days?  “If you wish to know the mind of a man, listen to his words.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Has ANYTHING changed in Washington right here and right now?  Seems pretty simple to me: Relieve the costly burden the people bear by simply ordering the IRS to Stop “enforcing” the non-existent “income-tax” liability.  “The principles that govern a ‘hold-up’ are the selfsame principles that govern government.  No government on earth rests on the consent of the governed.” Ragner Redbeard.

But no, in order to please the Federal Reserve, Mr. President MODIFIED the Tax Code to DESTROY the Jeff Bezos’ of the ‘World of Men‘ – while subsidizing the Crony Corruptionalists known as the Manhattan Minion’s Politically Privileged – just like Madam Hilary “Rodham” Clinton would have done to satisfy HER Corrupt Cronies and Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin, has ALWAYS done – so ask yourself – What IS the DIFFERENCE?  “For example, have you ever been in a situation where someone tricked you, fooled you, took your money, time, anything, and afterward laughed at you?  [Loki]-Satan laughs at you for your stupidity.  There is absolutely nothing that a sin-sick soul can do but the next sinful, destructive act.  If you got that one point you’d see people differently than you see them now.” Vernon Howard.  Not even the MIGHTY ‘Make America Great Again’ Maniac stood up to the Federal Reserve when the “Spending Bill” came due.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

Meanwhile, “The People’s” Congress ‘represent’ THEMSELVES as the “Lifetime Membership” Judiciary ‘rubber stamps’ ALL the Treachery Imposed.  BRILLIANT!  “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” Thomas Paine.  By the way, “Life expectancy in the America of 1787 (the year the United States Constitution was ‘ratified’ for all you School House Rock failures) is about 38 years for a white male.”  Currently, it is seventy-nine years.  So, WHY are Supreme Court Justices STILL ‘granted’ LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP?  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Donald J. Trump, and the ENTIRE Elitist Enslaving Government YOU Represent, YOU’RE FIRED!  “The DUTY of a TRUE Patriot is to protect HIS COUNTRY from ITS GOVERNMENT.” Thomas Paine.  You are as ILLEGITIMATE as your ‘predecessor’ AND ‘opponent’ AND Russian ‘counterpart’!  “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” Ron Paul.  ALL Governmental “Allies” in ADVANCING the “Agenda” of the “Supremacy of the Elite.”  “Let thy motto be ‘Tread not on me’.  For, he that tamely submits, to insult and injury is worse than a dog: he is a dastard [despicable person], a born slave, a [mindless] Christling.” Ragnar Redbeard.

To the Jeff Bezos of the ‘World of Men’ I say: Walk Away!  THAT’S how you ROCK, Dude!  “Ten clever men are not worth one man of talent, nor ten men of talent worth one man of genius.  And in the individual, feeling is more than cleverness, reason is worth as much as feeling, and conscience has it over reason. … Cleverness is serviceable for everything, sufficient for nothing.” Henri Frédéric Amiel.  You don’t owe the ‘Entitled Elite’ a single penny – Vinland Vikings CALL IT a Shakedown.  Just ask Baptist “Reverend” Al Sharpton.  And the ‘Pathetic People’ they “represent” can kiss your ass too – Vinland Vikings CALL IT Manipulating Minions of Mindless Morons.  Just ask Baptist “Reverend” Jesse Jackson.

If wealth a man has won for himself,
Let him never suffer in need;
Often he saves for a fool what he plans for a friend,
For much goes worse than we wish.

“If a law were passed tomorrow taking away the property of a large group of presumably well-to-do persons — say, bondholders of the railroads — without compensation and without even colorable reason, [Judeo-Christians] would not oppose it; [Socialists] would be in favor of it.  The liberty to have and hold property is not one they recognize.  They believe only in the liberty to envy, hate and loot the man who has it.”
H. L. Mencken

Fuck ALL these Arrogant-Altruistic Anuses and EVERYTHING they ‘represent.’  “Never sacrifice a feeling of what is right in order to please wrong people.” Vernon Howard.  Let these Insane Imbeciles BURY THEMSELVES for a change with their BRILLIANT Comrade Barack Obama ‘School of Business’ and DUMBASS Comrade Bernie Sanders ‘Education Utopia’ – Comrade Vladimir Putin ‘Soviet Union’ Style!  “The worst thing for a politician is to try and cling to power by every possible means, and focus only on that.” Vladimir Putin.  You DON’T “Get Tough” with Evil, you simply ABANDON it!  Now, SHUT UP and BANG YOUR HEAD!

“And so every four years we are treated to the same tired, predictable routine: two candidates with few disagreements on fundamentals pretend that they represent dramatically different philosophies of government.”
Ron Paul

“The main thing that every political campaign in the United States demonstrates is that the politicians of all parties, despite their superficial enmities, are really members of one great brotherhood.  Their principal, and indeed their sole, object is to collar public office, with all the privileges and profits that go therewith.  They achieve this collaring by buying votes with other people’s money.  No professional politician is ever actually in favor of public [Laissez-Faire] economy.  It is his implacable enemy, and he knows it.  All professional politicians are dedicated wholeheartedly to waste and corruption.  [THAT is the Nature of a politician – they are incapable to act any other way]  They are the enemies of every decent man.”
H. L. Mencken

By the time two thousand, five came around, I had become an avid reader.  “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” Mark Twain.  Besides researching taxes, I was interested in military history and, by extension, politics.  I was now being drawn to self-improvement books and compact disk programs.  Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and others in the self-help industry appealed to me and I started to look for opportunities to work from home.  “Earnestly yearn to become a different kind of person, for then everything can be done for you.” Vernon Howard.

I was soon introduced to a cash gifting program that would allow me to generate cash from home.  The private network was designed on a ‘one-up’ qualifying system which was far superior than the Multi-Level Marketing schemes that were popular at the time I was searching for a genuine opportunity.  It seemed perfect for my needs so I joined in and started working on it in my limited spare time.  It was slow going but I eventually qualified to receive my first gift and had back what I initially invested.  It was a slow process but seemed like it would work out if I stuck with it.  I eventually learned some basic HTML programming skills and started designing web pages to generate leads interested in exploring my opportunity.

Also in two thousand, five, I was approached by a gentleman from Africa via the postal service looking for a partner in a financial opportunity.  I inquired into the opportunity and was informed a bank in England was in possession of money from Holocaust victims whose next of kin search exhausted and needed to return the cash flow to the economy.  It seemed legitimate so I requested more information.  All I needed was a bank account to have forty-five million dollars transferred into allowing my partner and I to invest the money together and split the dividends.  I told my partner the only way I would do business with him is if I was able to set up an off-shore bank account to keep the Internal Revenue Service from benefiting from our good fortune.  My partner helped me set up a bank account in the Bahamas (easily, thanks to the internet) and we worked together to pay the transfer fees allowing the forty-five million dollars to be transferred into the account.

The bank manager then notified me that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was investigating the transfer since such a large quantity of money was received in North America from Europe raising a flag instituted by the new terrorist banking legislation – touche “Patriot Act.”  “The difference between living under your own power and under the power of social influence is the difference between songs and tears.” Vernon Howard.  My account was on hold until the investigation was complete.  After the investigation, the IMF declared the transfer lawful and that I just needed to pay the twenty-two thousand dollar investigation fee they claimed was a small ‘tax’ on the amount to the IMF before the account could be accessed.  The bank manager offered to pay the ‘tax’ to the IMF from my account but the IMF would not allow it – the ‘tax’ had to be paid first before the account would be released.

Hmm, where have I experienced this before?  WITHHOLDING!  I was just introduced to the INTERNATIONAL Internal Revenue Service.  Wealth is as swift as a winking eye, Of friends the falsest it is. Havamal.  It all started to make sense – the bank in England was not returning money TO the economy, it was inflating the money supply FOR the economy.  “There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true.  The other is to refuse to accept what is true.” Soren Kierkegaard.  All that was needed was a couple of morons to believe they were receiving something for nothing so the banking system via government could tax, track and otherwise tyrannically terrorize with the revenue generated by the newly created cash.  “The road to tyranny, we must never forget, begins with the destruction of the truth.” William J. Clinton.

Needless to say, ANYTHING could be justified in accordance with the Cult of Victimization and the “Hebrew” Holocaust produced the epitome of victimhood.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

Now, “The Right Thing To Do” is defined as: Accommodating ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ at the expense of anyone labeled as “Anti-Semitic” who are NOT sympathetic to Semitic-Socialist Supremacy, or Zionist-Illuminati “Secret Society.”  “Today the image of the Jews is no different from that of the Nazis.  Israel is a terrorist [Semite Supremacist] State that commits [geopolitical] genocide [through Fractional-Reserve Fascism known as Legal-Tender Legislation].” Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Benign Israelis?  Think subliminal Zionification in the mold of explicit Nazification.

What Zion wants, Zion gets because Semitic-Socialist Supremacy is what is best for EVERYONE.  “The fiends and liars try to tell you what is good.” Vernon Howard.  If a person chooses to practice the Jewish religion as their preference, this practicing Jew is NOT automatically anointed ‘Yahweh’s Chosen.’  A Jewish practitioner may strictly adhere to tradition and participate fully in all rituals and STILL be considered ‘Yahweh’s Forsaken.’  Just ask Viktor Frankl.

No, ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ are a select (Zionist-Illuminati “Secret Society” or) Semitic-Socialist Society who ‘Choose to be Chosen’ by ‘Swearing Secrecy’ to ‘Act Covertly’ while ‘Denying Completely.’  “There are also mystic brotherhoods in our midst, whose initiates pledge fidelity, and obligate themselves to life-long secrecy, by drinking blood out of a skull, over emblems of violent death — with daggers pointed at their throats.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Like being “patched in” to a gang, ‘Yahweh’s Chosen’ are marked for life.  ‘Lucky’ THEM!  “The soulless and the [Semite] sly seek power over the soulless and the [Gentile] gullible.” Vernon Howard.  This world tries desperately to make you believe ‘victims’ are generously rewarded rather than neurotically exploited.

(Kind of like showing sympathy for sluts and whores who choose to put themselves in a position to be “violated” and then cry “me too” for receiving the attention they so desperately craved – like attracts like – scumbags and dirtballs attract sluts and whores – they occupy the same low-level of filth while their delinquent behavior reveals their degenerate nature.  Oh look, we just discovered the “Majority” society holds “Sacred.”  “Beauty is only skin deep, but it’s a valuable asset if you’re poor or haven’t any sense.” Vernon Howard.  You don’t glorify garbage, you kick ’em to the curb – in the vile gutter where they BELONG, wailing and gnashing their teeth, until they FIGURE IT OUT FOR THEMSELVES and passionately desire Something Else.  “All great truths are “hard” and “bitter,” but Lies, to the morbidly inclined, are sweeter than wild honey.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Contrary to popular belief, no one wants to hear about your ridiculous accusations, sweetheart.  “You should punish in the same manner those who commit crimes with those who accuse falsely.” Thucydides.  It is YOUR problem, so YOU deal with it.  DUMBASS!  You’re the ONLY one who cares, cunt, nobody else is interested in YOUR promiscuous ways or the perverts who called YOUR bluff.  “It is only in ages saturated in atmospheres of brain-wrecking artificialism — in consumptive communities steeped to the very lips in elemental error — that senile, degrading, anthropomorphic myths and manias are substituted for hard, bitter Common-Sense.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Domestic tranquility starts and ends with Strong Mature Women NOT “marching” Feminine Supremacist MANIACS!  “We suffer to the exact degree that we wish to hear lies instead of facts.” Vernon Howard.  Again, I digress.)

Those of us Forsaken by Yahweh are to show our Sympathy for the Devil by not only washing and kissing the feet of ‘Yahweh’s Chosen’ but to do all we can, via the Kosher Tax, to prevent THEIR feet from being soiled by touching the ground in the first place.  “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” Ayn Rand.  What is the deceptively coercive yet supremely subliminal Kosher Tax?  A supposed farce that the symbols on food packaging reveal to be a fact based on exponential mathematics.  “One by one we abandon Realisms — to follow FATA MORGANAS [Superior Mirage].  We are mortgaging our destiny to the Pawnbrokers of Decadence.  Behold! — the legerdemain [sleight of hand] of the Orient demonetizes [deprive (a coin or precious metal) of its status as money] the Manhood of the West!” Ragnar Redbeard.

I was beginning to learn how symbols reveal truth ‘hidden’ in plain sight and wanted to speak the language of symbols.  “I am suspicious of all the things that the average people believe.” H. L. Mencken.  Now we KNOW who owns the Federal Reserve Bank.  “In order that the Jew may be secured in his usurious ‘shent-per-shent,’ [loans intended to injure or destroy] oppressive taxes are laid on the Peasantry wherewith to pay the annual interest charge upon the Bonded Millions.  All of these tributes are collectible (in appreciating gold) at the point of the Supreme Court’s bayonet.  However, military assistance is very seldom needed to enforce the tax-collectors’ demands, because most [Judeo-Christian] Americans are exceptionally docile and ‘good.’  No need of coercion with a palsied people, ever eager to obey the slightest nod of their Masters.” Ragnar Redbeard.   AND we KNOW who is responsible for assassinating President John F. Kennedy (and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who sent the cockroaches scrambling for the dark – OOH-RAH!) because he wanted to repeal the corrupt Federal Reserve Act.  “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.” Mark Twain.  Just ask the forty-first pathetic pinhead Skull & Bones Elitist George Herbert Walker Bush.

[Hint: He was in on the planning and execution of a single Prominent Elitist so he could advise his sons on the planning and execution of Insignificant Peasant Fodder on a grand scale, to advance the “Radical Elitist Marxist Agenda” on a global scale in two thousand, one.  Also, when President Ronald Reagan wanted to end the “Income” Tax scandal, he came within an inch of joining JFK (before His “resurrection” as Jimmy Carter).  Will a [‘In God We Trust’] man [deprive Zion]? Yet ye [believers] have [deprived Zion]. But ye [faithful] say, Wherein have we [deprived Zion]? In tithes and [taxes, of course]. Ye [who doeth good unto others] are cursed with a [mind fuck] curse: for ye [righteous proclaimers] have [deprived Zion of Glorious Tithe and Tax Tribute], even this whole [Judeo-Christian] nation. Malachi 3: 8-9.  During President Reagan’s recovery, his Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush, made it abundantly clear that the President needed to “Reconsider” his position.  The President “Read His Lips” LOUD and CLEAR.  “Men have the illusion of having a duty to make the world spin properly, which is precisely what makes it wobble.” Vernon Howard.  Remember, remember the twenty-second of November, you can only be eaten if you choose to swim with the sharks.  “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” Lysander Spooner.  Again, I digress.]

Even if a fraction of a percentage tax is imposed on food manufacturers, the revenue generated would be substantial enough to not only ‘lend’ the United States government trillions of ‘dollars’ but ALL the governments around the world could ‘borrow’ outrageous amounts, allowing the Kosher Tax collectors/lenders to play Puppet Master in the ‘World of Men.’  “‘All the world’ is now in Debt and no human effort can ever suffice to repay the interest (let alone the principal) in cash.” Ragnar Redbeard.

Oh wait, there is no such thing as a Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) known as The Federal Reserve Bank or simply “The Fed.”  Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom; listen to the instruction of our God, Yahweh, you people of Gomorrah! Isaiah 1:10.  Like the Kosher Tax, it is a farce.  My bad.  Go back to sleep.  It was just a bad dream.

Practitioners of the Kosher Diet are so helplessly incapable of reading a food label to figure out for themselves if it is compatible with their needs, they require ‘big daddy’ Zion, represented on earth by the World Jewish Congress, to impose a Kosher ‘tax’ on the food manufactures to allow them to display a symbol on the packaging so these incompetent idiots can know at a glance it is Zion Underwritten thus making it Yahweh Approved.  “You don’t know what a slick [Semite Supremacist] trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

The tax is paid by the manufacturer so it is paid whether the food sells or spoils.  BRILLIANT!  We ALL have to bear the burden to accommodate a percentage of the population equivalent to the size of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  BRILLIANT!  If the tax is ever repealed, ‘Yahweh’s Chosen’ will immediately poison the food supply killing thousands of ‘Yahweh’s Forsaken‘ while blaming it on the ‘Enemy of the Day‘ so you will trust ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ to implement something even more insidiously sinister.  “Falsehood’s first task is to betray you, and its second task is to make you think it is helping you.” Vernon Howard.

Just like ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ did using airplane drones, missiles and demolition explosives on September eleventh, two thousand, one.  “The man who prays to be “protected” by politicians, guarded by armed Janissaries [fourteenth century elite Turkish guard; ie “Navy SEALs”], saved by idolatrous priests, and redeemed by State Regimentation is indeed a miserable sinner — a vile, despicable, un-manly wretch.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Of course THEY got away with it.  ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ went through great lengths to grant THEMSELVES immunity during the Second World War.  (Look at the ‘trouble’ THEY go through to cover-up JFK’s and MLK’s assassinations.)

In a futile attempt to drag the Runes down from their Natural Spiritual Supremacy, ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ constructed an ‘instrument’ called the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.  ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ were able to ESTABLISH the Third Reich and make us ALL feel responsible and hence ‘guilty’ for THEIR actions (Lebensraum twentieth century Vatican-Teutonic Terror style).  “Neurotic guilt must be understood and ended, otherwise individual and mass destruction will continue.” Vernon Howard.  Thus granting ‘Yahweh’s Chosen’ complete immunity to do whatever THEY want to whoever THEY choose – like imposing the establishment of Israel on the Palestinian people, for example.  “It is wrong to reward weak people out of a sense of guilt, for that only encourages their weakness.” Vernon Howard.

Just watch The History Channel and American Heroes Channel, or whatever they’re calling The Military Channel these days, to see for yourself how ‘NAZI Hunters‘ are given ‘free reign’ to play judge, jury and executioner for those deemed ‘guilty’ of ‘Crimes Against Humanity.’  As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes.  All such boasting is evil. James 4:16.  I guess the Indigenous Palestinian people, like the Indigenous Native Americans before them and the Indigenous Baltik-Heathen Prussians before (and again after) them, are not part of Humanity where crimes committed against them are ‘punishable’ by ‘Retribution Hunters.’  “You don’t know what a slick [Semite Supremacist] trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

It is now Yahweh’s ‘World of “In God We Trust“,’ we’re ALL just living in it.  Learn to do right; seek justice.  Defend the oppressed.  Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to properly serve Yourself AND Yahweh’s ‘World of “In God We Trust“‘  You MUST choose One or ‘The Other’ FOR YOURSELF.  And you sensed it all along.  “The world tells you, you must sacrifice yourself for the sake of the less fortunate, for the poor and the oppressed.  They have their own little schemes, their own little plans to try and expand their own kingdom of hell within by trying to impose a sense of guilt on you and trying to get all the money and the cooperation, all they can get from you in order to continue with their sickness.” Vernon Howard.

If you’re not Pro-‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ Semite-Slavery, then you’re naturally “Anti-Semitic.”  “Every nation has to either be with us, or against us.  Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price.” Hillary Clinton.  THAT is what, Yale University, Order of Skull & Bones Elitist, President George W. Bush meant when he declared, in the “aftermath” of nine-eleven, You are either with us or against us!

“Above all, a man who feels it is his duty at such an hour to assume the leadership of his people is not responsible to the laws of parliamentary usage or to a particular democratic conception, but solely to the mission placed upon him.  And anyone who interferes with this mission is an enemy of the people.”
Adolf Hitler

Often he speaks who never is still
With words that win no faith;
The babbling tongue, if a bridle it find not,
Often for itself sings ill.

“The coward only threatens when he is safe.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It means you’re either Pro-Order of Skull & Bones Slavery System or a “Terrorist  Traitor,” Take heed that no one deceives you. Matthew 24:4 you’re either Pro-Lodge of Freemason ‘Fraternal Order of Police’ State or an “Anti-Christ Anarchist,” And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Matthew 24:6 you either willingly embrace THEIR Elitist Apartheid World Order – “United Nations” Style – or it will be violently rammed down your throat like Brexit – Get the Picture?  “What is viler than a government of slaves and usurious Jews?” Ragnar Redbeard.

Britons, in a civil manner, elected to withdraw from the European Union.  Oh wait, it is in the Para-Semite POLITICIANS “best interest” to remain in the EU so the “vote of the people” carried no weight.  THAT IS WHY this act was unacceptable to ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ Slavery Psychopaths, so violence was unleashed on ‘Yahweh’s Forsaken’ to convince Britons that, without European Union “security,” they would find themselves under constant “attack” from “Islam-o-Fascists,” or whatever the STOOGE “Enemy of the Day” is labeled.  “In Dracula, he uses terror tactics to stun, shock, and subdue his victims.  In life, demon-possessed subhumans use wars, financial panics, threats, scary rumors of all kinds to manipulate and wreck their human victims.” Vernon Howard.  Desperation sure is resourceful.  In other words, Great Britain will be ENTITLED to European Union “security” in exchange for being EXPLOITED economically.  “Cruelty practiced as a matter of social principle or public policy, and presented to the community as a means to a higher goal is the most obscene and decadent phenomenon of any civilization.” Vernon Howard.  Just ask America’s “allies” how it works.  Then ask Iraq and Afghanistan how it is “working out” for their economy.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

The REAL Free Market, Confederate States know EXACTLY what the hell we’re talking about no matter how many “Amazing Graces” and “God Bless Americas” are droned into them by Red-Necked, White-Livered, Blue-Blooded “United” Country Music Singers.  FUCK YOU Nashville and EVERYTHING you ‘represent.’  “We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

You are COERCED to BELIEVE there is no alternative to acquiescence.  THAT is WHY the Confederate commemoratives and symbols, ESPECIALLY the Flag, needed to be obliterated.  “The Truth must be told at all costs, no matter how unpopular it may be.  The authentic spiritual leader, having freed himself of his own false need to be popular, tells the Truth whether it falls on fertile or stony ground.  Such a teacher is the salt of the earth, though few know it.  If you think the world is delirious as is, you would find it intolerable without his healing influence.” Vernon Howard.  Like his Illegitimate Elitist predecessor, the Manhattan Minion, forty-fifth Pathetic Pinhead Elitist, ARROGANTLY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorsed it all.  “You don’t know what a slick [Semite Supremacist] trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  What else would you expect from ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ Slavery Psychopaths.

All YOU traitor cowards who “went along to get along” (Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, for example) exposing Yourselves as Useful Idiots for the Elite while sealing Your Fate in the process of choosing the Easy Way for Yourselves.  Thank YOU very much for Your honest volition.  The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it.  Woe to them!  They have brought [Ragnarok] disaster upon themselves. Isaiah 3:9.  Like being “patched in” to a gang, YOU are marked for life.  We’ll see if it was worth it to You and Your Ilk on Reckoning Day.  Make it your profitable habit to carefully study facial expressions.  You can see the entire human drama in a face; you can tell its owner’s history.” Vernon Howard.

September eleventh, two thousand, one was just a sample of what is to come.  ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ saw how EASY their ‘operation’ went.  Saw how GULLIBLE American citizens are.  Saw how DUMBED-DOWNED American Youth is.  “That new game, of course, the new [Semite Supremacist] synthesis, is a treacherous combining of the most unscrupulous characteristics of both [Social Democrat] Capitalism and [Socialist] Communism.  And what do you get when you merge Soviet [Socialist] Communism with American [Social Democratic] Capitalism?  You get Fascism—a totalitarian socialist state in which, together, the state [of Israel] and a filthy-rich, corporate [Wall Street] elite lord [the Federal Reserve] over a docile and suppressed, woefully deceived populace.  It is Fascism which lies in store for [Judeo-Christian] America and the [Semite Supremacist Sympathizing] world [of Men] if the [Israeli-] Illuminati get their way.” Texe Marrs.

If you think living in the aftermath of the Third Reich is pandemonium – you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Wait until you see ‘Yahweh’s Chosen‘ next ‘instrument’ – it will Totally BLOW YOU AWAY!  Just ask The Philadelphia Trumpet.  “The statement that war is a continuation of policy by other means has become a catch-phrase, and is therefore dangerous.  We can say with equal truth — war is the bankruptcy of policy.” Hans von Seeckt.

I say pass the pork, bacon, ham, sausage and scrapple!  It is already poisonous – TO THEM!  “What is one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Pigs are to be eaten as part of the Anabolic Diet that made MY hulking, long-haired, bushy bearded, clear thinking, Baltik Barbarian ancestors INVINCIBLE!   “The deities of the Greeks and Vikings, Goths and Romans, were all (originally) mightymen-of-valor, or virile women of surpassing beauty, afterwards held up (before their warlike posterity) as splendid examples of natural nobility, conscious power, daring courage, shrewdness, sexual vigor and boundless strength of character.  The gods and heroes of antiquity spent their vital force in the destruction of monsters, in the seizure of new hunting-grounds, in the slaughtering of tyrants and in the breeding of unconquerable sons.” Ragnar Redbeard.

I quickly lost interest once I realized the organizations I would have to deal with while working with large amounts of currency worldwide and my partner was going to have to figure all this out for himself.  “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.” H. L. Mencken.  By the end of two thousand, eight, I walked away from the forty-five million in the off-shore account.  “Our clean-skinned ‘heathenish’ ancestors with all their vital forces unimpaired, were really the nobler type of animal.  We on the other hand, with our corrupt, irresolute, civilized hearts, our trembling nerves, our fragile anæmic constitutions, are actually the lower, the viler type.” Ragnar Redbeard.  The IMF, like the IRS, could find another fool to play their shell game where they win and I lose every time (actually, it is a lose/lose situation where even when they think they win, they still lose, they just fail to realize the loss for themselves).  “Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.” Ayn Rand.  Freedom to me was more precious than being their slave to forty-five million dollars.  “Freedom (n.): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.” Ayn Rand.

Besides, I started to sense there had to be something more to life than one frustration after another, one scam (disguised as ‘opportunity’) with schemers behind them after another, one denied desire after another, one elation followed by disappointment after another.  There just HAD to be something different!  “Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” Ayn Rand.

“It is utterly useless to try to change the outer world, for it is but a reflection of inner causes.  The true seeker seeks to change himself.”
Vernon Howard

“The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth.  He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely.”
H. L. Mencken

“A slave government is an oligarchy; and one, too, of the most arbitrary and criminal character.”
Lysander Spooner

“The dark powers that presently govern this world are secretly dedicated to the denigration of character, which they slowly achieve through attrition, glorification of social imitation, and a growing sense of discouragement felt by anyone who sees the promise of humanity slipping away in creeping mediocrity.”
Guy Finley

“I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals and I loathe humanity for its failure to live up to these possibilities.”
Ayn Rand

“Society is unnatural, so we attain the truly natural by not imitating society.”
Vernon Howard

By two thousand, six, I felt like I needed to find something.  I had no idea what I was looking for or how I would know when I found it or what to do with it, it was just a yearning to discover something about myself.

In January, I went to Boston, Massachusetts to discover my natural abilities through testing at the Human Engineering Laboratory of the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.  Upon completion, my natural abilities were in art history and to a lesser extent, engineering.  “He who possesses art and science has [Runik Mysticism]; he who does not possess them [invents religion and], needs [Heathen Spirituality].” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Well isn’t that just full circle.  When graduating high school, I excelled in math and science and enjoyed art and history – never realizing Art History to be a field of study.

“A real hero is someone who is trying to learn what it means to live rightly.”
Vernon Howard

“All that is moves through and expresses itself in cycles.
“Whenever we are graced with a glimpse of truth and see its veracity and feel the first warmth of its possibility stirring in us, a seed of celestial possibility is awakened in our soul in that same moment.  And though its fruition is yet to come, something in the ground of our soul senses its abundance; there is a silent but strengthening yearning, much as one might imagine a seed’s first effort to reach up and touch the light of the sun whose radiance has awakened it.”
Guy Finley

In the spring, a fellow conspirator introduced me to unlearn.org and the DVD program, Magic, Manifestation and the Income Tax,’ offered on the site.  “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.” Mark Twain.  There was something about the presentation that kept drawing me back to watch it repeatedly.  “Blessed are the destroyers of False-hope, they are true Messiahs — Cursed are the Godadorers, they shall be as shorn sheep.” Ragnar Redbeard.  The presenter kept asking – “Whose Life Are You Living?”  This question struck me like a lightning bolt.  It had quite an impact on my thinking – especially questioning my Roman Catholic religious upbringing.  “Any spiritual remedy which must be fearfully and angrily defended is no remedy at all.” Vernon Howard.

It seemed to come along at the appropriate time as I was questioning everything in my life at that time and religion was no exception.  “Blessed are the destroyers of False-hope, they are true Messiahs — Cursed are the Godadorers, they shall be as shorn sheep.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Religion: Confusing Concept, Egregiously Executed.  Was ‘Judith‘ Roman Catholic?  There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. Proverbs 14:12.  I finally concluded Roman Catholicism specifically, and Christianity in general, is a Mental Illness based on guilt that manifests the incubus – Immaculate Conception Style. “Neurotic guilt must be understood and ended, otherwise individual and mass destruction will continue.” Vernon Howard.  Finally, I  stopped going to church, saying my repetitive prayers and donating to charities – it was all in vain.

“Religion [is] the greatest disease of mankind.
“Religion is also the first enemy of the ability to think [clearly for yourself]… [Blind] Faith [‘In God We Trust’] is the worst curse of mankind; it is the exact antithesis and enemy of [rational] thought… I want to be known as the greatest champion of reason and the greatest enemy of religion.”

Ayn Rand

“The assumption that some form of faith is absolutely a necessity for man is only founded on the fancies of some religious fanatics who know little of the world.”
Thomas Inman, M.D.

“The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true.  It is the chief occupation of mankind.”
H. L. Mencken

“Believing is important only as long as a person doesn’t know the actual truth.”
Ursula Demarmels

“There is nothing in the world more shameful than establishing one’s self on lies and fables.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“There is a shifting of human consciousness within society in our overpopulated [fundamentalist-ideological] world.  This is because of the desire of many people to be set free emotionally from past [duel-religious] traditions that have so little relevance and provide so little comfort from the increased pressures of modern [technological] society.  Learning about our own immortal soul is really a search for [our True] self and [to drop] personal identity [by] transcending our current [physical] body.”
Michael Newton, PhD

“Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“The efficacy of religion lies precisely in what is not rational, philosophic or eternal; its efficacy lies in the unforeseen, the miraculous, the extraordinary.  Thus religion attracts more devotion according as it demands more faith, — that is to say, as it becomes more incredible to the profane mind.  The philosopher aspires to explain away all mysteries, to dissolve them into light.  Mystery on the other hand is demanded and pursued by the religious instinct; mystery constitutes the essence of worship, the power of proselytism.  When the “cross” became the “foolishness” of the cross, it took possession of the masses.”
Henri Frédéric Amiel

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If evil you know, as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with fools.

Jewish books are for the Jews,
And Jew Messiahs too.
But if you’re not of Jewish blood,
How can they be for you?
To make an Idol of a book,
Is poison for the brain;
A dying God upon a cross
Is reason gone insane.
Beware of all the Holy books
And all the creeds and schools,
And every law that man has made
And all the golden rules.
“Laws” and “rules” imposed on you
From days of old renown,
Are not intended for your “good”
But for your crushing down.
Then dare to rend the chains that bind
And to yourself be true.
Dare to liberate your mind,
From all things, old and new.
Always think your own thought,
All other thoughts reject;
Learn to use your own brain
And boldly stand erect.
Ragnar Redbeard

“So don’t be hesitant, don’t be worried too much about going wrong.  That is one of the problems: people have been taught never to do anything wrong, and then they become so hesitant, so fearful, so frightened of doing wrong, that they become stuck.  They cannot move, something wrong may happen.  So they become like rocks, they lose all movement.
“Commit as many mistakes as possible, remembering only one thing: don’t commit the same mistake again.  And you will be growing.  It is part of your freedom to go astray, it is part of your dignity to go even against [Abraham-Yahweh] God.  And it is sometimes beautiful to go even against [Semite-Satan] God.  This is how you will start having a [Hakenkreuz Heathen] spine; otherwise there are millions of [Judeo-Christian-Muslim] people, spineless.”

“What is called worship or meditation is often nothing but an evasion of personal responsibility for self-awakening.”
Vernon Howard

I frequently drove past a metaphysical shop during my patrol and on one of my days off, I decided to enter to inquire about a Tarot Card reading.  “Blessed are they who believe in Nothing — never shall it terrorize their minds — Cursed are the ‘lambs of God,’ they shall be bled ‘whiter than snow’.” Ragnar Redbeard.  It turned out that they did offer them and a reader was available for a session.  It was a wonderful experience with a delightful lady and I returned every equinox and solstice for a reading.  “Doubt grows with knowledge.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  One of the main themes through my readings was that I was on a quest looking for something, looking for something and looking for something.  The other major theme was personal change.

About the same time, I was called into the Zone Commander’s office.  “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” Voltaire.  My supervisors started questioning me about my tax strategies, withholding practices specifically.  “Intellect without will is worthless.” Hans von Seeckt.  When questioning turned to harassment, I contacted my union representative for assistance.  For evil counsel a man full often Has from another’s heart. Havamal.  Incredibly, he also warned me that I was going down a dangerous path.  “It is against the law to permit weak people to steal your strength.  Never permit it.” Vernon Howard.  Interestingly, when I questioned my interrogators and supposed “legal counsel” on how much personal research they invested in the tax code to speak intelligently on the topic, they admitted none at all.  “Most Americans, of course, never read the actual income tax “laws” for themselves, but accept what government and professional tax preparers tell them.  This helps explain how and why they have been so thoroughly hoodwinked.”  Irwin Schiff.  So, here I am being questioned about something they have no personal knowledge about, while I, not only studied the topic for years, but in correspondence with the IRS, was still unable to receive any specific section of tax code I was violating with my actions.  “Will without intellect is dangerous.” Hans von Seeckt.  I’ll take my hard won knowledge over other people’s opinion any day.  “The government feared that if it correctly used the solitary word “voluntary” to describe federal income taxes, the nature of the tax would become immediately apparent.  So it added the word “compliance,” seeking, in this way, to fool the public by the mandatory meaning that word conveys.  The government relied on an ingenuous [unsuspecting] public not to notice that the preceding word, “voluntary,” rendered the latter word, “compliance” meaningless.  And the American public, in overwhelming measure, didn’t let the government down!  It is the government’s statutory ability to initiate supplemental assessments (as opposed to its inability to initiate original ones) that is the key to understanding how the government has been able to deceive an entire nation into thinking that its procedures are legal, and has enabled it to extort untold billions from the public.” Irwin Schiff.

Finally, when the Captain questioned me about the amount of dependents I was claiming, I informed him that according to the New York State’s Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form IT-2104), I was only obligated to respond to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance on such matters and he was not a representative of that agency.  Often for the words that to others one speaks He will get but an evil gift. Havamal.  Furious, he said the State Police was conducting an internal investigation and demanded I respond to his questions.  “Whenever encountering a troublesome person, do not identify him as being cruel or stupid or rude or anything else like that.  Instead, see him as a frightened person.” Vernon Howard.  I told him that was fine but I was still not obligated to answer any questions on such matters to the New York State Police.  “Quietly refuse to be intimidated by anyone who tries to threaten you in any way.” Vernon Howard.  He still ordered me to write a memorandum explaining myself.  I drafted a memo (Lyrics) with the same explanation and when they wanted me to edit it, I told them I could not since what I wrote was true and any editing would have been forgery.  They were incensed but I was never questioned about it again.  “So all federal taxes can only be lawfully levied on either one basis or the other.  If they represent a direct tax, they must be apportioned.  If they represent an indirect tax, they must be geographically uniform.  Since the income tax is levied neither as an apportioned, direct tax nor as a “duty, impost or excise,” it falls into none of the taxing clauses of the Constitution and because of this IT CANNOT BE LEVIED AS A MANDATORY TAX!  The only federal taxes that the public computes itself are estate, gift and income taxes; three taxes that are enforced in violation of the taxing clauses of the Constitution.” Irwin Schiff.

“Every belief that makes a duty of humility — that inspires a people with “moral” courage only, enervates [weakens] their fiber, corrupts their spirit, and prepares them first for thralldom [slavery] and then for — throttling.” [Just ask Russia, North Korea, Cuba, South Africa and Hong Kong]
Ragnar Redbeard

“But why should you care what people will say?  All you have to do is please yourself.”
Ayn Rand

“Any government, that is its own judge of, and determines authoritatively for the people, what are its own powers over the people, is an absolute government of course.  It has all the powers that it chooses to exercise.  There is no other or at least no more accurate definition of a despotism than this.”
Lysander Spooner

Spent the summer chasing a fugitive of Native American descent all over western New York.  While patrolling along Cassadaga Lake, I noticed a gated community along its shores and asked my partner if he knew anything about the place.  He informed me Lily Dale was a Spiritualist Congregation.  When I inquired about what a Spiritualist Congregation was, he replied a bunch of “Jesus Freaks.”  Recently dropping my Roman Catholic identity, I was not so judgmental.  I sensed there was something there for me to explore – just not at this time.

The fugitive revealed what the New York State Police had become since the nine-eleven “incidents” transformed it – arrogant, incompetent and obsessed with self-preservation.  “If you value your position and privileges more than truth, you will say what people want to hear rather than what needs to be said.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr

(Oh yeah, those one hundred additional Troopers that were in dire need to be hired for Canadian Border Patrol reinforcements after the “nine-eleven” incidents?  Yeah, they ended up backfilling the Troopers who were promoted to Investigator and “reassigned” to the newly constructed gaming casinos on Native American Reservation Lands.  “Blessed are the sires of Noble maidens, they are the salt of the earth — Cursed the mothers of strumous [scrofulous] Tenderlings for they shall be shamed.” Ragnar Redbeard.  What else are they lying about for their generous benefit at your gullible expense?  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

I guess the Investigators needed an “insider” view of how Wall Street operates.  “Great financial corporations (backed by the State) directed mostly by Hebrews, literally coin Great Empires into golden dividends: and upon the share lists of mortgage banks and man-devouring institutions generally, may be found the names of bishops, popes, preachers, generals, governors, statesmen — and other human Carnivores by the thousand.  He who doubts should look up the official share registers [of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.] and behold the long rows of adorable names belonging to High Priests, Philanthropists and [Para-Semite Political] Rulers, appearing thereon.” Ragnar Redbeard.

The Wall Street Elite, who OWN “The Market” and MANIPULATE “The Exchanges,” exceedingly PROFIT while “The Fed” signals “The Runs” by managing “The Rate” and makes sure Government SUBSIDIZES the “Losses” through “Tax-Payer Bailouts.”  And you BELIEVE basing “Financial Planning” on the principles of a “tilted” pin-ball machine is prudent?  Your silver has become dross, your choice wine is diluted with water.  Your rulers are fools, partners with thieves; they all love bribes and chase after [cheap women and worthless] gifts. Isaiah 1:22-23.  DUMBASS!

Pull your money out of the crooked casino, including your Four o’ One, Kay – ‘Pot o’ Gold’ scam.  You are an employee NOT a shareholder.  Your company wants to make you a shareholder so it can pocket the dividends while you’re the fool left holding the losses bag.  EVERYTHING is done to benefit Wall Street NOT insignificant employees.  Just ask the Watchdog on Wall Street and then watch Money Monster a little more closely.  DUMBASS!  Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:19-21.  ‘Get it’ NOW?  DUMBASS!

“Retirement Contribution” is just ANOTHER FORM of labor unionization.  Just like “affirmative action” and “reparations” are just ANOTHER FORM of indentured servitude – economic subjugation rather than physical slavery.  BUYER BEWARE!  “Time is my thoughts, my physical body, my attitudes.  They are not part of my real nature.  Neither are my past and future.  When I understand that, then the sensing of nowness, which is eternity, takes its place.  Nowness then directs the present time-nature intelligently without conceit or self-centeredness.” Vernon Howard.

Invest in something VALUABLE like Gold and Silver thus making Wall Street’s Stock Exchanges AND its Federal Reserve Racket IRRELEVANT in ONE, easily accessible, commodity based, investment option.  “Blessed are the Valiant for they shall obtain great treasure — Cursed are the believers in Good and Evil for they are frightened by shadows.” Ragnar Redbeard In other words, kill two FRAUDS with one STRATEGY and sleep like a baby.  BRILLIANT!  But men shall mocking with mockery answer, And fraud with falsehood meet. Havamal.

Plus, you will be prepared when Amazon starts processing transactions in gold and silver rather than in counterfeit currencies, leaving Wall Street and its Federal Reserve where THEY belong – with the powerless “Legal Tender” Politicians on the OUTSIDE looking IN.  Just ask E-Gold.  Time’s Up!  YOUR Semite-Supremacist ‘Pathological Pursuit’ of “Power Through Profit” doesn’t work – NEVER did, NEVER will.  Bye, bye Wall Street – bye, bye Federal Reserve – bye, bye United States Government.  Your OVER – “Taxing” – ‘Reign of Terror’ has OVERBURDENED the population and DESTROYED the prosperous Natural Order long enough.  The RESULTS speak for THEMSELVES.  “The most dangerous man to any [democratic form of] government is the [self-reflecting] man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing [Wall Street] superstitions and [Federal Reserve] taboos.  Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the [Legal Tender] government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” H. L. Mencken.  Can’t IMAGINE life WITHOUT the “Holy Trinity?”  Why not?  Why not OPEN YOUR FUCKIN’ EYES to see what life is REALLY like WITH the Trilateral “In God We Trust” Holy Hell?

It may help if you “See” through two other “Rainbow Chasing” illusions that the Elite’s propaganda encourage: “College Education” and “Retirement.”  Like owning a home, there is no “Pot o’ Gold” at the end of these “Rainbows” as promised.  Dreadful days are upon us when college professors are viewed as magicians to a “better life.”  “School teachers, taking them by and large, are probably the most ignorant and stupid class of men [and women] in the whole group of mental workers.” H. L. Mencken.  Just ask Woodrow Wilson.

[My paternal grandfather started hauling timbers into coal mine-shafts at fifteen years of age; thus, terminating his ‘formal education’ at the eighth grade level.  He did KNOW how to read and used THAT skill to his advantage.  He had newspaper and trade magazine subscriptions giving him more common sense and useful practical knowledge than MOST of my college professors COMBINED.  “Blessed are the mighty minded for they shall ride the whirl-winds — Cursed are they who teach Lies for Truth, and Truth for Lies, for they are — abomination.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Even more impressive, escaping the (Zionist) Jewish/(Catholic) Polish/(Orthodox) Russian/(Muslim) Tartar oppression of their Baltic littoral homeland, his parents joined over three hundred thousand of their fellow countrymen and emigrated from Rusnė, Lithuania; speaking no English, making him bilingual in English and Lithuanian.  “Elephants have long been associated with memory, with family, and with strength.  Remember your ancestors.  Hold their stories in your hands like a raw, beating treasure.” Angi Sullins.  My Skalvian grandfather was a stud too.  He was built like a ‘brick shit-house,’ enjoyed picking huckleberries, fly-fishing, tying his own flies, ice-fishing and lived to be eighty years of age in spite of the “Black Lung” he contracted while working in the coal mines.  “We must be [inspired by] our ancestors and the soil we call home.” Stuart R. Brogan.  Oh wait, the “Black Lung” was part of his “White Privilege.”  My bad.]

If there are two concepts I could eliminate from society’s paradigm, they would be Insurance and Retirement.  Insurance because NOTHING is guaranteed.  As for Retirement, like Preachers, Politicians NEVER retire.  Think about it, why do Government Overlords exhort the rest of us to do what they are unwilling to undertake for themselves?  C’mon Folks, you are missing out on Life by “planning” for propaganda while enriching the Elite via Wall Street Stock Exchanges.  Take a closer look.  “It is a marvelous condition to have no future.  Why is it marvelous?  Why do you resist the fact?  It is marvelous to have no future because there is no future as far as your present nature is concerned, and your present nature is your problem.  It is marvelous to have no future because now, you can Live RIGHT NOW.” Vernon Howard.

Exit the Exercise in Excitement Futility of Voodoo Reaganomics ‘Guns AND Butter’ supply and demand ‘model’ to Return to the Reality of ‘Private Property AND the Freely Functioning Price System’ of Laissez-Faire economics.  Again I digress.)

State Police focus shifted from community policing to revenue generating at the community’s expense and there was no going back.  “Everything done by the state is ultimately done by means of aggression, which is to say violence or the threat of violence against the innocent.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  Seat-belt “details” expanded from a four-day summer holiday weekend event to a nine-week ticket orgy.  Why?  REVENUE GENERATING.  Every Trooper had a quota of four DWI/DUI arrests per year, even if a Trooper that enjoyed working night shifts made FIFTY “eleven, ninety-two” arrests during the year, EVERY Trooper was MANDATED to have four such arrests to ensure each Trooper maintained his “Standing Field Sobriety Test Skills” – no joke – that was the explanation given when questioned.  My guess is, the Insurance Industry determined this quota for its REVENUE GENERATING purposes.

Why was I no longer interested in making DWI arrests?  GREAT QUESTION!  During one such arrest I made, the snot-nose, arrogant, young, little weasel kept laughing through the entire process like it was a joke.  After processing, when his mother arrived to pick him up, she was upset WITH ME for doing my job.  At trial, after the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) laid out our case against the defendant, the defense was permitted to cross-examine my testimony.  The defense attorney asked me ONE QUESTION and then moved for the charges to be dismissed.  Incredibly, the judge presiding over the case agreed and dismissed ALL charges ON THE SPOT.  No wonder the spoiled little brat thought being held accountable for his actions was comical.

It doesn’t work that way folks.  After the defense cross-examines my testimony, the prosecution is then awarded the opportunity to clarify any discrepancies.  If discrepancies remain, after clarification, THEN the defense can motion for dismissal.

The ADA was young, newly employed by the district attorney’s office and was beside herself.  I told her to relax, it wasn’t her fault, besides, once the judge makes up his mind, the case is closed.

Two fellow Troopers, with over twenty years experience between them, were seated in the back observing the proceedings while awaiting their cases.  After the FIASCO finished, and I was walking out, they both said they NEVER witnessed such blatant disregard for the criminal justice system. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.  I agreed and let them know we were WASTING OUR TIME and putting our BALLS ON THE LINE for a Fantastic Fraud.

Corruption is NOT just in Chicago, folks, it is EVERYWHERE and at ALL LEVELS.  Question: Why do you STILL BELIEVE sitting on “Jury Duty” is a “Civil Service” CONTRIBUTION?  Answer: Because you Intimidated Imbeciles have been WELL CONDITIONED to do ONE THING and one thing only – OBEY.  “Obedience is characteristic of the menial.  Disobedience is the stamp of the hero.” Ragnar Redbeard.

As long as you continue to “Believe in Christ” and “Trust in God” while paying homage to “Lady Justice” – YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Blind Faith.  Why else do you THINK “Lady Justice” wears a BLINDFOLD?  DUMBASS!

While we’re on the ‘Driving While Intoxicated‘ subject; during my eight years on the road, I investigated a WHOPPING three DWI fatalities.  That is LESS THAN one every two years for all you Math Morons out there.  “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics.  I can assure you mine are still greater.” Albert Einstein.  All three killed themselves without involving anyone else.  Two men each drove into a tree and the woman was cruising on her motorcycle at a high rate of speed through the serpentine on Interstate four-ninety, in downtown Rochester, when the kickstand she left down on her bike dug into the concrete as she ‘leaned into’ the curve sending her and her bike sliding off the road.  Her motorcycle ended up wedged between the guide-rail and ground slammed up against a steel support post while she ended up decapitated by another steel support post – her body laying next to the post (both her nipples on her breasts were pierced – gotta love Biker-Babes), her helmet halfway down the embankment and her head came to rest at the bottom of the hill.  Obviously, we don’t need more “substance abuse” regulations.  We just need to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.

Interstate Patrol had a quota of five tickets per day.  This means at the end of the month, when “activity” was due to be counted, each Trooper was required to average five traffic tickets issued per twelve-hour patrol day worked.  “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein.  This was to insure the City/Town/Municipalities would be able to GENERATE REVENUE for their Court System, including the District Attorney’s Office. (do the math folks ONE Trooper does not work a shift by himself – multiply it by three to four or more depending on the size of the station in a twenty-four hour / seven days a week operation)  “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Mark Twain.

Non-interstate patrol Troopers had a quota of three tickets per day since they could GENERATE REVENUE for the courts by responding to “Domestic Violence” complaints – another lucrative “baby-sitting” racket – where arrests were MANDATORY for an ‘Order of Protection‘ to be issued by the Court thus granting “authority” to … you guessed it … SEIZE FIREARMS WITHOUT “Due Process.”  Good luck getting them returned or being able to purchase anymore.

We are ALL supposed to ‘shed a tear’ and ‘scratch our heads’ in sorrow and wonderment when a police officer is ‘gunned down’ responding to a “Domestic Violence” call.  The “perpetrator” KNOWS what’s coming.  More times than not, he is being ‘set up’ by a vindictive, jilted lover – watch Gone Girl a little more closely folks.  KNOWING he is ‘guilty’ until ‘proven guilty’ by the #Me-2 ‘dog and pony’ show known as the ‘Criminal Justice System,’ he lashes out in ‘Self-Preservation.’  How else would you expect a ‘Cornered Animal’ to react?  DUMBASS!

Like “Child Protective Services,” COERCION by the State ALWAYS makes the situation WORSE!  “The state has every reason to destroy families – and all other independent centers of authority – and the families themselves have no choice but to crawl and beg.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  Just ask ‘Judge’ Brett Kavanaugh.  “Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.  Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

“Drug Interdiction” activity was not quota-fied, but it was frowned upon if you lacked issuing marijuana violations.  “What they are planning for us; sex, religion, money in the New World Order.  Which is more corrupt?  The [Anti-] liberal media or the multi-national corporations?  Why truly big money wants your children to try drugs, even while they [DARE] campaign to discourage these evils.  How the brilliant scientists have come up with the proven methods to destroy your family.  All you have to do is let your guard down.” Hans von Seeckt.  Cell Phone violations were eventually added to the mix and developed much like the Seat Belt/Child Restraint REVENUE GENERATING violations.  “No man, I suppose, ever admits to himself candidly that he gets his living in a dishonourable way.” H. L. Mencken.

Personally, I NEVER wrote a “Child Restraint” violation.  It was all I could do to issue “Seat Belt” violations.  Growing up, we didn’t have ANYTHING like “Child Safety” seats.  My dad drove a big blue Ford with a huge ledge along the rear window, and on long trips, my siblings and I would take turns laying on the ledge.  My friend’s dad drove a pick-up truck and all the kids would pile in the bed, WITHOUT adult supervision, and arrive at our destination WITHOUT incident.  Finally, when my friend bought a pick-up truck, while we were still in high school, we bolted old car seats in the bed like a Subaru Brat and when we went cruising, his girlfriend would sit in the cab with him while my girlfriend and I would sit in the “Brat” seats.

There was NO WAY I was going to issue “Child Restraint” violations after experiencing ALL that freedom – labeled “dangerous” behavior.  If I came across a “Child Restraint Violation,” I would instruct the parent on what they needed to do to be in “compliance” with “The Law.”  I then informed them the “penalty” for “non-compliance” was to buy an ice-cream cone for their child.  They were initially dumbfounded and then couldn’t thank me enough.  “When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people.” Mark Twain.

I was the rare exception and constantly found myself being coerced by Sergeants and Officers for my lack of “activity.  “Fought with Frederick in all his wars; chose disfavor where obedience did not bring honor.” epitaph of Johann Friedrich Adolf von der Marwitz.  The Troop Commander even dubbed me “The Worst Trooper In Troop” – bet you can’t guess the criterion used to make such an assessment.  Wall Street’s REVENUE GENERATING standard?  “What is wrong with NOT being impressive?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  There is nothing wrong with it, but frantic people use impressive appearances to distract themselves from the very problems they complain about.  The need to impress others causes half the world’s woes.  Don’t add to them.  Be real, not impressive.” Vernon Howard.  I never let it get to me though because if the “Supervisors” ever bothered to ask my fellow Troopers what their impression of my performance meant to them, the “Supervisors” would discover – if “the shit” ever “hit the fan” – my fellow Troopers were VERY glad, KNOWING, I had their back.

Question: Why doesn’t the “Mainstream Media,” INCLUDING “Talk Radio,” EVER expose the Freemason “Fraternal Order of Police” boondoggle?  Answer: “They” ALL have ABSOLUTELY NO “Skin In The Game”.  “We discover what is truly important by courageously separating ourselves from everything providing a mere feeling of importance.” Vernon Howard.  In other words, there is no “Us vs. Them” dichotomy – it is ALL an Elitist Cash-Cow Construct to EXCLUSIVELY BENEFIT “Them” at the EGREGIOUS EXPENSE of ALL those who choose to conform.  Get the picture?  “All violence consists in some people forcing others, under threat of suffering or death, to do what they do not want to do.” Leo Tolstoy.  NOW, we can START to “Clear The Air”.  “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” Thomas Paine.

I witnessed the New York State Police transformation from “community policing” to “revenue generating” first hand and KNEW FROM MYSELF I no longer wanted to be part of an organized gang of uniformed, Gestapo tax-gathering thugs corrupt at its highest levels because ONLY corrupt characters GET promoted to the highest levels. “A system that puts incapable men [and women] at the top is a bad system.” Ludwig von Mises.  I just did not know when the appropriate time to depart would arrive.  “Honesty heals; lies hurt.  In those four words live all one needs to know and practice – that is, assuming one wishes to be whole, harmless, loving and true.” Guy Finley.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If evil you know, as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with fools.

Think about it, who else QUALIFIES to work FOR politicians at ANY level?  STOP placing these pathetic pinheads on pedestals.  “When someone declares he wants to serve you, try to see where he wants power to bully you.” Vernon Howard.  They “rise” through the “ranks,” so what does THAT tell you about the rank and file?  “Since conditioned thought always judges everything in its own favor, it is incapable of seeing a fact impartially; it uses a fact in an attempt to back up its own self-serving position.  For example, a conscious man sees crime as a tragic consequence of human ignorance, while an unconscious man feels a secret superiority to criminals.” Vernon Howard.  They’re egregious ego-maniacs just like the political pissants they work for while advancing their own erroneous self-centered agenda.  “The difference between a moral man and a man of honor is that the latter regrets a discreditable act, even when it has worked and he has not been caught.” H. L. Mencken.

The man who is prudent a measured use
Of the might he has will make;
He finds when among the brave he fares
That the boldest he may not be.

Even more appalling, the police is the VITAL organ of government that protects the politicians from YOU (think ‘SSSecret Service, oh look, contrary to what Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard propagate, the ‘SS‘ is ALIVE and WELL) and the military arm of government is used to IMPOSE the politicians policies upon those who disagree OUTSIDE the “borders” (oh look, the ‘Wehrmacht‘ remains LOCKED and LOADED)  “The aim of American foreign policy is to impose the will of our ruling elite on the rest of the world.  In doing so, we have inflicted massive death and destruction, without moral justification.” Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  Just ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  “Blessed are the Wise and Brave for in the Struggle they shall win — Cursed are the Unfit for they shall be righteously exterminated.” Ragnar Redbeard.

“A policeman is a charlatan who offers, in return for obedience, to protect him (a) from his superiors, (b) from his equals, and (c) from himself.  This last service, under democracy, is commonly the most esteemed of them all.  In the United States, at least theoretically, it is the only thing that keeps ice-wagon drivers, Y.M.C.A. secretaries, insurance collectors and other such human camels from smoking opium, ruining themselves in the night clubs, and going to Palm Beach with [Ziegfeld] Follies girls . . . Under the pressure of fanaticism, and with the mob complacently applauding the show, democratic law tends more and more to be grounded upon the maxim that every citizen is, by nature, a traitor, a libertine, and a scoundrel.  In order to dissuade him from his evil-doing the police power is extended until it surpasses anything ever heard of in the oriental monarchies of antiquity.”
H. L. Mencken

“A free man must be able to endure it when his fellow men act and live otherwise than he considers proper.  He must free himself from the habit, just as soon as something does not please him, of calling for the police.”
Ludwig von Mises

“I believe that it is better to be free than to be not free, even when the former is dangerous and the latter safe.  I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air – that progress made under the shadow of the policeman’s club is false progress, and of no permanent value.  I believe that any man who takes the liberty of another into his keeping is bound to become a tyrant, and that any man who yields up his liberty, in however slight the measure, is bound to become a slave.”
H. L. Mencken

“The question is, who will protect you from the people who are supposed to protect you?”
Vernon Howard

“When robbery is done in open daylight by sanction of the law, as it is done today, then any act of honor or restitution has to be hidden underground.”
“What I actually am, Mr. Rearden, is a policeman.  It is a policeman’s duty to protect men from criminals – criminals being those who seize wealth by force. … But when robbery becomes the purpose of the law…then it is an outlaw who has to become a policeman.”
(Mr. Rearden) “You chose to live by means of force, like the rest of them.”
“Yes — openly.  Honestly, if you will.  I do not rob men who are tied and gagged, I do not demand that my victims help me, I do not tell them that I am acting for their own good.  I stake my life in every encounter with men, and they have a chance to match their guns and their brains against mine in fair battle.  Fair?  It’s I against the organized strength, the guns, the planes, the battleships of five continents.  If it’s a moral judgment that you wish to pronounce, Mr. Rearden, then who is the man of higher morality: I or Wesley Mouch?”
“I have no answer to give you,” said Rearden, his voice low.
“But I’ve chosen a special mission of my own.  I’m after a man whom I want to destroy.  He died many centuries ago, but until the last trace of him is wiped out of men’s minds, we will not have a decent world to live in.”
(Mr. Rearden)
 “What man?”
“Robin Hood.”
“He was the man who robbed the rich and gave to the poor.  Well, I’m the man who robs the poor and gives to the rich — or, to be exact, the man who robs the thieving [political] poor and gives back to the productive rich.”
Ragnar Danneskjold

The fugitive was finally captured at the beginning of September and when I went for my autumnal equinox Tarot reading, I shared with my Reader that I thought my time with the Troopers was coming to an end.  The cards revealed that it was likely a change was coming but not at this time.  She said something that has stuck with me ever since.  She said you will know when the time has arrived – you’ll know FROM YOURSELF.  It has been reassuring to know that as events unfold as they are supposed to, I will know the appropriate actions to take at the appointed time.  “And how do we know when the time has come to drop the very things that once defined our lives?  When we see that holding on to them causes suffering.” Guy Finley.  Something in me just KNOWS.

“Listen to this amazing thing.  Only a good person has it easy.  I’m not going to let you get away with not seeing that.  Only a good person has an easy life.  Do you know why you have a hard life?  You’re bad.  I know you don’t want to hear this!  And, by the way, there’s no law that’s going to force you to hear it.  I’m asking you, don’t you want to invite something that is higher than your present life and let it — listen — and let it change your mind for you?  You’re not going to change your mind for yourself and of yourself.  That’s the last thing you’re going to do because being captured by ignorance, that’s what you’re listening to and obeying and so you suffer.”
Vernon Howard

One morning when I woke up from the alarm clock blast to get ready for another day of patrol, I just sat on the edge of the mattress for a moment in the dark silence.

A voice came to me that was NOT my usual, neurotic, nit-wit voice constantly getting me into trouble.  No, this was a much more ancient, sane, strong and courageous voice from another world – I’ll refer to it as Prakorimas.

Prakorimas asked “What are you doing?” and with that question I felt Prakorimas wanted to help me but first I needed to help myself.  First lesson was to observe what I was actually doing while I was doing it.  “To see correctly means to see what we do without shame or embarrassment.  This is what ends anything foolish we may do.  The light surely dawns as we continue to work.” Vernon Howard.

All through the day I kept asking myself what I was doing and observed myself doing it.  I kept it up day after day and started to realize what I was actually doing to myself with my actions.  “Have the daring to stop doing the things you really don’t want to do.  Can you see them?  Look closely.  Can you observe the many things you do because you reluctantly feel you should or must?  Watch closely.  Examine every action and reaction.  Do you act naturally or do you act because you feel compelled?  If you feel compelled, stop.  Compulsion is slavery.  Example: Refuse to go along with the crowd.” Vernon Howard.

A few weeks later, Prakorimas returned and asked, “Who are you doing it for?”  A stunning question indeed revealing how much I was working against myself.

I received a letter from the IRS in the middle of November stating they have directed my employer to start withholding from my paycheck at the single status with zero dependents.  “Therefore, since employees have no control over their wages, then who really owns their wages — them or the United States government?  And, if the United States government now owns and controls the wages of American employees, then what have American employees become?  [What they have ALWAYS been under the U.S. Constitution: Plantation Niggers for the Zion Elite – DUH!  And are treated as such by Washington D.C.!  ‘Get it’ NOW?  DUMBASS!]  The public has been somehow conditioned to forget that the IRS is merely an arm of the United States, so when the IRS breaks the law it is really the United States doing it, not the “IRS.”  The reason the IRS can break the law is that it knows that the courts and the Justice Department will let it get away with it.  So the courts and the Justice Department are the real culprits (along with the Congress) not the IRS.  In other words, the federal government has been robbing the American public blind on a scale never before conceived by man.” Irwin Schiff.  In other words, the maximum amount possible.  “The soulless and the sly seek power over the soulless and the gullible.” Vernon Howard.

When I re-read the W-4 form it stated its sole purpose was to have the employee instruct the employer how much withholding to deduct from the employee’s paycheck.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  Interestingly, the IRS is never mentioned as having the authority to override the employee’s determination.  You’re gonna go far kid!  “…the syllabus correctly states that employees (though the syllabus uses the tricky legal term “taxpayer”) “use form W-4 to tell their employers how much to withhold from their pay for taxes.”  This is an accurate acknowledgement by the IRS that under the “law,” it is the employee who supposedly “tells” the employer how much to deduct, and not the other way around.  In practice, however, the IRS totally disregards this principle and sends unsigned, computerized letters to employers telling them to disregard what their employees “tell” them to deduct, and to deduct instead, what nameless and faceless IRS employees instruct them to deduct.  This is a clear-cut example of how a correct IRS policy statement is illegally disregarded by the Service in practice.   …in America, ORGANIZED CRIME BEGINS WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!” Irwin Schiff.

Knowing my employer felt I was a fringe tax protesting nut-job, they would never bother to question IRS authority and just assume I was wrong and do what the IRS directed them to do.  “Further, there is always an element of risk in standing up for one’s lawful rights in the face of an oppressive taxing authority backed by a biased judiciary.” Irwin Schiff.  The whole ‘taxing scheme’ just revealed itself to be based on deception and intimidation rather than ‘law.’

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If evil you know, as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with fools.

“On top of all this, the government gets total support from a duplicitous federal judiciary, who will not only boldly lie from the bench about alleged “requirements” under our income tax “laws,” but in furtherance of the government’s mammoth deception, it helps it intimidate the public by conducting illegal trials and by knowingly sending innocent people to jail.  So, if our all-powerful federal judiciary is willing to collectively lie about this tax, and to close ranks in sending innocent people to jail — who’s going to challenge it on this issue?”  Irwin Schiff.  —  Just ask Irwin Schiff and Peter Eric Hendrickson — then ASK YOURSELF this VERY SAME QUESTION!  WAKE UP!  THIS is the way IT ACTUALLY IS – you Tax-Deluded IMBECILES!  “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” Ayn Rand.

If THIS is how you define the ‘Land of the Free‘ and the ‘Home of the Brave‘ – I have one question for you Minions of Mindless Morons – what in the world is YOUR definition of Slavery and Cowardice!?!  “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” Mark Twain.  I’ll tell you my definition of Slavery and Cowardice – GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR – THERE you will find what is Weak and Worthless!!!  “The American is marked, in fact, by precisely the habits of mind and act that one would look for in a man insatiably ambitious and yet incurably fearful, to wit, the habits, on the one hand, of unpleasant assertiveness, of somewhat boisterous braggardism, of incessant pushing, and, on the other hand, of conformity, caution and subservience.  He is forever talking of his rights as if he stood ready to defend them with his last drop of blood, and forever yielding them up at the first demand.” H. L. Mencken.

You’re Absolutely PATHETIC!!!  You have been LAZILY Trusting the Untrustworthy!  You can NEVER AGAIN Cry Foul when They STICK IT TO YA!  “It is good for a degraded people to be utterly [Ragnarok] consumed.” Ragnar Redbeard.  You not only BEGGED Them to do it to ya, but you repeatedly go back FOR MORE!!!  What the hell is wrong with you GULLIBLE ‘Stuck on Stupid’ NITWITS!?!  You SPINELESS WEASELS!!!  Don’t you EVER question ANYTHING!?!  “The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable.  What he wants above everything else is safety.” H. L. Mencken.  How is Truth supposed to get through to You Thick-Skulled BLOCKHEADS who CHOOSE to Blindly Believe what is Convenient FOR YOURSELF instead of QUESTIONING the BELIEF by seeing what the BELIEF is ACTUALLY DOING TO YOU!?!  “Can truth penetrate a mind which unconsciously twists it to fit its own self-centered beliefs?” Vernon Howard.  How is THAT possible!?!  It is NOT possible!  There is no way Truth can get through to such Deluded Derelicts.  It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!  “See the impossible AS impossible, then the possible BECOMES possible.  The reason people are frustrated is simply because a lie cannot be turned into a truth.” Vernon Howard.  Leaving You STUCK with your Preferred-Self.

NOW, we KNOW how we ended up in our current predicament we find ourselves in, of – “Thus all the people of the earth are helpless, seeing those that lead are blind.” Ragnar Redbeard.  Enough of the NONSENSE!  “See human nonsense AS nonsense and save years of trying to make sense out of it.” Vernon Howard.  It is Time to GROW UP!!!  You were NOT put on this planet to beg and grovel and bow down on your knees before Idols and Masters NOR were you made to BURY your head in your ass while Voluntarily GIVING AWAY your prosperity, through Foolish Tithing and Fraudulent Taxes, to DECEPTIVE DERELICTS who USE YOUR proceeds to ENRICH THEMSELVES at YOUR EXPENSE!  “Intellect without will is worthless, will without intellect is dangerous.” Hans von Seeckt.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  You were made with Two Feet and a Backbone to STAND On Your Own Two Feet, LIVE LONG and PROSPER – Consequences BE DAMNED!!!  “Blessed are the Strong for they shall possess the earth — Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke.” Ragnar Redbeard.

I just received the answer to Prakorimas question and knew from my heart my time with the State Police had run its course.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
In evil never joy shall you know,
But glad the good shall make you.

“You’ve fallen for a trick.  There exists in this universe a malicious force — sick, evil — that has deluded you into thinking suffering is necessary, that you have to suffer.  You suffer because you’re deceived completely.  You are not that pain, suffering, negativity.  Evil spirits want you to believe they are you and you are them.
“You have to give up your pain and suffering.  False forces are something despicable living off of you.  All you can do is think.”
Vernon Howard

“A progressive income tax is a device to bankrupt democracies and prepare them for socialism.”
Karl Marx

There is “Tax Revolt” and then there is “Calling The Bluff” on the Internal Revenue Service.  “You can not escape a prison if you do not know you are in one.” Vernon Howard.  The IRS can direct their determination at some other fool who was still interested in their shell game – I no longer had the patience or the interest.  “Human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it…but those who do will become well.” Vernon Howard.  I made my preparations, tendered my resignation and said Goodbye to You on twenty-nine November – eight and a half years to the day my youngest son was born and six days before my oldest son’s twelfth birthday.  “Do the right thing.  It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” Mark Twain.

“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders – What would you tell him?”
(Mr. Rearden) “I…don’t know.
(Mr. Rearden) “What…could he do?
(Mr. Rearden)
 “What would you tell him?”
“To shrug.”
Francisco d’Anconia

“A government that can at pleasure accuse, shoot, and hang men, as traitors, for the one general offence of refusing to surrender themselves and their property unreservedly to its arbitrary will, can practice any and all special and particular oppressions it pleases.”
Lysander Spooner

“On February 28, 1988, a virtual 12-man swat team complete with guns drawn (absolutely barred in the collection of income taxes) descended on Dr. Hartman’s home and cleaned it out, leaving one bed.  Then they went to his office and chained it closed.  They prevented Dr. Hartman from getting to his patient’s records, and shut down his practice.  Despite the government having a court order (which is unusual in income tax cases), Dr. Hartman was not liable to the United States for one single penny as alleged in the government’s fraudulent judgement!  The United States wanted to crush Dr. Hartman since the good doctor knows a lot more about income taxes than any of his fellow citizens in Rochester, PA.  The United States will go to any length to prevent Dr. Hartman and others from infecting other people with the truth.

“When direct taxes were first imposed, tax collectors (who were independent and contracted by the federal government) could be sued individually if they sought to extract taxes not legally owed.  So, this obviously acted as a check to arbitrary and capricious tax claims.  But now the public, as a practical matter, is denied the right to sue IRS agents, so these highwaymen are free to prey upon the public in any manner they choose.  And while the Code does provide punitive provisions for such activity (Code sections 7214(1), (2), and (7)), getting the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce these provisions is a feat comparable to squaring a circle.”
Irwin Schiff

“A government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.”
Ayn Rand

“With its wars, its genocides, and its totalitarian atrocities, the State has proven itself by far the most lethal institution in history.  Its lesser crimes include the debt crises it has caused, the self-perpetuating bureaucracies that feed off the productive population, and the squandering of resources – which might otherwise have improved the general standard of living through capital formation – on arbitrary and politically motivated projects.”
“If this is so, the answer to the problems sketched above is apparent.  We must get rid of the state and replace it with voluntary arrangements.  Instead of entrusting our protection to a predatory state, why not rely on peaceful cooperation of people in a free market.
“Government cannot be limited.  What about “the people”?  Can’t they be trusted to keep government limited?  The answer to that question is all around you.  Further, making the government more “democratic” is no answer either.  As Hans Hoppe shows in his contemporary classic Democracy: The God That Failed, democracy is part of the problem, not the solution.
“Many people think that “anarchy” is a synonym for “chaos.”  Anarchy is precisely the reverse of chaos.  Libertarian anarchists contend that the free market is the best way to produce a peaceful and prosperous social order.
“Except for small groups of exploiters, we would ALL be better off if we lived in an anarchist system.  In making our case, we will rely heavily on the pioneering work of Murray Rothbard.  He combined the best features of Austrian economics and the nineteenth-century individualist anarchist tradition into a uniquely powerful synthesis.  In works such as Power and Market, The Ethics of Liberty, and For a New Liberty, he showed how an anarchist system would work.”
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

“When a well-packaged web of [“Income” Tax] lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the [tax-free] truth will seem utterly preposterous and its [Thunderbolt] speaker a raving lunatic.”
Dresden James

“All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior [individual] man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him.  If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the [individual] man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both.
“One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat [individual] originality among them.  All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its [governing] prerogatives.  The most dangerous man to any [form of] government is the [individual] man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing [religious] superstitions and [social justice] taboos.  Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the [Constitutional] government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.”
H. L. Mencken

“If you are not depending on strength for guidance, then you must depend on weakness.  What else?  One or the other.
“I used that word ‘weakness’ very deliberately and I want you to look at it very closely with me because what you just heard in the opening statements is really astounding, and I want you to see it as astounding.  ‘If I’m not depending on strength to get through my day, then I’m depending on weakness?’  Oh yes you are because that’s all you can depend on, but we have to look at it even deeper than that.
“If you’re depending on weakness you’re depending on something.  What kind of a man or a woman would choose to go through his or her whole life depending on what is wrong, what is misleading, what is hurting him or her?
“Your reaction to that was a blur, fear, and an unseen reaction of ‘no.’  The real enemy is always within and so maliciously sly that you haven’t been able to recognize it yet and the proof is that nothing changes in your nature.  You believe in your present but false existence, in this neurotic inner counsel, that what you have is essential for you to protect it.
“Oh, I better slow down here.  You didn’t get it when I went through it the first time.  You don’t realize, literally, actually, and factually, you are leaning on your ignorance to get you through a day.”
Vernon Howard

After submitting my resignation, the weight of the world felt like it was lifted from my shoulders and I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season.  “The burdens imposed by ordinary life are lifted the moment we want nothing more to do with ordinary life.” Vernon Howard.  I then went to celebrate with a Nick Tahoe’s ‘Garbage Plate’.  “It comes down to a simple choice, really.  Get busy Living or get busy dying.” Andy Dufresne.  My decision was confirmed when I returned to my apartment later in the day and turning on the radio, the song ‘Don’t Look Back’ by the band Boston was playing.

When two thousand, seven commenced, I liquidated my assets and gave full attention to my home cash generating program.  “Truth breaks you down so it can rebuild you according to its specifications in Heaven.” Vernon Howard.

I also started being drawn to self-enlightenment literature and programs rather than self-help.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra MD, Sonia Choquette, Eckhart Tolle, don Miguel Ruiz, the Teachings of Abraham and other Hay House authors started opening another dimension for me to explore.

“Why do they always teach us that it’s easy and evil to do what we want and that we need discipline to restrain ourselves?  It’s the hardest thing in the world–to do what we want.  And it takes the greatest kind of courage.  I mean, what we really want.”
Ayn Rand

In February, when I was visiting my children, they asked to go to Barnes and Noble Booksellers to check out the latest books.  While walking through the kits section, my attention was drawn to a kit containing something called Runes.

Certain is that which is sought from runes,
That the gods so great have made,
And the Master-Poet painted;
. . .
the race of gods:

I had no idea what they were so I called the kids over and asked them if they knew anything about Runes.  They said they never heard of Runes and had no idea what they were.  “Progress: The process whereby the human race has got rid of whiskers, the vermiform appendix [organ removed in appendectomy procedure] and [Runes].” H. L. Mencken.  I thanked them and they returned to their interested sections.  I looked at the kit for a while and read everything on the packaging about them and felt a strange fascination about them.  I returned them to the shelf and went about enjoying my time with the children.  “The answers come when you are quietly willing to be without them.” Vernon Howard.

For the rest of the week, I could not stop thinking about that kit of Runes.  “The power of truth becomes self-evident when we stop assuming we know what we are doing with our lives.” Vernon Howard.

Finally, I left early to pick up my children for their weekend visit and stopped to purchase the kit on the way out.  I read through the enclosed booklet when returning and discovered these were going to take my undivided attention.  “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.” Vernon Howard.  After our weekend together, I started to intensely explore these fascinating Runes.

“Learn to love learning; collecting information is one of the greatest pleasures in life.  Just think, you can educate yourself into a new kind of life, the one that your heart wants.  And in collecting information you’ll run across things that are profound, some mysterious, some that are surprising.”
Vernon Howard

I discovered these Runes were an ancient, pre-Christian, Northern European tribal script.  “Our clean-skinned ‘heathenish’ ancestors with all their vital forces unimpaired, were really the nobler type of animal.  We on the other hand, with our corrupt, irresolute, civilized hearts, our trembling nerves, our fragile anæmic constitutions, are actually the lower, the viler type” Ragnar Redbeard.  Each symbol represented a character that contained both an esoteric and mundane meaning.  “The search for truth is really a lot of good fun.” Vernon Howard.  I learned you could cast them and read them much like Tarot cards.  The more I explored, the more I felt this was part of what I had been searching to discover.  “There is a much better thing to do than run away from our deliverance, which is to run toward it.” Vernon Howard.  It was not completely what I had been searching for but it was a significant piece of the puzzle.

“It often takes courage to do the thing you love and go against the majority.  Resist the temptation to try to please anybody, and be true to yourself.  It’s not your job to please anybody else, anyway; it’s their job to please themselves and find their own happiness.  This is your life and you must follow your own heart.  There is something special about you, a talent or skill that is unique to you, and you have a responsibility to your life to bring it out.”
Rhonda Byrne

Question: How can we work earnestly at self-transformation, instead of merely playing games?
Answer: We do real spiritual work when seeing its necessity, and a single honest glance at our actual condition will reveal the necessity.”
Vernon Howard

When the winter weather broke, I wanted to carve a set of my own Runes.  “Sincere action is any movement motivated by a wish to see what you do not presently see.” Vernon Howard.  I went to the hardware store to pick up some saws, sandpaper and a set of craft knives.  While I was there, I looked through the lumber section and was drawn to some cedar shims.  They were sold in bundles of wedge shaped slats, and thought I could use the middle to thick ends to craft staves to carve the Runes into.

When I went to the local park and started working on them, I realized how much I enjoyed working with my hands in the outdoors.  “The inaction of a quiet mind is the only action leading to perception of things as they are.” Vernon Howard.  I had not performed any creative manual labor since putting a roof on our house eight years prior.  I started to realize how much I enjoyed creating with my hands and how badly I was missing going without doing it.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,-
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
A shoemaker be, or a maker of Staves,
For only your single self;
If the shoe is ill made, or the Runes prove false,
Then evil of you men think.

By June, my cash gifting program was not generating any cash and I was running out of new ideas to try to attract open minded individuals to join.  I was not paying Child Support since I was living on my savings and did not have extra cash to spare.  I petitioned Family Court for a reduction in my Child Support payments.

At our July hearing, it was revealed that I had up to a year, after I resigned, to return to working for the State Police.  I told the judge that was not an option and felt if he could have ordered me to return to the Troopers, he would have.  He adjourned the proceedings until September while refusing to reduce my payments.  Go Figure!

Also in July, I signed up for a class on Runes offered at the same metaphysical shop my Tarot readings were conducted.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and we quickly became friends.  He was a priest at a local Coven and invited me to one of their open circles to learn more about the Wiccan Path specifically and Pagan ways in general.  I accepted his offer and had a wonderful experience.  He, along with his homosexual partner, ran the Coven and they had approximately a dozen fellow practicing Wiccans.  The more I engaged in the activities, the more receptive I became to alternatives, not just alternative lifestyles but alternative thinking and perceiving in general.  I did not feel drawn to join the Coven but did occasionally enjoy participating in their activities.

The priest always encouraged questions about anything – nothing was off limits.  One day while we were in discussion about the difference between Witches and Wicca, I asked him when he decided to become homosexual.  I told him I was led to believe that homosexuality was a decision, and I wondered when he decided to go down that path.  “Present [trans]sexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, and healthy.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  His reply was brilliant.  He asked me when I decided to be heterosexual.  I told him I didn’t really remember deciding, I just knew I was sexually attracted to women.  The words were not even out of my mouth when it hit me.  He just smiled and said it was the same for him, only he just knew he was sexually attracted to other men.  Just like that, we understood each other better and strengthened our friendship.

At the beginning of August, I was preparing to take my sons down to Pennsylvania for our annual visit to my parents house.  Fifteen minutes before I was going to leave to pick them up the phone rang and when I answered my ex-wife informed me that I was not permitted to take the boys out of state.  I cautioned her to think about what she was doing and to not put the boys in the middle of our differences.  She was adamant that they were not going and hung up on me.

As I hung up the receiver, I knew my youngest son was going to be devastated.  He always enjoyed our visits in Pennsylvania and was looking forward to this trip as well.  Maybe someday he would understand none of this nonsense was his fault.  As I drove down to PA, I knew I could not continue having our children manipulated to coerce me into giving her everything she wanted.  The only way kids can be in the middle of a battle is if there are opposing armies.  I was abandoning the battlefield for the benefit of everyone involved.  I eventually realized I was not a ‘good father’ in accordance with society’s standards.  You can escape the human jungle by daring to disbelieve society when it talks about love.” Vernon Howard.  I was unwilling to have my children manipulated to coerce me into gratifying other people’s desires marking me as a ‘dead-beat‘ dad.  To me, like voluntarily paying income taxes, it seemed cowardly to allow my children to be manipulated so other people and their established institutions could benefit at my expense.  “It is not our duty to leave wealth to our children, but it is our duty to leave liberty to them.” John Dickinson.  I was more interested in the BaltikViking way – looking to the end of my own arm for a helping hand.  I would have my children listen carefully to the lyrics of the song ‘Lying From You‘ by the band Linkin Park to better understand what I was thinking and how I felt.

“When one has not had a good father, one must create one.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“Freedom is the greatest gift that you can give yourself and all of humanity.”
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

“It may appear unkind to leave people with their own responsibilities, but it is a truly helpful act, for they can grow no other way.”
Vernon Howard

After returning from visiting my parents and explaining my situation to them, I was in a funk.  I was missing my children and wondering if I would ever see them again, or if we had done all we were meant to do together.  Then a song came on the radio that helped snap me out of my depression: ‘That Was Yesterday‘ by the band Foreigner.

Fighting back the tears      I never let myself cry
But that was yesterday      Love was torn from my hands
But it’s not the end of my world      Just a little hard to understand
That was yesterday      But today life goes on
You won’t find me in yesterday’s world      Now yesterday’s gone
Goodbye yesterday      Now it’s over and done
Still I hope somewhere deep in your heart      Yesterday will live on

“Weakness handled with an alert mind turns to strength.  Suppose you suffer a loss of some kind, making you feel weak and sad.  Wake up!  Refuse the feeling.  Make it absolutely clear that you will have nothing to do with the weakness.  A new feeling of strength will come.”
Vernon Howard

Today life goes on, and I needed to asses my situation and get on with living.  Our Family Court hearing was next month and I needed to figure out a way to make a living.

I always enjoyed working out, so I decided to start a personal training business for clients who had access to exercise equipment but not a personal trainer.  Clients that had home gyms, workout facilities at their place of employment or housing complex and needed a personal trainer for assistance.  The gym where I worked out allowed me to train clients at their facility with the purchase of their membership.  “Don’t be your usual, habitual, repetitious thoughts.  Be yourself.  There is, you know, a great difference in the two.” Vernon Howard.  I filed my DBA, completed a certification course and started advertising.  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain.

He must early go forth who fain the blood
Or the goods of another would get;
The wolf that lies idle shall win little meat,
Or the sleeping man success.

When I walked into court in September, I had my ducks in a row and was curious how the judge was going to react this time around.  Surprisingly, he was quite impressed and even suggested I look into expanding my business through the internet.

Finally, he looked at me and asked, how much do you want to pay?  After I picked my jaw up off the table, I said the minimum amount is twenty-five dollars a month, so let’s start with that until my business gets rolling.  He came back with, how about fifty?  Again picking my jaw up off the table, I took a deep breath, looked around, and said okay, I’ll do fifty dollars a month.

My ex-wife was fit to be tied.  “Martyrdom is the only way a man can become famous without ability.” Arthur Schopenhauer.  The judge pacified her by granting her the child deductions on her tax forms, and did not make it retroactive to when I petitioned the court in June, it took effect that day.

When I wanted to jump up in protest, Prakorimas told me to WAIT!  Just look and see.  “Truth does not really hurt, rather it is our resistance to its message that causes us pain.” Vernon Howard.  What did you expect from a conspiracy of exploiters?  They don’t speak the language of self-responsibility.  The Taker’s Creed consists of a one word obsession – MORE! and their altruistic tactics revolve around a one word strategy – GUILT! making them feel – ENTITLED!  “Neurotic guilt must be understood and ended, otherwise individual and mass destruction will continue.” Vernon Howard.  They use everybody and anybody, ESPECIALLY their naive children AND vulnerable elderly, to grab all they can get for themselves never realizing they are trading in counterfeit currency.  Of course there is going to be one standard for her, in which ALL decisions are retroactive to two and a half years to when she first filed for divorce and another standard for you that doesn’t apply for a measly three months.  “It is wrong to reward weak people out of a sense of guilt, for that only encourages their weakness.”  Vernon Howard.  What did you expect in attempting to honorably negotiate with frauds?  Do you see what happens when you compromise with thieves?  They are their own misery.  Let them suffer from their own greed.  You have much better things to do with your time, money and energy.

WOW!  Prakorimas hit the nail right on the head.  I never thought of it like that but it was accurate.  “Light never battles darkness, so whenever you see a fight, it is always between two dark forces.” Vernon Howard.  The lesson was much more profitable than joining them in their pit by thrashing out in protest.  Thank you!

Of seasoned shingles and strips of bark
For the thatch let one know his need,
And how much of wood he must have for a month,
Or in half a year he will use.

Not only did I no longer require a two bedroom apartment, but most of my inquiries from my advertising were located on the east side of the city of Rochester.  I soon found a room to rent, through Roommates.com, from a hospitable woman on Merchants Road on the east side of the city.  After covertly returning the property that belonged to my children, I moved into the finished attic at my new location.

As business was still slow, I discovered a landscaper through Craigslist and worked under the table assisting him with fall clean-ups.  “There is no such thing as a lousy job – only lousy men who don’t care to do it.” Ayn Rand.  I loved it, as it took me back to my high school days working for Burger King on Maynard Street, Mister Doughnut in Newberry Plaza and my college days working for the local moving company and unloading trucks at Roadway Express.  “It often takes courage to do the thing you love and go against the majority.  Doing a job you think you should do instead of doing what you love is leading a false life.” Rhonda Byrne.  Also, a former co-worker had a friend who recently purchased a new home and needed assistance cleaning up the leaves at her old and new residence.  As the new year dawned, inquiries were becoming clients.

He must early go forth whose workers are few,
Himself his work to seek;
Much remains undone for the morning-sleeper,
For the swift is wealth half won.

One client was a college student with workout facilities at her apartment complex.  Another client had access to exercise equipment at her place of employment.  I was training several clients at the gym as well.  “Learn to see the parallel between business success and personal happiness.  It might sound strange at first, but both are based on the very same fundamentals – realism and honesty and persistence.” Vernon Howard.

Unfortunately, just as quickly as I started working with them, the winter doldrums settled in and they lost interest and no more inquiries were being generated from my advertising.

When the weather started to break, the landscaper called and asked if I was interested helping with spring clean-ups, but something else told me not to help out and just enjoy going to the park instead.  “Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” Mark Twain.

“Socrates commented, ‘Slanderers do not hurt me because they do not hit me.’  Socrates had succeeded in doing what we are aiming for in these pages, which is to get rid of the bundle of anxious ideas we call ‘I.’  If I have no unconscious self-image of being an important and successful person, can I be hurt if called a failure?  Of course not.  If I do not imagine myself as a worthy and a lovable person, can I be distressed if you leave me?  No.  This is what happiness is.”
Vernon Howard

Ellison Park is a big park with a lot of different trails to explore, so I spent the spring and summer exploring out in nature constructing Rune sets along with learning more about Paganism and Asatru.  “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do.  Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” Mark Twain.

“Happiness is not to be achieved at the command of emotional whims.  Happiness is not the satisfaction of whatever irrational wishes you might blindly attempt to indulge.  Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy – a joy without penalty or guilt, a joy that does not clash with any of your [Spiritual] values and does not work for your own destruction, not the joy of escaping from your mind, but of using your mind’s fullest power, not the joy of faking reality, but of achieving values that are real, not the joy of a drunkard, but of a producer.”
John Galt

“Joy always bring forth those critics who are of the opinion that if we only ever live and act from joy, the result will be total chaos because everyone will act out of selfishness and will exploit others.  In fact, the opposite is the case, as compassion and willingness to take responsibility arise from true joy.  If I am happy and that joy is deep and genuine, I also want things to be good for others, and I will get on well with other beings and other things because otherwise I will lose that feeling of joy.  Compassion and love for one’s fellow human beings are the result of joy.  Our truly good character traits come to the fore not through guilt and suffering, but through joy.  Whoever lives in joy won’t have to ask about the meaning of life ever again — they are living the answer.”
Ursula Demarmels

I kept in touch with the Coven as well and in August they were taking a road trip to Lily Dale, New York and asked if I wanted to go along.  Lily Dale is a Spiritualist Congregation, including mediums, south of Buffalo and I was definitely interested and went along.

At Lily Dale, we first went to the temple where a healing session was just beginning.  Most folks went in to participate but I had a similar session the evening prior and did not feel the need to attend.  I sat outside the temple on a wooden bench for a while then decided to walk around a bit and explore on such a spectacular August day.

As I was walking down one of the residential streets, I noticed a sign on one of the porches advertising ‘Readings Today.’  I approached the porch and on a table laid a clipboard with times and blank spaces to sign up for a reading with the resident medium.  I noticed the next available time was eleven AM.  Looking at my watch, it was only fifteen minutes away.  I looked around and saw no one in sight so I thought to myself – this appointment must be for me.  I wrote my name in the blank space and had a seat on a chair at the far end of the porch.

As I sat there, I wondered what a reading was like with a medium as I never experienced such a session.  Soon the medium, who was quite pregnant, came out to call me in for my appointment.  She asked if I ever had a reading and when I told her I had not, she explained that she sees spirits around mine who are usually ancestors that have passed from this life.  We said a quick intercession for guidance and away she went communicating with the deceased on my behalf.

The one thing my ancestors advised was to just go with it – no matter what happens – just trust it and go with it.  At the time, I had no idea how valuable that insight was to serve me through my coming adventures.  After the reading, she gave me the cassette tape recording of the reading that I reviewed frequently.

“Our ancestors [were convinced] that most women within their tribe not only possessed great spiritual and magical powers due to the miracle of childbirth but some were regarded as a seeress, as healers and as spiritual conduits to the other realms, keepers of the shamantic magic known as seidr, and experts regarding the mysteries of the runes.  These magical women went by the name volva.  Incidentally, magic was seen as a predominately female endeavor in specific areas of Northern Europe and amongst Heathen tribes ranging from Iceland to Denmark, but there are records showing [esoteric] men following this [calling to the Runik Warrior] path [who were known as vitki].”
Stuart R. Brogan

“Women, like flying fish, cannot be pinned down to a singular habitat, except our own.  And often we are called to inhabit two worlds at once, transcending bounds in order to move past the land of survival and into the land of thrival.  Once we develop our own unique landscape in which to live, we are called to use the powers of imagination and possibility to expand our borders.  When we go beyond our own perceptions of limitation, wild woman rises.”
Angi Sullins

I caught up with the rest of the Coven and we decided to walk out to Inspiration Stump for a group reading.

By the time we arrived, the bench seats were all filled and we were standing in the back.  I was standing right behind the last bench.

The facilitator explained the history and meaning of Inspiration Stump and explained multiple mediums would be delivering messages from Spirit.  He also advised us to pay attention since the medium’s message may not be directed at us personally, our presence made possible the message applying to us as well as the individual being read.  That advice helped me to keep an open and receptive mind as the reading proceeded.  Besides, being clear in the back decreased the likelihood of receiving a personal message.

The first reader was excellent and gave two great readings to individuals.  She turned to the facilitator and asked if she was out of time.  He said there was time enough for one more reading.  She said okay, I have time for one more, let me see.  She looked over the audience and pointed right at me and said you in the orange shirt and black hat can I come to you?  Incredibly, she had come to me, or, more accurately, Spirit came to me – I told her, yes, of course.

In typical Old Norse fashion, her message was both terrifying and inspiring.  She said we have a REAL Viking (Spirit) with us today, a real adventurer and explorer.  She informed me that I was made aware of something last summer and the more I resisted it, the worse it was going to be.  That was the terrifying part.  “If you feel punished and just don’t know who’s battering you, check the aviary, check the bird cage, check to see where you do not want to go through something, where you’re balking at something because, and I’m not saying this insultingly – no one is ever insulted here – but because something in you prefers the false comfort and security of an unintelligent life.” Vernon Howard.  She then added, once you go through it you are going to affect a lot of people.  You will bring something up from the classical period that will benefit folks – either an invention/patent of some kind or through copyright.  That was the inspiring part.  “Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission that they are called to fulfill.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

She then inquired, if you don’t mind me asking, what is it that you do for a living?  Knowing she was probably not the only one asking the same question, I told her, I was sorry to disappoint, but I am still searching for my niche (Lyrics).  My response brought the crescendo crashing down.

I had a lot to reflect on while riding back to Rochester.  It seemed the Norns had woven some discomfort into my Orlog (fate) to assist in progressing toward my destined Wyrd.  “Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  I had already been through The Big Suck (The Basic School – TBS) courtesy of the Marine Corps.  Maybe that served as the prerequisite to earning a masters in misery.  Kind of like “ego-death” being a prerequisite to being “born again.”  Whatever lay ahead must be gone through and my ancestors advised me to trust it and just go with it.  Freedom begins as we become conscious of it.” Vernon Howard.  I will heed their advice and see what happens.

A measure of wisdom each man shall have,
But never too much let him know;
Let no man the fate before him see,
For so is he freest from sorrow.

If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you.
Gospel of Thomas

“People’s creativity can grow across many lifetimes.  Great inventions or significant changes in society, research, medicine, or the arts never happen overnight.  It’s more often the case that individual souls have prepared for it over a long period of time, and have collected knowledge in many areas and roles so they can then bring something completely new into the world based on this store of experiences.”
Ursula Demarmels

By October, I had not seen my children in over a year and was unable to pay a dime toward child support.  I decided to write a letter to my ex-wife stating I would sign my custody rights over to her (we had joint custody) if she would sign off on ALL monies I still owed her.  I proposed to wipe the slate clean for both of us.  Dealing with a bottomless pit, I anticipated her negative response, but hey, it was over a year and maybe she would surprise me.  I gave her two weeks to respond and if I did not hear from her in that time period, I would take her non-response as being uninterested.  It took her three weeks.

At the end of October, my landlord phoned me from her place of employment to let me know she received a call from a gentleman claiming to be from the Child Support Collection Unit asking about me.

My immediate question was why were they calling her and how did they get her work phone number.  She proceeded to inform me that they had my address and went to the property deeds and discovered she was the owner.  Next, they pulled her income tax return to recover her employer’s address and then called asking to speak with her.  Well, mission accomplished “nine-eleven” incidents.  “If our tax laws really required turning over all this kind of information to the government, such laws would be an unconstitutional invasion of an American’s constitutional right to privacy…” Irwin Schiff.  Evil sure is persistent.  “Nothing infuriates evil as much as being seen for what it is.” Guy Finley.

Now we KNOW what is done with all the personal information we idiotically, cowardly and voluntarily turn over to state agencies (foolishly post on social media along with insanely submitting DNA for “Ancestry” results – DUMB!) and why they are so obsessed with an insatiable appetite for MORE!  “You don’t know what a slick [State “sanctioned”] trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

I then asked what she told them.  She was asked what I did all day, how I paid my rent, what I did for money and where I parked my car.  She responded that she worked all day and had no idea what I did during the day, paid my rent with money orders, didn’t care how I earned my money or knew where I parked my car.

At that point, I was grateful for not taking the landscaper up on his offer in the spring as I would have been mortified if he suffered adverse consequences to his business (that his father started and passed to him) for being associated with me.  “You can either build your own world or you can accept the one handed you by society, so which do you really want?” Vernon Howard.

I then advised her that she was under no obligation to answer any of his questions.  First of all, who he claimed to be and who he really was may not be one and the same.  Second, it is none of his business.  Like most people, she did not want to be perceived as uncooperative for fear of retribution.  Often the wise are fettered, where fools go free, Havamal.  Isn’t American style freedom great?  “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

If Casey Kasum still did the weekly countdown, my long distance dedication to my ex-wife would be the song ‘Hair of the Dog‘ by the band Nazareth.  Since no one could get through to her, I would have Godsmack her:

Bleeding Me


Keep Away

Then give her Three Days Grace.

“A person has a right to live his own life.  That man, that women has a right to live his or her own life freely and happily.  However, he or she has surrendered it.
“I want you to be aware of how you have surrendered your right to live your own free quiet, nice life.  How you’ve surrendered it to people, to events, to unseen negative forces inside of you.  How, for some unknown reason to you presently, you have given your life away and you’ve got nothing in return except anguish.
“The starting statement was: You have a right to your life.  But that doesn’t mean much to you.  Those are words, they’re not an experience.  You can know from yourself what it means to have your own life, and I want you to.”
Vernon Howard

Four November, two thousand, eight – Election Day USA!  The latest Institute for Social Research demigod of the Bush/Clinton Elitist Oligarchy was going through the (S)Electoral Process to be granted the throne.  “What you have to understand is that these people are experts at shape-shifting, creating other versions of themselves that appear completely plausible and legitimate, thus fooling those around them and luring their target into a false sense of security.  If you can create an alternate persona detached from the real you it acts as a buffer thus helping to control your fear: the fear of possible injury or the fear of failure.  This trick particularly is used by the confidence trickster [who “trick” the elderly out of their life savings] or on a bigger scale by countries for use in political subversion [“Duel” political party system] and governmental destabilization [Egregious debt accumulation to a “Central Bank”].  It is a known fact that over the years intelligence agencies from around the world have utilized these psy-ops techniques with impressive results.” Stuart R. Brogan.  Even before his coronation, the ‘Liberating Tolerance‘ candidate, along with his ‘Transgender‘ spouse, promised to accelerate the degeneration into despotism by stating his intention to ‘Fundamentally Transform‘ America.  “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright [affirmative action] moron.” H. L. Mencken.  Isn’t Democracy GREAT?

A paltry man and poor of mind
At all things ever mocks;
For never he knows, what he ought to know,
That he is not free from faults.

In true Marxist fashion, Franklin Delano Roosevelt “New Deal” style – “The New Deal began, like the Salvation Army, by promising to save humanity.  It ended, again like the Salvation Army, by running flop-houses and disturbing the peace.” H. L. Mencken, the Candidate was hell bent to Nationalize what remained of the Free Market in the Health Care Industry in spite of the fact people were not in favor since experiencing the DISASTER of FDR’s Nationalization of the retirement sector of the Free Market, known as Social Security, and its eventual DISASTROUS expansion to engulf the disability portion of the Free Market into Governmental Dictatorship.  “The real person is one who does not do damage while calling it love or generosity or community cooperation.” Vernon Howard.  Not to worry, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”  Oh, and “Your premiums won’t go up either under this legislation.”  Oops.  “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain.

Well, the Candidate took the Politburo-Princess Pelosi’s advice to “Pass the legislation so we can see what is in it.”  “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Winston Churchill.  In other words, People be DAMNED “I have a pen and a phone” so what the Elitists want the Elitists get because THAT is what is BEST for ME, and MY ilk, so it MUST be best for ALL.  “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” Mark Twain.  To clear the muddy water, ‘Oppressive Discrimination’ IMPOSED AS ‘Liberating Tolerance.’  “The trouble with Communism is the Communists, just as the trouble with Christianity is the Christians.” H. L. Mencken.  Just ask The Supreme Court.  “You don’t know what a slick [Supreme Court] trick is being played on you.” Vernon HowardSieg Heil, Brother!  Or should I say Stay Woke“Always remember that the world rewards its own.  The more you lie and deceive people, the more you get from this world in position and power.” Vernon Howard.  Let us ALL sway to your ‘Hope and ChangeSymphony Of Destruction!  “Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

A witless man, when he meets with men,
Had best in silence abide;
For no one shall find that nothing he knows,
If his mouth is not open too much.

Unfortunately for him, I had no desire to follow along to “the cliff” he was proclaimed to be leading us all over.  “An alert mind can learn a thousand things about other people by seeing through their remarks.” Vernon Howard.  Where EVERYONE’S Favorite Four-letter ‘F’ word – ‘FREE’ was to be Fulfilled while the Frightful Four-letter ‘E’ word – ‘EARN’ was to be Forgotten.  “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” H. L. Mencken.  By the way, ‘E’ COMES BEFORE ‘F’.  Just pointing out the OBVIOUS.

An ignorant man thinks that all he knows,
When he sits by himself in a corner;
But never what answer to make he knows,
When others with questions come.

Nope, he had the wrong guy.  “In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.” Arthur Schopenhauer.  While Minions of Mindless Morons were participating in the Electile Dysfunction, I decided to accomplish something useful with my day – laundry.  “Nothing is more terrible than to see [arrogant] ignorance in action.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  I gathered up my boxers, bedding and other articles of clothing that needed to go for a spin and headed to the basement.  When I ascended from the basement for the second time, I looked out the window and noticed uniformed and suited government officers leaving the porch area of the residence, returning to their cruisers and departing.  I couldn’t help but wonder if they were rounding up non-voters, but then realized that they would not have given up so easily.  “Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.” Mark Twain.  They must have been knocking on the door when I was putting the whites in the dryer and the colors in the washer.  Oh well, I would have ignored them anyway and went about my business.

By the afternoon, I completed folding and putting my laundry away and decided to take a ride over to Ellison Park to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.  As I rounded the block to where I normally park my car, I noticed it was gone.  Ha!  They did manage to find what they were looking for.  I wondered if the tow-truck driver got a kick out of my bumper stickers as the G’men were ordering him to impound my vehicle:

Sure You Can Trust The Government, Just Ask An Indian
Not Fooled By Government
Mass Media Spreads Ignorance
If Ignorance Is Bliss, You Must Be Orgasmic
Born Again Pagan
Aryan Apostate
Aryan Anarchy: NO Israeli God & NO Illuminati Government
Untermensch Utopia = Dark Ages

And my personal favorite:

Ragnarok: When the Wrath of God MEETS
the Fury of the Norsemen

I returned to the porch to see if they left behind any love letters.  Sure enough, they did!  It was taped to the front door.  I guess the mailbox is not worthy of such correspondence.  “Remember that society’s dangerous nonsense always disguises itself as something profound and necessary.” Vernon Howard.  I removed it and started reading.

It was in condescending language stating that my vehicle was seized for defaulting on Child Support payments and to recover personal property within it, I needed to bring a witness along to verify the property contained in the vehicle did indeed belong to me.  Well, who else would it belong to?  I paid cash for the vehicle, insured it, had it inspected and registered in my name but thought it an excellent idea to store other people’s property in it – BRILLIANT!

So, let me get this straight.  The penalty for NOT doing what you are told, for NOT paying Child Support, the State was confiscating the very property that ALLOWS one the freedom to earn ANY money at all.  “The strange American ardor for passing laws, the insane belief in regulation and punishment, plays into the hands of the reformers, most of them quacks themselves.  Their efforts, even when honest, seldom accomplish any appreciable good.” H. L. Mencken.  Does this makes sense to everyone BUT me?

What kind of man allows his own children to be used against him to satisfy the desires of the ‘Muther’ FUCKIN’ State?  Obviously, the kind of father who approves of being coerced by the State through the exploitation of his children to ‘satisfy’ their Mother’s DESIRES disguised as her children’s NEEDS.  Oh look, State SANCTIONED GoFundMe Page Financing.  “The objection to [Child Support] Puritans is not that they try to make us think as they do, but that they try to make us do as they think.” H. L. Mencken.

Why on Earth would a woman CHOOSE to have an abortion when the Government is more than willing to “raise” the children FOR THEM by putting the noose around the “Baby Daddy’s” scrotum?  BRILLIANT!

Now, we KNOW WHY the “Bible Belt” has such a strong desire to end ALL abortion in the United States and it has NOTHING TO DO with what is BEST FOR THE WOMAN or the DEVELOPING FETUS inside her.  “The objection to [Pro-Life] Puritans is not that they try to make us think as they do, but that they try to make us do as they think.” H. L. Mencken.  FUCK YOU Bible Thumper and ALL the Propaganda YOUR Pastors Preach.  Cursed are they who teach Lies for Truth, and Truth for Lies, for they are — abomination.” Ragnar Redbeard.  BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS ALREADY!  “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a [Bible Thumping] Republican.” H. L. Mencken.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Slavery TO Children VIA the “Lady Justice” System of State Courts.  I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them. Isaiah 3:4.  You know, the “Psycho-Slut” who COMMANDS men to worship HER and obey HER dictates while “positioned” on their knees.  She then “looks down” upon HER sympathizers and asks THEM how HER “dick” tastes.  Vinland Vikings CALL HER Hella while Semite Supremacists GLORIFY HER as “Law Blessing” Yahweh.  Get the picture?  DUMBASS!  “All of us have to recognize that we owe our children more than we have been giving them.  We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” Hillary Clinton.  ENOUGH ALREADY!

You Feminine Supremacists can NEVER AGAIN point the finger at Masculine Chauvinism as the basis of YOUR PROBLEMS because there are three more pointing back at Oprah Winfrey, The View and The Talk.  “You don’t know what a slick [Feminine Supremacist] trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  Count me OUT.

As I stared at the letter, Prakorimas asked, “How much longer are you going to allow this to continue?”  That is an excellent question, and it ends right NOW!  “If you want to know what to do, just do what is right and ignore the consequences.” Vernon Howard.  I folded the letter back up, returned it to the envelope and threw it in the recycle bin sitting on the porch.  I thought to myself – you want my vehicle, you can have it and everything in it – all of it served its purpose.  I then added, on top of it, I am going upstairs to gather my necessities for survival and will put the remaining property I own to the curb for you to dispose of as you see fit.  “The only reason you do not do great things is because you timidly cling to small things.  Will you let loose of small things and bear the uncertainty of having nothing for a while?  Do this and eventually you will do great things.” Vernon Howard.  I am through dealing with you people and your dysfunctional systems!

“Government has hardened into a tyrannical monopoly, and the human race in general becomes as absolutely property like beasts to the plow.”
John Dickinson

“You can’t desire a world built on the lies of 9/11, global warming, central banking, Hollywood myth-making, GMO foods, royalty and aristocracy, forced schooling, religious intolerance, sexual repression and inequality, genocide and terracide.  Love for truth is a love for the Self, the Earth, and the entire Universe.  The science that is preached to you today requires that you see yourself as insignificant to the needs of the greater whole.  This thinking is ass-backwards.  All of the resources of Life have concentrated themselves into you, each individual out there.  Singularly, you were manifested for the purpose of joy, to be granted a higher perspective and lightness of being for the benefit of your family, friends, tribe or community, and the Gods, too.”
Arthur Danu

“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”
Ayn Rand

“When all is said and done, what matters isn’t whether the world – or anyone in it – loves or approves of us; what matters is what we love, for that is what determines the true and final course of our lives.”
Guy Finley

“The test of spiritual health is how much evil the individual can do without.  Isn’t that a new and interesting way to look at it?  Your spiritual health will be to the degree that you do not need evil as a daily companion and contributor to your life.  Well, that means that we’re going to have to look at individual evil, not social evil – you hide by blaming mass evil for your problems.  We’re going to look at individual personal evil.”
Vernon Howard

I contacted my landlord and told her to keep my security deposit for December’s rent and I would be moving out at the end of the year.  “Defeat may be victory in disguise; The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  She asked if it had anything to do with the phone call she received.  I said they were targeting me and if it turned ugly, I did not want her to suffer collateral damage.  I did not tell her about my car or that my funds were running out – they were my concerns, not hers.  I then went for a walk to get some fresh air and clear my head.

“Just as we think we have cracked the [Heathen Warrior Path] and think we fully understand the spiritual, emotional, magical and physical dynamics, the truth becomes all too clear.  We have only scratched the surface!  For as we delve deeper into the world of the Heathen [Heritage] and specifically the [Runik] Warrior aspect within it, we will at some point undoubtedly and with absolute certainty find ourselves up against subjects and/or theories that either contradict or confuse us to the point of sitting there scratching our heads in complete bewilderment wondering where it all went wrong!  Don’t be too hard on yourself should you reach this point.  It stands to reason that different people will find different topics confusing, depending on their individual intellectual prowess, common sense or capacity for exploring new “radical” and “far out” theories.  It is inevitable that at some point we will all reach a point of treading spiritual water whilst walking our path of discovery.”
Stuart R. Brogan

“Here’s the real reason why it’s so important to always go the extra mile – to do what you don’t want to do or feel like you can’t do – whenever it comes to your work to be free: there is no other way for you to make contact with, and then call upon, an indwelling limitless resource that will only reveal itself to you after you’ve exhausted your own.”
Guy Finley

“Be aware that you do not want to do what you know you must do, for that will help you do it.”
Vernon Howard

When I returned to my room, I realized I had no idea what I needed to pack up for survival.  “Break away.  Don’t tell anyone about it.  Others will either smile tolerantly or mouth sanctimonious babble.  Make your escape plans in secret.  Never mind if you lose certain friends, you will find others who also have dared.  They will be ten-thousand times more valuable to you.” Vernon Howard.  As I looked around, I did know what I would NOT NEED, so I started with those items.  Computer, desk, chairs, fan, books, compact disks, boom box, TV stand and extra clothes could be sold through Craigslist.  “Change is never a loss – it is change only.” Vernon Howard.

I downsized quite a bit when I moved from my apartment, so there was not too much to liquidate.  “Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  A former co-worker was interested in my computer, mostly for the printer/scanner that accompanied it, so I could use it until everything else was gone“Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” Arthur Schopenhauer.

One lady came over to purchase my fan and cooler and as we got to talking, she informed me that she once was living out of her car in South Dakota.  When I told her what happened to my car, she was astonished.  She could not fathom being so exposed with winter setting in.  I told her my plan was to just start walking and see where it led.  I assured her I had no intention of hiking to the Dakotas in the middle of winter.  She still felt horrified and gave me her email address just in case.  She was working as an in-home, elderly caretaker for one client that she resided with, so she did not have a place of her own.  She was willing to help out any way she could.  We had quite a lengthy conversation and then she wished me well and departed.

“How many of you sometimes feel inferior? (Laughter)  How many of you really are inferior? (Laughter)  Well, we have help for you.  Just fight mental dozing.  Fight mental dozing from your head to your toe-sie. (Laughter)
“Once upon a time there was a man like you and you and you.  And one day this man who lived what you would call an ordinary daily life with work and a little play and a lot of pain, one day he felt an extremely powerful urge to chuck it all.  I told you this was your biography.
“So he thought about what he could do about this urge to chuck it all and the only thing he could think of was to simply walk away from where he was physically and just take the highway and see where it would take him.  Because he said to himself, ‘Nothing could be worse than to be where I am now.  How could I lose?  I’ve got to get away from something.  I don’t even know what it is I’m trying to flee, but I’ve got to go.’
“He obeyed that impulse and I hope you have done the same.  But remember the highway away from the old, from the usual is a long, long one with many twists and turns, but he started off.  And that was good.  He heard the injunction to get away from whatever it was that he was enduring so painfully, to get away from that.  He at least obeyed that, to get out, to come out from where he was and see what was beyond it, if there was anything beyond it.  He didn’t know that and you must not know that.
“If you know that, if you know where you’re going you’re not going anywhere.  You must not know where you’re going when you feel the urge to get away from that old, horrible, noisy nature.”
Vernon Howard

By the end of December, I pretty much had all I needed whittled down to a backpack and a sea bag.  “You must love Truth [Tyr] more than you love your life.” Vernon Howard.  I took the remaining clothing I did not need to a drop-off bin around the block and, as promised, put the rest of my possessions to the curb for the city to dispose of as they saw fit.

“Personal ignorance hurts you personally.  Ignorance shrieks with joy over its sick scheme to keep you stumbling in the dark.  Reply boldly to evil ignorance: ‘You are all thru.  Your day is over.  I don’t have to suffer from you any more.  I finally see you as the monster that you are.  You will not hurt me any more, for the light of Truth exposes your deceit.  I can learn, I can grow, I can see, I can rest.’  Of course you can.”
Vernon Howard

Along with Rune crafting equipment and extra Rune sets I created, my High School Diploma, College Degree, Marine Corps Commission, awards and achievements all went to the curb.  “We need correction if we think that honors bestowed by society have real meaning.” Vernon Howard.

“Life will fill whatever you empty – and whatever you fill, life will empty.  That’s the code – the higher understanding required for spiritual contentment all wrapped in a mystery and filled with bittersweet contradiction”
Guy Finley

“Great power is found in the word risk.  Risk everything that you have called yourself, your habits.  Enter every day into as many risks as possible instead of being the cowards we have been all our lives.”
Vernon Howard

On one January, two thousand, nine, I woke up to a bright sunny day that was bitter cold.  I picked my mattress up off the floor and deposited it to the curb, gathered my gear, thanked my landlord for her hospitality and generosity, went out the door and started walking.  “Do the right thing.  It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” Mark Twain.

As I rounded the corner of the block, I took one final look over my shoulder to see my past sitting at the curb, cold and abandoned.  Just then, a garbage picker pulled up, jumped out of his vehicle and started sifting through the mess looking for treasures.

I turned away and focused on what was in front of me.  I felt both terrified and exhilarated.  Terrified, I had no clue where I was going and no idea what was going to happen to me.  “If you know that, if you know where you’re going you’re not going anywhere.  You must not know where you’re going when you feel the urge to get away from that old, horrible, noisy nature.” Vernon Howard.  Exhilarated, I just knew one thing – I wanted OUT!  I turned my back on everything and all those people screaming at me, telling me what I owe them, could kiss my ass too.  “Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  It was time for ME to abandon THEM!  “Our freedom can be measured by the number of things we can walk away from.” Vernon Howard.  I did not know it at the time, but I was embarking on a Vinland Viking Vision Quest (Lyrics), Thundarr The Barbarian Style.

“The secret of happiness is freedom

and the secret of freedom is courage.” Thucydides

Shamanic Spiritual Journey

“It’s a wonder we’re not all locked up in the lunatic asylum for what was done to us.  But we’re not going to feel sorry for ourselves, of course.  We’re going to be brave, rightly brave in the sense that we’re going to find out.  That’s what brave means – to find out, not to say you’re brave and try to kid yourself.”

Vernon Howard

“Bravery includes every virtue, humility, every crime.  He who is afraid to risk his life must never be permitted to win anything.”
Ragnar Redbeard

“We must be willing to pay a price for freedom.”
H. L. Mencken

“Nothing of worth comes easy or without a price to pay.  However hard this road, it is meant to be enjoyable and enrich your everyday life, not become a burden to the point that you lose interest and turn your attention to something [easy].”
Stuart R. Brogan

“There is no doubt that life is given us, not to be enjoyed, but to be overcome; to be got over.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“Truth is not for all men but only for those who seek it.”
Ayn Rand

“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.”
Mark Twain

“Fearlessness is better than a faint-heart for any man who puts his nose out of doors.  The length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago.”
Ancient Norse Saga

“Such exceptional times demand exceptional action.”
Colonel General Ludwig Beck


“You can tell a man ten thousand times that he had better find another way for himself, but nothing will happen until he TELLS HIMSELF this very thing.  This point is reached when his suffering becomes unendurable, when he has run out of hiding places, when he will gladly exchange his pretenses for realities.  This point is frightening at first, for he senses that he must now leave behind everything familiar and comfortable, to journey toward a gigantic question mark.  But his decision is correct, he is on the right path, and questions will become answers as he bravely proceeds.”
Vernon Howard

“The fear of death is the beginning of Slavery.  What is death that it should make cowards of us all?  What is life that it should be valued so highly?  There are worse things than death and among them is a life of dishonor.  All men lead dishonorable lives who serve a master with hand or brain.
“Life itself is but a spark in the gloom that flashes out and disappears.  Why therefore not make the most of it here and now — Here and Now!
“There is no “heaven of glory bright,” and no hell where sinners roast.  There is no Right, there is no wrong — nor God — nor Son — nor Ghost.

“Death endeth all for every man,
For every “son of thunder:”
Then be a Lion in the path;
And don’t be trampled under.

“For us there is no rest — no Kingdom of Indolence, either on this earth or beyond the skies — no Isles of the Blest — no Elysian Fields [final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous in Greek mythology] — no garden of the Hesperides [legendary garden at the western extremity of the world producing golden apples].  No! No!  All these magical legends are but fanciful waking dreams — “fiction of mortals of yore.”

“Here and NOW is our day of torment!  Here and NOW is our day of joy!  Here and NOW is our Opportunity — to eat or to be eaten — to be lion or Lamb!  Here and NOW it is war to the knife — no escape — no retreat.  Choose ye this day, this hour, for no Redeemer liveth!
“Every attempt made to organize the Future must necessarily collapse.  The present is our Domain and our chief duty is to take immediate possession thereof upon strict [spiritual] principles.
“Strive therefore against them that strive against you, and war against them that war against thine.  Lay hold of shield and buckler
[shield worn on the forearm]
or their equivalents, STAND UP!  Be a Terrible one in thine own defense.  Raise up also the Clenched Hand and stop the way of them that would persecute you.  Say unto thine own heart and soul: “I, even I, am [not] mine own redeemer.”
“Let [Semite Supremacists] be hurled back to confusion and infamy, who devise thine undoing.  Let [Semite Supremacist Sympathizers] be as chaff before the cyclone and let the Angel of Death pursue them, nay overtake them.  In a pit, THEY have hidden a trap for THY feet: into THAT very destruction let THEM fall.  Then, exultant, “sound the loud timbrel.”  Rejoice!  Rejoice! in thine own salvation.  Then all thy bones shall say [with relief] “who is like unto me?” — [By leaving society to find Something Else], have I not delivered myself by mine own [volition]?  Have I not been too strong for mine [enslaving Semite Socialist] adversaries? — Have I not spoiled THEM that would have spoiled ME.”
Ragnar Redbeard

“Live dangerously and you live right.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Why should you be shocked, Mr. Rearden?  I am merely complying with the system which my fellow men have established.  If they believe that force is the proper means to deal with one another, I am giving them what they ask for.  If they believe that the purpose of my life is to serve them, let them try to enforce their creed.  If they believe that my mind is their property — let them come and get it.”
(Mr. Rearden) “But what sort of life have you chosen?  To what purpose are you giving your mind?”
“To the cause of my love.”
(Mr. Rearden) “Which is what?”
(Mr. Rearden) “Served by being a pirate?”
“By working for the day when I won’t have to be a pirate any longer.”
(Mr. Rearden) “Which day is that?”
“The day when you’ll be free to make a profit on Rearden Metal.”
“Oh God!” said Rearden, laughing, his voice desperate.  “Is that your ambition?”
… “It is.”
(Mr. Rearden) “Do you expect to live to see that day?”
“Yes.  Don’t you?”
(Mr. Rearden) “No.”
“Then what are you looking forward to, Mr. Rearden?”
(Mr. Rearden) “Nothing.”
“What are you working for?”
(Mr. Rearden) … “Why do you ask that?”
“To make you understand why I’m not.”
(Mr. Rearden)
 “Don’t expect me ever to approve of a criminal.”
“I don’t expect it.  But there are a few things I want to help you to see.”
Ragnar Danneskjold

So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter.  Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.
Isaiah 59: 14-15

I made my way through the hung-over city and headed south on East River Road.

“The first quality that is needed is audacity.”
Winston Churchill

“Here’s a village, we’re going into another illustration here.  Here’s a village, looked ordinary from the surface of things, but it was a village that was taken over by demons disguised as human beings, demons disguised as men and women.
“And see, demons are very clever and what they did was oppress the people while making them think they were doing good things for them.  They gave them certain financial ventures to get interested in, where you could make a lot of money.  Then, the minute they told them, you can make a lot of money, they became worried about not making a lot of money or losing a lot of money.  In other words, they put the people under great pressure.
“Oh, our two [Valkyries] are coming back in the talk tonight.  Here they come back again.  They looked down on this miserable place where everyone was being punished by the demons disguised as human beings.  And the [Valkyries] looked down, and they knew that the people didn’t know how to get out of there.  A few of them wanted out, so you know what the [Valkyries] did?  They went down, the veteran [Valkyrie] and the apprentice [Valkyrie] went down, and they drew a white line with paint, drew it from the center of town to the outer part of town where anyone who followed the line could get out of the town, and get out of the pain of living there.
“Those demons disguised as nice people, when they saw what the [Valkyries] had done, they went into a furious, insane rage.  You know why?  They figured this: If any of the people in town noticed that line with the arrows leading out of town, we’re going to lose them.  We won’t be able to tyrannize them and we won’t be able to listen, listen, listen, we won’t be able to FEEL THE PAIN OF CAUSING THEM PAIN and that’s what they lived on.  ALL DEVILS LIVE ON PAIN!  We’ll lose the source of our life, they said.  Which, of course, was lifeless.  We’ll lose it – if too many people follow the line and escape our clutches.
“So they got some cleaning solvent, water and soap, and a bunch of rags and buckets.  They went down and tried to rub the line out.  The more they rubbed, the brighter it got.  RIGHT?  And the madder they got.  The more insane they became, the more afraid they became that they were going to lose the source of their false food of wrong emotions.  They couldn’t rub it out.
“So, you see, devils are very resourceful, when you are desperate, you are resourceful.  And they were very resourceful, and so they thought of something else – all the time hating the [Valkyries] and hating anyone.  If anyone noticed the line leading out of town, they would say, ‘Very strange things will happen to you.’  They put a mystery into it.  ‘Very strange things will happen to you if you ever leave town and leave the people who really love you and really protect you.’  They lied, of course, and a lot of people believed them.
“But they also had another little trick.  They established what they called ‘Happiness Strolls.’  In order to divert the people from seeing the line, the path out of town and wondering about it and asking questions about it, in order to divert their attention from it, they established ‘Happiness Strolls.’  And here’s what ‘Happiness Strolls’ were: They established their own path all around town in a circle, stayed in town, and all along the ‘Happiness Strolls,’ they had all sorts of things which appealed to adults who were really little children.  They had snack bars all along the way, and they had free gifts.  They had balloons, toys.  And the purpose was to let people think that they were having a good time, that everything was okay.  They had people talk with each other and there was men meeting girls and vice versa, and everyone thought that the ‘Happiness Strolls’ were a great thing and they looked forward to it every day.  Get on the path, get on the ‘Happiness Stroll.’  And IT WORKED!
“WHERE ARE YOU WALKING?  WHAT’S YOURS?  You KNOW what I’m talking about.  It will be something that you don’t see yet because if you saw it, if it was conscious, it would not be there.  WHERE ARE YOU REFUSING TO GROW UP?  Where are you in a state of regression, wanting to be a little child?
“I want you to do that work for yourself because you’re the only one who can do it.  Are you going to grow up to where you KNOW that you have been fooled?  With your own permission, of course, by yourself and by other people, where you’re getting little nice things, little gifts along the ‘Happiness Stroll,’ where you’re getting them and you’re settling for them.  At the same time, I want you to KNOW that you have caught a glimpse of that white line out of town and THAT is why you are in conflict and THAT is why you feel guilty and ashamed of yourself.
“You are ashamed because you KNOW you have to walk.  You KNOW you have to get out of town, but you won’t do it.  You’re LAZY.  You’re AFRAID.  You’re afraid to leave the popularity of all your so-called friends.  You want them to like you.  They don’t like you, all your friends hate you because they hate themselves.  Nobody loves anyone else.  Where did you get THAT notion?  How about even a milder one of liking?  They like you in hopes that you like them.  It’s ALL a fraud.  It’s ALL a fake.  You’ll only SEE this when you do just one thing:
“Here you are, WHO ARE YOU WALKING WITH?  What sickos are you accompanying and pretending it’s a good time on the ‘Happiness Stroll?’  Sure, you suddenly turn your back, and turn around AND GO BACK AND START SEARCHING FOR THE WAY OUT OF TOWN and into sanity.  I know what you fear, because you feared it all your life.  You feared the anger and the retaliation of people who are insecure and feel that insecurity when you tell them you’re not going to be their friend anymore.
“I told you, you can have [Prakorimas] or you can have man.  You can have the little temporary comfort of walking with the world, or you can have the Real Life that awaits you outside of town.
“Oh, so deep.  I know you, I know you won’t go.  I’ve given you EVERYTHING NECESSARY for you to suddenly make the decision to LEAVE ALL and follow [Prakorimas].  Why don’t you do it?  Why don’t you challenge your love of hurting other people and of hurting yourself.  Why don’t you go way, way deep inside of yourself and make it quite clear to you that suffering is your pleasure, hating life is your love.  If you don’t do that, you won’t understand what is wrong with you.  If you do, do that, if you know that you just get real excited over anger, real excited over your confusion, if you KNOW that, THAT knowledge is what will give you the daring to drop all and turn around and say, GOODBYE.  AND GOODBYE FOREVER TO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER KNOWN.  With THAT, and with THAT ONLY, will you be saved.  Get the choice?
“You’ve got a pretty bum bargain so far.  How long do you think that friend is going to be in your life?  How long do you think those vagrant, painful thoughts are going to be in your mind?  You don’t know you have been betrayed.  I’m going to say that again and listen to it with exceptional receptivity.
“You don’t know that you have consented to being betrayed, you don’t know that you were possessed by self-betrayal.  You don’t know that you have settled for the ‘Happiness Stroll’ which is no happiness at all.  Everyone on the ‘Happiness Stroll’ is a miserable and sick human being, who doesn’t know that all badness disguises itself as goodness, un-necessities disguise themselves as necessities.  This is why you feel bad.
“You can’t be bad and feel good, but here’s the problem, in your heart, you kind of sense what I’m talking about, but to be bad, to be rude, to be rude to other people, at least mentally, to be greedy, to have false values.  THAT badness is extremely valuable to you, because you have never permitted yourself to take that first step toward walking out of town where new values would come to you.  You PREVENT that.
“Now look, it is not asking too much of you to turn your back on the whole world without knowing what’s going to become of you.  It is not asking too much, but you think it is.  ONLY THE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT DARING WILL BE SAVED.  ONE PERCENT OF HESITATION, OF REFUSAL TO TURN AROUND AND LEAVE THE WORLD and go to that white line, one little fraction of refusal will cost you the beauty of being good, the freedom of being good.
“You’re not in command now.  Other people are in command of you.  Your own inner nature is in command.  The financial system is in command of you.  EVERYTHING COMMANDS YOU!  And you’re very angry over that aren’t you?  You’re not in command, to be in command, you have to be good.  It makes no difference who is in your life, the bad people will go out of your life fast, they won’t want anything to do with your goodness, but when you are good, you are in command and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS but that.  Nothing else matters but to be in Spiritual Command of your own life.
“What do you care about the trinkets and the toys and the ice-cream cones they pass out along the ‘Happiness Strolls.’  Take a look at the man on the right of you, and the woman on the left of you, on the ‘Happiness Stroll’ that has been set up to con you.  TAKE A LOOK AT THEM!  Do you want to stay like them?  If you stay with them, you will stay like them and you’ll lie to each other about what a nice life it is.  Isn’t this an exciting life?  Making all this money?  Having all these great plans?  You’re out of control and you KNOW you’re out of control and when you KNOW you’re out of control, you’re TERRIFIED.
“To eliminate the terror, turn around, find the white line, the white line is available anytime you want to see it.  I don’t care where you’re standing.  Anytime you want to turn around, turn your back on that mad march in a circle, anytime you want to turn around, you can see it.  The very seeing of it is the beginning of walking it.  Seeing it is the same as becoming conscious of something higher than yourself.
“When you see you have NOTHING OF REAL VALUE, nothing that is lasting, that you’re out of control.  Control comes, command comes, as you walk toward the line and walk out of it.  It is the command of [Prakorimas] Himself.  The [Prakorimas], the creator of all those billions of planets out there.  That very same [Prakorimas] is the one who will control your life FOR YOU and then your control is very, very easy, because it is being done for you.”
Vernon Howard

Once I was out of the city, I started practicing breathing techniques I learned from exploring Russian Martial Art or Sysytema.  I would breath in through my nose for three steps and exhale through my mouth for three steps.  Occasionally, I would change it up to in for three steps and out for four, or other combinations to help my mind focus on my breathing rather than where I was going.  Despite the sunshine, it did not warm up at all.  At one point, when it was a little hazy, I looked toward the sun and noticed a rainbow halo around it – beautiful.

“So here is your first step; those of you still stuck in the quagmire of postmodern austerity, chemical poisoning, imprisoned indoctrination, and religious nonsense; do you TRUST your dream enough to RISK IT ALL?
“Let us be done with this talk of waiting for the savior to appear.  I am here, others, [like Guy Finley], are here, you are here!  What else are you waiting for?  What greater sign can there be than a personal invitation?  Check your hearts and your omens and awake to what is true.  THIS is The [Valhalla-Viking-Thunder-Fuckin’] Apocalypse [Ragnarok Style].  Your actions NOW highlight the way to your future and those of your children.  It can no longer be said by the world to [Balder], “You did not keep your promise.  You did not come.”  I am proof that it is done.  Such is the cause of my great joy; to share it with those I love until my days on Earth are done.”
The Book of Danu

“Listen carefully: Unless a grain of wheat is buried in the ground, dead to the world, it is never any more than a grain of wheat.  But if it is buried, it sprouts and reproduces itself many times over.  In the same way, anyone who holds on to [false] life just as it is – destroys that life.  But if you let [false life] go, reckless in your love, you’ll have [Life] forever, real and eternal.”
John 12:24-25 The Message (MSG)

“Which world do you want to win?  Already when you hear that question, you already understand that there must be more than one world.  More than one world!
“Well look, what other world have you known up to now in your life but the present one?  The present world of all your thoughts and your struggles and your defeats and what you call your victories.  This is the one world you have known up till now.
“With certain right intentions, persistence, with certain right endeavor on your inner self, you will hear the question which asks, which world do you want to win?  Now I want you to understand what it means to win in this present world that you now know.  Listen to the answer.
“To win in this present world means to hide out from the battle, which if you were to enter and win in that, you would know what the other world is.
“Just for now, I’m going to use the term ‘other world’ for the second area that we’re talking about.  You know what THIS world is.  You’ve lived in it.  And let me tell you how easy it is to describe it.  This present existence that you now have with all its pains and all its doubts, this present world – look how easy it is to understand – this present world consists of every single thing you know.  LOOK AT IT.”
Vernon Howard

Reaching Avon, I picked up State Route thirty-nine and continued south.  As the sun descended and it started to get dark, I realized it was not safe to be walking the road at night but had no idea where to spend the night.  I decided to knock on an inviting door and see if they would mind if I spent the night in their basement.  In this day and age I knew it was a long shot, but maybe the holiday spirit would carry over another night.  I knocked on a couple doors to no avail.  Shortly after, a sheriff deputy pulled up and asked if everything was all right.  I told him I was fine and surprisingly, he drove off.  I figured he just received a call for a more pressing matter.  I came upon a dwelling with a good size barn beside it.  There was no odor of livestock so I figured the barn was unoccupied.  I went and looked it over the best I could in the dark and then approached the residence.  A mother with a young child answered and I said I was passing through and asked if it would be all right if I spent the night in her barn.  She said it would be fine and I asked if she would be so kind and fill my water bottle for me.  She filled it and after gulping it down asked if she would fill it again.  She did and off to the barn I went with my second full bottle of water.  I retrieved my small flashlight and made my way to the back of the barn.

The floor was concrete, but in the back, I discovered a stack of plywood.  Perfect, I thought, I’ll just put a couple pieces down to keep my body off the frozen concrete and wrap myself in the blankets I had in my sea bag.  After getting set up, I took my pac boots and socks off to dry out and snuggled in for a long winter’s nap.  I had a filtered water bottle and thought how stupid it was not to drink all day and not carry water with me and to learn from my mistake.  Just as I was starting to relax, I heard a vehicle enter the driveway and two doors slam.  They must have went in the residence first and a while later two males came out, turned the lights on and came looking for me.  The men called out and I hollered to them I was in the back.  They came back and the one gentleman stated I couldn’t stay in his sister’s barn for the night because it was going down to fourteen degrees Fahrenheit.  I said that was fine, if I get too cold, I’ll just pack my gear and start walking again to warm myself and continue on my way.  He was adamant that I was not welcome to stay and offered to drive me the six miles down to Geneseo.  I told him I understood and accepted his generous offer.

When we entered Geneseo, the bank thermometer read fourteen degrees Fahrenheit.  Wow, he wasn’t kidding.  He asked if I had any money and I told him a little.  His friend pulled out a ten dollar bill and said, here, get something hot to drink and something to eat.  Dropping me off at a Dunkin’ Donut, I thanked them for the ride and money and entered the donut shop.  I purchased a White Hot Chocolate and a muffin.  I sat off in a corner out of the way and enjoyed my meal.  I ate the muffin and then took a sip of the White Hot Chocolate.  Wow!  I thought, this White Hot Chocolate is AWESOME!  I never had one of these before and it totally kicked ass!  I just discovered my new favorite hot beverage.  The donut shop was closing and one of the employees came over and advised I had to leave since they were closing.  I asked if there was anyplace around open twenty-four hours.  They directed me to Wegman’s Food.  I thanked them for the directions and departed.

Arriving at Wegman’s, I found a food court area that was closed down for the night but some comfy chairs were calling my name.  I dropped my gear on the floor and then myself into an overstuffed chair and closed my eyes to relax.  After a bit, an employee came out and yelled at me that there was no sleeping allowed in the store.  I told him I was wasn’t sleeping, just resting my eyes.  He said that wasn’t permitted either.  Very well, so I gathered my gear and relocated to a table with high back chairs and pulled out a book, journal and pen from my backpack and splayed them on the table.  I was too exhausted to read so I attempted a little journaling with my head continually drooping.  Eventually, the manager came over and inquired about my situation.  I told him I was just passing through and meant no harm to anyone.  He immediately warmed up and said to go help myself to whatever I need and he will pay for it.  Blown away by his generosity, I picked up a ring of bologna, block of cheese, creme soda and some beef jerky for the road.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If over mountains or gulfs you fain would go,
Look well to your food for the way.

When I brought the items to the check out clerk he was standing next to, he asked if that was all.  I told him, it was, as I did not want to take advantage of his kindness.  He allowed me to put my head on the table and sleep when I finished eating and no one bothered me the rest of the night.  At eight o’clock in the morning, he came over and said his shift was ending and I needed to leave now.  I told him no problem, thanked him for his hospitality, gathered my gear and headed out the door across the parking lot.

“We tell you in this room the one chance you have is to go through the rest of your life here on earth going up hill, that is receiving the light, that is understanding yourself, that is becoming sane.
“You’re one chance is to begin to see all these hostilities that you have in you, all these little petty desires, and then we will tell you what next to do when you have done that much.  You can’t absorb it now.  This is overwhelming.  Even the smallest step that is given you in the class is a giant stride that takes weeks and months and even years to begin to understand because you don’t quite get it and you will always have an answer to anything that I tell you.”
Vernon Howard

As I started heading south on State Route sixty-three, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of futility.  A nagging doubt and desire to just give up engulfed my being entirely.  “We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” Winston Churchill.  I was near the state university campus so I walked over to a bench, brushed the snow off it, set my gear on one end and myself on the other.  I started feeling sorry for myself and wandering what on Earth I was doing.  I sat there in near panic mode desperately wondering what to do next.

“Something bad has happened to you.  Unknown to you, incredibly, you have confidence in the cage.  You have confidence in the cage.  I can’t tell you how horrible that is for you to continue to do that.  Of course you have confidence in your usual ways of doing things, of reacting to life, you have confidence in that because you don’t have anything else to be truly confident in.  So you value what is valueless.  Make it a point in your own mind to know you are confined by your own badness.  Now what is badness?  Badness means you haven’t found goodness.
“[Tyr] has given every human being the opportunity to escape from the delusion that it is good to be cared for by yourself or other parts of humanity.  You see, you’re supposed to grow up.  When you’re a child, you are taken care of, physically and psychologically, by your parents.  The problem is, you have not grown up inwardly, but have been in this state of regression in which you feel it is better to stay inside the cage regardless of the size of it at the zoo.  You figure it’s better to stay in there and have your meals brought to you and be taken care of by the zookeepers.  You figure that THAT is the best you can do. Most humans never know better because they don’t want to know better.  They want to sit back and be hateful, be vicious.  If you are still inside the zoo of your own life, you are a vicious human being.  And if you are vicious that means you are bad, and if you’re bad that means you’re unhappy, and if you’re unhappy, that means you haven’t found [Tyr].  Do you understand what I am getting at?  If you’re nervous, if you’re yearning for another human being to come along and give you comfort, give you food in the zoo, if that’s what you want, you must pay the price.  [TYR] WANTS SPIRITUAL HEROES WHO INSTEAD OF BEING GRATEFUL FOR THE HANDOUTS EVERYDAY FROM THE GOVERNMENT, FROM THE FAMILY, FROM THE LIES OF SOCIETY, [Tyr] wants heroes who will look around that zoo with one thing in mind, HOW CAN I GET OUT.
“You won’t do that.  See, this takes a new kind of determination, a new kind of emotion in back of it.  You must at a certain point in your life have decided to risk everything to find something outside the zoo.  You’re gonna be afraid when you make that decision.  I’m telling you, so that you will understand it.  You’ll be quite afraid when you make that decision because here’s what the cage nature, the zoo nature, is going to say to you, ‘Yes, but what will become of me?’  Please listen, next time [Loki]-Satan whispers that to you, say back, ‘What me are you talking about?’  That will confuse him.  He now sees that you are beginning to see through him and he will be scared instead of you.  That’s called spiritually turning the tables.  Spiritually outwitting the Dark Forces that are terrified at the idea of you escaping.  ESCAPE!  SPIRITUAL ESCAPE – MAKE IT EVERYTHING AND DON’T YOU THINK ABOUT ONE OTHER SINGLE THING – because if you do, you will think wrong and you will fall into the trap of the whisperers who whisper to you in the night and in the dark, ‘Careful, something bad is going to happen to you!’  You’re in the ABSOLUTE WORSE BAD POSITION you can be – which is to be apart from Reality.  You’re ALREADY in a bad place and you’re so DUMB, so CARELESS you can’t see THAT.  Listen, you have EVERYTHING to gain and NOTHING to lose.
“Sitting in your part of the zoo, no longer are you grateful to the zookeepers for what they are giving you.  Never EVER be grateful to anyone – you know why?  Because no one has anything Real to give you. [Vinland Vikings CALL IT Negative Interest Usury.  DUMBASS!]  You’re GRATEFUL for being BETRAYED?  What’s the MATTER WITH YOU?  You’re grateful for that food, for that [government] handout, [for that credit card], [for that EBT card
(Electronic Benefit Transfer)], [for that government housing], [for that government provided cell phone], [for that ‘Line of Credit’], [for that “winning” Lottery Ticket] for those lies people give you, the religious lies, [financial lies], social lies.  Yea, there is something very sick in you that is very sickly grateful for being supported by sick people.  OF COURSE!  [No, you don’t NEED more government sanctioned charity, what you REALLY NEED is a SWIFT KICK from Reality’s Boot UP YOUR LAZY ASS!]
“You could do it different.  You can do it all together in a new way.  What you could do is to want to know what it means to truly be a good, and therefore, happy person.  And then when your knowledge of human nature, of human evil, of dangerous derelicts, when your knowledge of that increases, you will be very suspicious when the zookeeper comes and puts that plate of food down.  You will no longer be grateful, you see that man is stealing your life.  He wants to use you.  He wants to exploit you.  He wants to be a zookeeper.  He wants to keep the animals there and when the animals revolt, he gets afraid that he’s not going to be a zookeeper anymore.  It is YOUR DUTY IN LIFE to put him out of business.  It is UP TO YOU to no longer be grateful for anything from any human being and when you advance a little bit, in that direction, something else will occur to you, which is, no human PERSONALITY can tell you about Real Goodness in which happiness dwells.  Goodness can come through a human being, it can pass from [Tyr] through a human being, who himself has found the light, who has escaped, and he passes that on.  You don’t have to be grateful to him, he’s not giving you anything either of himself, he’s simply passing on the Great Good News that he’s taken from some where else.
“You see, bad people who set the food in front of you and then whip you for not behaving, they take you out of the zoo and make you perform in the circus.  You get very suspicious that you have been a dupe.  They give you the food in order to get what they want from you.  It always comes down to a choice.  Choosing between [Spiritual Heathen Tyr] and [Judeo-Christian-Muslim] man.  The [religious] man part of you, the [pious] woman part of you, that has no goodness at all – THAT must be sacrificed to the ONE AIM of finding your way out.”
Vernon Howard

Finally, the State Route sixty-three south sign caught my attention and I started to snap out of it.  I decided to keep walking south and just concentrate on my breathing again to get my mind off the misery.

“Courage means going into the unknown in spite of all the fears.  Courage does not mean fearlessness.  Fearlessness happens if you go on being courageous and more courageous.  That is the ultimate experience of courage — fearlessness: That is the fragrance when the courage has become absolute.  But in the beginning there is not much difference between the coward and the courageous person.  The only difference is that the coward listens to his fears and follows them, and the courageous person puts them aside and goes ahead.  The courageous person goes into the unknown in spite of all the fears.  He knows the fears, the fears are there.
“When you go into the uncharted sea, like Columbus did, there is fear, immense fear, because one never knows what is going to happen.  You are leaving the shore of safety.  You were perfectly okay, in a way; only one thing was missing — adventure.  Going into the unknown gives you a thrill.  The heart starts pulsating again; again you are alive, fully alive.  Every fiber of your being is alive because you have accepted the challenge of the unknown.
“To accept the challenge of the unknown, in spite of all fears, is courage.  The fears are there, but if you go on accepting the challenge again and again, slowly slowly those fears disappear.  The experience of the joy that the unknown brings, the great ecstasy that starts happening with the unknown, makes you strong enough, gives you a certain integrity, makes your intelligence sharp.  For the first time you start feeling that life is not just a boredom but an adventure.  Then slowly slowly fears disappear; then you are always seeking and searching for some adventure.
“But basically courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable, arduous pilgrimage to some unknown destination.  One never knows whether one will be able to make it or not.  It is gambling, but only the gamblers know what life is.”

“Let Truth Handle It
“Remember the word self-responsibility and know that spiritually, it means much more than you can possibly conceive right now.  Your first responsibility is to see that you can’t do anything for yourself.  This will be a great crisis for you because having abandoned yourself and not yet knowing [Prakorimas], you feel as if you’re plunging down into a pit of darkness, which you are.  But this is the necessary stage that we talk about where you’ve abandoned your own false strength and as yet don’t know the higher strength of [Tyr], of Truth.  It’s such a dreadful position to be in that few will enter it and I keep urging you over and over at these meetings to enter it yourself.
“Now, you’re to watch your own mind and you’re to see every day, from now on, how something scary and something dark enters into your own mind so that you tremble.  That is all you’re supposed to do for now.  Out of every 100 thoughts, 99 of these thoughts go unobserved, which means all you can do is to be pained by them — to be tortured by them.  You have chosen mental torment by your refusal to grow.  Wouldn’t you like to be so free that events don’t turn into a problem?  To be so wide-awake the event remains that, and not something to vibrate to.
“[Tyr], Truth, is the power to be able to see yourself in moment by moment operation and not say, “That is me.”  The minute the word “I” comes into it, you’ve wrecked it.  You’ve gone right back to your mind and then you’ll resort to intellectual devices to help yourself, which is no help at all, which is the way of the entire world.
“In conclusion, practice the following exercise, which leads to understanding.  Exercise: Watch your thoughts all day long but don’t join them.  Know you are worried.  Know you are afraid, etc.  See it.  Stand apart.  Don’t fall asleep and go into the second thought.
“Sacrifice everything to the invitation of Truth to understand your own mind, and [Prakorimas], who is higher than your mind, will do the rest.”
Vernon Howard

“No one can say ‘no’ to this world who is afraid to walk through it alone.  The unseen cost of this baseless fear is not just ending up in the company of cowards but that one may lose the possibility of ever coming to know the company of the Divine.”
Guy Finley

In, two, three.  Out, two, three.  In, two, three.  Out, two, three.  Soon, I was in rhythm and a calm sensation flowed through me.  I was walking southbound on the northbound shoulder, facing traffic.  As the day wore on, the clouds thickened up and the harsh cold subsided.

“People create their own questions because they are afraid to look straight.  All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don’t sit looking at it – WALK.”
Ayn Rand

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“RIGHT NOW, all that is required for the transition to begin is the courage to both choose and walk on this road.  In the present time, this is seen as a willingness to walk away from authority figures and power structures that have abused and neglected their mandate of protecting the people and our environment.”
The Book of Danu

By the middle of the afternoon, my feet started to squish in the sweat of my pac boots.  The felt lined, rubber, winter boots were warm enough, unfortunately, they did not allow my feet to breathe.  I only had them off my feet briefly in the barn and now my walking was turning torturous.

Occasionally, a vehicle would pass in either direction on the two-lane road.  I called out to Prakorimas that some assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I kept moving in fear stopping would prevent me from wanting to start moving again.  “Run forward when possible, walk ahead when you can, stagger onward when you must, but never cease your forward movement.” Vernon Howard.

Suddenly, a green SUV going southbound pulled to the shoulder of the southbound lane.  The window rolled down and a man’s head popped out and he hollered over to me – need a lift?  I thanked Prakorimas and said I did indeed.  As I crossed the road, he jumped out and walked toward the rear of the vehicle, opened the hatch and told me to put my things in here.  I put my gear in the rear with a bunch of cans in huge plastic bags and we jumped in the vehicle and headed south.  He said he was headed to the recycle center and asked if I wanted to be dropped off at the TA Travel Center in Dansville.  For some odd reason, I told him no, a convenient store would be fine.  He asked if I was sure and I told him I was sure.  Somehow the conversation turned to firearms and he told me he had a handgun in the glove box in front of me.  No idea why he felt I needed to know that information, but I told him we should just leave it in there.  He kind of got squirrelly after that and warned me not to open the glove box.  I assured him I had no intention to and asked where he was from to get his mind off the weapon.  Shortly, we pulled into a convenient store parking lot and he dropped me off.  I thanked him for the lift but kept my eye on him the whole time as I exited, gathered my gear from the rear and he drove off.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,-
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
I bid you be wary, but be not fearful;

I went in the store, bought a couple bottles of Power Aide then went and sat down on my sea bag at the end of the building facing the parking lot.  As I sat there, I noticed the TA sign in the distance and thought I should have went there instead.  Maybe gunfire would have erupted if I had gone there.  I gathered my gear and hiked in the direction of the TA sign on my agonizingly painful feet.

I found the TV lounge in the travel center where I dropped my gear and collapsed in a chair.  I just sat there quietly observing to see if I was going to be kicked out.  After about an hour, I figured I would have been launched by now.

I found some showers and inquired about the fee for their use.  I was charged ten bucks but would have paid a hundred if I had it at that point.  I gathered my gear and entered a shower room.  It was nice and big so I could move around freely even with my gear in there.  I sat on the toilet and peeled the boots off my feet and then my socks, expecting the worst.  Although they were wet and wrinkly, no skin was broken or blistered.  I chucked the socks in the garbage and disrobed.  The thick polypropylene top and bottom not only kept me warm and dry but odor-free as well.  The shower was priceless and revived me tremendously.

I returned to the TV lounge after showering.  There was a space heater next to one of the walls containing no chairs.  I laid my boots on their side facing the heater so the insides would dry out.  I used a pair of thick wool socks as slippers.  I just sat there and waited for everyone to leave.  At about ten o’clock everyone left, so I turned the TV volume down, put two chairs together for a make-shift bed, grabbed one of my blankets from my sea bag and laid down on the chairs.  It felt so good to be horizontal and off my feet.  I placed my non-service cell phone on the floor next to me to check the time when I woke up.

I crashed and burned.  When I woke up, I checked my cell phone and it displayed, one-thirty.  I thought I was just getting started when I noticed someone turned the TV and lights off and closed the door.  There were a lot of people passing the door in the hallway and I thought it unusual for so many people to be active at this time of the morning.  I looked at my phone again and it read one-forty PM.  I couldn’t believe it.  I got up, put the blanket away, returned the chairs, turned the light on and opened the door.

I noticed a supermarket on my way to the travel center and put my nearly dry boots on to go and see what I could purchase with my limited funds.

As I started walking, my muscles ached from the base of my neck to my heels.  I picked up some fruit and returned to the TV lounge.  I spent the next two days there resting my aching body.  Fortunately, no one asked my situation or told me to leave.  I kept picking up after myself and kept the lounge clean in exchange for no one bothering me.

The third day I felt much better and would go out exploring during the day and return at night.

Question: ‘Is there really a map that will guide me out of the human jungle?’
“‘Answer: Of course there is.  But it is like a road map ripped into pieces and scattered by the wind.  Your task is to collect and assemble the pieces.'”
Vernon Howard

One night I was hanging out at a nearby Dunkin’ Donut enjoying a White Hot Chocolate with books and journal on the table around me.  It was getting late and I was there for quite a while enjoying some music from the MP3 player my sister gifted me, when a woman approached me and asked if everything was all right.  I told her I was fine and wondered why she asked.  She said her daughter was working there and was concerned about my well-being but did not know how to approach me.  I said I was just passing through and appreciated her concern.  She went to the counter to talk to her daughter for a bit and then came back and said her daughter wanted to speak with me.  I went up to the counter and she said they were closing soon and I could have whatever I wanted, otherwise it was going in the garbage bin.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  I asked if I could get another White Hot Chocolate as well.  She said, of course, and stuffed a bag with muffins and donuts for me to take along.  I told the clerk and her mother that my appreciation was beyond expression.  They said they were glad to help and wished me well.

I sensed my welcome to be coming to an end, so the one morning I went to the interstate three-ninety underpass to hitch a ride south.  I put my gear down under the underpass and waited for someone to pick me up.  I stood and waited as the morning came and went, then afternoon came and went.  It started getting dark as the days were lengthening slowly and decided to return to the truck stop.

The college football championship game was on TV and while I was watching it, one of the employees came to me and said I could not stay another night.  I told him I was trying to hitch a ride all day to no avail and would try again tomorrow.  He left for a while and when he returned, he said I could stay another night.  I told him I appreciated the hospitality.

“Our need to change – to be made new – is constant; however, so is our resistance to change.  The former is inseparable from the freedom it heralds, while the latter ensures the continuation of patterns that imprison the soul.  Choose the latter and living becomes dying, but choose the former and see how dying leads to life.”
Guy Finley

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all.  Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach.  The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it’s yours.
“But to win it requires your total dedication and a total break with the world of your [conditioned] past, with the [altruistic] doctrine that man is a sacrificial animal who exists for the [exclusive] pleasure of [self-appointed] others [in authority].”

John Gault

“When you refuse the call from life to follow your [Heathen Heart], you run the risk of living an unfulfilled and unhappy life.  No matter how young or how old you are right now, you have a greater story to live!  It may seem like a big risk to follow your [Divine Destiny], but isn’t the greatest risk of all to miss [the point of] your life?”
Rhonda Byrne

The next morning, I asked one of the workers if he had a black marker I could borrow.  He took me back to his office and found one for me to use.  I noticed a pair of scissors on his desk and asked if I could borrow them as well.  When he handed me these items, I asked if there was any cardboard around.  He took me out back to a dumpster full of discarded cardboard and told me to take all I wanted.

I cut three pieces to make signs and went inside.  With the black marker, I wrote, “Goin’ South,” “Goin’ West” and “Goin’ North” on them.  I sensed going south wasn’t going to happen, so I decided to go to the desert southwest to get as far from the Great Lakes as I could.  Something inside me wanted a north sign as well.  I knew I wasn’t going east and did not plan to come back.  I returned the borrowed items, mapped out a route using a road atlas and headed to the underpass of the interstate with the signs under my arm.

Upon arriving under the interstate on the southbound shoulder, I propped my signs between my backpack and sea bag with “Goin’ South” facing oncoming traffic.  In about ten minutes, I had my first ride.  “Nature knows no pause in progress and development, and attaches her curse on all inaction.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  A gentleman stopped and asked how far south I was going.  When I told him to interstate eighty-six, he said he could take me that far.  “Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.” Karl von Klausewitz.

On the ride down, he said he commuted from Geneseo to Corning every day for work and was growing sick of it.  I said that was quite a commute and asked why he didn’t relocate to the Corning area.  He said his wife wanted to stay in Geneseo.  I told him I completely understood where he was coming from as a similar situation was the catalyst that put me in my present condition.  When we arrived at the interstate eighty-six exit ramp, he dropped me off to continue his commute southbound.  I thanked him for the ride and wished him well with his situation.  I walked down the ramp and set up again on the interstate eighty-six westbound entrance ramp with the sign “Goin’ West” facing oncoming traffic.

My immediate goal was to get to Cleveland.  I made out well hitching rides initially.  I was being picked up and dropped off at interchanges with a lot of traffic, so I did not have to wait very long for my next ride.  As the morning turned to afternoon, I decided to seek shelter for the night in Jamestown, the next major settlement along the route.

A guy dropped me off at a desolate interchange and he assured me someone would be along shortly to give me a lift.  I set up on the westbound entrance ramp and paced to keep warm while I waited.  Traffic was sparse and the sun started going down.  I started to look around to see where I could shelter if I ended up stranded there for the night.  Just then, a mini van pulled up with two men in route to Jamestown and asked if I needed a ride.  Gladly accepting, I jumped in with all my gear and we made our way to Jamestown.

Upon arriving, I asked if there was a homeless shelter in the city.  They gave me directions to the Salvation Army and wished me well.  I thanked them for the lift and headed south through the city.

I came upon a small, used -book shop and felt drawn to go inside.  I looked through the books, but nothing really caught my attention.  I did see a copy of ‘Atlas Shrugged‘ by Ayn Rand – a book I thoroughly enjoyed while I was still a Trooper.  It contained the best opening line to a book I ever read.  I had a pleasant conversation with the owner and then made my way to the Salvation Army.

When I arrived, I noticed the Christmas decorations were still hung and holiday music was still playing.  I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what it was like year round.  I went to check in and was told, since it was dinner time, I would be checked in after we ate.

There were about seven or eight of us seated at a large round table dinning.  Of course, the director said a prayer before serving us.  Grateful for the meal, I did notice it was quite sparse and wondered how some of these guys could be so over weight on such little sustenance.  I kept my mouth shut and eyes and ears open.

After dinner, I went to check in and was asked for identification.  I told him I didn’t possess any such form.  He was astounded that a man could walk around without any form of government ID verifying who he claimed to be.  He was adamant that I was not welcome to stay without some form of identification.  He gave me directions to the police station to see if they could verify my identity and provide some form for him to look at and fulfill his requirements.

As I made my way to the police station, it began to snow.  I arrived at the police station and an officer on the other side of a bullet proof window asked what I needed.  After explaining my situation, he recorded my personal information and disappeared for a while.  When he returned, he asked how I arrived at the station.  I told him I walked, knowing my driver’s license was suspended for child support delinquency.  He disappeared for a while again.  Finally, he returned with a piece of paper with my driver’s license information and photo stating I could use it for identification verification.

Upon returning to the Salvation Army with my paper, I was checked in and given a list of rules.  I asked if I could take a shower.  He looked at me like I asked for his right thumb.  He took me to the TV lounge and told me to wait here while he checked on something.  Since I was waiting for so long, I decided to do some journaling, as the TV program didn’t interest me.

Finally, another tenant tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I still wanted to shower.  When I told him I did, he told me to follow him.  Gathering my gear, I followed him downstairs to a laundry/shower room.  He said I had fifteen minutes to take a shower.  When he departed, I quickly disrobed and got cleaned up.  The tenant then returned and led me upstairs to my bunk and showed me where the bathroom was and left.

The bunk room was like an open squad bay with single bunks instead of double stacked bunks with limited personal space.  The guy next to me said the lights were going out at nine o’clock, which was in about ten minutes.  I told him, great, I’ll be in bed by then.  When the lights went out, I was laying on a mattress for the first time since the year began – and it felt divine!

After a light breakfast, I packed my gear, thanked the director and headed out the door.  It had stopped snowing but there were still some flurries in the air and a couple inches of snow on the ground.

I hiked all the way back to interstate eighty-six, set up my signs with my gear on the westbound entrance ramp and began pacing to keep warm while waiting for a ride.  Being a Saturday, traffic was light.  After a while, I was picked up by my first female driver.  She said she never picks up hitchhikers, but sensed something unique about me.  Gotta love women’s intuition.  She was an organic farmer and we struck up an enjoyable conversation.  So much so, she decided to take me all the way to Erie, Pennsylvania.  It was out of her way but she said she had the time to spare and dropped me off at a truck stop.  I thanked her for going out of her way for me and she said she was glad to help and wished me well.

I freshened up at the truck stop and then went to the interstate ninety westbound entrance ramp and set up my signs between my gear.  After a while, another female driver stopped and asked where I was going.  When I told her Cleveland, she invited me into her vehicle.  She said she would take me over to the shopping center where she thought I would have a better chance of getting a ride.  On the way over, she said if my daughter ever found out I picked up a hitchhiker, she would be very upset with me.  I assured her that her secret was safe with me.  She dropped me off at an extremely busy interchange and I thanked her for her help.

I again set up my signs with my gear on the interstate ninety westbound entrance ramp and paced to keep warm.  It started to snow and I was thankful for my Columbia winter coat (a past Christmas gift from my ex-wife), three-in-one fleece hood, wool over pants and pac boots.  I was beginning to wonder if the falling snow was going to halt my progress.

Just then, a Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up with a couple in it.  The man in the passenger seat rolled down the window and said they were going to Cleveland.  I told him that is where I was headed too.  He told me to put my gear in the back and hop in the back seat.  I brushed the snow off my gear, put it in, then brushed the snow off myself and hopped in the back seat.  I said quite the weather to be driving to Cleveland.  The woman answered that they were used to it and drive in such weather all the time.

I learned when he was in the Navy, their favorite duty station was Iceland.  I told them I was fascinated with Iceland and they shared their experience there with me as we traveled to Cleveland.  As we got closer to Cleveland, they asked where in Cleveland I was going.  I said the homeless shelter or Salvation Army would be fine to drop me off.  The gentleman then called his parents, who he was going to visit, to find out where it was located in the city.  After conversing with his parents, he hung up and said I could spend the night with them.  I was completely blown away by their hospitality.

His parents lived in a nice section of the outskirts of Cleveland.  They were extremely accommodating allowing me to shower and do laundry.  We also watched the NFL playoff games while snacking on pistachios and other goodies.  We had hoagies for supper and turned in for the night after the last game.

When I was leaving after breakfast, his mother handed me a slip of paper with their contact information on it and asked me to contact them when I arrived at my destination.  I assured her I would if at all possible.  They drove me over to the interstate seventy-one southbound ramp as my next planned destination was Columbus.  As I exited the vehicle, I told them my gratitude was beyond what words could express.  They said it was their pleasure and wished me well.

Noticing Progressive Field nearby, I set up my sign and gear on the ramp and paced to keep warm while I waited for my next ride.  The snow stopped and traffic was almost non-existent on a Sunday morning.  The traffic picked up as morning turned to afternoon but no rides were offered.  I hiked over to a convenient store to use the bathroom and purchase a hot chocolate, before returning to set up again.

As afternoon turned to evening, a dark van pulled up and some church folks got out and gave me some hot soup and hot chocolate they had left over from their afternoon function.  I thanked them for their kindness and they departed.  As the evening wore on, the traffic wore out.  I was in a well lit area and felt it best just to stay there and wait.

Finally, a gentleman pulled up and told me to hop in.  He said he passed me earlier in the day and drove me to a convenient store in another part of the city.  I thanked him for his help.  He said they close for an hour for cleaning but would re-open after that.  I entered and bought a hot chocolate and sat at a table exhausted from pacing all day.

Sure enough, at three in the morning, they closed up so I decided to go the interstate ninety westbound entrance ramp, under a light, to see if I could resume my journey in the dark.  Very little traffic with absolutely no interest in picking me up – confirmed my suspicion that hitchhiking at night is a bad idea.  I returned to the convenient store when it re-opened and waited in there for daylight.

When the sun came up, I headed back to interstate ninety westbound and set up.  Traffic really picked up for Monday morning rush hour.  Eventually, a police cruiser pulled up and notified me hitchhiking was prohibited on the ramp.  I went back to the convenient store to locate a map to explore my options.  Unable to locate one, I hiked down the street to a gas station to inquire about a map.  They also did not have a map available.  Having no idea where I was or where to go to find out, I went back to the entrance ramp, sat on my gear on the corner and started feeling sorry for myself.

Racked with self-pity and wondering what on earth I was doing here, I just sat there freezing.  A honking horn snapped me out of it and when I looked up, a woman in a black SUV was waving me in the vehicle.  I jumped up, grabbed my gear and ran over and opened the passenger door.  She told me to just put my stuff on the back seat.  I did and then jumped in the front seat.  She asked me where I was going and I explained my struggle to go from Cleveland to Columbus.  She thought for a moment and said she would take me over to interstate eighty where UPS trucks frequently pass and thought I would be able to hitch a ride over there.  As she dropped me off at the westbound entrance ramp, I thanked her for her help and she drove off.

I set the signs up in my gear and paced to keep warm while I waited for a ride.  Traffic was sparse and I started to get a bad feeling.  While we were driving over, I noticed a sign for interstate seventy-one not far from where she eventually dropped me off.  I decided to grab my gear and hike over to investigate.  On my way over, I spotted a cheap food store and went in to buy some bananas and oranges.  I hiked over to interstate seventy-one southbound entrance ramp and started eating a banana while I was waiting for a ride.

Finally, a guy in a pick up truck stopped and picked me up.  He asked where I was going and I asked if there was any truck stops around he could take me to.  I needed to re-asses my plan.  He thought a moment and said he did and drove me over to the TA Plaza in Lodi.  On the way down, he asked why I was out here hitchhiking across the country.  I told him a little about my situation and basically said I was fed up with society as a whole.  He said, good for you!  Most of us only dream about what you’re doing but you are out here ACTUALLY doing it.  “Be [Nature] in active operation.  Do noble deeds, don’t dream about them all thy life long.” Ragnar Redbeard.  When we arrived, I thanked him for his help and when I got out of the truck, he reached in the back seat, grabbed a loaf of bread and handed it to me.  I asked if he was sure I could have it and he said he was and wished me well.

The Travel Centers of America in Lodi was the biggest truck stop plaza I ever visited.  It not only had the standard truck stop accommodations on a massive scale, but a huge restaurant and Burger King to boot.  It made the one in Dansville, New York look like a hole in the wall by comparison.  I found the TV lounge, complete with movie theatre style seating, set my gear and myself in the back row and started chowing down on bread, bananas and oranges.

When the news came on, the weather man warned that an Arctic Cold Blast was arriving overnight.  Relieved I was at the truck stop, I was hoping my luck would hold and I would not be kicked out into the brutal cold.  I kept a low profile and tried not to draw attention to myself.  When sleeping in the TV lounge with a backpack and sea bag, it doesn’t take long to stick out.

I soon discovered I was not the only one in such a situation and befriended another pathetic, out-in-the-cold waif.  He was from the area, had a vehicle and even a part-time job at another truck stop.  I wondered what in the world he was doing here with all that going for him.  He didn’t elaborate and I didn’t ask.  He did give me one of his extra shower tokens to use and one night shared some extra food he brought back from his job.

One night, I was journaling at an isolated table in Burger King.  It was getting close to closing time when the manager came over and asked if I was someone the female employees were acquainted.  When I told him I wasn’t from the area and just passing through, he seemed relieved.  He said I resembled a man that was harassing some of the female employees.  I told him they had the wrong guy.  He asked if I was hungry and when I said I was, he told me to wait there.  He returned with some double cheeseburgers that were left over and handed them to me.  I told him I appreciated the food and did not mean to alarm his employees.  The cold spell was lifting and I did not want to wear out my welcome, so the next morning, I packed my gear and headed out with a new plan.

With a borrowed road atlas, I mapped out a route that would take me to Cincinnati and continue in a southwest direction from there – man plans and the Gods laugh.  State Route two, twenty-four was right next to the travel center in Lodi.  I planned to go west on State Route two, twenty-four to Findlay and then take interstate seventy-five to Cincinnati.

I set up on State Route two, twenty-four westbound and paced to keep warm while I waited for a ride.  The first guy to stop was operating an old pick up truck with children in the cab and tree debris in the bed of the truck.  He got out of his truck and approached me.  He said he would give me a ride if I jumped in the bed of his truck with the debris in it.  I told him, no thanks, I would wait for another ride.  He seemed adamant that I go with him, which increased my suspicion.  I told him I appreciated the offer but preferred to wait it out.  He gave me a condescending look as he walked back to his truck and departed.  I watched him until he was out of sight.

Wits must he have who wanders wide,
But all is easy at home;
At the witless man the wise shall wink
When among such men he sits.

The next man to stop was operating a much newer pick up truck and was quiet but friendly.  The further west we traveled the highway turned to a two lane road and the settlements were sparsely populated and few and far between.  Not quite what I envisioned while looking at a map.  He drove me out to Nova and dropped me off there.  I thanked him for the ride and set up westbound to wait for my next ride.  As I observed my surroundings, I felt this was not the way to go.  It seemed the main interstates were the best way to travel.

After about an hour, I noticed a sign for Route five, eleven north and decided to set up over there to go north.  Glad something inside me chose to make a ‘Goin’ North’ sign.  I was going back to interstate ninety to go west to Chicago and go south from there to Texas.

I was picked up in about ten minutes by a family returning from a scouting function.  I told them I wanted to get back to interstate ninety and they said it would be no problem.  We went north on five, eleven to Baumhart Road and they dropped me off at the entrance to the Ohio Turnpike.  I thanked them for the ride and they wished me well then drove off.

As I was standing there waiting for a ride, the sun started to set and I noticed the people in the toll booth a ways away would be able to see me.  After about an hour, it was getting dark and I was pacing under a street light, when a Highway Patrol cruiser pulled up.  The officer was of African descent and asked where I was going.  I told him I was making my way to Chicago.  He told me to get in and took me over to the Middle Ridge Service Plaza, near Amherst.  He said this would be a good place to spend the night and resume my trip in the morning.  I thanked him for his assistance and went into the truckers entrance of the plaza.

There were a couple TV lounges in the facility and I found an unoccupied one without a TV in it.  The furniture was hardy black vinyl and went straight for the couch.  I ate, drank, used the bathroom, removed a blanket from my sea bag and laid down.  After trying to sleep on fold up theatre seats for a couple nights, the couch felt incredibly comfortable.  It was relatively quite as well and no one bothered me all night.

At first light, I gathered my gear and set up on the entrance ramp from the service plaza.  After about an hour, I had to use the bathroom again.  I returned and set up again.

After a while, a green van pulled up with a guy driving with his small dog on his lap.  He asked where I was headed and when I told him Chicago he said hop in.  He had a mattress spread in the rear of his van and it wreaked of weed.  I put my gear next to his mattress and hopped in the passenger seat hoping we would not have a police encounter.  He said he was returning to Sault Saint Marie, Michigan and could take me as far as Toledo.  He asked if I ever been to Sault St Marie.  When I told him I never have, he said it was on the upper peninsula of Michigan at the Canadian border.

When I told him I started out from Rochester, New York, turned out he was coming from Rome, New York, just east of Syracuse, where he dropped off a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to have work done on it.  He claimed this particular mechanic was the best at such work.

As we approached Toledo, he told me he was going to take State Route twenty-three north and pick up interstate seventy-five at Flint so he could avoid Detroit.  I was extremely fortunate to be paying attention when he told me his itinerary.  When we exited the turnpike, he dropped me off so I could set up facing westbound traffic.  I thanked him for the ride and he wished me well.

Shortly after I set up, another Ohio Highway patrol officer of African descent pulled up and informed me hitchhiking was prohibited on Turnpike property.  I inquired where I could set up and be off Turnpike property.  He directed me to where I would be in compliance with the law and I quickly relocated.  Traffic volume was heavy and I was in a difficult position to be picked up.

As morning turned to afternoon, I was reflecting on going to Sault St. Marie.  Maybe, I should have stayed with that guy all the way to the upper peninsula.  I wasn’t getting any rides west and it seemed when I was going in the right direction my journey was much smoother.  I noticed a sign pointing to State Route twenty-three north and decided to follow it.

I hiked over to an entrance ramp for State Route twenty-three north and just as I was setting my gear down, a green van pulled up similar to the one my previous ride was driving.  Thinking it may be him, I shot up and said I was going north.  The female operator, of African descent, motioned me to get in the van.  I stowed my gear , hopped in and said I was headed to Sault St. Marie.  In a pleasant sounding English accent, she said she could take me as far as the Michigan border.  I told her that would be great and thanked her for the ride.

She was from Nigeria, Africa and asked if I knew anything about Nigeria.  I said all I knew about Nigeria was it was located on the west coast of Africa and beautiful women hail from there.  She thought that was funny and enjoyed our short conversation together.  I told her my ancestors hail from North of the Rubicon – Lithuania, Northern Germany and Tyrol.  (FYI: Tyrol was still part of Austria when the parents of my maternal grandfather emigrated.)

She pulled into a Burger King parking lot to drop me off and as I was getting out she told me to wait.  Reaching in her pocket, she pulled a twenty dollar bill out and handed it to me.  It was the most at one time I was given and told her it wasn’t necessary to give me that much.  She insisted and handed it to me.  I told her how much I appreciated her hospitality and generosity and went into Burger King as she drove off.

I had to use the bathroom and usually purchase an item as an expression of appreciation.  After using the bathroom, the counter was busy and it was getting late in the afternoon so I quickly departed and set up on the northbound entrance ramp.

Soon, I was picked up by a woman, of European descent, operating a yellow Volkswagen bug.  I put my gear in the trunk, where the engines used to be in bugs in the sixties, and hopped in the passenger seat.  I told her I was headed to Sault St. Marie and she said it is pronounced ‘soo’ St. Marie.  She was returning from visiting family and decided on conversation instead of listening to the radio for her drive back.  I told her I hoped I wouldn’t disappoint.  She must have enjoyed our conversation as she went out of her way a little to drop me off at a busier interchange than the one she was exiting.  I told her I appreciated the ride and conversation and she wished me well.

I quickly set up on the northbound ramp as the sun started to set.  Traffic was indeed heavy and a gentleman in an Audi picked me up.  I said I was making my way to ‘soo’ St. Marie and asked if there were any establishments open twenty-four hours around here where I could hang out for the night.  He thought a moment and said he did – a Meijer’s grocery store in the Grand Blanc area just outside Flint.  He drove me up there and dropped me off.  I thanked him for the ride and he wished me well.

I entered Meijer’s, quickly purchased some food and sat at an out of the way table in the food court.  It felt so good to just sit, relax and enjoy a meal.

A well dressed employee of African descent approached me and asked if I was doing all right.  I told him I am now that I was able to enjoy a meal.  He asked where I was coming from.  I told him I started from Rochester, New York but arrived today from west of Cleveland.  He was very kind and told me I could take my time.  I thanked him for the hospitality and he wished me well and departed.

It started getting late and the food court was closing for the night, when a guy of European descent dressed in a suit, entered the court and started walking in my direction.  His demeanor gave him away as an arrogant prick as he strutted over like he shit diamonds.  He said, I hope you don’t plan on spending the night here.  I responded that my evening was going extremely well and asked how his evening was going.  He said not to get smart with him or he would call the cops and have me arrested.  I told him I didn’t know what his problem was since I was just sitting here, keeping to myself, minding my own business while I was enjoying food purchased from this establishment.  I added that I didn’t steal anything from anyone and intended no one any harm and that he should get a grip and just chill out.  He said if I didn’t leave soon, I would be arrested for trespassing and walked away.  Give a coward a little authority and he thinks he rules everything.  I packed my gear, picked up some pop-tarts and oranges for breakfast and left.

I went to the gas station in front of the store and sat on my gear in front of the building facing the pumps.  Meijer’s was in back of the building so I was out of sight from the store.  I figured I would wait for shift change and try my luck again.

After a while, a female employee came out of the gas station mart and offered me a hot chocolate.  I gladly accepted and thanked her for her hospitality.  After finishing the hot chocolate, I needed to use the bathroom and went in the mart to relieve myself.

At shift change, I was surprised to see the arrogant prick escorting the kind gas mart employee to her car.  They walked through the pump area in front of me.  I wanted to yell to the employee that I appreciated her kindness, but the look on her face pleaded me not to, so I respected her wishes and kept silent.  When she drove off, the arrogant prick walked back through the pump area and into the main parking lot.  I went to the end of the building and watched him get in his vehicle and depart.  Knowing it was probably a bad idea, I decided to make another go at staying in Meijer’s for the night.

I entered the store, put my gear in a push cart and started walking down an isle.  I didn’t get very far when three suits surrounded me telling me I wasn’t permitted in the store.  I said, I didn’t know what you all are so afraid of but I assure you I mean nobody any harm.  They said I was trespassing and if I didn’t leave immediately the cops would be called.  Discretion being the better part of valor, I said that would not be necessary and left.  In the parking lot, I got as much snow and slush on my boots as I could, went to the entrance mat and while I was stomping them clean, whispered, “Your hospitality is as cold, wet and miserable as your welcome mat,” turned and departed leaving them to their fate.

I entered the store, put my gear in a push cart and started walking down an isle.  I didn’t get very far when three suits surrounded me telling me I wasn’t permitted in the store.  I said, I didn’t know what you all are so afraid of but I assure you I mean nobody any harm.  They said I was trespassing and if I didn’t leave immediately the cops would be called.  Discretion being the better part of valor, I said that would not be necessary and left.

In the parking lot, I got as much snow and slush on my boots as I could, went to the entrance mat and while I was stomping them clean, whispered, “Your hospitality is as cold, wet and miserable as your welcome mat,” turned and departed leaving them to their fate.

I crossed the street to a McDonald’s that was closed for renovation, while construction workers were hard at work.  I located the foreman and asked if I could get out of the cold by sitting in the dining area that was closed off with clear plastic sheets spanning ceiling to floor.  He apologized and said he couldn’t allow it.  I told him I understood and thanked him anyway.

Behind the McDonald’s stood an Arby’s that was dark and closed for the night.  There was an advertisement in the window stating they now served breakfast.  Curious, I looked at the entrance door for the hours of operation.  Sure enough, they opened at six AM.

Down from the Arby’s was a parking lot all lit up and as I approached, noticed it to be a Hampton Inn.  As I crossed the parking lot, a young man was finishing a cigarette outside the front doors.  When he saw me he yelled over, “Hey man, where you coming from?”  I responded from across the street, I was kicked out of Meijer’s.  He said, “No, I mean where you hitchhiking from.”  I said oh, Rochester, New York.  He started laughing and when I came into the light where he saw me clearly, he asked how old I was.  When I told him thirty-nine, he said, “Damn dude, you’re in phenomenal shape.  I don’t know any thirty-nine year olds that can be out here doing what you’re doing.”  I told him that’s because there weren’t any thirty-nine year olds around who have been through what I have been through and lived to tell about it.  His eyes got as big as saucers as he held the door for me.  I winked and smiled at him as I walked through.  We entered the lobby and he headed back to his party upstairs, while I located a cozy chair out of the way.

After an hour, no one bothered me and I made myself more comfortable.  The couch looked inviting but I did not want to draw attention to myself, so I just slept in the chair the best I could.  At about five AM, the desk clerk approached and asked if I was a patron.  When I told him I was not, he advised that I would have to leave now as they were setting up for breakfast.  I said, no problem and asked if there was a bathroom I could use before leaving.  He directed me to the bathroom and I thanked him for his hospitality.

Back out in the cold, I just hiked around to keep warm while waiting for Arby’s to open.  I entered shortly after they opened and ordered a hot chocolate.  They were just setting up so it took a while for them to make it.

Finally, I went to a table in the back and out of the way to enjoy my breakfast.  On the TV was the telecast preparing for the presidential coronation ceremony.  The media was spreading their usual mass ignorance.  “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” Ayn Rand.  The Revolutionary War was fought to PRESERVE physical slavery and the Civil War was fought to IMPOSE federal taxes and the media was propagating just the opposite.  “I have no purpose directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it now exists.  I believe I have no lawful right to do so… My paramount objective is to save the Union and it is not either to save or destroy slavery.  If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.” Abraham Lincoln.

[Quick Aside: Federal taxes NEEDED to be imposed, first; to pay for the “invasion” of Mexico from eighteen, forty-six to eighteen, forty-eight (the “Alamo” was the nine-eleven “incident” of the time – Hint: Texas NEVER wanted to “join” the United States – pure propaganda – it wanted to REMAIN the INDEPENDENT Lone Star Republic LAND-GRANTED by Spain, Fucked-Over by Mexico and Exploited by “Uncle Sam” – are you seeing a trend yet?  Just ask the “Father of Texas,” Stephen F. Austin and the Texas President, Sam Houston), second; annexing Mexican land (stretching the US from “sea to shining sea” – thank you Monroe Doctrine) and finally imposing drug cartels on the Mexican government (creating a permanent “border problem”) THAT is what the “Civil War” was fought over.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

Furthermore, the Confederate States had every RIGHT to secede from the Union because it was written into EVERY state’s constitution that the state could withdraw from the Union when it was in the BEST INTEREST of THE STATE to do so.  Hence, the “Collective” takes a BACK SEAT to the INDIVIDUAL!  The US Constitution would NOT have been ratified WITHOUT this “escape clause.”

The Tariffs (i.e. TAXES) imposed by the sixteenth pathetic pin-head detrimentally effected the cotton producing Southern States to the exploiting benefit of the Northern States thus JUSTIFYING their exit from the Union.  After the “victorious” Northern Aggression and in true “to the victor goes the spoils” fashion, the “escape clause” was MANDATED to be REMOVED from ALL state and commonwealth constitutions while the seventeenth amendment to the US Constitution in nineteen-thirteen (oh look, the SAME year the Federal Reserve Act was passed – Coincidence?) eliminated individual state representation in Congress when US Senators were now ‘(s)elected’ by popular vote of the state’s electorate rather than ‘appointed’ by the state’s legislators – welcome to “Oppression For All!”  “As far as Sociology is concerned, ethical principles are decided by the shock of contending armies.  Right has always been emblazoned on the standards of Victory, and wrong on the draggled rags [flag hanging untidily] of Lost Causes.” Ragnar Redbeard.

To add INSULT to INJURY, the egregious Elite and their Zionist-Illuminati Ilk “Patriotically” project THEIR ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Racial Hatred’ ONTO the Confederate States while YOU “Delinquent Derelicts” SWALLOW IT ALL Hook, Line and Sinker.  Talk about a ‘Stuck on Stupid’ GULLIBLE, Delusional DUMBASS!  “If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” Ayn Rand.

Don’t be fooled by ‘Southern Secret Society’ either – they conspired to do all they could to sabotage the Confederacy – like assassinating General Lee’s right hand man, General “Stonewall” Jackson, while making it APPEAR as an ‘accident’ – Pure Propaganda – the Federal Reserve System we NOW have is EXACTLY what these ‘Southern Psychopaths’ desired ALL ALONG.  Just ask South Carolina, Brigadier General, Albert Pike.  “Pike, who had been elected as Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s Southern Jurisdiction in 1859, was the most powerful Freemason in America.  He would retain that post for thirty-two years until his death in 1891.” Andrew Hitchcock.  You know, the Thirty-Third Degree Freemason author of Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, who is the ONLY Confederate General to have a statue in Washington D.C., burdening the backbone of Athena while holding said book.  “Interestingly, in the same book, Pike emphasizes that Freemasonry is a religion based on the occult Jewish philosophy found in the Kabbalah.” Andrew Hitchcock.  Albert Pike’s statue stands UNMOLESTED to this day in spite of ALL the “anti-Confederate” chaos unleashed in the name of “Social Justice.”  Coincidence?  “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Just ask fellow South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond.  FUCK YOU South Carolina!

Now, YOU KNOW the “Civil War” had NOTHING to do with FREEING “slaves” (technology performs that function) and EVERYTHING to do with DESTROYING the Laissez-Faire Economy while ENSLAVING “American Taxpayers” through Wall Street’s IMPOSED “Federal” Reserve to ASSESS Voluntary “Federal” Income Taxes to finance the Judeo-Christian “American Empire” (Kosher) Taxing – (Pious) Tithing Style.  “Slavery, if it can be legalized at all, can be legalized only by positive legislation.  Natural law gives it no aid.  Custom imparts to it no legal sanction.” Lysander Spooner.  Thus ENABLING the Elites to ENSLAVE the ‘World of MenInternational Monetary Fund Style.  “The money power preys upon the nations in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity.  It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.” Abraham Lincoln.  Just ask the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held at the Mount Washington Hotel located within Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in July of nineteen forty-four.  FUCK YOU New Hampshire!  The results SPEAK for the Victorious Voting Villains.  “[Ashkenazi Jews] are the great moneylenders and loan contractors of the world… The consequence is that nations of the world are groaning under heavy systems of taxation and national debt.  They have ever been the greatest enemies of freedom.” Lord Harrington.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  STOP CALLING “Elitist-Enslaving” Constitutional Apartheid “Freedom” DUMBASS!  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Constitutional Coercion – Freemason Style.  So much for PhDs in History – Worthless Weasels.]

“The Gettysburg speech was at once the shortest and the most famous oration in American history… But let us not forget that it is poetry, not logic; beauty, not sense.  Think of the argument in it!  Put it into the cold words of everyday!  The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination – “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, should not perish from the earth”.  It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue.  The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves.”
H. L. Mencken

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If evil you know, as evil proclaim it,
And make no friendship with fools.

1871:  An American General named Albert Pike, who had been enticed into the “Illuminati” by the Italian revolutionary leader Guisseppe Mazzini, completes his military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world, culminating into moving this great conspiracy into its final stage.  These details are as follows:

“The First World War is to be fought for the purpose of destroying the Tsar in Russia, as promised by Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815.  [To seize Russia’s IMMENSE natural resources.]  The Tsar is to be replaced with communism which is to be used to attack religions, predominately Christianity.  The differences between the British and German empires are to be used to forment this war.  [Mission Accomplished!]
“The Second World War is to be used to forment the controversy between fascism [a Zionist creation] and political Zionism with the [staged] oppression of the Jews in Germany a lynchpin in bringing hatred against the German people.  This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschilds created) and increase the power of political Zionism.  This war is also designed to increase the power of communism [a Zionist creation] to the level that it equals that of united Christendom [a Zionist creation]. 
[Mission Accomplished!]

“The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purpose of playing the Islamic world [a Mongol-Zionist creation] and the political Zionists off against one another. 
“I ask you: Do you want total war?  If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today?” Joseph Goebbels.  Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.” [Just in “time” for the “Black Swan” event known as the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ for ALL you Blind Believers in the form of a Synagogue of Satan, One World Government!  ‘Lucky’ y’all!].
Andrew Hitchcock

Question: Where have we witnessed the following before?  “The Third World War is to be played out by stirring up hatred of the Muslim world for the purpose of playing the Islamic world [a Mongol-Zionist creation] and the political Zionists off against one another.  Whilst this is going on, the remaining nations would be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, physical, spiritual and economic exhaustion.”
Andrew Hitchcock

Answer: “As World War II drew to a close, this rural, deeply traditional [Prussian] land was destined to become one of the bloodiest battlefields of the entire conflict, in the depths of a bitterly cold winter.  The brutality with which the Red Army would treat the Prussian civilian population was shocking, but the seeds for this terrible harvest had been growing for years.
“By the beginning of October 1944, all of the pieces on the board were in place: the Wehrmacht, exhausted and struggling to find adequate supplies of fuel and ammunition, faced with a desperate defence of the homeland; behind them, a fearful population, feeding on every rumour that circulated; and before them, the Red Army, well-equipped and [Lend-Lease] supplied, vastly superior to its opponent in numbers if not in quality; full of confidence after its string of victories, and bent on vengeance.” 
[‘Lucky’ y’all!]
Pritt Butar

“If we think ourselves full of knowledge and correct in most things, we deny the universe the opportunity to fill us with new and grander truths.  For me, the challenge in living seems to be one’s ability to both set and grow beyond the limitations we establish for ourselves.  The worst in life is experienced when we accept the limits on reality that are imposed by others.  Instead of letting Hollywood and television do the work of your imagination for you, perhaps you might consider using the time you have left to craft a unique version of reality that is suitable to your tastes and preferences.  If you like the story of limitation and austerity, by all means, continue to link your mind to mainstream sources of “authority” and disinformation.  If you want to expand your own capability for love, joy and the unlimited abundance of imagination, then thank yourself for having found this book or my website.  Truly, eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, what [Tyr] has ready for those who love the divine and are willing to risk all that you know and possess to show it.”
The Book of Danu

“Your revolt against conflict is long overdue.  I’m going to repeat that and I want you to remember it.  YOUR REVOLT AGAINST CONFLICT IS LONG OVERDUE.  Place yourself under the power of righteousness and it will become clear to you what it means to revolt in the right way.
“I want you to write down a new word in the English language that’s called ‘right-revolt.’  We took two words and put them together — ‘right-revolt.’
“If you put that in your mind first as a intellectual idea, then you can go on to letting it become a living idea, and the idea of right revolt against everything that hurts you, against wrong human relations.
“Your revolt and the nature of true revolt will live inside you so that when you have to make a decision about going left or right or up or down, you will always choose the way that you say, ‘I’m not going to go along with my weak submission to the world.  I’m not going to be afraid of anyone or anything again!’
“All right.  Again, you have made a declaration.  It’s now just words.  It’s just mental, but that’s the start — to get the blueprint, the idea into your mind.  And then see as you go through with this sword of righteousness, see how you fail to draw out that spiritual sword.  You fail to draw it out because you are afraid of the [Illuminati] giants and the [Zionist] monsters and the [Socialist] mad mobs and the [deceptive mass media] news headlines and [family, friends, associates and other] people close to you who may be oppressive.
“You must see that you are not revolting correctly, that you are not doing for yourself what you can do.”
Vernon Howard

PRESERVING slavery and IMPOSING taxes is WHY the FIRST and the SIXTEENTH presidents are Deified – the “dead presidents” on the One and Five dollar bill for you School House Rock failures.  People don’t know the difference because they are debt-laden derelicts who are oblivious to economics.  “Since banks profit by credit expansion, and since government has made it almost impossible for them to fail, they will usually try to keep “loaned up” to their allowable maximum [i.e. Loan Sale!].” Murray N. Rothbard.  This world’s financial problems can be solved by applying one economics lesson and that lesson can be condensed to one sentence.  Only spend money on the things you need.  If each individual did that properly for themselves, not only would cluttered garages be extinct, but there would be plenty for everyone, because nobody would ever have to look to another person, institution or agency to supply their necessities.  “We are slaves to whatever we don’t understand.” Vernon Howard.

While we’re talking about money: Question: Why was the “Goddess of Liberty,” in bas relief on gold and silver coins, eliminated on the “paper” Federal Reserve Notes and “minted” nickel coins of our Legal Tender?  Answer: The Federal Reserve wants NOTHING TO DO with the “Goddess of Liberty” because the Legal Tender Lords do not believe in Individual Thought, Individual Freedom, Individual Initiative or Individual Independence in economic exchange.  Instead, the Federal Reserve prefers “In God We Trust” and “glorified” dead politicians to adorn their fiat currencies – the Goddess of Liberty, like Her Kick-Ass Heathen Warriors, are NOT WELCOMED in Semite Supremacist Socialism.

You wonder WHY America has deteriorated and degenerated?  You simply TURNED YOUR BACK on the “Goddess of Liberty” commodity value and WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS the Federal Reserve “In God We Trust” fiat currency.  You may want to reconsider THAT mistake.  Hint: You won’t find Her on phony Bitcoin or other corrupt Cryptocurrencies either.  You will ONLY find the “Goddess of Liberty” on VALUABLE commodity based metals like gold, silver and platinum to EMPOWER a mutual exchange of VALUE.  The choice is ALWAYS yours and YOURS ALONE to make.  Choose Wisely.

Once the sun started to rise, I gathered my gear and headed to the northbound entrance ramp.

“All the perplexities, confusions, and distress in America, arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from a want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.”
John Adams

“The EASIEST WAY for a band of public robbers TO PLUNDER A NATION, is for them to ISSUE COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY, AND EXCHANGE IT FOR INTRINSIC VALUES: and the easiest way to enslave a [Folk] is to wheedle [coax or persuade someone to do something] it into, or impose upon it counterfeit Ethics, that is to say, fraudulent standards of morality.
“When the weighing scales (or measures) are falsified, all subsequent exchange becomes marauding.  Then foreclosing bankers become cattle-lifters, and machine politicians develop into pirates.  Thus it happeneth that the words ‘politician’ and ‘thief’ are NOW interchangeable terms; more especially in America, France, and Australia.  “Government is the Great Blackmailer.”
“Their [Para-Semite] schemes of financial legerdemain 
[sleight of hand]
 are of unparalleled brilliance and grandeur.  They borrow thousands of millions upon National Credits from the [Federal Reserve] Usurers, and then proceed to apportion the money unto each other, under the elaborate pretense of needful public expenditure, redeeming the currency, etc., etc.”
Ragnar Redbeard

“The free market economy is spoken of with contempt, and enlightened [Communist] state control and [Fascist] public-private partnerships of various kinds are proposed instead.”
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

“To deprive mankind of their natural right and power of creating wealth for themselves, is as great a tyranny as it is to rob them of it after they have created it.  And this is done by all [Legal Tender] laws against honest [Natural Gold-Based] banking.”
Lysander Spooner

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing.  The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleigh of hand that was ever invented.  Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.  Bankers own the Earth.  Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it back again…
“Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this world would be a better and happier world to live in.  But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit.”
Sir Josiah Stamp
Director of the Bank of England 1928-1941

“Pathetic and very vicious human beings are guided by their own misinformation, and are terrified by their own self-doubts.  They cannot possibly push away the doubts they have about themselves though they try every means possible.
“One of the ways in which men and women of this planet try to make themselves feel good in their own self-created miserable world is in financial matters.  That’s what we’re going to zero in on.  That’s what we’re going to concentrate on.
“So man created the financial structure that you live in and suffer from today.  Think of money and think of all the problems it causes.  Originally, it was simply meant as a medium of exchange, so you wouldn’t have to exchange your potatoes for another man’s services — hauling your corn chips around the country or whatever, as an exchange.  How many of you have corn chips?
(Laughter)  How many of you have a wagon of corn chips? (Laughter)

“But because man degenerates everything he touches, the simple process of making exchanges of goods fell into the ditch like everything else he does.  And man then began to get greedy over money.  Just having money wasn’t enough.  He wanted more money than his neighbor.”
Vernon Howard

“If you remember the stories you’ve read about me in the newspapers, before they stopped printing them, you know that I have never robbed a private ship and never taken any private property.  Nor have I ever robbed a military vessel — because the purpose of a military fleet is to protect from violence the citizens who paid for it, which is the proper function of a government.  But I have seized every loot-carrier that came within range of my guns, every government relief ship, subsidy ship, loan ship, gift ship, every vessel with a cargo of goods taken by force from some men for the unpaid, unearned benefit of others.  I seized the boats that sailed under the flag of the idea which I am fighting: the idea that need is a sacred idol requiring human sacrifices — that the need of some men is the knife of a guillotine hanging over others — that all of us must live with our work, our hopes, our plans, our efforts at the mercy of the moment when that knife will descend upon us — and that the extent of our ability is the extent of our danger, so that success will bring our heads down on the block, while failure will give us the right to pull the cord.  THIS is the horror which Robin Hood immortalized as an ideal of righteousness.  It is said that he fought against the looting rulers and returned the loot to those who had been robbed, but that is not the meaning of the legend which has survived.  He is remembered, not as a champion of property, but as a champion of [poverty] need, not as a defender of the [producers] robbed, but as a provider of the [pathetic] poor.  He is held to be the first man who assumed a halo of virtue by practicing charity with wealth which he did not own, by giving away goods which he had not produced, by making others pay for the luxury of his pity.  He is the man who became the symbol of the idea that need, not achievement, is the source of rights, that we don’t have to produce, only to want, that the earned does not belong to us, but the unearned does. [Just ask the “Democrat” Demon Party!]  He became a justification for every mediocrity who, unable to make his own living, has demanded the power [via tithes and taxes – ESPECIALLY “Income Taxes”] to dispose of the property of his betters, by proclaiming his willingness to devote his life to his inferiors at the price of robbing his superiors.  It is this foulest of creatures — the [preacher/politician] double-Para-Semite who lives on the sores of the poor and the blood of the rich — whom men have come to regard as a moral ideal.  [ENOUGH ALREADY!]  And THIS has brought us to a world where the more a man produces, the closer he comes to the loss of all his rights, until, if his ability is great enough, he becomes a rightless creature delivered as prey to any claimant [Just ask Jeff Bezos] — while in order to be placed above rights, above principles, above morality, placed where anything is permitted to him, even plunder and murder, all a man has to do is be in need.  Do you wonder why the world is collapsing around us?  THAT is what I am fighting… Until men learn that of all human symbols, Robin Hood is the most immoral and the most contemptible, there will be no justice on earth and no way for mankind to survive.”
Ragnar Danneskjold

“Human beings do not understand even the simplest of facts about their unhappy condition.  They fail to see the link between their preference for fantasy and their nervousness.  The power of fantasy is so strong that people think they are having a good time when they are merely wasting money.  It is like the woman at a party who timidly asked a waiter, ‘Am I enjoying myself?'”
Vernon Howard

Traffic was picking up and soon a guy in a white pick up truck stopped and gave me a ride.  I told him I was making my way to Sault St. Marie and he said he could take me up a few exits.  I thanked him for the ride and he wished me well as I exited the vehicle.

I quickly set up on the northbound entrance ramp again and quickly had another ride.  Two young guys in an old beater said they could take me up a few exits so I jumped in the back seat with my gear.  The driver turned and asked if I wanted a hit of the joint he was handing me.  I said, no thanks, I’m good.  He said, suit yourself, turned back around and floored it.  We took off like a shot and in no time we were flying down the left lane at warp speed.  I haven’t gone that fast since my pursuit days as a Trooper and was terrified not being behind the wheel.  To make the experience even worse, he cranked up some hip-hop, ghetto boogie music at a decibel level that should only be reserved for ‘Hold the Heathen Hammer High‘ by the band Tyr.  “Without [ROCKIN’] music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche.  Suddenly, he shot across all three lanes of traffic and braked rapidly on the exit ramp.  At the corner, he grabbed some money from his sun visor and threw it in my lap as I was getting out.  I thanked them for the ride and money.  They wished me well and peeled off around the corner.  At that moment, I knew what is meant by one man’s heaven being another man’s hell.

“Declare your personal independence.  Say NO to human nonsense.  No matter how popular it may be with others, you cannot afford it any more.  Remember the letters NTNNO TO NONSENSE.  Write these three letters on a slip of paper and carry it with you.  Glance at the secret code every so often during your day.  It contains the great secret for a new you.”
Vernon Howard

Listening to Country Music (if you call THAT music) will drive you insane.  Just ask Stephen Paddock.  If you like Country Music, you’re already insane.  Not a big fan of Rap/Hip-Hop but at least it has heavy bass.  Country Twang and Rap Hip-Hop are two sides of the SAME coin.  Both are ego-centric, lament a narrow scope of Reality and glorify Nonsense.  Rock and roll’s evolution was so stunted in the nineteen nineties (Lyrics), I owned a couple Limp Bizkit compact disks. (YIKES!)  Thank you Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers for THAT miserable experience.  Then along came RammsteinNickelbackGodsmack and The Union Underground (Lyrics) to resume rock and roll’s evolution.  WHEW!  Life with only Country Music is like a world with only Car Racing for sport – INSANELY UNIMAGINATIVE making it INCREDIBLY UNINSPIRING!

“I’ll start by telling you that humanity glorifies sorrow.  Look at how organized religion glorifies pain, suffering, heaviness; how the music is slanted to give you not a light, victorious spirit but a heavy spirit.  Those musicians, those religious musicians know what they’re doing because they know what they want to accomplish by their music and they know how gullible you are and how you even welcome sad, slow, mournful music because it matches what you are inside, therefore you get a charge from that kind of music into your spirit.  You love it, it makes you feel dramatic.
“The glorification of suffering is a hideous crime beyond comprehension and everybody does it, including you, including those of you watching this film.  One of your greatest pleasures in life is to be morose, is to be gloomy, is to look out at life with a dull, glazed look because your very heavy spirit is serving your dark state.  If you can reinforce your gloom and keep it going, that is all you will have to do, to remain gloomy.  And that’s what you want, because now you don’t have to make an effort against that state.
“You’ve fallen into a ditch six feet deep.  Here’s this ditch going for miles down the countryside and you fall in it.  The easy thing to do is to stay in the ditch and walk along and complain that someone dug a ditch there or they didn’t put enough warning lights there or someone pushed you in there and you can have a great time for the rest of your life walking down in that miserable ditch hating, complaining and not having to make a single effort to reach up and put your hands up on either side of it and vault out.
“Because there’s something wrong with man’s mind, he would rather stay there and walk along and complain rather than put his hands up and get out.  And if you tell him, ‘Look man you’re very stupid, you’ve fallen into the ditch; the only intelligent thing to do is to climb out.  Don’t call yourself intelligent.  Call yourself stupid because that’s what you are.’
“If you complain you are stupid, because stupidity and complaining are both crimes, crimes against your spirit.  That’s a new thought to you, is it, that you are a criminal against yourself?  We’re developing in this class, as an elementary responsibility, the urge to get out of that ditch.  It’s so confining isn’t it?”
Vernon Howard

When I set up on the northbound ramp, rush hour had passed and traffic slowed to a trickle.  It was a cold but sunny day.  After a while, a grey car pulled up with two guys in it.  They said they were going north so I hopped in the back seat with my gear.  I told them I was making my way to Sault St. Marie and they said they were going to northern Michigan for a medical appointment.  The father was driving and his adult son was in the passenger seat.  The driver pulled into a parking area and told me to put my gear in the trunk.  After putting my bags in the trunk, he said, might as well put your coat in too since we have a long ride ahead of us.  I threw my coat in and we returned to our seats.  He asked if I wanted a beer or some weed.  I told him no thanks, I was fine.  He said he was being treated for hip or back problems and the beer and weed made the pain tolerable while he drove.  Gotta love natural remedies.

Soon, we were northbound on interstate seventy-five going through Michigan.  It was a long but picturesque ride and the driver asked if I was ever over the Mackinac Bridge that spanned to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  When I told him I never was across it, he said they were early so he would take me across the bridge.  As we were crossing, an ice-breaker ship was smashing its way from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan.  It was an impressive sight on an equally impressive bridge.  Once we crossed, we stopped at a small restaurant/gift shop and I went in to use the bathroom.

When I came out, the driver handed me something called a pasty.  The only pasties I knew of were stuck to stripper’s nipples so I looked at him kind of funny.  He said that is the meat pie this area is famous for cooking.  After the clarification, I thanked him and they dropped me off at an entrance ramp.  I thanked them for the ride, bridge crossing and pasty.  They wished me well and departed for their appointment.

The traffic was sparse but the people were friendly and helpful so I arrived in Sault St. Marie by the middle of the afternoon.  Two guys in a brown car drove me into the city and dropped me off at the Salvation Army store.

Upon entering, I inquired about spending the night.  The clerk directed me to the housing office a few blocks away.  I hiked over to the office and explained my situation to them.  They said they did not have a homeless shelter but would be able to put me up in a hotel room for the night.  Thinking it was a bit much, I thanked them for their generosity.  They said since they only provide lunch, I was eligible for a food voucher to pick up something to eat at the local grocery store.  I again was grateful for their kindness.  They gave me the paperwork with directions and I was on my way.

I stopped at the food store on my way to the hotel.  After I was checked in and settled in my room, I used the kitchen area to heat up my pasty and enjoyed my meal in my room.

At two AM, I felt like I was burning up and didn’t sleep well the rest of the night.  I had been roughing it for so long, I must not have been accustomed to the accommodations.  I felt a little better after a shower and waited for daylight.

As I sat in my room contemplating my next move, I realized I must be on the track as it only took me two days to get to Sault St. Marie once I started heading in this direction.  The next logical step seemed to be to go to Canada and continue west.

At first light, I hiked over toward the border crossing and started hanging out at a convenience store located nearby.  I just hung around the side of the building wondering how to get across to Canada.

As morning turned to afternoon, a group of college students from nearby Lake Superior State University walked across the parking lot and struck up a conversation with me.  I told them I started hitchhiking from Rochester, New York and was wondering how to cross into Canada.  They said for two dollars a shuttle departed every hour from the campus gymnasium over the border and dropped you off in Canada.  They directed me to the gym and I thanked them for all their help.

When I arrived at the gym, a couple students were already there waiting for the shuttle.  We all paid our fare while boarding and off we went.

Upon arriving in Canada, we were dropped off at a border station.  The students went single file through the checkpoint displaying some kind of identification card.  I waited at the end of the line as I didn’t want to delay anyone with proper credentials.  I approached the border agent and said I was just passing through.  He asked if I had any identification on me, so I handed him my ID paperwork from Jamestown, New York.  He directed me to a lobby and told me to have a seat.

Another agent then called me over to his station and started questioning me.  Finally, he said I wasn’t permitted in the country without knowing someone or having specific business in Canada.  I told him I understood hitchhikers could be perceived as a burden and asked what my next step was to take.  He directed me to a waiting area where the shuttle would return to pick me up and take me back across the border.

When I boarded the same shuttle for the return trip, the driver told me to just have a seat.  On the way back to the United States side of the border, the driver said he had to drop me off at the border patrol station and they were going to give me the harassment package.  I asked him why since I never made it into Canada and am an American citizen.  He said he was just letting me know their procedure.  I thanked him for the heads up and prepared for the worst.

A group of Border Patrol agents were on the sidewalk awaiting my arrival.  As soon as I stepped off the shuttle with my gear, they immediately told me to put my bags down, lift my coat up and turn completely around.  One agent then came over and patted me down.  Once law enforcement perceives you as a threat, it is best to speak only when spoken to as they have a tendency to develop tunnel vision.  I was then ordered to pick up my bags and to follow them into the building and up to the second floor.

Once through the glass double doors on the second floor, I was directed to another agent waiting at a counter.  At his station, I was ordered to empty my bags on the counter and take my coat off and leave it with my gear as well.  I gave them my identification paper and they asked for additional personal information.  I was then directed to have a seat on a bench along the windows in front of the counter.  I just sat there and watched the one agent sift through my gear as the other agents huddled around a computer.

I was sure my name was going to come up on some database, somewhere, declaring me to be a non-team player.  There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, but there are three ‘I’s in ‘individual,’ and ‘invincible;’ two ‘I’s in ‘intelligence’ and one ‘I’ in independent, so I’ll take my ‘I’s over your team any day.

The agent going through my gear finally came across some items I purchased while serving in the Corps.  He asked where I acquired such items.  When I told him while serving in the Marine Corps, he asked what rank I attained.  The wind came out of their sails a bit when I told him a Lieutenant.  When inquiring about my employment history, I told them I was a Trooper in New York State.  The agent going through my gear asked how I ended up homeless.  I told him I didn’t want to end up like him.  That was a conversation killer so I had to reflect to myself what I meant.

I did not want to end up like him – a nobody from nowhere who knows nothing thinking he’s a somebody from somewhere who knows everything.  In exchange for an (unsustainable) unrivaled benefits package and retirement plan, he gave his undying loyalty and unquestioned obedience.  With enough such “like-minded” minions, a political entity could commit horrific atrocities.  “Bitterness is the outcome of a wrong mental movement – the attempt to force external events to conform to internal fantasy.  The cure is to see fantasy as fantasy, which will reveal it as neither necessary nor rewarding.” Vernon Howard.

For instance, genocide, wiping out the Red Man because it has a better use for his land.  Vinland Vikings CALL IT Eminent Domain.  Corrupting African chieftains in exchange for unlimited slave labor to work the seized land.  Just to be complete, drop two atomic bombs on the Yellow Man for not going along with its program.  “Cruelty practiced as a matter of social principle or public policy, and presented to the community as a means to a higher goal is the most obscene and decadent phenomenon of any civilization.” Vernon Howard.

So, the White Semite Supremacist Man steals the Red Man’s land, employs the Black Man in the least productive economic capacity to work it and browbeats the Yellow Man into submission.  In his arrogance, the White Israeli-Illuminati Man declares the colossal failure to be a beacon of success – how tragically pathetic.  Hard to imagine a pleasant Reckoning Day for such a Hebrew Hypnotized entity.  “Study carefully the law of cause and effect.” Vernon Howard.

How is it possible for southern plantation slave owners, along with New England slave traders, to know how to govern free men?  Absurd!  Pure propaganda.  Seems the ‘Founding Fathers’ were Masters of Deceit and they would know how to enact the plantation system continent-wide and, like Christianity, eventually beyond (‘nation building’).  “Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction over domestic problems.  Give the World Court jurisdiction over nations and individuals alike.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  Yesterday’s physical slave owning plantation owners, who set up the government to benefit themselves at the exclusion of everyone else, are today’s economic slave driving corporate bankers enriching themselves, while enslaving everybody, at the planet’s expense.  “The sanction of government, is the same that holds good throughout the whole zoological and heliocentric scale — the sanction of material might.  That ‘sanction’ should always be under test; because the most abject weakling may brandish a sword; but we do not know he is a weakling until another sword in the grip of a Man is pointed at his throat.” Ragnar Redbeard.  The only difference is means – economic rather than physical – their forefathers brought the slaves to the work, nowadays, as technology permits, the corporations export the work to the slaves.  You don’t know what a slick [Semite Supremacist] trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

The slave owning plantation owners included you with a meaningless vote in a pathetic popularity contest between candidates of their own ilk, in exchange for extorting exorbitant amounts of taxes from you (and ‘borrow’ trillions of ‘dollars’ on top of the trillions they take in!) – and you fell for it.  “One cannot keep by democratic institutions what one has acquired by force.” Adolf Hitler.  It was easy, really, being a useless idiot they convinced you, through their ‘education‘ systems, to be part of something bigger than yourself – their desires for you to serve them – because you never questioned their desires (let alone your own), just like that, you became a useful idiot waving their star-spangled banner and singing ‘God Bless America‘ – allowing them to lead you wherever they wanted for their own benefit at your expense, the whole way glorifying the Cult of Personality and their Systems of Slavery – well done Zombie!  “Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.  Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and T.V.” Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong Jr.  Have you been enjoying your apocalypse?

Tithes only construct elaborate monasteries, taxes build devastatingly destructive war machines!  No thanks, not for me, since I could care less what people choose to put in their body, how people choose to operate a motor vehicle on a roadway, or how people choose to treat each other.  “You are not responsible for anyone who stubbornly chooses to ruin his own life.” Vernon Howard.  Each individual suffers the consequences of their personal choices and if they want better outcomes, they were responsible to make better decisions for themselves – it has nothing to do with me.  “Personal understanding opens slowly or swiftly according to one’s own degree of self-reliance and self-responsibility.” Vernon Howard.  You are the ONLY one who can remove your own head from your own ass.  No one can do it for you, not even your “brother,” no matter how “charitable” he is.

Am I my brother’s keeper?  Well, I was NOT put on this planet to babysit neurotic psychopaths, nor do I have any desire to BE babysat by equally neurotic self-appointed imbeciles whose ONLY qualification is Exploitation in the name of Justification!  “There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it.  Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.” Friedrich Nietzsche.  Just ask Bernie Sanders.  “Nature abhors a moron.” H. L. MenckenAll I know is, Lada helps those who look to themselves for assistance while the Midgard Serpent deviously devours those who refuse self-reliance.  Cosmic Power takes full responsibility for those who first take full responsibility for themselves.” Vernon Howard.

Isn’t it ASTONISHING?  People have a peculiar fascination with the concept of BOTH being Free AND being Governed simultaneously.  “Off goes the head of the king, and tyranny gives way to freedom.  The change seems abysmal.  Then, bit by bit, the face of freedom hardens, and by and by it is the old face of tyranny.  Then another cycle, and another.  But under the play of all these opposites there is something fundamental and permanent — the basic delusion that men may be governed and yet be free.” H. L. Mencken.  Government, by its very nature, is Coercive Force while the definition of Freedom is to choose without coercion.  So how can mankind be so hypnotically deluded into being Free while AT THE SAME TIME accepting forceful government dictation?  ABSURD!  If this neurotic situation is presented to the people, these Insane Imbeciles will STILL convince themselves that government coercion is NECESSARY for personal freedom.  INCREDIBLE!

“‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,’ those three great lights of Modern Democracies are three colossal Falsehoods, ignoble slave-shibboleths [catchwords]; impossible of actualization even if proclaimed by some superhuman Satan, followed by armed hosts of un-killable demons, all armed to the teeth with flaming swords, Greek-fire, and dynamite cannon.
“You may trace Equality in letters of silver on tablets of burnished gold, but without engineering a perpetual miracle, you cannot make it — true.
“You may write Fraternity in blazing diamonds on walls of enduring granite, but without reversing the mechanism of the Universe, you cannot make it a fact.
“And, though you enscroll Freedom on countless sheepskins and rivet statues of Liberty on every harbor-rock, yet with ‘all the kings horses and all the kings men’ one being born to be a hireling and a subordinate — NO power can free.
“Thereupon, toward you, O! America! they [Semite Supremacists], one and all, point the finger of pride!  Towards YOU [Semite Supremacist Sympathizing] America!  Where the [Para-Semite] politicians rage and the [gullible Judeo-Christian] people imagine vain things!”
Ragnar Redbeard

“The number who actually consented to the Constitution of the United States, at the first, was very small.  Considered as the act of the whole people, the adoption of the Constitution was the merest farce and imposture, binding upon nobody.”
Lysander Spooner

The agent then came across my Rune set and asked what they were.  When I told him Runes, he asked what they were used for.  “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  I told him Esoterik Rune Wizardry, but he had no idea what I was talking about, so again, I had to reflect to myself.

“Many Monotheistic religions [Duel-theistic seems more appropriate since God cannot “exist” without His opposite – Satan, just like Good-Evil, Right-Wrong, the mind splits EVERYTHING into conflicting opposites BECAUSE that is ITS Nature and WHY you NEED to RISE ABOVE “worshiping” conflicting opposites of the MIND to where SPIRIT resides – ABOVE God AND Satan.  I know ALL this is baffling but stick with it.] look down upon our [Heathen Heritage] with disdain and ridicule for they have the mistaken belief we lack a moral code to which to live by due to the fact we don’t have a set of “things” we must abstain from, but rather a set of “things” we should aspire to[ward].  We are adamant in the fact that we do not fall to our knees begging the Gods on high to forgive our mistakes; rather, we stand before them as [humbled], free men and women stating, “I have made a mistake but I have learned [my lesson] from [the experience], thank you for the [illuminating] opportunity!”  The Heathen Warrior [knows] that to punish oneself or deny ourselves the luxuries or simple pleasures that are afforded to us here in this realm of Midgard to be a pointless waste of time and energy.  The Gods want us and expect us to STAND UP, experience and grow into the [Spiritual] person we [were created to be].  We cannot do this without making mistakes or by being denied the choice to make a wrong decision due to religious piety.  Our Moral Compass cannot evolve and take shape if we are fully aware that after all is said and done and the repercussions of our actions are felt, the Gods can just forgive us regardless of what we have done.  This takes away any sense of personal responsibility, thus keeping us in a state of self-imposed religious compliance.”
Stuart R. Brogan

Heathens were nothing like the Mesopotamian Religious Death Cults of Abrahamic Duel Theists declaring “Jihads” and “Crusades” because they believe THEIR way to be the ONLY way.  And I looked, and behold, a pale horse!  And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him.  And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8.  Heathens KNOW themselves and place their Knowledge in Mother Nature to PROPERLY care for them; rather than Blindly “Believe in Christ” and “Trust in God” and His (S)ELECTED “Chosen Demons” who only PROMISE to take ‘good’ care of them.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  Friday, October thirteenth, thirteen, oh-seven be damned, the crusades were alive and well right in front of me executing a witch hunt.  Rather than believing to be separate and superior to Nature while trying to subdue it, Heathens know they are part of Nature, part of the whole of Creation, and need only harmonize with it.  “There is no way reality can be prevented from flowing the way it flows.  It is our vain attempts to force it to flow in the service of our imaginary needs which sets us in painful conflict with ourselves and nature.  You are not separate from the flowing reality; you are that flowing reality.  See this and you will not see anything else which conflicts with it.  You will be what you see.” Vernon Howard.

In thirteen eighty-seven, learning from the Pagan Saxons before them and what the Pagan Prussians refused to realize leading to their extinction – the last Heathen Warriors of Europe clearly saw the futility of fighting a religious death-cult, hell bent on self-destruction, and got the hell out of their way by burying the hatchet in Lithuania.  After “fifty-three years had flowed since the war was begun against the [Pagan] Prussian nation, and all [Heathen] nations in the said [Indigenous] land had been beaten and exterminated so that not one survived which did not humbly bend the neck to the holy Roman Church, the aforesaid brethren of the German House [Vatican-Teutonic Knights of the Cross/Knights Templar] initiated the war against that mighty people, most hard of neck and well-versed in war, which is neighbor to the land of [Indigenous] Prussia dwelling beyond the Nemunas river in the [Heathen] land of Lithuania.” Peter of Dusburg, Teutonic Knights Chronicler, 1283.

With Europe conquered, the natural path was completely abandoned in favor of man-made civilization.  After civilization’s establishment over the next one hundred, five years in Europe, it was now ready to be imposed on the rest of the world (‘globalization’).

“The single most important of these for our purposes, the ‘Chronica terrae Prussiae‘ of Peter of Dusburg, acts not only as a history of the Teutonic settlement in Prussia but also as an explanation and justification of the Teutonic Knights.
“The Teutonic Knights were newly established in the Baltic Region, where they owed their first possessions to Mazovian policy.  These Knights of the Cross [/Knights Templar] were invited to Prussia in 1230 by Duke Konrad of Mazovia who had been unable to destroy the threat of pagan incursions into his lands in the 1220’s.
[who was incurring on whose lands?]
“The history of Livonia and Prussia in the thirteenth century is dominated by the eradication or enforced translocation of Baltic tribes, who were neither [Orthodox] Slavs nor [Vatican] Teutons, at the hands of armed monks.
[sound familiar Heathen Saxons?]  The Germans found it easy to divide and rule their conquered enemies. [did you “get that” Republican/Democrat Americans?]  The Estonians submitted to Denmark in the 1220’s.  By 1283 when the Jatwings or Sudavians surrendered to the Knights, most of Prussia and Livonia were under the Order’s sway and attention focused on converting the Lithuanians and the Semigallians by force of arms. [
Lebensraum thirteenth/fourteenth century Vatican-Teutonic Terror style!]  In 1290 half the Semigallians whose lands formed the bridge between Prussia and Livonia accepted Teutonic overlordship, whilst half their number followed the example of other [Indigenous] tribes and fled into exile in Lithuania, whence they continued the struggle to eject the [foreign] crusaders from their lands.
“That they might maintain the military mission to the Lithuanians, the Knights devoted themselves to bringing in settlers to exploit their new lands as well as granting fees to Prussian tribesmen who had proved their loyalty.
[sound familiar Native Americans?]
“The colonization of Livonia and Prussia with foreign artisans, retired laybrethren and re-settled [conquered] natives must rank among the major achievements of the Order.
[sound familiar Palestinians?]
  In Prussia, the Order settled the wastelands on the Lithuanian border (the so-called Wildnis) with colonists who enjoyed privileges of German Law.  The Knights expanded existing towns such as the Polish cities of Toruri and Gdansk and established new ones under German Law.  For the years between 1283 and 1341 almost 500 charters survive which were issued in rural districts by masters of the [Knights Templar/Teutonic] Order in Prussia and local ordinaries such as the Bishop of Pomezania.”
S.C. Rowell

Finally convinced their investigation was thorough enough that I posed no threat to America, I was told to pack my belongings and wait for the shuttle to return.  It was dark outside when I boarded the shuttle to return to campus.  I was the only passenger on the shuttle and told the driver he was right about the abuse inflicted in the name of security.  He said he had a feeling when I boarded at the gym, that I would be denied entrance.  When I asked if I could have my two dollars refunded, he said he was supposed to charge another two for the return trip but would not – fair enough.  After he dropped me off at the gym, I went inside and sat on my gear along a brick wall wondering where to spend the night.

I hung out at the gymnasium until it closed at midnight then grabbed my gear and returned to the convenient store I was hanging out earlier in the day.

After a while, a group of college students pulled up in a white Jeep Cherokee.  We struck up a conversation and I asked if there were any twenty-four hour supermarkets around the area.  They looked at each other and the driver said there was on the outskirts of town and offered to drive me over there.  On the way over, I told them I enrolled in NROTC when I was in college.  The driver said he was trying to get accepted into the Navy SEALs.  I told him he would if he wanted it bad enough.  When we arrived at the Family Fare Supermarket, I thanked them for the ride and wished them well in their studies.  As I was removing my gear from the rear of the vehicle, the driver hopped out and handed me a wad of cash and insisted I accept it.  I told him, his assistance was greatly appreciated.  He returned to the Jeep and drove off.

At the next store down from the market, in the same plaza, I noticed a sheltered bus stop bench.  I went in the store to warm up and use the bathroom then scouted out the bus stop.  The two open sides faced the building while the other three sides were protected from the weather – perfect.  I set the cardboard signs on the metal bench to act as a barrier, removed my boots and wrapped myself in my blankets and laid down to sleep.  I was still feeling a bit under the weather, but slept well until I became too cold.  When I was too cold to sleep, I would put my boots on and go in the store to warm up and then go back out and sleep until the cold woke me up again and repeat.  Toward morning, an industrial size front end loader plow was clearing the parking lots.  At daybreak, I packed my gear, went in the market, purchased some pop-tarts and oranges and sat on an indoor bench to enjoy my breakfast.  I was feeling better but still not completely healthy.

After eating, I gathered my gear and headed to downtown on Ashmun Street.  When arriving at the Ashmun Street Bridge, there was an electric billboard attached to the upper part of the span with a temperature reading of seven degrees Fahrenheit.  No wonder I kept getting awakened by the cold.  I followed a sign pointing to the library.  It was a small building and I went to the back where there was a table, chairs and overstuffed chairs spread around as well.  I put my gear in the corner and collapsed in an overstuffed chair.

After a while, an older lady came back and took an interest in me.  She was quite chatty and did most of the talking about a homeless man she knew well.  When it started approaching noon, she said I should go over to the Salvation Army and get a hot meal for lunch.  I totally agreed and made my way over.  After our meal, they wheeled out bread and pastries on a cart and allowed each of us to take one bread and one pastry item with us.  Feeling refreshed, I returned to the library.  I spent the afternoon journaling at the table.

As evening fell, I put my journal and books away and relaxed in an overstuffed chair.  I took my boots off, placed them on their side and put my feet on top of them to be more comfortable.  After a while, a library employee came back and reminded me I was in a library and not a lounge, then ordered me to put my boots back on my feet.  I thanked him for reminding me and complied.

After putting my boots back on, I decided to look through the book shelves.  I was drawn to the one hundred section of the Dewey Decimal System and started browsing as I slowly walked through the isle.  On a shelf, about waist high a green cover book caught my attention.  Removing it from the shelf, I read the title, ‘The Mystic Path To Cosmic Power.’  Not understanding it but at the same time totally blown away by it, I looked at the author’s name, Vernon Howard.  Well, Mr. Howard, I do not know who you are but if this book disappoints, I’ll be totally bummed.  “‘Classic.’  A book which people praise and don’t read.” Mark Twain.  I returned to the chair and opened it to the preface, which had another amazing title, “A Cordial Invitation To You, The Reader: Learn Here What This Book Can Do For You.”  After reading the cordial invitation, I closed the book, leaned my head back and closed my eyes.  I could hear Prakorimas declaring THIS IS IT!  I took a deep breath and thought to myself FINALLY!  I’VE FOUND IT!  I’VE FINALLY FOUND IT!  I FOUND WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ALL THIS TIME!  THIS IS WHAT I ABANDONED EVERYTHING IN MY SO-CALLED LIFE TO FIND!  And yet, I still didn’t understand it, and promptly forgot about it.  “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” Winston Churchill

The library was closing and I realized I needed a place to spend the night.  I returned the book, gathered my gear and headed out into the bitter cold.  I noticed a church nearby with a few cars in the parking lot.  As I entered the vestibule, some congregants were coming out of the church with their pastor.  When everyone left, I asked the pastor if it would be okay to spend the night in the basement to get out of the cold.  He said he couldn’t allow it since the heat was turned down at night.  Oblivious to what I have already been through, he invited me to his truck.  He drove me to the same hotel I spent my first night, and he put me up for another.  He told me to stop by the church the next day to see him.

I had a much better night’s sleep and went to the church the next morning.  The pastor took me over to the Salvation Army to see if they would be able to assist me.  They said they would and made an appointment for the afternoon with a counselor.

After lunch, I met with the counselor and she needed to phone someone for verification.  From the tone of the conversation, I sensed my welcome was worn out.  They were kind enough to put me up for another night in a different motel and I went there immediately to spend the rest of the day and evening.  It felt good to relax in comfortable accommodations for a while.

The next morning, I decided to check out the campus library at Lake Superior State University.  Being a Saturday, their hours were limited.  I found a road atlas and started looking for paths to continue my adventure.  I felt Sault St. Marie was a key objective but not the destination of my quest.  Looking at a map of the upper peninsula of Michigan, I noticed there was not much settlement.  I thought I might as well explore it while I’m up here.  It looked like the best course was to take Route twenty-eight across the peninsula to US Route two and then make my way to Duluth, Minnesota.  I then relaxed in a chair until they closed.

“Less mature souls will get more guidance from a spirit guide than those who have already collected a great deal of experiences on Earth.  As the soul’s maturity increases, it knows what to do on its own accord.  After a considerable number of lives, souls become more aware of their purpose on Earth and how they can best get along.  More experienced souls tend to go on their way, for the most part, in a relatively purposeful pattern.”
Ursula Demarmels

“You constantly ask what you should do.  This is what everyone asks.  What should you do?  There is only one answer.  You must permit truth to bring you an understanding of yourself and your life.  But many of you wrongly assume you already understand.  Others run away because it sounds too difficult or too mysterious.
“Remember that right doing always involves an effort to gain new knowledge.
“Do this and the question of what to do will fade a way.”
Vernon Howard

After leaving the library, I made my way to a McDonald’s located near the boarder crossing.  I spent the evening and night there journaling, casting Runes and reading.  The weather outside turned brutal with blowing snow added to the bitter cold.  At midnight, an employee came over to let me know they were closing and it was time for me to leave.  I thanked them for their hospitality, gathered my gear and made my way to a gas station/convenient store across the way.

The short trek was brutal through the blowing snow.  When I finally arrived, I told the clerk it was miserable out there.  He welcomed me and I put my gear at a corner table and purchased a hot chocolate.  We got to talking and he said a night like this would be slow and I was welcomed to stay.  He was fascinated with my journey.  After talking a bit, I let him go so he could get his work done and I laid down on the bench seat.

In the morning, the weather cleared as quickly as it turned nasty.  I thanked the clerk for his hospitality as his shift ended and enjoyed a hot chocolate until daylight.

As the sun was rising, I set up on the interstate seventy-five southbound ramp and paced to keep warm.  Traffic was sparse on a Sunday morning, but I managed a ride pretty quickly.  I was driven to Route twenty-eight and set up westbound on the two lane highway.  I picked up a ride pretty quick again and figured this was a good sign I was headed in the right direction.  I was dropped off at a little store on Route twenty-eight just east of Raco.  I went inside, used the bathroom, purchased a hot chocolate and then set up westbound, just west of the store’s parking lot.  I was feeling pretty good and thought at this pace, I could make Marquette by sun down.

I paced to keep warm, and paced, and paced, and paced.  At the end of the morning, I used the facilities and purchased a hot chocolate at the store and resumed pacing.  I did the same at mid-afternoon.  Shortly after returning to pace, a deputy sheriff pulled up in the parking lot and waved me over to his cruiser.  He told me to jump in the back seat.  When I complied, he asked for ID and what I was doing out here.  I gave him my paper ID and told him I was making my way to Duluth, Minnesota.  He said the store clerk called and said I was trespassing on their property.  I explained I used their facilities a couple times and purchased a hot chocolate to warm up each time I entered.  He said I was no longer welcome in there, and I told him I understood.  He then asked what my plan was for the night.  When I told him I didn’t know, he said I better figure it out fast as it would be dark soon.  I told him that was my concern, not his.  He finally let me out and was on his way.

As I was pacing, I started to doubt myself.  Wondering if I made a wrong decision to travel the two-lane roadway.  Just as I was thinking this, I turned around eastbound to pace back to my gear, and a pick-up truck was stopped with an elderly man waving me into his vehicle.  I grabbed my gear and hopped in.  He said he saw me when he was going eastbound earlier in the day to drop his wife off.  I told him I was there all day and was grateful for his help.

Go All the Way
“Spiritual principles alone can save you so you have to keep going.  You can’t stop anymore.  You have to go all the way.
“First, think of an automobile which can stop any time it wants.  A farmer’s tractor can stop anywhere in the field.  No problem.  A boat can stop out in the middle of the pond.  No problem.  An airplane cannot stop.  If an airplane stops it falls and it crashes.  And there’s tragedy and enormous defeat.
“I hope you followed that thought.  Once you have heard, once you’ve been introduced to the principles of [Asgardian] flight, you must determine to go all the way.
“Billions of human beings said they wanted to know [Prakorimas]; they wanted to have a new kind of person inside themselves.  And they stopped and they crashed.  This is not a grim thing I’m talking about.  It is a sunny, cheerful rightly encouraging thing because it’s telling you how to not stop, how to not be discouraged and fall away from the flight.
“If you stay where you’re supposed to stay, which is within the area of inspiration and information, you won’t want to stop in mid-air.  You’ll want to continue all the way going higher and higher.  And raising yourself every day.  Thank [Asgard] there’s more above the level of human madness.  That means you’re getting more sane yourself.
“By reading, by studying, by pondering, by doing the exercises, by praying to, and inviting something outside the circle of self, by trying to stay in the present moment, by catching negative emotions and letting go, and by persistence, the grace of [Prakorimas] begins to come in and change you through understanding.
“Say you have a problem with another person, finances, health, or down at work.  And you don’t want the same old painful result anymore.  This time you say, “I’m going to learn the lesson that is in this.  I want to learn, not fight, not struggle.  So I’m going to ask [Asgard] to show me how to use it correctly this time.  I have insisted up to now what I was doing was the right thing to solve it, but it has kept me nervous and hostile and worried.  I don’t know the answer!
“The honesty, the blank space, the vacant space allows the new, the higher to come in and change me.”
Vernon Howard

He drove me down to Roberts Corners and dropped me off at a twenty-four hour BP station.  I thanked him for his assistance and he drove off.  I noticed a restaurant/gift shop down the road and hiked over to pick up some food.  On my way back to the BP station, I noticed a blue hospital sign pointing north.  I also noticed a road sign that read Newberry – three miles – pointing in the same direction.

I sat in the BP station for a while and decided to hike up to Newberry, find the hospital and see if I could crash there for the night.  It was dark when I started but just resumed my walking and breathing rhythm.  I was extra alert for traffic since I was difficult to see at night.

It seemed like a long three miles and when I arrived in town, I continued to follow the hospital signs to another part of town.

Finally locating the hospital, I entered and noticed a vacant waiting area on my right.  I entered the area and noticed the lights were dim and no one was around.  I figured it was a specialty clinic closed for the night.  I put my gear and myself under the row of seats along the windowed wall so no one could observe me from the main entrance hallway.  There was an analog clock behind the receptionist area that read eight-ten.  I was exhausted from pacing all day to stay warm and thought, this will work.

I was dead to the world when I was tapped on my shoulder and a male voice instructed, “State Police, wake up.”  I was sleeping on my left side facing the wall and when I rolled onto my back, the first thing I noticed was the mechanical timepiece that read three-thirty.  I immediately showed him my hands with his partner next to him and a nurse near the receptionist desk.  They asked how long I was there and I pointed at the timekeeper and said since eight-ten according to that clock.  They told me to get up and have a seat and they started their interrogation, uh, I mean investigation.

They were incredulous when I told them I was a former Trooper in New York State.  I gave them the station phone number to verify.  They warmed up after that and said they would take me to a motel for the rest of the night.

As we were walking to their cruiser, I noticed an old fashioned red bubble light on the roof of the vehicle.  I asked if the cruiser was used for special occasions since it had such an old fashioned emergency light.  They informed me that was the standard light on all their patrol cars.  I asked why they didn’t have light bars.  They said their superintendent preferred the traditional bubble lights.  I started cracking up, stating that is why I resigned – so I would no longer be at the mercy of nitwits who prefer tradition over common sense.  They took me to the motel, checked me in and wished me well on my adventure.  I thanked them for their assistance and told them to be safe.

The couple that owned the motel were extremely hospitable.  He told me to get some sleep and he would call me in a bit.  I went to my room and laid down.  It seemed I just fell asleep when the phone rang.  The man said his wife offered to cook me an omelet for breakfast and asked what I wanted in it.  I gave my order and said I would be down after I showered.  He told me to take my time.

The omelet was amazing and thanked them for their hospitality.  They said it was their pleasure and wished me well on my journey.  Much refreshed, I hiked back down to the BP station in Roberts Corners in no time.  I used the bathroom, drank a cup of hot chocolate and set up westbound on Route twenty-eight.

After a while, a man in a black, Nissan pick-up truck pulled up and asked where I was going.  When I told him Marquette, he said he would be able to take me there after running a few errands and to jump in.  I hopped in and he took me back to his place in Newberry and invited me in.  He broke out his huge stash of weed and all the paraphernalia that went with it, turned on the TV, sat the accoutrements and himself in front of it and invited me to have a seat.  I sat there and just watched him.  He said he just needed a quick hit and offered me some.  I told him I was just interested in getting to Marquette and would resume hitchhiking if he couldn’t help me.  He assured me he could but had to make sure he was back in time to have supper with his mother.  Even in the middle of no where on the upper peninsula of Michigan, people felt the need for weed.  So much for the ‘War on Drugs.’

He finished his ritual, grabbed some snacks and off we went.  The next stop was the snowmobile repair shop.  I waited in the truck while he conducted his business inside.  No idea if his business was legitimate or illegitimate, but he was in there a long time.  He finally returned and said we had a lot of time to spare so he would take me up to Lake Superior and show me a place called Paradise.  I had no interest, but he was driving.  I got the feeling he was looking to hang out with someone for the day and I happened to be passing through.

When we finally started westbound again toward Marquette, he said he would not be able to take me all the way and be back in time for supper with his mother – SHOCKING!  He dropped me off in Shingleton and gave me his phone number in case I couldn’t get a ride to Marquette.  You’re the LAST person I would call, chief.  I thanked him for the ride and he took off eastbound.  I set up at an intersection and it was starting to get late in the afternoon.

After a while, a huge black pick-up truck pulled up and the guy asked where I was headed.  When I told him Marquette, he said he was going there too.  I jumped in and learned he was a Harley-Davidson kind of guy.  He was a pleasant and interesting guy.  I asked to be dropped off at a homeless shelter.  He thought for a moment and said he knew where he would take me.  He dropped me off at a homeless mission and wished me well.  I thanked him for his help and entered the mission.

Upon entering, a group of men were watching TV in the first room.  None of them were in charge and I was offered a seat to wait for the director.  When the director finally arrived, I told him my situation and he directed me to another facility across town.

By the time I made it to the other facility, it was dark outside.  I entered the facility and was greeted warmly.  During our meal, one of the volunteers took an interest in me and sat at my table after everyone was served.  I told him where I came from and my plan to make my way to Duluth, Minnesota.  He was fascinated and said I should write a book.  I told him, maybe someday after I figure some things out for myself.  “Ideally a book would have no order to it, and the reader would have to discover his own.” Mark Twain.  The facility was full so I was assigned the third floor by myself for the night.  I was grateful when I went up there since it was nice and quiet.

After breakfast, I gathered my gear, thanked the staff for their hospitality and headed out the door.  The most direct route back to Route twenty-eight was State Route forty-one to State Route one, forty-one.  It was quite a hike in the cold morning air to State Route forty-one but the sun was shinning.  I set up and quickly picked up a few rides to get me to the outskirts of the city.

After a while, a woman picked me up and took me all the way to State Route one, forty-one.  She dropped me off and continued on State Route forty-one.  I set up to go southbound to get back to Route twenty-eight. It was a desolate area with sparse traffic as I waited and waited.

Finally, an older couple pulled up and offered a ride.  The female passenger said there was a roadside diner just over the hill and around the corner.  If I would have known that, I could have hiked over to it.  When they dropped me off, I thanked them and went inside to warm up.  I enjoyed a bowl of soup and a hot chocolate and then hiked over and set up at the intersection of State Route one, forty-one and Route twenty-eight.

“We must be like Jason who was promised the Golden Fleece, if he would perform certain heroic tasks.  In spite of all his suspense and uncertainty, he boldly accepted the challenge.  One by one, he achieved the seemingly impossible, aided by the magic skill of the princess Medea.
“So can we accept the challenges of the Mystic Path, regardless of our deep doubts and confusions.  And so can we, aided by the magical Higher Power, turn impossibilities into living victories.”
Vernon Howard

About mid afternoon, I hitched a ride with a man driving a white Jeep Cherokee.  He was wondering what in the hell I was doing out here this time of year hitchhiking.  I said I have no idea but things just seem to be working out.  “Truth is absolutely delighted with anyone who walks toward it while simply wondering what it is all about.” Vernon Howard.  He drove me to Bruce Crossing and dropped me off at a gas station/grocery store.  I used the bathroom and then set up at the only intersection with a flashing red light.  I thought I may be able to get one more ride in before dark.  No such luck.  I went back to the grocery store’s entrance area, where the heat was blasting, to warm up.  I set my gear down along the wall out of the way then sat myself on top of it.  As I leaned back against the wall, it felt like Lada Herself wrapped Her nurturing arms around me and I was soon asleep.

“We have time for a story.
“There was once a king, he was a good king, and he replaced a bad king.  A bad king was ruling over the kingdom, and because the bad king can only do bad things, he wrecked the country.  This king, this evil wicked king, this dark force, used his position as the ruler of the land, he used the country as his personal toy.  All evil rulers use the land for their personal toy.  You think they sit up there in that office and think of good things to do for the people?  They think: How can I feel good myself by ordering a war, by passing a law that makes no sense at all, that will only make things more confused and worse.  You see, a bad person can only do bad things and you’re either good or you are bad.  Have you ever met a good person?  Have you ever met a person in power or leadership who is good?  YOU NEVER HAVE!  The bad king ruined the nation.
“The good king took over.  And one day, he stood up on the balcony and looked over the whole land and he saw what needed to be done.  He saw that agriculture had to be improved, better methods of producing food.  He saw the roads needed to be repaired.  He saw how health services, right health services, where the individual is responsible for his own health primarily.  He saw everything that had to be done.  So he called one of his ministers in and said to the minister, we have to put a man in charge here, an intelligent man, I have so many things to do, this is just one portion of my work.  I want to find a man who can take the repair of the country and bring it back to sanity again.  And the minister said, fine, I’ll bring in twenty men and have you look them over and have them submit reports to you and you can select out of the twenty.  The king said, that is very good.
“So, in due time, the minister brought in twenty reports giving biographies of the candidates for reclaiming the country, their background, experience and their comments.  The king went over them very carefully and when he got to the twentieth one, he tapped the report, in front of the minister, and said, that’s it, that’s him, the twentieth man.  The minister looked at him and said, that’s strange your majesty, I thought he would be the last man you would choose instead of the first man.  Majesty, would you please explain.
“So the king explained, PLEASE REMEMBER THE WORLD YOU ARE LIVING IN WHEN I GO ON WITH THIS STORY.  The king explained, I went over all twenty of the stories, reports and only the twentieth man was honest.  For one thing, LISTEN PLEASE TO THIS CAREFULLY, that twentieth man for one thing, was not afraid to arouse the hatred and anger of the low level elements of the kingdom.  HOW MANY KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT?  See, ALL THE OTHER NINETEEN, the king explained, WERE COWARDS, they want to DO WRONG for their OWN GOOD, they are AFRAID to be HATED, they WANTED to be POPULAR.  We don’t want to do WHAT IS POPULAR, we want to do WHAT IS RIGHT.  You will have to, and you can with the strength of spirituality, you must be at the point where you DON’T CARE how mad people get at you for CHOOSING WHAT IS RIGHT.  OF COURSE THE HOSTS OF DARKNESS ARE GOING TO ATTACK ANYONE WHO SAYS, I’VE HAD ENOUGH!  GOODBYE!
“Are you willing to start out as weak as you now are?  Say, go ahead parents, friends, acquaintances, you just get as mad as you want, you just get as vicious as you want, you kidded me for the last time, you’ve bluffed me for the last time.  There’s no way you can trick me anymore.  The twentieth man wasn’t afraid to arouse the hostility and possible violence.  You either compromise with evil or you say no to it.  If you want to be evil, go ahead and do, but I am going to do what is right.  I’m going to be true.
“Well anyway, the twentieth man had no fear.  The other nineteen were liars.  You know what the other nineteen did?  The king wasn’t so dumb, he could see between the lines, he could see why they recommended certain things.  See, the twentieth man recommended self-reliance, all the beautiful old-fashioned virtues of making people rely on themselves and to think for themselves.  The nineteen phonies did the exact opposite of that.  See, they wanted, ABOVE ALL, to be popular with the king so that they would get the position.  I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL.
“Nobody cares about anyone else.  Nobody cares for you, THEY CAN’T CARE FOR YOU, they’ve destroyed their own life and
they will destroy you along with it, IF THEY CAN.  They tried to con the king.  They put in false ideas that were intended to make the king impressed.  Fortunately, he was wise enough to see through their little tricks and he wasn’t impressed at all.  He KNEW they were liars.  He KNEW they were false.  I’m asking you TO RISK EVERYTHING for the [Realm of Folkvang] and the way to do THAT – you just have to say, ‘I want to know what’s right.’
“Don’t you dare say, ‘I now know what’s right,’ – that will be part of kidding yourself.  ‘Truth, comma, I want to know what is right, please inform me.’  It is really as simple as that.  Make your heart say that.  Finally, it will come to you.  Another thing you can say is, ‘What’s truly best for me?’  Underline the word truly.  ‘What is truly best for me?’  Now, leave it suspended.  Don’t you dare answer or one of those little [religious] demons will sneak in and answer it for you and you won’t know it.
“Let’s go over that again.  If you want to be happy, you have to be good.  To be good, you have to know what is truly good for you.  You don’t know that presently, but you can ask.  You can be in a state of suspension in which you freely admit that you’ve been so long inside the zoo, inside the cage there, that you don’t know what is good for you.  Now you take it as being good to be fed and cared for every day by the zookeepers.  No, that is bad, that is not good.  What is good is to be outside the zoo.  You don’t know what that means yet, but you know that goodness has a lot to do with it, has everything to do with it.  And so you say, ‘Please let me know what is truly good for me!’  And it will come to you.  It will come to you because YOU WILL FIRST SEE, you will first see WHAT IS BAD FOR YOU.  It is bad for you to hurt another human being.  It is bad for you to be tricky.  It is bad for you to plot how you are going to be happy, if you plot it, the plot is always going to fall apart, then you will have to plot again and again and again and you will drive yourself crazy.
“Revelation of what is good for you is available, right now, even while you are seated in the zoo cage there.  Even while you are trapped, you can begin to understand the way out.  You are seeing the delusionary walls there because you WANT to be fed.  You WANT to be fed by the slave-drivers, by the zookeepers who are using you.  Aren’t you tired of being dragged out and made to perform as a good person, [as a religious person], as an intelligent person, [as a faithful servant], as someone who knows what he is doing?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit down someday in your home and know that you’re a total wreck?  Wouldn’t that be a relief?  Because it’s different.  Abandon all comforts given to you by [Para-Semite] man and by your own wrong thinking processes.  Just abandon those things.  That is the first place, that’s the first step, after that, you will make the discoveries.”
Vernon Howard

I started to wake up when I heard some snowmobiles outside.  I looked out at the gas pump area and observed a number of sleds fueling up.  I just sat there half dazed as a couple sledders went in and out.  Suddenly, the door opened and one of the sledders threw a wad of cash in my lap and said, “Here, get something to eat.”  Just then, another sledder was exiting the store area, threw me his change and said, “And get some dessert.”  Out the door they went as I thanked them, mounted their sleds and off they drove.

Their generosity arrived just in time and I used the funds to purchase some food and a mega size dark chocolate bar.  I returned to the entrance wall to enjoy the warmth as I ate.

Around midnight, the store closed and a while later a gentleman came out with some left over pizza slices and some bread sticks.  He offered them to me and I gladly accepted.  He said he had to lock up now and I couldn’t stay.  I asked if there was anywhere around here I could stay.  He said in Ewen, the next town west, had a twenty-four hour laundromat.  I asked how far that was and he said six miles.  That was a bit far to hike in the dark.  Then he said I could try the motel across the street where the bar was open until two o’clock, he thought.  I finished the food, thanked him for his hospitality and assistance then made my way across the street.  He wished me well and locked the door behind me.

A better burden may no man bear
For wanderings wide than wisdom;
It is better than wealth on unknown ways,
And in grief a refuge it gives.

I entered the bar room, found an empty table in the rear, dropped my gear, sat down and put my head on the table.  After a while, a table full of drunks were telling the bartender how they were going to take me with them to cook and clean for them.  They didn’t know my cooking.

Finally, the bartender came back and asked if everything was all right.  I told her it was and I was just passing through.  She asked if I wanted a room.  I asked what the cheapest rate was for the night.  She looked at me and asked – fifteen?  I asked, incredulously, fifteen dollars for a room for the night?  She said, yea.  I said, deal!  I gathered my gear and went to the register to pay and get checked in to the room.  I handed her a ten and five ones and she only took the ten.  I was dumbfounded.  She gave me a room key and directed me to the room.  After a good night’s sleep, I showered, packed my gear, left the five ones for a tip and headed out into the cold.

The sun was just rising when I set up at the flashing light.  I had a ride in no time that took me to Matchwood.  While waiting for a ride in Matchwood, I noticed the bank thermometer read fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.  Shortly, I was picked up by a guy in a red Jeep Wrangler headed to work in Ironwood.  As we entered US Route two, he said we just passed into central time zone.  I said that was weird that he gained an hour going to work and lost the hour when returning home.  He said it was unusual but really liked where he lived and enjoyed his job.  He dropped me off at his work and with some assistance from a mother of African descent taking her daughter to school, I was able to get to the main street area of Ironwood to hitch my way to Ashland in Wisconsin.  She dropped me off at a convenient store where I had a muffin and hot chocolate.

I set up by a parking area westbound on US Route two.  As I was taking in the sunshine, I failed to notice a pick-up truck pull into the parking area.  A man hollered over to me asking if I was going to Ashland.  When I said yeah, he put his tailgate down and told me to put my gear in under his bed cover.

It was a pleasant ride as he was an Army veteran and we swapped sea stories.  He was impressed by what I was doing, saying the rest of us only dream about what you are out here actually doing.  I said I really didn’t understand what I was doing, I was just going with it.

When we arrived in Ashland, he dropped me off on the main strip saying he had an appointment with a client and would be back in about an hour to take me further if I was still here.  I thanked him for the lift and off he went.

About an hour later, he returned and took me to a roadside attraction/diner at the intersection of State Route sixty-three.  He was going down State Route sixty-three, recommended the chili and wished me well on my journey.  I thanked him for all his help and entered the diner.

The diner was a very nice establishment, making me feel a little out of place, with a lot of history about the area.  I had a seat and ordered chili and hot tea.  A woman having lunch with her elderly parents struck up a conversation with me.  I told her I was making my way to Duluth and she enthusiastically recommended I see some of the Lake Superior sights when I arrive there.

I finished my meal and thanked the woman for her recommendations and set up by the intersection of State Route sixty-three.  As I was waiting, I observed the woman helping her parents into a van.  As she left the parking lot, she turned and came in my direction.  She pulled over and said she had time to take me up to Superior, across from Duluth.  I told her I really appreciated the ride.

As we were traveling to Superior, I was grateful for her assistance as the road was desolate with sparse settlements few and far between.  She dropped me off at the interstate five, thirty-five entrance to cross into Duluth.  I told her how grateful I was for all her assistance as I grabbed my gear.  She said she was glad to help and wished me well.

A guy in a Park N Ride called out to me asking if I was going to Duluth.  When I said, I was, he waved me over to hop in his car.  I told him a homeless shelter would be fine to drop me off.  He wasn’t sure sure of any so he dropped me off at the Salvation Army store.  I thanked him for the ride and entered the store.  The clerk directed me to the homeless shelter, which turned out to be quite a hike.

At the homeless shelter, the director checked me in and said they only serve lunch and told me of the different agencies to get some supper.  I stowed my gear in a room and went to get something to eat.

Upon returning to the shelter, I noticed it to be quite a roost for shit-birds and immature grown men still wanting to be spoon fed.  It would have been comical if it was not so pathetic.  I located the director and inquired about a shower and some foot powder, as my boots were getting worn and ripe with odor.  He sat me by his desk in his office and returned with foot powder, soap and shampoo.  He closed the door and sat at his desk.

He told me this used to be a real nice homeless shelter until the word got out and all the inner city people from Chicago and Detroit came and trashed the place.  He gave me the hygiene items and told me where the showers were and I may have to wait because only one was working at the moment.  I thanked him and left.

Well, what did you expect from trash?  Look at what they did to the inner cities they came from.  You might as well ask a tornado to clean up after itself.  Trash, void of its practical purpose, can only do ONE THING – trash the place.

Reminded me of growing up in my hometown where the Mayor invited the SCUM OF THE EARTH to come and trash our city.  She thought it a great idea (or stuffed purse) to invite drug addicts to our city to ‘dry out.’  Degenerates, who take with one hand while stealing with the other for the sole purpose of gratifying their personal physical pleasure, were going to change their ways with the loving support of our community.  Delusional utopia.

The first mistake is to think these low-life’s have anything of value to offer, the second is to believe these delinquents will change their ways rather than make you their next victim and the last mistake is to let their foot in the door.  Once they get established and wreck the place, they reproduce their own kind by the dozen – like a cancer, completely destroying as it grows increasingly out of control.  Prakorimas and Lada have nothing to do with the path they have chosen for themselves and I’ll be damned if I will allow a cunning do-gooder to convince me to have anything to do with them at my own expense.  I eventually was able to get cleaned up and hit the rack.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well among all the filth.

“How many times have you found yourself involved with a person or event only to later regret it?  This exercise keeps you out of trouble in the first place.
“The whole idea is for you to be on guard against invitations and suggestions that look like fun at first but which turn out to be painful traps.  A person will get you involved in something, then suddenly lose interest in it, leaving you with the responsibilities and even the debts.  Such a person is a hit-and-run artist.
“Employ the power of Themaswot.  This special word was created to help you recognize a trap when meeting one.
“Themaswot means, ‘Themaswot makes the suggestions are the ones who must do the work, make the decisions and pay the money.’  Let this be your attitude toward deceptive people.  Stay away from their lures.  Do not let them unload their follies onto you.  Let their problems remain their problems.  The person who causes grief is the person who must suffer from it and correct it.  This is a Law of Life.
“These sly invitations are far more numerous and dangerous than you may now see.  Become aware of them; then let Themaswot keep you safe.”
Vernon Howard

In the morning, we had breakfast at another facility and I eagerly departed to check out the city of Duluth.  It was built into a hill, so I climbed a street and looked onto Lake Superior.  The sun was shinning and the ice on the lake sparkled.  I scouted around a bit and then headed for the library.  I found a road atlas and looked for my next destination.  Going west on US Route two seemed to be the way to go.  I planned to continue on to Grand Rapids then Bimidji and on to Grand Forks, North Dakota.

After lunch, I started questioning my plan to spend the weekend in Duluth.  It was only Thursday and already I had a bad feeling about staying much longer.  I didn’t sleep well my second night there and as soon as it was light, I packed my gear and left.  I couldn’t take being around those low-life, delinquent, degenerate derelicts any longer.

“When there is so much divine and loving guidance available, you might wonder why there are so many people who can’t get a grip on their lives.  People who apparently turn their own lives or the lives of others into a kind of hell don’t achieve this overnight.  These people have made decisions that have turned out badly.  They might not have paid attention to the signs around them for quite a while.  For example, they haven’t listened to people who have told them in a well-meaning way to drink less alcohol, or they don’t want to hear that they have been behaving inconsiderately toward other people.  They often lash out when help or advice is offered and feel under attack or uncomfortable when a deficiency or some inner wound is pointed out.  They must at some point hear the unpleasant consequences of their own actions or inaction.  This can happen during this lifetime or perhaps not until one of the next lives.
“The soul, spirit guide, and spirit world are always there, but it’s up to us to pause, calm ourselves, and restore the connection with them.  It is up to us to decide whether to accept our higher realizations and incorporate them into our daily lives.”
Ursula Demarmels

“This earth is populated by petty people with petty minds.  When you go home look up the word petty in the dictionary.  Get the full meaning of it and apply it, the word petty, to all the activities you see in yourself or in the world until you’re able to see with considerable shock that that’s the whole way the world works.  But they don’t know that it’s shallow and meaningless.
“But you, as part of your spiritual studies, are not going to be afraid to see the pettiness of your life and of the world itself.  Because then the shock can lead you to what is not petty, to what is magnificent.
“And be sure when you look it up in the dictionary, you find the word petty, not pretty.

Vernon Howard

I picked up some food on my way to interstate thirty-five southbound.  I needed to go interstate thirty-five south then pick up US Route two west.  The traffic was heavy but no one was willing to pick me up – not surprising after observing the clientele at the homeless shelter.

Finally, a woman in a black Cadillac gave me a ride down to US Route two.  There was a McDonald’s nearby and when she dropped me off in the parking lot, she gave me some money to purchase breakfast.  I thanked her for her generosity and help.  When she drove off, I decided to hike right over to US Route two.  I didn’t want to spend another night at the shelter and thought it best to put some distance between it and myself.

The place where I set up seemed out of the way and the traffic was sparse.  Finally, a guy in a tan pick-up truck stopped and asked where I was headed.  When I told him I was making my way down US Route two to North Dakota, he told me to hop in the truck.  He said I was off the main highway and drove me over to a main intersection of US Route two.  I thanked him for getting me back on course and set up just west of the traffic light.

The traffic was light but a black Mercedes-Benz pulled up and the male driver asked where I was headed.  I told him Grand Rapids and he said he was going to Bimidji and told me to put my bags in the back seat.  When I stowed my gear and sat in the passenger seat, I told him I was making my way to Grand Forks, North Dakota and asked if I could ride along all the way to Bimidji with him.  He said, sure, no problem.  It was a great ride.

He was a real estate agent returning from helping a friend move.  He asked about my travels and since it was a long ride, I shared some of my trials and tribulations with him as well as the small triumphs and lessons along the way.  He thought it was awesome that I was out here doing what most people dream about and should write a book about my experiences – he would definitely buy it.

We stopped at a roadside A&W and he asked what I wanted on my burger.  When I said just cheese and bacon, he asked anything else?  I said no, I’m more of a meat and dairy man than a fruit and vegetables kind of guy.  He went in and returned with burgers, fries and root beer.  He asked if this was one of the highlights of my trip and told him, he had no idea how high.  He continued to drive as we feasted.

When arriving in Bimidji, I told him a Salvation Army or homeless shelter would be fine to drop me off.  He thought a moment and said he knew where he would take me.  He dropped me off at an old church building that was converted into a homeless shelter.  I grabbed my gear from the back seat and went to thank him through the open passenger door.  As I put my head in to thank him, he held out his hand and said, here, take my business card – I really want to read your book when you write it.  Under his card was a hundred dollar bill.  I looked at him and asked, incredulously, if he was serious.  He said it might come in handy traveling through Montana.  I told him my gratitude was beyond expression.  He said he was glad to help out and wished me well.

I entered the church and noticed the pews turned along walls and blankets everywhere.  I didn’t see anyone but heard voices coming from the basement.  I put my gear down at the top of the stairs and descended.  Seated at a picnic-type table watching TV, were two women of Native American descent.  I asked if there was some sort of check-in procedure.  They said there was not, informed me of meal times, location of bathroom and shower then stated I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted.  I thanked them and returned upstairs.

By this time, another man had arrived and was reading by a window.  I approached  and asked where one sets up to sleep.  He got up, looked around the pews and pointed to an empty space he believed was available.  He said it was really informal there and most people just come at night to sleep.  I thanked him for the assistance and told him how unique I found the arrangement.  He asked where I was coming from and we fell into conversation.  When I finished arranging my space on a pew, I let him get back to his book and I laid down until supper.

After supper, people started showing up and burying themselves under blankets as the building was not very warm.  There were extra blankets, so I folded up a thick one to use as a mattress on the hard wood bench.  I slept much better than the previous two nights and after breakfast packed my gear to head out the door.  The one Native American woman was standing by the door and asked if I was leaving so soon.  I told her I was making my way to Grand Forks, North Dakota and thanked her for her hospitality.  She seemed excited for me and wished me well.

It was quite a hike to return to US Route two, but the sun was shinning despite the cold temperatures.  I set up just west of an intersection to a shopping center.  My first ride arrived quickly.  A man operating a big black pick-up truck took me all the way to Erskine.  There was a gas station along the road where he dropped me off.  I thanked him for the ride and went inside to use the bathroom and purchase a hot chocolate.  I then set up at an intersection not far from the gas station.

I waited the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon for a ride.  A strange thing happened while I was waiting in the afternoon.  It started to warm up.  The sun was shining and a southerly wind picked up, allowing me to remove my hood and unzip my coat.  It had been so long since I experienced warm weather it was almost a shock to the system.  It may have only been forty degrees Fahrenheit but it felt like sixty to me.

Finally, a tan pick-up truck operated by a man of Native American descent pulled up and asked where I was going.  When I told him Grand Forks, North Dakota, he told me to put my gear in the bed and hop in.  When I hopped in after stowing my gear, he offered his right hand and introduced himself as Little Wolf.  I shook his hand and said I was Big Bear (I couldn’t resist) knowing he had no clue I once wore a Smokey Bear hat.  Upon arriving, I asked to be dropped off at a homeless shelter.  He said he knew right where to take me.  He dropped me off at the homeless shelter and I thanked him for his great assistance.  He said it was his pleasure and wished me well.

I entered the facility and started the check-in process.  I immediately noticed it was clean and well organized.  I was handed a hygiene kit in a hand sewn bag donated by ladies who enjoy sewing.  It contained a big bottle of shampoo and body wash among other toiletries.  I learned they had shower facilities for men and women as well as laundry facilities along with a well equipped dining area.  Only women and staff were permitted on the second floor and security cameras monitored the facility.  If you stayed for an extended time, you were assigned a chore and a scheduled time to complete the chore all documented on a time card.  I was impressed and wondered if the shelter in Duluth started out this nice.  I also knew the shit-birds would be flocking once word got out about this place.  Being Friday, and leaving Monday morning, I was not assigned a chore.

They were doing some remodeling, so some of us were sleeping on mattresses on the floor in a small room on the third floor making a tight fit.  Supper had passed so they brought me a hoagie and some chips after thoroughly searching my bags.

After eating, I went straight to bed.  Around mid-night, I was awakened by staff to go to the main office for a breathalyzer test.  I had to submit to one even though I didn’t leave the facility after checking in.

I enjoyed my short stay there as I was able to get properly cleaned up and laundry done as well.  After breakfast on Monday, I packed my gear, thanked the staff for their hospitality and headed out the door singing, “On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again.”

As I exited the building, I was awakened by a brutal cold temperature.  Wow, it took my breath away in spite of the sunshine.  Good thing I needed to hike to interstate twenty-nine so I could keep warm.  I decided to take interstate twenty-nine north and try to enter Canada again.  I stopped at a convenient store to use the bathroom and drink some hot chocolate before setting up.  The Weather Channel was on TV and the local temperature was minus seven degrees Fahrenheit.  Yeow, this was going to be an interesting day.

“There is a bright lamp that will guide you through every storm and darkness that you will ever encounter in your life.  This bright lamp has never, ever failed anyone and it will never fail you.  This lamp is called sincerity.
“Oh, what a doorway to discovering everything needing to be discovered about your personal inner life, so that you can first see, this is the proper order now, so you can see how insincere you now are. You don’t know that. You don’t understand it. You’ve never studied yourself.
“You’ve never seen how in the smallest conversation with someone, you say a dozen things or more that are insincere.  You don’t realize that insincerity has been living a false life for you.  Insincerity controls your mind, your speech, what you want and what you don’t want.  Insincerity, not understanding yourself, is at the very base of every grief that you have seated in these chairs.
“All right, sincerity, earnestness, honesty is strength that can do for you what you have never been able to do for yourself.”

Vernon Howard

I set up on the northbound ramp and quickly had a ride.  A construction worker was in route to a job site.  He said he did all his framing in the fall so he could perform inside work this time of year.  I told him it was good thinking and planning.  He dropped me off at an isolated interchange and assured me someone would be along to take me further.

I had a bad feeling as I set up since traffic was almost non-existent.  It was brutal-ass cold and even pacing couldn’t keep me warm.  The few vehicles that did pass had no interest in picking me up.  As I was pacing, I was thinking again I was going in the wrong direction.  I did some soul-searching wondering where I was supposed to be going and what this journey was all about.

“You do not become strong by seeking those situations that keep you sheltered and protected; you become strong by learning to navigate all the different kinds of weather, finding your strength and direction from within.”
Sanaya Roman

“Of all the natural and social sciences, economics is the most crucial for the intelligent laity.  This is because [Austrian Style] economic understanding among the public makes the difference between [self-centered Socialist] barbarism and a healthy [prosperous] society.  While the other sciences are important, they only require a small minority of specialists with a deep understanding of those topics for the fruits of those disciplines to spread throughout society.  But good public policy frequently depends on a sound understanding of [Austrian Style] economics, and thus depends on the public’s understanding of [sound laissez-faire Capitalist economic principles].
“A country is a boat that only floats if those inside it understand how to operate it successfully.
“Of all of the natural and social sciences, it’s most important that the intelligent layperson have a solid hold of [Austrian Style] economics, because their understanding of economics will shape the operation of the most powerful organization in every country in the world: The State.  “The flowering of human society depends on two factors: the intellectual power of outstanding men to conceive sound social and economic theories, and the ability of these or other men to make these ideologies palatable to the [disinterested] majority.” Ludwig von Mises.”

Gor Mkrtchian

The Adventure Of True Voyager
“A ship named Life set sail for its destination called the Harbor.  It carried the usual assortment of passengers found on any ocean voyage.
“Running into a battering storm, the ship lost its rudder.  The passengers raced around the deck in panic, crying for help.  The Officers, who were very proud of being Officers, sought to calm the crowd with assurances that nothing was really wrong.  “Just trust us,” they repeated, “and all will go well with you.”
“But there was one True Voyager who wondered about it all.  Things were not all right, and he knew it.  When he asked the Officers why the rudder was not being repaired, they gave evasive answers.  When he insistently asked whether they really knew how to make repairs, they curtly reminded him that their word was not to be questioned.
“So True Voyager spent his hours at the rail, searching over the sea for sight of land.
“Meanwhile, the Officers had set up Counseling Sessions for the bewildered passengers.  Handsomely dressed in their neatly pressed uniforms with bright brass buttons, they smilingly advised, “The rudderless way is the natural way.  There is no need to think for yourself; just have faith that you are in good hands.  We care for you.  As for the Harbor you ask about, it is yours in exchange for obedience to us.  But don’t let your doubts spoil anything.  Enjoy yourself, engage in shipboard activities, keep yourself busy.”
“From time to time, True Voyager tried to persuade the others to join him in his search for land.  Hearing of it, the Officers became resentful.  In the privacy of their plush quarters, their usual smiles slid away, replaced by dark anger.  But the smiles soon reappeared as the Officers stood on deck to warn the passengers about True Voyager: “Beware of that man.  He is a strange one.  Remain true to your Officers, who care so much for you.  We care so much that we don’t want to burden you with thinking for yourselves.”
“Dazzled by the Officers’ bright brass buttons, the passengers nodded gratefully, all in unison.
“One day while gazing seaward, True Voyager sighted land.  He called to the others who were seated on deck in a Counseling Session.  They sat stiffly, as if in a hypnotic trance, their faces dazedly reflecting the dazzle of the Officers’ bright brass buttons.
“Knowing they could not hear him, True Voyager turned away.  Leaping overboard, he swam to solid ground.”
Vernon Howard

As afternoon was passing away, icicles started forming on my eyebrows.  “Those who aim at great deeds must also suffer greatly.” Plutarch.  I guess a passing motorist took pity on me and called nine-one-one.  A Highway Patrol cruiser pulled up and the officer instructed me to get in the back seat with my gear.  I gave him my ID paper and told him my intent to go to Canada.  He said he was taking me to the nearby town of Grafton where I could spend the night.  He dropped me off at a motel and I thanked him for his assistance.  That hundred dollar bill came in handy as I was able to rent a room for the night.

Fire he needs who with frozen knees
Has come from the cold without;
Food and clothes must the farer have,
The man from the mountains come.

I entered the room, put my gear down and looked for a phone book to find local restaurants.  I opened a desk drawer and there was the phone book.  Printed on the front cover was a simple map of the area.  The Hamlet of Walhalla immediately caught my attention.  A ‘W’ is pronounced ‘V’ in German and a common spelling is Valhalla.  According to Old Norse Myth, Valhalla was where heroic dead warriors went after being chosen from the battlefield by Battle Maidens or Valkyries.  Not to be confused with female Viking warriors referred to as ‘Shield Maidens.’  Odin was the God of Battle and instructed the Valkyries who was worthy to bring to His Hall in preparation for Ragnarok – the final battle.  When referring to the earthly location, I’ll use ‘W’ and when referring to the celestial location, I’ll use ‘V.’  I sat in the chair and stared at the map.  My rumbling stomach snapped me out of it and I located a nearby Pizza Hut I could hike to.

I ordered a pizza and returned to my room.  I knew the walk back would cool it enough to be able to quickly gulp down in the room.  I stared at the map on the phone book cover as I was wolfing down the pizza.

After eating, I decided to take a nice, long, warm shower and watch TV in bed.  I turned on The Weather Channel and the local temperature was minus twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit.  That is just ridiculous cold, so I hopped out of bed and opened the door.  A mist was forming and dissipating as the warm humid air from the room flowed into the cold, dry air outside.  I closed the door, hopped back into bed and was grateful not to be stuck out on a night like that.

After flipping through the channels, I got out of bed and looked at the phone book cover again.  I had no idea why, but I was going to Walhalla.

I waited for the sun to fully rise and start warming things up a bit before setting out.  I grabbed my gear and hiked to the northern part of town on State Route eighty-one.  As I passed the bank, the thermometer read minus fourteen degrees Fahrenheit.  At least it was going in the right direction.

When arriving at the northern end of town, I set up next to a taco restaurant that was still closed.  Shortly after setting up, a town police cruiser pulled up and the officer asked for identification and what in the world I was doing out here.  I handed him my paper and said I was making my way to Walhalla.  He exclaimed, Walhalla?!  There’s nothing up there!  I told him there may be something there for me to discover.  He ran my information through the computer, returned my paper and wished me well.

I returned to pacing to keep warm and the sun was starting to moderate the harsh cold.  As I was waiting, I observed numerous tractor-trailer type dump trucks going south with a full load and returning north, empty.  I had no idea what they were hauling, but it appeared to be small rocks dug up from the ground.  Morning turned to afternoon and the afternoon started fading and still no ride.

Finally, a red Ford Escape pulled up with an elderly man operating it.  He asked where I was going.  I told him I was making my way to Walhalla.  He said he could take me up to Route five where he was then going east and I would have to continue west.  I told him that would be great and he invited me into his vehicle.  When he said he was a retired science school teacher, I told him both my brothers were school teachers.  He gave me a fascinating lesson on the local wildlife and the changes he observed with it over the years.  Arriving at Route five, he dropped me off, wished me well and continued eastbound.  I thanked him for the ride and lesson then set up westbound at the intersection.

It warmed significantly and as I stood there a moment, I experienced complete silence.  Not a breeze was blowing, not a vehicle moving, not even a bird chirping – complete silence – I found the experience AMAZING!

Eventually, a vehicle came westbound into sight on Route five.  It was a red pick-up truck and slowed down when he noticed me and stopped just west of where I was standing.  I grabbed my gear and ran up to the passenger door.  I told him I was making my way to Walhalla.  He told me to hop in and he would take me to Cavalier.  I jumped in and in no time we were in Cavalier.  He said he had an appointment or he would have taken me to Walhalla.  I told him that was fine and appreciated the lift.  I entered a convenient store to use the bathroom and purchase a hot chocolate.  I then went over to the west side of Main Street (Route five) and set up next to an abandoned building.

Two middle aged ladies in a red pick-up truck passed by me in each direction before deciding to stop and invite me into the vehicle.  I left my gear on the sidewalk and the passenger scooted over to let me have a seat.  They asked where I came from, where I was going and what in the world I was doing all the way out here.  I explained the best I could then the driver handed me some money with a piece of paper.  She said if you don’t get a ride, here is some money to get something to eat at the diner down the street and my number to call if you need a place to stay for the night.  I told them their hospitality was greatly appreciated, hopped out and they drove off.

As the sun was setting, I noticed a red Ford Escape pass me by westbound.  It turned at the next corner and I recognized the retired school teacher.  His expression was fatherly, as if he was checking on his son to make sure he was headed in the right direction.  He rounded the corner and that was the last I saw of him.

When the sun set, I gathered my gear and walked to the diner.  To my surprise and delight, the special of the day was the all-you-can-eat buffet.  They were about to lose money with my famished appetite.  I didn’t feel too bad since there was only one other patron in the diner.

After gorging myself, I asked to use the phone to call and take the lady up on her offer.  As promised, she said she would be right over.  I returned the phone and ordered a hot chocolate to go.

At her residence, I met her husband and learned he grew up in Walhalla.  He shared his stories of growing up there as we enjoyed ice-cream together.  They asked why I was going there.  I told them I had no idea, I was just going with it.  They offered to take me there in the morning.  I was then given some blankets and made myself comfortable on the couch as we wished each other a good night.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,-
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
Scorn or mocking never shall you make
Of a guest or a journey-goer.
Often scarcely he knows who sits in the house
What kind is the man who comes;
None so good is found that faults he has not,
Nor so wicked that nothing he is worth.

After a hardy breakfast, the woman asked to take my picture so she could show her daughters.  I agreed and then packed my gear as the man readied the chariot.  Vehicles in that part of the country need a special plug-in adapter on the engine to keep them warm overnight.  When all was ready, off we went.

”Welcome To Walhalla’ was the wooden sign that greeted us as we entered the hamlet.  Here it was in North Dakota the whole time, who knew?  They dropped me off on the north side of town at a gas station along Route thirty-two.  I thanked them for their pleasant hospitality and the man asked if I was sure I wanted to be left up here.  I told him I was, and he wished me well.

“A Sense of Urgency
“Do you know what the word urgency means?  You’ve got to allow yourself to have a feeling of urgency, a passionate feeling, desire for self-change to come over you.  This sense of urgency is the extra energy you need, so that you can refuse to listen to the screams for fun, for habit, for being with the crowd.
“Don’t you have the honesty to know that your life is nothing but a wreck?  Now there’s no alternative to you seeing that because that’s the fact.  It’s chaotic and you justify it.  You say, “Well, it’s because of other people.”  You would rather complain, accuse other people than save your soul!
“Remember the word urgency while we go on to the word agree.  You possess the source of energy which is called agreeing to the truth, with what it says.
“Think of you being trapped in a building at night and the lights go out.  Nobody knows you’re in the back room.  You don’t know how to get out and you get panicky. Then you yell out, “Turn on the light.”  Remember you have no strength of your own.  You’re helpless inside there.  You can’t turn on the light.  You do agree that you want out of there.  So in your helplessness, in darkness all around, and in terror you cry out, “Please someone, turn on the light.”  A minute later, the light goes on.  Whew, and there’s the nice smiling guard there, and he says, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were back there.”
“Here’s the point if you will do it.  You’re capable of saying, “Yes, [Folkvang], turn on the inner light.  I need it so badly.  I’m helpless here in the dark.”  You’ve forgotten that the word Yes is sufficient to [Folkvang].
“All you have to do, try it, try it all the time: Sit back in your chair shaking with what’s happening on earth, shaking with the thousands of griefs you have.  Just sit back there and see if [Tyr] is more faithful to YOU than you are to HIM.
“See, [Tyr] is quite willing and eager to PROVE HIMSELF TO YOU.  Will you let the higher source come down right in the middle of all your desperation?  Are you willing to NOT enjoy being terrified!  You do enjoy it now.  You love it.  It’s nine-tenths of your life — feeling you.
“Will you let yourself see that there is a crisis, that you do have to break out of what you call yourself?  Please see the urgency of stopping in the dark building of your life, which you know very well you’re in; stopping there and just be calm — deliberately.
“Oh, I know what will happen for the first ten thousand times you just go limp and calm and non-excitable.  It’ll start to scare you.  “What happened to my friend ‘frantic mad screams’?”  Peace is startling at the start.  You’re not used to being intelligent.  You’re used to yelling out like an idiot, like the world is going to continue to do.  But you’re going to break apart from the world.  So you sit there in the dark.  And you don’t know in your present level that there is a [Divine Spirit]; there is a supreme watchman of the night; you don’t know that.
“That’s not a problem.  The problem is you inventing your own fantasy guards that are going to come and save you — [the new charity], the new boyfriend, [the new government program], the new raise in pay, whatever.  You don’t know that rescue exists because you’ve never been rescued.  So you haven’t had the experience of being lost and having the [Divine] night watchman come and show you the way.
“Now all you have to do is say Yes in the dark.  Say, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but I am willing to have the light turned on inside myself.”  That’s all that’s required of you and don’t you dare do anything else!  You’ll spoil it all! “[Tyr], I don’t know what I’m doing.  Please let something come to me that I can’t go to.  I can’t go to you, [Tyr].  I don’t know where you are.  I can’t go to it but I can let it come to me.  Will you let the light come to me?”  Stop right there.
“That’s the problem.  You want to get in on your own salvation.  You want to be able tell people you meet how much you know about spirituality and all the religious verses you can quote.  You want to brag that you saved yourself.  Will you stop supplying your own solutions to your unhappiness?  Please abandon, THROW OUT all those papers and books and plans and blueprints you’ve had.  IT’S THE ONLY CHANCE YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE DARK.
“Then you can’t depend on yourself anymore, can you?  You have to depend on the [Divine] watchman of the night to turn on the light, which HE WILL DO.  Do nothing about your own salvation, except know that you need it very badly and that you can’t do a thing to save yourself.
“When you cry out, “Please turn on the light,” the light will turn on.  You don’t have to know who you’re talking to, because you don’t know who you’re talking to.  But who you’re talking to HAS HEARD your plea and the light WILL COME ON.”
Vernon Howard

I spent the morning and afternoon at the side of the building out of sight trying to keep warm.  “The great goal is to understand life from yourself, not from what others have told you.” Vernon Howard.  The whole time I was wondering why I was there and where to go next.  Occasionally, I would enter the store to use the bathroom and purchase a hot chocolate.

At mid-afternoon, while enjoying a hot chocolate, I noticed a flyer on the bulletin board advertising a spaghetti supper at five o’clock on Wednesday, February fourth, two thousand, nine, at the local church.  That’s in two hours, I thought.  Perfect, I can enjoy a spaghetti dinner then hike across the Canadian border after wards.

Just as I was thinking the plan, a young deputy sheriff approached and asked what I was doing there.  Pointing at the flyer, I said I was planning to check out the spaghetti dinner at the church.  He said, no, I mean, what are you doing in Walhalla.  I said I was just passing through.  He said he was called by the employees because I was hanging out all day.  I assured him I meant no one any harm.  He told me to wait there as he pulled out his cell phone and walked away while making a phone call.  Upon returning, he stated I had two options – one – I could go with him back to the station as they arranged for a ride to take me to the homeless shelter in Grand Forks or – two – I would be arrested for trespassing.  I told him option one sounded good to me.

I gathered my gear and as I was walking to his cruiser, I received some interesting looks from a car full of young ladies.  I guess hitchhikers are not a common sight in this place.

We drove back to Cavalier and I was told to wait in a conference room at the station.  I dropped my gear and made myself comfortable.  The young deputy returned and informed me a Sergeant would be coming on duty at six PM to drive me to Grand Forks and to remain in the conference room until then.  He stated he needed to resume his patrol and asked if I had any questions.  I assured him I understood and told him to be safe out there.  He did a double take as he left and shut the door behind him.

As I sat in the conference room, a feeling of relief suddenly came over me.  I wondered if Walhalla was the objective of my quest.  Still not understanding it, I pulled my Runes out to cast for clarification.  The Runes seemed to confirm I had reached my destination and, surprisingly, it was time to return to Rochester, New York.

“Bravery exists only in the ocean of fear, bravery is an island in the ocean of fear.  Fear is there, but in spite of the fear one takes the risk — that is bravery.  One trembles, one is afraid to go into the dark, and still one goes.  In spite of oneself one goes: that is the meaning of being brave.  It does not mean fearless.  It means full of fear but still not being dominated by it.”

As I was casting, the dispatcher entered and offered me a ham sandwich, bag of chips and a drink.  I told him he must have heard my stomach growl and thanked him for the food.  He said I looked as if I had been on a long journey.  I told him his powers of observation were outstanding.  He had to return to his dispatch duties and left me to enjoy my meal.

“Truth is the only castle of safety for the frightened fugitive.”
Vernon Howard

The Sergeant arrived fifteen minutes early and in no time we were southbound.  It was a long ride and we had a great conversation.  He was blown away that I was a former Lieutenant in the the Marine Corps and Trooper in New York State and astounded by my journey to Walhalla.  He also said he would be interested if I ever wrote a book and gave me his card.  He dropped me off back where I started in North Dakota and wished me well.  I thanked him for the ride and told him to be safe out there.

I entered the homeless shelter for the second time among residents wondering why a deputy sheriff dropped me off there.  The check-in process was much quicker the second time around.  I told them I planned to stay a week this time and was assigned to clean the men’s bathroom daily at three PM.  Perfect, I could scout around all day, return to clean the bathroom and then have supper at four PM.  Also, since I was staying that long, I had to go for a TB test at a local clinic.  I was given a voucher and directions to the clinic to complete the next day.

Some of the men that were crammed in a third floor room were relocated to a huge first floor room.  We were still sleeping on mattresses placed on the floor and I was assigned the last mattress in the back.  Perfect, no one needed to walk by my area to get to their area, giving me extra storage space as well.

I settled in and started exploring Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota across the Red River.  Once I found my way around, I discovered a nice public library in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and spent most of my time there.  They had public use computers with internet access I was able to use.

As the weekend approached, I thought of purchasing a bus ticket back to Rochester and tried my hand at pan-handling to raise the funds.  I made a cardboard sign stating I was collecting $ for a bus ticket to Rochester, New York.  I set up at an off ramp close to a gas station/convenient store.  The few who donated were generous and wished me well, but I was well short of the one hundred, eighty dollars I needed for the ticket.  I tried again the next day at a shopping center but was asked to leave shortly after setting up.  I knew this wasn’t going to work so I abandoned further attempts.

On Tuesday, I decided to start hitchhiking back to Rochester on Thursday and made a cardboard sign ‘Goin’ East.’  While I was at the library, I remembered the home care provider lady that bought my fan, cooler and gave me her email address.  I located her email address and sent her an email telling her I was in Grand Forks, North Dakota, EXACTLY where I said I had no intention to go.  I told her I planned to hitchhike back to Rochester starting Thursday.  She wrote back in shock telling me to email her upon my return.

On Thursday morning, I packed my gear, checked out and walked through the campus of the University of North Dakota to interstate twenty-nine.

I set up southbound at a busy interchange and paced to keep warm.  The morning was slipping away when a maroon pick-up truck stopped on the shoulder in front of me and the driver waved me to enter the vehicle.  As I opened the passenger door, he told me to throw my stuff in the bed and hop in.  When I hopped in, I told him I was going to Fargo.  He said he had an interview in Fargo and can take me all the way.  He said his wife would kill him if she ever found out he picked up a hitchhiker after instructing her to never do the same.  I told him she wouldn’t hear about it from me.

His interview was with an agricultural company as that was his area of expertise and his previous employer went out of business.  He didn’t elaborate and I didn’t ask but he did not seem very happy about the situation.  As we were traveling south on the wide open plain, he pointed out what crops the different plants processed that dotted the landscape.  He said right now they were processing beets.  I asked if that is what the tractor-trailer dump trucks were hauling.  He said yea, (as I understood it) at harvest time they dig a long trench to put the beets in to be preserved by the first frost.  This time of year, they dig them up and take them to be processed – fascinating!

By the time we arrived in Fargo, I thought his prospective employer would be crazy not to hire him.  He dropped me off at a convenient store near the interstate ninety-four interchange and wished me well.  I thanked him for the ride, sharing his expertise with me and wished him well with his interview.  I used the bathroom, purchased a hot chocolate and hiked over to interstate ninety-four.  I set up on the eastbound entrance ramp and waited for a ride amidst steady traffic.

After a short while, a huge pick-up truck with dullies and a fifth wheel in the bed, pulled up.  The man instructed me to put my gear in the bed and hop in.  When he asked how far I was going, I responded, as far as you can take me.  He was a quiet guy and said he was returning to Michigan from dropping his load in Fargo.  He was a huge Detroit Tigers fan and a sports talk show on the radio was dedicated to his team.  I kept my mouth shut so he could enjoy his program and I enjoyed the miles ticking by.

As we approached Minneapolis, Minnesota, he said he was going to drop me off at a truck stop area he was familiar with to use the facilities.  I told him that would be great.  He then asked if I was going to give him a hard time about being dropped off.  I said, no, and asked why would I?  He said, some guys give him a hard time when they know he is going further without them.  I said I couldn’t imagine demanding more from someone who already contributed so much.  He said he wished a lot more guys thought like I did.

As we exited the vehicle, I grabbed my gear and shook his hand in appreciation.  As we approached the entrance, I told him those guys were just displaying their immaturity.  Part of growing up isn’t always getting what you think you want, but appreciating what you already have.  We wished each other well and parted ways.  He went for the head and I looked for the lounge.

The TV lounge was small so I put my gear in a corner and went to check out the supper specials in the restaurant.  Buy one steak dinner get a second steak free.  WOW!  Living in New York for so long, I didn’t know such carnivorous specials existed in the Vegan Era.  Even more of a bonus, I still had enough funds to enjoy the special.

When I confirmed with the waitress, she said the way it works is, once you are served your dinner, they put the second steak on – BRILLIANT!  I dined like a king and savored every bite.

After finishing, I went to the store, grabbed a road atlas and discovered continuing east would take me to interstate ninety in Wisconsin.  I put the road atlas away and returned to the TV lounge.  Getting as comfortable in the plastic chairs as I could, I reasoned I was headed in the right direction as two rides took me from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I didn’t sleep well and was up milling around while it was still dark.  When the sun started rising, I grabbed my gear and set up on the eastbound entrance ramp as rush hour traffic picked up.  I was picked up and taken to the east side of the city and from there started exit hopping across Wisconsin.  I landed in Black River Falls as the day was ending.  I hiked over to a truck stop and noticed a sign that read ‘no hitchhikers’ on the window as I entered.  I quickly stowed my gear under a pin-ball machine and entered the dining area. The special was an all-you-can-eat buffet and I had enough funds to partake.

After eating, I quickly gathered my gear, went to the dimly lit TV lounge and sat up front in the corner out of the way.  Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I only left to use the bathroom.  I slept better in the movie theatre style seats but not that well.  When I went to use the bathroom in the morning, I noticed it was light outside.  I grabbed my gear and headed out the door.  The analog clock read nine o’clock as I exited.

I set up on the eastbound ramp and paced to keep warm.  It was a Saturday, so traffic was sparse.  Finally, a white Oldsmobile operated by a man of Native American descent stopped to pick me up.  I told him I was making my way to interstate ninety and he said he would drop me off at a truck stop area in Tomah.  He said I would have a better chance there of a trucker picking me up.  I told him I would appreciate it and we fell into conversation.

He was a Medicine Man coming from the previous night’s ritual.  He reached behind my seat and pulled out a zip-lock bag full of cut up ring bologna and cheese and offered it to me.  I told him he was a man after my own heart.  He said it was left over and to enjoy it.  At Tomah, he dropped me off where I could set up eastbound and wished me well.  I thanked him for the lift and food and went to set up.

After a while, a white boom truck pulled up and the driver offered me a ride.  I was blown away.  That Medicine Man knew what he was talking about, as up to that point, I had no luck hitching a ride with truckers.  I secured my gear on the back and hopped in the cab.  The driver asked where I was going and when I said, as far as you can take me, he said he was going to deliver the truck in South Carolina.  His planned route had him picking up interstate sixty-five in Chicago to travel through Indianapolis.

As he started driving, I grabbed his road atlas from the dashboard to see if there was a better route for both of us.  I told him if he stayed on interstate ninety through Chicago, he could pick up interstate eighty in Ohio and then take interstate seventy-seven outside Cleveland to South Carolina.  It was not out of his way, he could avoid Indianapolis and drop me off outside Cleveland.  He agreed and said he would call his dispatcher when we arrived in Chicago for permission to alter course.  Permission was granted and we rode through the night.

As we approached Toledo, his driving hours were expiring so we had to stop for the night.  He said when we check-in, I was to be in training and they would not ask for my information.  We checked-in to a two bed room without a hitch and I hit the shower as he worked on his log book.  After getting cleaned up, I hit the rack while he did some more paperwork and watched TV.  I was dead to the world as I wasn’t horizontal for the last two nights.

In the morning, he treated me to the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and we were back on the road again.  I told him how much I appreciated everything he did for me.  He said he would rather be in his position than mine and was glad he was able to help.

When we entered interstate seventy-seven southbound, we exited at the first opportunity and he dropped me off so I could go northbound back to interstate ninety.  I entered the little convenient store to use the bathroom and purchase a hot chocolate.  I then set up on the interstate seventy-seven northbound ramp.

A young man driving a black van stopped and asked where I was going.  I told him I was trying to get to interstate ninety.  He invited me in and we were northbound.  I told him a little of my travels and he was psyched for me.  He wasn’t quite sure where the best place to drop me off, so I ended up at an entrance ramp near Cleveland State University.  I thanked him for the ride and he wished me well.

I set up eastbound and waited and waited and waited.  I thought to myself, trying to hitch a ride in Cleveland on a Sunday is impossible for me to accomplish.  When it started to get dark, I packed my gear and scouted around the area.  I located a McDonald’s and ordered a double cheeseburger and a small drink.  As I was dining, I noticed a security officer posted in the dining area monitoring the restaurant.  I figured this was not a very good part of town and left as soon as I finished.

I located a convenient store with a map of the area posted under a piece of thick plastic.  I figured out where I was and memorized where I needed to go to hitch a ride eastbound on interstate ninety.

I hiked my way to a location near Lake Erie and set up under a street lamp.  I knew my chances were slim for a ride but figured it was the safest place and just paced all night to keep warm.

It was still dark when a dark colored Oldsmobile stopped.  I grabbed my gear and ran to the passenger door.  When I opened it, a female driver of European descent said to put my stuff in the back and hop in.  When I jumped in, I told her I was glad to see her.  She asked what in the world I was doing there – the ‘hood was just down the street and her car was almost stolen when she stopped for gas.  I told her I was trying to go interstate ninety east to Erie, PA.  She said I was in the wrong place for that and said she didn’t have time to take me all the way where I needed to go, but I would be close.  I thanked her for the help and asked what SHE was doing in the ‘hood.  She said she loved living in the ‘hood.  She grew up there and wouldn’t live anyplace else.  I thought, if you never been out of the ‘hood, you don’t know of any other way to live.  And if you do leave, you take the ‘hood with you.  The Duluth, MN homeless shelter was a prime example.  She dropped me off at a convenient store and said I needed to go over the hill to get to interstate ninety.  I thanked her for her help and she sped off.

I dropped my gear along the wall and went inside to warm up.  I used the bathroom and purchased a hot chocolate and honey bun.  I enjoyed the sweet treat and warmed up with the hot chocolate.

After I finished and warmed up, I returned to my gear and sat on it leaning back against the wall.  It felt so good to be off my feet.  It was still dark, so I closed my eyes and relaxed.  A man of African descent approached me and handed me two dollars and said, here, get something hot to drink.  I thanked him and said I would after I rested a bit.  He said, take your time.

A little while later, a man of European descent came up to me and said, you look like you could use a hot drink and handed me a steaming cup from the store.  I told him he had great powers of observation and thanked him for his kindness.

As I finished drinking, it started getting light out.  I grabbed my gear and started hiking up the hill.  As I crested the hill, I could see interstate ninety still off in the distance.  I used a bathroom at a gas station and continued to interstate ninety.  I set up eastbound in the sunshine and waited for a ride.

In no time, a red vehicle pulled over to the shoulder and I grabbed my gear and ran up to it.  As I was nearing, a female exited the passenger side and pulled the seat down for me to get in the back.  As I was putting my gear in, I said, please tell me you are going to Erie.  The male driver said they were indeed.

While eastbound, they said they were returning to Erie from a show in Cleveland the night before.  I told them I was out waiting for a ride all night in a bad section of the city and glad to be eastbound again.  I asked if they could drop me off at the truck stop in Erie, and they said it would be no problem.  They invited me to partake in their weed ritual but told them I had no interest.  We had a pleasant conversation and in no time we were in Erie, PA.  They dropped me off at the same truck stop I passed through westbound.  I thanked them for the ride and they wished me well.

I entered the truck stop, used the bathroom and went to the dining area.  The restaurant was patron free and the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet was screaming my name.  As I was chowing down, I felt Prakorimas was smiling on me today.  After making up for skipped meals, a few patrons started trickling in.  I gathered my gear, thanked them for their hospitality as I paid and went out into the sunshine.

I set up on the eastbound ramp of interstate ninety and paced while I waited, and waited, and waited.  Morning turned to afternoon, then mid-afternoon.  A van pulled up and a female passenger asked where I was going.  I said I was making my way to Rochester, New York.  She said they were going down interstate eighty-six and I could ride along and work my way to interstate three-ninety then north to Rochester.  I told her I appreciated the offer but chose to stay on interstate ninety.  They said okay, and drove off.

A short time after, a young man pulled up in a small car with some belongings in the back seat.  He said he was going to Buffalo and invited me in to his vehicle.  I learned he was a college student using his girlfriend’s car to drop some items off and pack his gear up and return to Chicago to move in with her.  He also admitted he was going to Syracuse and was feeling me out to see if he wanted my company.  We stopped in Buffalo to use the bathroom and fuel up.  I gave him five bucks toward gas and bought us both a hot chocolate.

When arriving in Rochester, I directed him to drop me off at a Mobile station on East Henrietta Avenue not far from the Thruway exchange.  I thanked him for the ride and directed him back to interstate ninety.  I used the bathroom, purchased a hot chocolate and sat on the outside bench as the sun was about to set.

I reflected on my adventure and wondered what to do now that I returned after planning on leaving permanently.  I figured it was meant to be since I was wandering around for six weeks out to Walhalla and returned in only five days.

Give praise to the day at evening, to a saint on her pyre,
To a tool which is useful, to a maid at wed lock,
To ice when it is crossed, to Birch Beer that is drunk.

“The freefall from my “normal life” of teaching and being a Catholic RepubliCon, genocide-supporting, Earth-killing, American citizen into a divinely inspired incarnation of magic, truth and joy was effortless and enjoyable once the decision to jump was actually made and in motion.  There are some tense moments on the way down to my new paradise.  I’ll admit to tossing my cookies more than once.  But we all know that drill.  When you let the garbage out you feel so relieved that you don’t have to carry the world’s shit anymore.  Your body’s relief fills you with a joy and now you can really sit back and enjoy the ride.  What a view!
“Landing, you will kiss the Earth, knowing that your body is hers”
The Book of Danu

“Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“We can’t take material things with us because they are not who we really are; while they are part of the joy of living on earth, they are not the purpose of our life.  In addition, you will receive something that money can never buy; you will have the greatest feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, and satisfaction.  Of course you will always want to do more and continue to build on your [Divine Desire], but when you experience that feeling of absolute fulfillment from taking the [Heathen] Hero’s journey, you’ll be in no doubt that it was what you were born to do.  And all that you gain within from fulfilling your [Spiritual] purpose is what you DO TAKE with you when you leave.”
Rhonda Byrne

I gathered my gear and hiked up to the Tim Horton’s on Winton Road in Henrietta.  I purchased a donut and hot chocolate while contemplating where to go for the night.  After finishing, I used the phone then decided to make my way to the Open Door Mission in downtown Rochester.

I hiked over to Clinton Avenue and traveled it all the way to downtown.  After pacing all night the previous night and all day, I quickly became exhausted under the heavy load.  I just kept pushing on and when I entered the city limits, I noticed a pile of trash along the street for collection the next day.  I realized I was still carrying my signs and decided this would be an appropriate place to discard them.  I now had both hands free and just put one foot in front of the other until arriving at the Mission.

The person at the Mission then directed me to the building where the bunks were located after confirming a bed was still available.  I hustled over and the director checked me in.  He said I needed to be there daily around three-thirty in the afternoon to insure my bunk space when they opened at four o’clock to start filling up bunks for the night and preparing for the evening meal.  Dinner was at eight-thirty PM but they locked the door at eight o’clock for a church service prior to eating.  No one was admitted after eight o’clock, so if you were late you were out in the cold for the night.  Didn’t strike me as very Christian but that was just my observation.  I then inquired about taking a shower.  He allowed me to shower despite lights out and led me to my bunk with his flashlight.  When he left, my eyes adjusted to the dim light and I was able to get myself cleaned up and in the rack.

Within the gates before a man shall go,
Full long let him look about him;
For little he knows where a fool may lurk,
And sit in the seats within.

We were awakened at six-thirty AM and had to be downstairs by seven o’clock.  For a half hour, we had access to our gear which was locked in a storage room.  We had time to get ready for the day, and once you left, the room was locked until after dinner.  Breakfast was from seven-thirty to eight o’clock and then the building was closed at nine o’clock unless it was extremely cold outside, in which case they remained open.

The main library branch was just down the street and opened at nine o’clock, so I stayed at the Mission journaling until it closed.  Storing my sea bag at the Mission, I felt strange walking downtown with only my backpack.  I traveled so long with all my worldly possessions on my back, without them, I felt like I was missing something.

I entered the library and was able to re-activate my account card to use the computers with internet access.  I emailed my home care provider friend right away, telling her I was back and currently at the downtown library.  I then checked the weather forecast and a couple other things when a female voice behind me said, “Welcome back from North Dakota.”  I turned around stunned and said, “You found me!”  We were glad to see each other again and she invited me to meet her friend from France she was in route to visit.

We traveled over to her French friend’s place and when we met, she took a liking to me right away.  She immigrated from France and was staying with her son, who was finishing medical school at the University of Rochester.  We couldn’t stay long and returned to the home provider’s residence.

Over the next couple days, she would pick me up after breakfast and drop me off at three-thirty.  She would allow me to do my laundry, get cleaned up and share her grilled cheese sandwiches and soup with me.

By the end of the week, the family told her I was no longer welcomed there.  She was disappointed, but I told her not to jeopardize her job on my account.  I needed to start dealing with my situation anyway.  I thanked her for her hospitality and kept in touch through email.

After reserving my bunk for the night on Sunday afternoon, the library was closed and I knew I had a lot of time to kill.  I decided to stroll over to Dunkin Donut on Monroe Avenue to enjoy a white hot chocolate while I did some journaling.

About seven-thirty, I packed my items and headed back to the Mission.  As I approached the door, a man exited the building and crossed the street.  I thought it unusual that someone would leave before the service started.  I went to open the door and it was locked.  I looked through the window and it looked like everyone was cleaning up.  I pounded on the door and one of the tenants answered.  I said, I didn’t think we started until eight o’clock.  He said, wait here, shut the door and retrieved the director.  When he came to the door, I said, I was told we started at eight.  He said on Sundays we start an hour early.  I said I wasn’t aware of the time change on Sundays.  He said, oh well, too bad, shut the door and walked away.  I was stunned.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
Curse not your guest, nor show him your gate,
Deal well with a man in want.
Strong is the beam that raised must be
To give an entrance to all;
Give it a ring, or grim will be
The wish it would work on you.

I started to walk away when I realized my sea bag wasn’t on my back.  I returned and banged on the door again.  The guy in charge of the luggage room happened to answer this time.  I gave him my luggage tag and said I needed my sea bag.  He said, okay, I’ll go get it for you.  He returned a short while later and handed me my sea bag.  I thanked him, threw it on my back and started walking down the block.

When I arrived at the corner, I stopped and looked back.  I suddenly remembered one of those rubber bracelets people used to wear that had ‘What Would Jesus Do‘ printed on them.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.  At that moment, I figured Jesus never existed – he was just a figment of an ancient man’s imagination – like Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

“There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true.  The other is to refuse to accept what is true.”
Soren Kierkegaard

“Those who have talked themselves into accepting fantasy as fact must now stop talking and begin to listen.”
Vernon Howard

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.”
Ayn Rand

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.  It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
Mark Twain

To understand something in a new way, we often need to think using new terms. When writing about the history of spirituality, scholars usually classify people according to the religion to which they are affiliated – Pagan, Jew, Christian, Muslim and so forth. We would like to suggest that this way of thinking conceals a much more significant classification, which categorizes individuals according to spiritual understanding rather than religious tradition.

From our studies of world spirituality, we have observed that religious movements tend to embrace two opposing poles, which we call ‘Gnosticism’ and ‘Literalism,’ with particular individuals inhabiting the whole spectrum between the two extremes. This classification is important because Gnostics from different religious traditions have far more in common with each other than they do with Literalists within their own tradition. Whilst Literalists from different religions clearly hold conflicting beliefs, Gnostics from all traditions use different conceptual vocabularies to articulate a common understanding, sometimes called the ‘perennial philosophy.’ It is not that all Gnostics agree. Different schools argue vehemently with each other, but these differences are minor compared to their shared essential perspective.

To get an accurate understanding of the development of spiritual ideas, we need to view Gnosticism as an identifiable spiritual tradition which transcends the accepted divisions into regional religion. Those who embrace Gnosticism and have been born into a Jewish culture tend to remain within their national tradition and become Jewish Gnostics, while those born elsewhere tend to become Muslim Gnostics, and so on. But all Gnostics need to be understood as essentially parts of one evolving tradition, whatever their race or culture.

The goal of Gnostic spirituality is Gnosis, or Knowledge of Truth. We have chosen to use the name ‘Gnostics,’ meaning ‘Knowers,’ because in various languages used by different religions, individuals who have realized ‘Gnosis’ or achieved ‘Enlightenment’ are often referred to as ‘Knowers’: Gnostikoi (Pagan/Christian), Arifs (Muslim), Gnanis (Hindu), Buddhas (Buddhist).

Gnostics interpret the stories and teachings of their spiritual tradition as signposts pointing beyond words altogether to the mystical experience of the ineffable Mystery. Literalists, on the other hand, believe their scriptures are actually the words of God. They take their teachings, stories and initiation myths to be factual history. They focus on the words as a literal expression of the Truth. Hence we have chosen to call them ‘Literalists.’

Gnostics are concerned with the inner essence of their tradition. Literalists associate their faith with its outward manifestations: sacred symbols, scriptures, rituals, ecclesiastical leaders, and so on. Gnostics see themselves as being on a spiritual journey of personal transformation. Literalists see themselves as fulfilling a divinely ordained obligation to practice particular religious customs as part of their national or cultural identity.

Literalists believe that their particular spiritual tradition is different from all others and has a unique claim on the Truth. They obsessively formulate dogmas which define membership of their particular cult. They are prepared to enforce their opinions and silence those who dissent, justifying their actions by claiming that they are fulfilling God’s will. Gnostics, on the other hand, are free spirits who question the presuppositions of their own culture. They follow their hearts, not the herd. They are consumed by their private quest for enlightenment, not by the goal of recruiting more adherents to a religion.

Gnostics wish to free themselves from the limitations of their personal and cultural identities and experience the oneness of all things. They therefore have no reluctance in adopting the wisdom of other traditions if it adds something to their own. Literalists use religion to sustain their personal and cultural identity by defining themselves in opposition to others. This inevitably leads to disputes with those outside their particular cult. It is Literalists who fight wars of religion with Literalists from other traditions, each claiming that God is on their side. Literalists’ enmity also extends to Gnostics within their own tradition who question their bigotry. Most spiritual traditions have a tragic history of the brutal oppression of Gnostics by intolerant Literalists. Interestingly, it is never the other way around.

We know that we are radically changing accepted terminology and run the risk of affronting some classicists and Christian scholars, but we feel that thinking in these terms enables us to understand the origins of Christianity much more accurately. This way we can circumvent the dead end of looking for a particular ‘parent’ religion. Christianity certainly adopted many elements from Judaism, as is generally accepted. It was also heavily influenced by Paganism, as is being increasingly realized. But it is best conceived as a product of neither and a reaction against both.


Once the Jesus myth had been set in an historical context, it was only a matter of time before a group of Christians began to interpret it as a record of actual events. By the middle of the second century a Literalist school of Christianity had begun to emerge in Rome, with autocrats such as Irenaeus as its spokesman. The Gnostics’ understanding of the Jesus story as an initiation allegory leading to salvation through Gnosis was replaced by the Literalists’ idea of salvation through belief in an historical Messiah.

Literalists did not claim Christian teachings to be radically different from Pagan philosophy and were well aware of the similarities between the story of Jesus and the Pagan myths of Osiris-Dionysus. But they had one unique eye-catching selling point – the other Mystery cults had myths that may or may not have referred to actual events in the archaic past, but Literalist Christians claimed that their myth of the dying and resurrecting Godman had recently been realized in real life. This is Literalist Christianity’s one claim to uniqueness, which is made by Augustine, the great spokesman of Christian Literalism. As someone who had been a follower of both the Pagan Gnostic Plotinus and the Christian Gnostic Mani before becoming a Catholic, Augustine knew there was nothing exceptional about Roman Christianity but this one incredible idea: ‘Christ came in the flesh.’

Christian Literalism was destined to dominate the West with an iron fist for nearly two millennia, but it began as an insignificant sect with a macabre enthusiasm for the imminent end of the world. The Gnostic myth that Jesus would appear at the culmination of time was an allegory expressing the idea that when all souls were reunited with the Consciousness of God there would be a return to the primordial state of Oneness and the cosmic drama would be over. Literalists took this myth literally, developing the grotesque idea that Jesus was about to arrive to destroy the world, rescue a small group of Christian Literalists and condemn everyone else to eternal torment. Thankfully, they turned out to be wrong.

However, replacing the mythical sacrificed Godman with an historical martyr led to Christian Literalism becoming a sort of ‘suicide cult’ which, much to the horror of Gnostics, encouraged its members to imitate Jesus by also seeking out a sacrificial death. In the Literalist version of Christian history the Roman authorities are pictured as singling out the Christians for terrible persecution. Actually they were often appalled at Christian Literalists’ eagerness to be martyred.

Literalism replaced the enlightened Gnostic sage at the centre, of a small group of initiates, with a hierarchy of bishops at the head of an expanding evangelical cult. The whole purpose of Gnostic initiation was to bring initiates to spiritual maturity, where they would experience themselves to be completely free of any external authority and become their own ‘Christ’ or ‘King.’ Literalists, by contrast, wanted to enlarge their religious powerbase and worked hard to keep their flock securely in the fold. Despite the fact that in The Gospel of Luke Jesus teaches, the Gnostic idea that Christianity was about oneself becoming a Christ became branded as blasphemous heresy.

The role of the Gnostic master was to undermine all of an initiate’s opinions and encourage them to directly confront the Mystery of Life. The role of the Literalist bishops, on the other hand, was to tell people what to believe and to discipline those who disagreed. Free intellectual inquiry was actively discouraged and blind belief became exalted as a spiritual virtue. As long as the Jesus story was understood as myth, Christians were at liberty to interpret it and change it as they felt appropriate. Once it became seen as a biography, the development of intolerant dogmatism was inevitable. Literalists would argue vehemently for centuries over what Jesus actually did and said, as they still do today. But, as the argument is about supposed historical events, they all agree that there is only one accurate version of what really happened. And if only one version is right, that means everyone else must be wrong.


As their confidence grew, Literalists’ attacks on Gnostics became ever more virulent, creating the distorted picture of Christian Gnosticism still prevalent today. In a classic case of psychological projection, the Gnostics were misrepresented as the diabolical heretics that the Literalists had actually become. Although it was Literalists themselves who were preaching an exclusive religion and arrogantly condemning all other faiths as evil, they accused the Gnostics of being ‘puffed up’ sectarians and named themselves the ‘Catholic’ or ‘Universal’ Church. Although Gnostic philosophy teaches ‘All is One’ and Literalists preach an irreconcilable war between God and the Devil, Literalists portrayed themselves as ‘monotheists’ and the Gnostics as ‘dualists.’ Although it was Literalist Christianity that had begun as a suicide cult, teaching its adherents that the way to salvation was to actively seek a martyr’s death, its later followers vilified the Gnostics as world-haters.

Christian Literalists turned their caustic polemics equally against Paganism, which was denounced as a barbaric cult of bloody sacrifice. This is deeply ironic given the Christian Literalist belief that God had sacrificed his only Son as the sole way of getting the rest of us off the hook. When taken literally, it is difficult to imagine a more barbaric idea than that! And for all the undoubted barbarism of Pagan Literalists, it was Christian Literalists, not the supposedly primitive heathens, who presided over the collapse of Western culture into the aptly named Dark Ages.

The disastrous collapse was precipitated at the end of the fourth century when Christian Literalism, now the only legal religion in the Roman Empire, launched a brutal crusade to completely eradicate its old rivals, Christian Gnosticism and ancient Paganism. In an orgy of violence, armies of fanatical Christian Literalists tore down the architectural wonders of the Pagan world. They built infernal bonfires of books containing the spiritual wisdom and scientific knowledge of the ages. They subjected to grisly torture and a painful death philosophers, priestesses and scientists – anyone who disagreed. They did not stop until they had cut the head off Western culture, leaving it to wander like an amnesiac in an ignorant stupor. They did not stop until they had cut the heart out of Western spirituality, bleeding it dry of its mystical vitality. The corpse of a religion which remained offered nothing but hope of a better afterlife in return for blind belief in its irrational opinions and unquestioning allegiance to power-crazed popes. This tyrannical empire of the soul extended the arm of the state right into the inner sanctum of every individual, denying the right to spiritual autonomy and compelling all to acquiesce or burn.

Yet despite this ruthless persecution, Gnosticism survived. It can be suppressed but never eradicated. It is the spontaneous expression of the natural inquisitiveness and enthusiastic exuberance of the human soul. It is the spirit of liberty, equality, love and insight. It is the force of life. It always reasserts itself.

Excerpt from the book: Jesus And The Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings Of The Original Christians by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy
Pages: 9-10; 38-39 and 45-46
Copyright 2001 by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy
Published by Three Rivers Press, New York, New York
Purchased through ThriftBooks.com

“True enough, even a superstitious man has certain inalienable rights.  He has a right to harbor and indulge his imbecilities as long as he pleases, provided only he does NOT try to inflict them upon other men by force.  He has a right to argue for them as eloquently as he can, in season and out of season.  He has a right to teach them to his children.  But certainly he has no right to be protected against the free criticism of those who do not hold them. . . . They are free to shoot back.  But they can’t disarm their enemy.
“The meaning of religious freedom, I fear, is sometimes greatly misapprehended.  It is taken to be a sort of immunity, not merely from governmental control but also from public opinion.  A dunderhead
[stupid person] gets himself a long-tailed coat, rises behind the sacred desk, and emits such bilge as would gag a Hottentot [used to refer to Khoikhoi peoples – Khoikhoi is the Indigenous, Heathen, self-designation, khoe-khoe, as it were “men of men, proper humans”, from southwestern Africa]
.  Is it to pass unchallenged?  If so, then what we have is NOT religious freedom at all, but the most intolerable and outrageous variety of religious despotism.  Any fool, once he is admitted to holy orders, becomes infallible.  Any half-wit, by the simple device of ascribing his delusions to revelation, takes on an authority that is denied to all the rest of us. . . .  What should be a [Heathen] man’s attitude toward such superstitions?  It seems to me that the only attitude possible to him is one of contempt.  If he admits that they have any intellectual dignity whatever, he admits that he himself has none.  If he pretends to a respect for those who believe in them, he pretends falsely, and sinks almost to their level.  When he is challenged he must answer honestly, regardless of tender feelings.
“By what route do otherwise sane men come to believe such palpable nonsense?  How is it possible for a human brain to be divided into two insulated halves, one functioning normally, naturally and even brilliantly, and the other capable only of such ghastly balderdash which issues from the minds of Baptist evangelists?  Such balderdash takes various forms, but it is at its worst when it is religious.  Why should this be so?  What is there in religion that completely flabbergasts the wits of those who believe in it?  I see no logical necessity for that flabbergasting.  Religion, after all, is nothing but a hypothesis framed to account for what is evidentially unaccounted for.  In other fields such hypotheses are common, and yet they do no apparent damage to those who incline to them.  But in the religious field they quickly rush the believer to the intellectual Bad Lands.  He not only becomes anaesthetic 
[numb] to objective fact; he becomes a violent enemy of objective fact.  It annoys and irritates him.  He sweeps it away as something somehow evil. . .
It is the natural tendency of the ignorant to believe what is not true.  In order to overcome that tendency it is not sufficient to exhibit the true; it is also necessary to expose and denounce the false.  To admit that the false has any standing in court, that it ought to be handled gently because millions of morons cherish it and thousands of quacks make their livings propagating it—to admit this, as the more fatuous 
[pointless] of the reconcilers of [climate change] science and [duel-theistic] religion inevitably do, is to abandon a just cause to its enemies, cravenly and without excuse.
“Here is tragedy—and here is America.  For the curse of the country, as well of all democracies, is precisely the fact that it treats its best men as enemies.  The aim of our society, if it may be said to have an aim, is to iron them out.  The ideal American, in the public sense, is a respectable [Spiritual] vacuum.”
H. L. Mencken

“Nineteen centuries of evangelization (with a Hebrew bible as basis) has resulted in — WHAT?  The political, social, financial, and philosophical domination OF — the HEBREW.  We study HIS falsified chronicles, HIS melancholy literature, and HIS prophetic outpourings; as if alone, in such a nauseous heap of rubbish and stench the SUMMUM BONUM [supreme good] was to be found.  [ENOUGH ALREADY!  How many more centuries MUST we carry this Idiotic Insanity with us until you Swarms of ‘Stuck on Stupid’ Semite Supremacist Sympathizing Fundamentalist Frauds FINALLY SEE IT FOR YOURSELVES?  HOW MANY MORE!?!  HOW MANY MORE CENTURIES until you all WAKE – THE FUCK – UP ALREADY!?!]  Not an acre changeth hands — not a battle-ship lifts an anchor — not a ploughshare cleaves the soil — not a president vetoes a Bill — not a diplomat signs a protocol — not an emperor waves a saber, without DIRECT inspiration from the HIDDEN Hebrew Potentate [autocratic ruler].  [Hence: SEMITE SUPREMACY!  While YOU gullible, Judeo-Christian, altruistic, Semite Supremacist Sympathizers ALLOW Israelis to do as THEY please since the Hebrew CONVINCED  you ALL that Jewish ‘shit doesn’t stink’ – just ask Michael Alan Weiner aka Michael “Savage” – simply because YOU convinced YOURSELVES their women give birth unto “Yahweh” Almighty ‘Saviors’ but STILL remain ‘Holier Than Thou’ virgins – never realizing the “Virgin” Mary was Fucked by the “Devil” – politically preferred “term” for “Yahweh” – C’MON!  Talk about a ‘Stuck on Stupid’ GULLIBLE delusional DUMBASS!]  Behold! — “the [Semite Supremacist Israeli] King is in HIS [Federal Reserve] counting-house, counting out HIS [Legal Tender] money” — and such a [Fractional Reserve] king!  ISRAEL is ABSOLUTE dictator, because HE is absolute Proprietor. The gold AND THE SILVER and the CREDITS of the world belong to HIM, and as long as HE hires [“Secret Society”] politicians to utilize the [Crusading] military arm of [Illuminati] ‘government,’ in the collection of HIS [Tax-Assessed] ‘loans’ — in the [“National Security”] ‘defense’ of HIS ironclad safety-vaults, HE is an irresponsible Jehovah-Jormungand.

“There are two distinct yet parallel species of the parasitical Semite [Para-Semites]: — The first, represented by [the overt Nationalist/Communist Socialist Preachers][Karl] Marx, [Ferdinand] LaSalle, [Sergius] Stepniak, [Martin Luther] and Jesus-the-dreamer: the second, by [the covert greedy Jekyl Island Conspirators of Wall Street Corporate Conglomerates/Fractional Reserve International Banking Elitists] [Alexander] Goshen, [Baron Lionel Nathan] Rothschild, [Evelyn, 1st Earl of Cromer] Baring, [Paul Moritz Warburg], [Senator Nelson Aldrich], [World Reserve Bank], [John Maynard Keynes], [Bancor], [Bretton Woods Agreement], [Cryptocurrencies], [Bitcoin] and [Judas] Iscariot-the-Banker.  Between them they’ve practically extinguished civil liberty and personal independence, wherever they have been sheltered.  Viper like, do they not bite the very mamæ [mother] that gives them suck?  What have they ever done to Gaul [France; (as well as the Americans of African descent before, during and after the Civil War? DISGRACEFUL!)] but eat her heart out; and Gaul was first to “emancipate” them?  [Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father.  Reuben [France], thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my [Semite Supremacist] strength, the excellency of [Charlemagne] dignity, and the excellency of [Catholic Crusading] power: Genesis 49:2-3]  What are they now doing to Germany, Russia, England, America, Africa, Australia?  Poisoning the brain-cells of the enslaved multitude while taking-in-pledge — the plough and the harrow — the millstones and the mill.
“But should [Military] Force ever fail HIM, “the lean, [ferocious Mountain] dogs outside the wall” will leap snarling upon HIM and spoil HIM of HIS spoil; that the fittest may [thrive].
“Over nations and empires and colonies in vassalage
[bondage], hangs the Idol-sign of the Brazen Crucifix (that cures no ill.)  Over a world in bondage looms the dread shadow of the Three Golden Balls [Symbol of the Zionist Pawn Broker].

“The sickly [Semite Supremacist] humanitarian ethics, so eloquently rayed forth by Jesus Christ and his superstitious [Literalist] successors, in ancient Judea, and throughout the moribund [declining] [Holy] Roman empire, are generally accepted in Anglo-Saxondom as the very elixir of immortal wisdom, the purest, wisest, grandest, most incontrovertible [unquestionable] of all ‘divine revelations,’ or occult thaumaturgies [miracle performers].  And yet when closely examined, they are found to be NEITHER divine, occult, reasonable, NOR even honest; but composed, almost EXCLUSIVELY of the stuff that [Religious Death Cult] nightmares are made of; together with a STRONG dash of oriental legerdemain [sleight of hand].
“Too long the dead hand [of the Bible] has been permitted to sterilize living thought — too long, right and wrong, good and evil, have been inverted by [Literalist] false prophets.  In the [Ragnarok] days that are at hand, neither [Judeo-Christian] creed nor [Tax] code must be accepted upon [assumed] authority, human, superhuman or ‘divine.’  (Morality and conventional-ism are for subordinates.)  Religions and constitutions and ALL arbitrary principles, EVERY moral theorem, MUST be deliberately put to the question.  No moral dogma must be taken for granted — no standard of measurement deified.  There is NOTHING inherently sacred about moral codes.  Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are all the work of human hands, and what man has MADE, man can DESTROY.

“He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great UNDERSTANDING, for belief in ONE false principle, is the beginning of ALL unwisdom.
“‘Belief’ is a war-stratagem — an INSTRUMENT of deceit, a CONVENIENT falsification formula — a beautiful hoodwink.  Hence it is, that very religious and very holy persons, are almost ALWAYS thorough-going scoundrels at heart — utterly unreliable — utterly untrustworthy.  Generally their whole lives are one long drawn out mendacity
[untruthfulness], and genuineness-of-Thought or Action is in their mind, attenuated [weakened] to a mere sham.
“Wherever, therefore, a lie has built unto itself a throne, let it be assailed without pity and without regret, for under the domination of a falsehood, no [kindred] can permanently prosper.  Let established sophisms 
[fallacious deceptive arguments] be dethroned, rooted out, burnt and destroyed, for they are a standing menace to ALL true nobility of thought and action.  Whatever alleged “truth” is PROVEN BY RESULTS, to be but an EMPTY FICTION, let it be unceremoniously flung into the outer darkness, among the dead gods, dead empires, dead philosophies, and other useless lumber and wreckage.

“‘Better the mistress of a king, than the wife of a subject,’ was a saying once popular amongst European women, in the [Viking] ages when kings were really kings of men — when they were mail-clad sword-swingers — [forceful] men-of-valor.  Modern “kings” are simulacra [unsatisfactory imitation] — dilettante [amateur], scarecrows, — robed in purple, and paid liberal salaries to impersonate regalism for the delectation [delight] of the vulgar [unrefined].  Marionettes are they! — fitted only to lay foundation-stones — utter vicarious homilies — read off type-written deceptions; or now and then dress up in swashbuckler accoutrements [chivalric equipment], to review [the Zionist Fractional Reserve Masters] Messrs Rothschild, Ikelheimer, Bleichroder & Co’s prætorian guards, marching by in serried column — with nodding plumes and bannered panoply [array] of war.
“Modern [Presidents] are degenerates; even more so (if that be possible) than their laborious subjects.  They have allowed all [Executive] Initiative to be wrested from them; by the diabolical cunning of that ‘plastic dæmon’ the [Federal Reserve] Jew banker — that Mephistophelian
[demon] manipulator of National Debts and National Credits.  [Presidents] have not been equal to the occasion and resultantly they and their brain-drugged subjects are “bonded” to the [Fractional Reserve] Israelite.  The [Legal Tender] Jew has been supinely [timidly] permitted to do — what Alexander, Cæsar, Nusherwan, and Napoleon failed to accomplish — crown HIMSELF [Religious, Political and Financial] Emperor of the World; and collect his vast [Tithe and ‘Tax’] tributes from ‘the ends of the earth.’  From the Mississippi valley to the plains of the Hoang-Ho — from Spitzbergen’s icy uplands to New Zealand’s iron shores — his satraps [subordinate rulers] bear sway, and his [Internal Revenue Service and International Monetary Fund] tax-gatherers pillage, ravage, and rob.  As long as the [Baltik Folk] bows down (even nominally), at the Sign of the Cross or vacuously [insanely] endeavors to ‘keep the commandments,’ it is hopelessly entangled — it is delivered up — a burnt sacrificial offering — to the dolabra [axe] of the sons of Jacob — Jacob the [Heathen] supplanter.

“Maimonides the philosopher of Hebraism boldly suggested this view to orthodox Talmudists: — ‘The teachings of the Christian Church’ he proclaimed ‘tend to bring to perfection all [gullible] mankind, so that they SERVE Jehovah with one CONSENT.  For, since the whole [Christian] world is thus full of the [misleading] words of the Messiah; of the [Literalist] teachings of the Holy Writ, and the [Communist] Commandments, these [Legalized] words [of the lawyer] have spread to the ends of the earth, even if any [sane] man deny the binding character of them now.’  Which being interpreted meaneth: — Tolerate O children of Israel, the false religion of the Crucified Prophet!  It will serve your ends most admirably.  When the tribes of the West ‘serve Jehovah with one consent’ — Behold! they shall also serve you.  Christ shall ‘bring them to perfection,’ and ye shall put them in [unbreakable] bonds.  They have made you weep and suffer; ye shall make them drip tears of blood; for the Lord your God hath said it.’


“RIGHT (SANITY), like water, finds its own level.  Man’s consent is not necessary to the operations of Natural Might.  It is not required.  It is not even asked.  He is like unto a patient strapped firmly upon a dissecting table.  He may feel the surgeon’s lance sinking through his quivering flesh — he may shiver in terror and break out into a cold sweat — he may groan in convulsive agony and pray to his Idol — but, he cannot escape.
“Knowing all this, why not [leave] Nature alone to work out her own silent ends?  Why should communities of creeping-things try to safe-guard their incapables?  Why obstruct the drastic and significant removal of corrupted organisms.  The [Literalist] Jesus type of men were clearly made to be crucified and flogged.  The [In-comprehending] Buddha type were (evidently) born to die of pestilence and famine — poor weak cowardly swarms of rotting vermin that they are!
“Behold them in the distance there, with their ribs sticking through their hides, accepting with doleful thankfulness the alms of their [Crusading] Conquerors.
“Brahma! Buddha! Confucius! Juggernaut! Christ! — Behold — Your [interpreted and confused] glorious handiwork!
“Let the cowardly and the vile die off — let them annihilate THEMSELVES: — that is the logic of the spheres.  The atmosphere of this terrestrial ball will be purer, when these “heavy laden souls” are gone; and there will be elbow-room upon its surface, for the REGENERATION of Purity and Cleanliness of mind and body.
“The [incompetent] and the brainless, who call themselves “the righteous” are better dead anyhow — better for themselves, and better for their successors.  Is it not the height of madness, for communities to deliberately nourish and foster, the [cancer] bacteria of hereditary degeneration?

“Superiority can only be decided by [Spiritual] Battle.  [Spiritual] Conflict is an infallible method of Selection and Rejection. [Spiritual] Evolution has no end.  That is undoubtedly, the logical deduction of [Charles] Darwin’s famous pronouncement: — “if he (man) is to advance still higher, it is to be feared that he must remain subject to a severe [spiritual] struggle.  Otherwise he would sink into indolence [laziness]; and the more [spiritually] gifted men would not be more successful than the less gifted.”
“It is only Incoherents of subjective will-power or of servile extraction (bottle-fed beings as it were) that even dream of an “ordered state of society” wherein Right and Wrong (or personal merit) can be decisively decided upon other than [spiritual and] biological principles.
“Hebrew decadents harped upon this fool-thought of Universal Peace, Equality, Justice, and Fair Play for ages: but have they not been a pestilent [Cain-like] tribe of [idolatrous] slaves from their leprous beginning?  The greatest poem of their repulsive literature, inculcates
[persistently instills] the “virtue” of patience and submission under intolerable [Zionist-Illuminati] Injustice.  All their gyrating prophets scream, and sob, and yell over the wholesale failure of epileptoid ethical standards; and insanely proclaim a ‘good’ time coming; when every Israelite “shall recline under his own vine and fig tree, with no one to make him afraid.”  How delightful?

“Through a thousand different channels, current [Bretton Woods Agreement] politico-economic belief is dominated by the [Hebrew] base communistic cabala of the ‘man of many sorrows;’ yet as a practical theorem, it is hardly ever critically examined.  Why is it that the suggested [Semitic] social solutions promulgated by [Literalist] Jesus, Peter, Paul, James, and other Asiatic cataleptics [dead to environment], are ACCEPTED so MEEKLY by us, upon [‘In God We Trust’]?  [Capitalism and Christianity are ANTAGONISTIC philosophies making them INCOMPATIBLE and thus UNABLE to COEXIST – the evidence is ALL around you.]  If these [Literalist] men were anything, they were crude [Semite] SOCIALIST [Supremacist] reformers with mis-shapen souls, preachers of ‘a new [Semite] heaven, and a new [Socialist] earth,’ that is to say, demagogues [political leaders who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument] — politicians-of-the-slums; and OUT of the [Semite Supremacist Sympathizing Socialist] slums, NOTHING that is noble can EVER be born.  [Just ask Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]
“The ‘poor and ignorant’ were his FIRST followers — the vagrants, the disinherited shiftless classes: and to this very day, the poorer and more ignorant men and women are, the more eager are they to follow his [ridiculous Literalist] religious ideals, or the [socialist] political millennialisms [thousand year political reign] that are distilled out of his delusions.

“Religions are the MATRIX in which public institutions are generally molded.
“Politicians, authors, pastors, ‘prophets,’ historians, philosophers, and editors, are notorious falsifiers of nature and fabricators of subterfuge [deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal].  Soaked in unnaturalism, saturated through and through with delirium-breeding hashish-literature, they become organically incapable of speaking, let alone of thinking or writing HONESTLY. … They have smothered the grand and masterful old Northern REALISMS beneath pestiferous [harboring infection and disease] rubbish-heaps of Oriental Mythology — of Hebrew old clothes.  They repeat automatically in sounding diction, what has already been stuffed into them, as it were, with a ramrod.  Their learning is the learning of the ‘learned pig’ in a menagerie; [wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition] and their virtue is the virtue of a conscientious Jesuit.  March of Mind they call it!
“[Literalist] Moses, Jesus, Isaiah, Peter. — Mark, Mathew, Luke, and John, were all squalid Jews, and rhapsodical [extravagantly emotional] Communards.  Those Hebrew breeders of desolation — [Chuck Schumer], Dr. Alfred Adler Graduate School, [Dianne Feinstein], [Bernie Sanders], and modernized transplanted Essenes [ancient Jewish ascetic sect widely regarded as the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls] — Ebionites [Jewish Christian movement that existed during the early centuries of the Christian Era].

“All moral injunctions, all millenialisms [thousand year reigns]; are arbitrary infernalisms [hell holes] — the results of crafty [Zionist-Illuminati] hypnotic suggestion.  Their [Elitist] secret object is the overthrow of human reason and individual independence; in order to establish a vast bedlamite penitentiary [insane asylum where the inmates rule] to be called ‘God’s kingdom on earth’ [where ‘Yahweh’s Chosen’ get to PLAY ‘God’] alias ‘pandemonium in full blast.’
“The fact is, Humanity is going stark staring mad in consequence of having eaten the fruit that grows on that devilish tree “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”  Luscious it is to look upon — pleasant it is to the palate, but a deadly atropine [poisonous compound found in deadly nightshade and related plants] — a cunning poison lurks in its core.  Cursed are they that EAT thereof.
“Aye, thrice cursed are the BELIEVERS in Right and Wrong — for they ARE — the erring ones.


“[Spiritual Power manifested as Ond] Might propels iron-ribbed reindeers of the sea and hurls them plunging though the grey-green surges.  [Ond] Might whirls the loaded freight cars over prairie, range, and river.  [Ond] Might hauls-up from the deep sunk mines, vast treasures of gold, iron, silver, and coal.  [Ond] Might rolls the red-glowing metal ingots into titanic shapes.  [Ond] Might sows the seed, ploughs the field, reaps the grain, threshes the corn, hews the stone, shapes the girders, bridges rivers, mows down forests, builds cities, writes the book — inspires it, prints it, [allows] it.  Even “the music of the spheres” is the vibrant roar of warring elementals, chanting the Gloria of [Spiritual] Power.
“If [Laissez-Faire Ond] Might is the “all in all” of the planetary systems and of the animal world, may it not also be the open-sesame of sociology — the primeval principle that governs, (and must continue to govern) the relations of tribe to tribe and man to man?  Is it not the gospel of antiquity, as well as the logical reducto
[curse that can be used to blast solid objects into pieces] of [Socialist coercion] To-day?
“Whether in mortgaged republics, pawned monarchies, or hypothecated despotisms
[money-pledged cruel-democracies], the Sword Force — (that is to say, the military force — the [misguided use of Ond Might manifested as] clubbing force) is the ultimate IPSE DIXIT [dogmatic unproven statement] in the measuring-out of [Religious] right and wrong.  As it was in the days of the fierce Sesostris [second pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt]; the devastating Genghis [Khan, first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire]; the venturesome [Charles the Great] Charlemagne [Catholic Crusader and Holy Roman Emperor]; so is it even now.  In all [Zionist-Illuminati] industrial relations [Military] Force is ‘monarch of all it surveys.’  [Zionist] Authority is [Illuminati] Authority, though it may take on a thousand diverse [shape-shifting] forms.  Whatever their salient [important] phraseology may be; in operation they are visible manifestations of [Israeli] Imperial Force — of [Constitutional] Sceptred Majesty [invested with legal power].  No sacredotal sophistry [priestly fallacious argument] can permanently disguise this FACT; and what is more important, no emotional demagoguery [shrieking leader championing the cause of the common people who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power] can REMOVE it.

“[Zionist-Illuminati] Authority is not an evil in itself.  It is as natural for [delusional] men of [Political] Power to rule [Ignorant and Gullible] Feeble multitudes, as it is for the lion to eat the lamb.  When any [Judeo-Christian] nation, or class of [believing] men possess no real [military] force, it is [Biblically] just and proper that they should be subordinated: and again, if they develop the requisite [military] strength, it is equally [Biblically] justifiable for them to reconquer their former position; and subordinate their subordinators.  [Judeo-Christian] Evolution works through [Zionist-Illuminati Military] Authority but there is to it no [Biblically justifiable] limitation.
“The penalty of [military] defeat is tremendous.  Wage-earning is (in modern times) the main clause in the treaty under which the [mentally] defeated are permitted to exist.
“Even-handed Justice has never existed in the animate [Judeo-Christian Constitutional] creation and NEVER can.  The very IDEA of it is an absurdity.  [Zionist-Illuminati] Evolution knows it not.
“Between beasts of burden and beasts of prey; also between Capital and Labor there is an eternal [greedy] combat.  Natural enemies are they of each other, and whichever proves the stronger must rule — for the time being; or rather, until the next Test.  The law of [egotistical Biblical] battle is unlimited.  It does not end to-day or to-morrow.  It persists for all time.
“Between the Optimates and Populares of Rome — and Aristos and the Helots of Greece — the Merchant-Kings and Nubian serfs of Carthage — the Military Caste and the slaves of Karnack and Memphis; the same irrepressible conflict raged for long centuries that is now being waged EVERYWHERE, between the Haves and the Have-nots.  Indeed the agrarian agitation, and the tumultuous
[uproarious] strife between the Debtor and the Creditor classes in modern America, is an EXACT duplicate of what happened in the Græco-Roman world.

“Modern leaders, however, (on both sides) are poor miserable weaklings, compared with the chiefs of Antiquity.  [Just ask the Senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker, about Spartacus.]  Mere infants are they, delighting in toys and lullabies — seeing, they see not; hearing, they hear not; minds have they, but they know not; laughing and prattling they SAY naught — most eloquently.  To them their petty provincial cradle is the Universe, and their lives an aimless wandering in the land o’ [American] dreams.
“The men who talk of permanently reconciling conflicting world-wide energies, are wasting their breath for naught.  Compromise is out of the question (now as of old) except as a temporary expedient.  The rich and the poor are both inevitable natural products and complements of each other — like the opposing currents in an electric battery.  It is the business of the rich to exploit the poor and it is equally the business of the poor to [wake up] and [quietly walk away] — in their turn.
“The oppression of one class by another is always induced by the [spiritual] cowardice of the victimized; and Nature has no love for dastards
[despicable people] — whether rich or poor.  Oppression is one of the NECESSARY phases of [spiritual] evolution.  In order therefore to insure the subordination and ultimate annihilation of lower types; the struggle for survival is IMPOSED upon humans as upon ALL other animals.  Even when our ‘eminent’ wiselings [so-called ‘experts’] are predicting eras of universal peace and contentment; the contending cohorts are preparing to jump at each others throats — as of yore.  [Military] Force must decide ‘all things’ in the [Judeo-Christian] future, as it has decided ‘all things’ in the [Catholic Crusading] past: and they who teach otherwise, are either dishonest or have no real conception of the magnitude and sequence of [religious-based] biological determinance.

“‘All the world’ is now in Debt and no human effort can ever suffice to repay the interest (let alone the principal) in cash.  Business lives under a cloud of mortgage indebtedness, that must some day be liquidated with [Hebrew Potentate] shot and shell, for bonds infer — bondage.
“All realized wealth is transfigured [Ond] Might; and want of it, a sure sign of [insanity] and degeneracy.  [Destructive] Industrialism is the [Zionist-Illuminati] manipulation of [Ond] Might — by [Mental-Physical] Force.  Brains and muscles are part of the mechanism of gravitation.  Descendents of “prisoners-of-war” have been trained for ages in servitude: and they make most [competent] mechanics, specialists, and serving-men.
“Capital is concentrated [Ond] Might, applied to the extraction and storage of additional [Mental-Physical] Force.  [Capital] may be operated by its proprietor in any way that he pleases.  He is under NO obligation to others as to its application or proprietorship.  He can ‘do as he likes with his own’ AS LONG AS HE HAS THE POWER [TO DECIDE FOR HIMSELF].  He may own the earth by its agency, if he wants to; and he may buy or sell [deluded] men and [Judeo-Christian] nations, if he [insanely] feels so inclined or THINKS it [personally] profitable.  There is in Nature no limit to his [misguided] energies or [psychotic] ambitions.  [Unfortunately], All that is needed is [Religious Philosophical – Political] Power equal to the [demented] design.  But the same [pathetic] principles may be acted upon by any other [delinquent] man or association of [Para-Semite] men; and in the [chaotic] conflict that ensues, [INCOMPETENT] FITNESS IS PROVED — ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT DOUBT.  The ‘rights of the rich’ are what they CAN maintain; and the ‘rights of the poor’ are no less.  No [legal] bounds are set to the [accepted] accumulation of [stolen] property, and none whatever to its re-distribution.  Fair-play is not even an essential or a requisite.  It may be established, if mutually desired by both combatants; but it may also be wholly dispensed with.  In real [egotistical] life it IS always “dispensed with” by those who possess a preponderance of material [military] force.

“All good citizens however are hereby warned and solemnly advised, not to smash-up the Ten Commandments — not to burn up the Golden Rule — not to break-up the Moral Law — for that would be terribly wicked! terribly!  On the other hand they must obey ALL Law implicitly (no matter how it originated) and be sure (above everything) to order themselves lowly and reverently before executive officers of the Law; even if in doing so, they are deprived of their Property, and their Liberty forever.  Obedience, you see, is of God ‘who so loveth the world’ but Disobedience is horrible and of the Devil, and the Devil is a frightful rascal, who has not the slightest respect for anybody or anything: not even the American Constitution.  Let us curse the Devil then and obey — the Law.
““Liberty REGULATED by Law” is, in practice, tyranny of the darkest and foulest description; because it is so IMPERSONAL.
“Let us search our OWN hearts and brains for the TRUE meaning of Right and Wrong.  We are living and dying (mostly dying) in a poisonous environment of deep seated moral dementia, social disease and political illusions.
“It is time men who CAN think began to emancipate THEMSELVES, and consider the fact that: — Morals, laws and decalogues
[Ten Commandments]
were made by [religious] liars, [political] thieves and [attorney] rogues.”
Ragnar Redbeard

The best is what none but one’s self doth know, Havamal

“The imaginations of believers have dressed up and exaggerated the excellence of the style and matter of the New Testament generally, in the same manner, in which they have the moral instructions of Jesus.”
Lysander Spooner

“In the end, metaphorically speaking, the aspirant reaches a point where not only is “belief” in a personal God unnecessary, but it is recognized as an obstruction to one’s ongoing communion with one’s immortal Self – a very real, timeless higher consciousness that includes divine love and compassion for all.”
Guy Finley

“But we’re talking about something extremely vital to you finding everlasting life.  We’re talking about you getting rid of the old results habits.  We’re talking about getting them out of the way.  Because as unreligious people who call themselves religious often do, they make the statement, ‘If I go to church regularly, if I sing the hymns all the time, if I do that, I will get a reward.’  You must stop that kind of thinking.”
Vernon Howard

I turned and crossed the street into the unknown.  I had no idea what was next, only that the Open Door Mission was now closed and not going to be a part of it.  It had served its purpose.

The son of a viking shall be silent and wise,
And bold in battle as well;
Bravely and gladly a man shall go,
Till the day of his death is come.

As I walked downtown, I decided to walk over to the Xerox Tower and Frontier buildings.  They had grates on the sidewalk warm air would rise from.  I dropped my gear, took my boots off and laid down on the grate with my head propped on my sea bag.  Even with all the street lights illuminated and tall buildings surrounding me, I could still see some stars shinning. I laid there for a while enjoying the heat engulfing me.

Finally, I decided to save an RPD officer the trouble of chasing me away, put my boots back on, gathered my gear and headed back downtown.  Something directed me to go down East Avenue.  As I was strolling down the street, I heard merriment emanating from a bar.  Approaching, I observed an Irish Folk Band playing lively tunes.  I entered the sparsely packed bar, located an out of the way table and enjoyed the festive music.  The bartender eventually came over and said a fellow patron offered to buy me a drink and asked what I was drinking.  I told her too tell the patron I was grateful for the offer but not tonight, maybe some other time.  It was cold outside and I needed my wits about me.  I felt any chemical impairment tonight would be detrimental to my health.  She returned a little later and asked if I was sure I didn’t want a drink.  I told her I was positive and thanked her for the offer.

Less good there lies than most believe
In ale for mortal men;
For the more he drinks the less does man
Of his mind the mastery hold.

After enjoying the show, I gathered my gear and headed out the door.  I continued down East Avenue, eventually making it to Wegman’s.  I entered and sat down on an inside bench to warm up.

I didn’t have my wool over pants on yet, so my ‘chocolate chip’ utility trousers were displayed.  A hard charger came up to me and asked if I was Special Forces.  He would have been clueless if I had told him I was a Berserk in the Vinland Viking Special Forces, so I told him no, just the regular Marine Corps.  He proceeded to tell me how bad ass he was and then hurried off as he must have sensed I was neither impressed nor interested.

I was getting tired and needed to find a place to lay my head for the night.  I gathered my gear and headed south on Winton Road.

At the top of the hill stood a Jewish Temple on the west side of the street and a Unitarian Church on the east side of the street.  Both were dark and unoccupied.  I stopped and looked at each structure to determine which would be more inviting. I sensed the Unitarian Church to be more accommodating so went to get a better look.

The structure was indeed practical for protection from the elements.  It was a brick structure with recessed entrances facing both east and west.  If the weather was out of the west, I would be sheltered on the east side entrances and vice versa for the occasional easterly flow of weather.  The steps and landing were made of concrete so I went to the rear dumpster and gathered some cardboard to put between the cold concrete and my warm body.  I removed my boots and wrapped myself in both blankets to get some sleep.  I slept fairly good and when it started to get light out, I packed my gear, put the cardboard under the dumpster and returned to Wegman’s to use the bathroom and warm up.

“This world of ours, and all that transpires here, is a school for our spiritual education.  Like any institution of higher learning, it has teachers, lessons, and many levels of learning; all serve to make possible the revelation and eventual realization of a timeless love that both creates and maintains the cosmos.”
Guy Finley

“What greater wealth is there than to own your life and to spend it on growing?  Every living thing must grow.  It can’t stand still.  It must grow or perish.”
Ayn Rand

“Let others continue to be busy doing nothing, while you wisely attend cosmic college.”
Vernon Howard

While at Wegman’s, I decided to hike Winton Road to Elmwood Avenue and then down to the Town of Brighton library branch.  I spent my days on the computer, journaling and relaxing in the reading areas.  I would spend the night at the Unitarian Church and return to the library during the day.  By Friday, I felt I needed to relocate so as not to interfere with weekend activities at the church.

“If you have been left out of society’s excitement, be glad, for now you will not have to pay the penalty.”
Vernon Howard

The library closed early on Friday, so I made my way down Elmwood to Clinton Avenue.  I went south on Clinton toward the Erie Canal to scout out bridges for accommodations.  As I came to the Topps Plaza, I went around to the back of the building to look for cardboard in dumpsters.  Ended up finding some discarded packaged food along with wardrobe size boxes.  I gathered my booty and continued south on Clinton Avenue.

The first bridge I came to was the interstate three-ninety northbound ramp from interstate five-ninety over Clinton Avenue.  The cardboard was getting heavy so I placed it on the other side of the guide rail and scouted the top area under the bridge.  There was a flat concrete slab between two steel beams that was just long enough for my body to lay in between.  I set up my cardboard boxes like a coffin to sleep inside.  I needed another box to add to the wardrobe box to make it long enough and more cardboard to place between the concrete slab and box.  I stowed my sea bag in the box and retrieved more cardboard.

After it was set up, I crawled in and noticed it was loud due to the traffic above me on the ramp and below me on Clinton Avenue.  I figured it would quiet down during the night.  I went to a grassy area adjacent to the overpass and enjoyed my new found food.  After eating, the sun was setting so I crawled in my make-shift bunk.

Better a hut, though a hooch it be,
A man is master at home;

I slept pretty good as the traffic did die down significantly, even for a Friday night.  “One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  I laid around after it was light out since the library was only open for a couple hours in the afternoon on Saturdays.

As I made my way north on Clinton Avenue, I noticed a group of people in front of a medical facility milling around with cardboard signs.  As I approached, I could see they were trying to convince people entering the facility to stop abortions.  My first thought was – people still do that?  “Neurotic guilt must be understood and ended, otherwise individual and mass destruction will continue.” Vernon Howard.  I walked by observing their behavior and started reflecting to myself as I walked on.

I cannot even begin to FATHOM what a woman must go through when deciding to terminate a compromised or unwanted pregnancy.  The LAST thing these ladies NEED is pin-heads with placards proclaiming they know best for everyone involved.  I would direct the ladies to the Divine Feminine since She KNOWS what She is doing and is INFINITELY more intelligent than these immoral morons.

All I know is, the lungs are the last organs to develop in a FETUS, allowing it to RECEIVE the Breath of Life when they are BORN, at which time, they are a LIVING, breathing human being UNTIL their Last Dying Breath.  Seems to me, abortions are NOT stemming the population growth as INTENDED.  Results SPEAK for themselves.

The ONLY thing determined upon fertilization is THE SEX of the FETUS.  Either two ‘X’ chromosomes creating a female fetus or an ‘X’ chromosome and a ‘Y’ chromosome creating a male fetus.  ONLY Delusional Derelicts waste their time, money and energy attempting to CHANGE, more to their PREFERENCE, how Nature endowed them.  To add insult to injury, the Moronic Medical establishment ENABLES these Insane Imbeciles by WASTING precious resources on a Fanatical Fantasy in a FUTILE ATTEMPT TO PROVE Man KNOWS BETTER than Nature.  Talk about STUCK ON STUPID!

Conception opens the portal for the soul to travel through to a physical life-time EXPERIENCE.  If one mother refuses another mother is blessed and the mother that refused may have another opportunity at another time with a different soul.  No one is condoned because no one is condemned it is just the way IT IS.  “You are not condemned for anything, but you are also not excused from anything.  See these two ideas together at the same time, and a powerful third force for self-awakening is created.” Vernon Howard.  Spirit is flexible, man’s arrogant mind is ridiculously rigid.  Man’s murderous ways are incapable of preventing a single soul from its appointed journey – making abortion – irrelevant.  “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a [Pro-Life] Republican.” H. L. Mencken.  In other words, when abortion is CONDEMNED as evil while allowing a baby to be born cursed with Down’s Syndrome is CONDONED as moral, it is TIME to reconsider your premise.  DUMBASS!  “One characteristic of a sane mind is its refusal to get involved in society’s insanity because it recognizes insanity when it sees it.” Vernon Howard.  Oh wait, Moral Man KNOWS BETTER than Nature and CAN AFFORD to squander PRECIOUS Natural Resources on Mental Midgets who CAN NEVER properly care FOR THEMSELVES.  BRILLIANT!  “All of society lives from an endless deceptive practice.  That practice is to perform the unnecessary and the harmful while trying to make them look like the necessary and the beneficial.” Vernon Howard.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Talk about brainwashed Bolshevik BONEHEADS!

Personally, of all the women I’ve known who had abortions, ninety percent of them used the experience as a “wake up” call.  “To learn from experience means to be deeply aware of the self-damage in any action, and then refuse to injure yourself any more.” Vernon Howard.  In other words, after experiencing an abortion most women decided changes were in order in their life and GOT THEIR SHIT TOGETHER.  Watch Wild a little more closely folks.  They ALL made their decision in the FIRST trimester because they weren’t STUPID enough to wait until their THIRD trimester to abort.  Many of them went on to be OUTSTANDING wives and mothers but they will NEVER be profiled in the mass media because Semite Supremacists DESPISE Shield Maidens and are OBSESSED with DESTROYING such Independent Minded women.  So don’t give me your Judeo-Christian-Muslim BULLSHIT about “abortion” – it serves its intended Divine purpose so LEAVE IT ALONE.  DUMBASS!

“No matter how eagerly madmen may try to do it, there is no known process whereby they can jump out of their own skins.  Christian or socialist churches, paternalisms, schools, governments, administrations, ethics, and moralisms (even if genuinely Christian and Fraternal) would be wholly IMPOTENT to change the natural course of things and therefore POWERLESS to command the survival of mental and physical cripples; even although those cripples were as canonized saints for ‘goodness,’ and as the sands of the sea shore for number.  Shrieking SENTIMENTALISM is indeed a FEEBLE lever wherewith to overturn the IMMUTABLE order of the Universe.  It cannot do it.  No! not if it were whooped till the crack of doom!  Not even if it had a Lamb of God in every city, ready to be butchered each Friday afternoon, in order to make a [Sunday] Christian Holiday.
“Yet altruism, wholesale self-renunciation
— wholesale burden-bearing, for the sake of ‘Outraged and Suffering Humanity,’ is the maddening basis upon which ‘our good Lord Jesus,’ and his demented [Literalist] imitators have erected their sporadic sociology — their Magnificent Satanism.”
Ragnar Redbeard

“Listen to something besides your present nature.  Your present self has attracted all your troubles, so refuse to obey it anymore.  Listen to a higher voice.  Be like the man who wanted to hear a nightingale sing, so he climbed the mountain where it lived.  Climb the spiritual mountain.  Practice at listening to voices that tell you it is wrong to do certain acts.  Listen and obey them.  You will contact Truth, the perfect guide thru life.”
Vernon Howard

After spending the afternoon at the library, I hung around the Topps Plaza on Clinton Avenue until heading to my cardboard box for a nights rest.

Sunday, the library was closed, so I decided to hike to the mall in Henrietta to hang out, stay warm and observe people.  People watching always fascinated me as I would try to imagine what people were thinking by observing their actions.  Always trying to make an impression, people were unconsciously skilled actors hypnotically attempting to fulfill their desire of the moment.

While walking around, I passed a set of televisions with the local weather forecast displayed for the next five days.  An Arctic blast of cold air was headed our way by weeks end.  “Man, like every other animal must remain subject to a severe struggle.” Charles Darwin.  Such weather should make sleeping outside interesting.

“Thank [Prakorimas] we found out what didn’t work — and it never will!  Now the greatest good news on earth is that there is a way!  It’s not the way we have tried but you have to have so much courage and so much persistence to drop trying that way!  It’s incredible that we don’t get to the end of our rope before we do!  You have to get to the end of your rope — the absolute end of it!  If there’s another inch there — no good!  For heaven’s sake, get to the end of it and then let go!  When you let go of the rope and you stay there — you’re beginning to be a human being who can be kindly without effort.  You’re beginning to be one of the few human beings on earth who ever really became sane.  You’ll be one of the few human beings who was ever truly “born again.””
Vernon Howard

By Wednesday, the bitter cold was starting to settle in and the discomfort was increasing dramatically.

Thursday evening, while walking from the library to my cardboard box in the blustery cold, I was overcome by a sense of desperation and futility.  I felt I could no longer continue existing in this condition and threw the rest of my food in a dumpster and declared, I was either going to freeze to death or starve to death but either way, I was at the end of my rope.  “When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” Joseph Campbell.

During the night, when I was too cold to sleep, I would walk down Clinton Avenue to Elmwood Avenue and back again to warm up.  I would crawl back in my box and sleep again until awoken by the cold and repeat the process.  “Those who aim at great deeds must also suffer greatly.” Plutarch.

By Friday night, I was begging to be put out of my unbearable misery.  When it turned light outside on Saturday morning, I didn’t know if Lada blessed me with another day or if Prakorimas cursed my existence.  I didn’t think I could survive another night.

Then something happened Saturday night into Sunday morning.  “The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.” Vernon Howard.  In the depths of my depression and resistance, Prakorimas suggested I embrace it.  “The source of any true and helpful voice is [Tyr], Truth, [Timeless], which is All-Powerful all the time.” Vernon Howard.  I asked if I should stop resenting my situation and embrace it instead.  He said, as if I chose it for myself.  “Obey thine Inner Voice!  It can never err.  It is thy very soul.” Ragnar Redbeard.  With that insight, my perspective changed immediately (Lyrics).  It felt as if a crushing weight was lifted from me and my thinking cleared considerably.  “Remember at all times that there is a way out.” Vernon Howard.

The Runes I know that viking’s wives know not,
Nor men that are sons of God;
The first is called help, and help it can bring you
In sorrow and pain and sickness.

“Nature shows that with the growth of intelligence comes increased capacity for pain, and it is only with the highest degree of intelligence that suffering reaches its supreme point.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“When you understand the problem, you understand the solution.  So what is the problem?  The problem is that men and women are in internal unseen conflict.  Now conflict accomplishes nothing.  Two armies on the battlefield do nothing constructive, only destructive.
“So, without knowledge of the problem, you can’t solve it; with knowledge of the problem it is clear as to what you have to do.  So what is the problem that is unconscious, unseen inside of you?  It is basically something that is very hard to see at the start, hard because you don’t want to see it.  When you want to see it, then it becomes easy, and it is this: You cry out for something that is stronger than you are; when you’ve got troubles, you cry out for something that is stronger than you are.  But all your life you’ve never been able to admit that there is anything or anyone stronger than you are.
“Now I want you to know that I told you a fact whether you understand that fact or not.”
Vernon Howard

I promptly got out of my box and went behind Topps Plaza to a dumpster behind Dibella’s Old Fashioned Sub Shop.  In it was a garbage bag full of homemade sub rolls freshly made the previous day.  I removed a few of my favorites and feasted at a nearby picnic table.  Revived, I entered Topps to use their facilities and to freshen up.

“The way to break through is to bear the pain.  There is a pain-gap between the destruction of the old and the revelation of the new.  The pain has a false foundation, but you cannot see this until you come out on the other side of the dark tunnel.  So choose the pain and you will lose the pain; however, your motive must be to fully experience the pain, not to lose it.”
Vernon Howard

Once it was light out, I decided I needed a better bridge to set my box and gear under.  The bridge over Clinton Avenue was too exposed to the elements and people passing by my box.  I walked down to the Erie Canal and started scouting out those bridges.

The first bridge was Clinton Avenue crossing the canal.  It did not have a flat surface at the top to put my cardboard box on to sleep in.

The next bridge to the west, interstate three-ninety northbound was perfect.  It was like a man-made cave with the opening facing south.  I was protected from the elements in every direction except south, which would have been warm weather.  The top of the bridge had a flat concrete landing just wide enough for my box and belongings and long enough between steel girders to lay my body.  After relocating my hooch, I hiked to the mall in Henrietta again.

After the mall and surrounding plazas closed for the night, it started to rain.  “So it is more useful to watch a man in times of peril, and in adversity to discern what kind of man he is; for then at last words of truth are drawn from the depths of his [Heathen] heart, and the [delusional] mask is torn off, reality remains.” Titus Lucretius Carus.  Undeterred, I went behind the Goodwill Store to see if any treasures were in the dumpsters.  The first thing that caught my eye was a white blanket with a corner hanging over a dumpster.  I climbed on the dumpster to investigate and discovered a goose down-filled comforter.  JACKPOT!!!  Don’t know who would dispose of such a valuable piece of gear, but one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.  “Follow your [Heathen Heart] and the [Divine Feminine] will open doors for you where only walls existed.” Joseph Campbell.  I gathered some items into plastic garbage bags to keep them dry and headed to Dibella’s Sub Shop at the end of the next plaza.  I gathered some homemade rolls and headed over to Great Northern Pizza shop at another plaza.  I discovered some pepperoni pizza slices discarded and highly edible.  After chowing down on the pizza, I hiked over to a Dunkin Donut at another plaza and gathered discarded muffins, bagels and donuts to take with me.  “It seems to never occur to fools that merit and good fortune are closely united.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

By the time I returned to my cardboard box ‘home,’ I was soaked from the rain but much wealthier and more nourished than when I set out earlier in the day.  “Do not turn against yourself, no matter how badly you may have blundered in the past, for blundering exists only in man-made time and your true nature does not live in time but in the pure present.” Vernon Howard.  The attitude adjustment improved my situation dramatically.

The goose down filled comforter and additional blankets transformed my box coffin into a comfortable chrysalis.  I spent my days at the Brighton branch of the Rochester Library system.  “The doer alone learneth.” Friedrich Nietzsche.  I quickly read their two books on Old Norse Mythology, particularly enjoying ‘The Norse Myths‘ by Kevin Crossley-Holland.  Searching for more reading material, I again came across ‘The Mystic Path To Cosmic Power‘ by Vernon Howard.  “Seek cosmic strength, for there is no way for human wrongness to touch the truly strong individual.” Vernon Howard.  This time I sat down and started reading through it.  “Read higher truths with a light and adventurous spirit that wants at all costs to discover what is truly true.” Vernon Howard.  The more I read, the more fascinated I became with his teachings.  “The power of man has grown in every sphere, except over himself.” Winston Churchill.

A measure of wisdom each man shall have,
But never too much let him know;
The fairest lives do those men live
Whose wisdom wide has grown.

It was the same fascination I felt when first drawn to the Runes.  “Live and act within the limit of your knowledge and keep expanding it to the limit of your life.” Ayn Rand.  After finishing the book, I also read, ‘The Power Of Your Supermind‘ by Vernon Howard the library had available on the shelf.  “Life-correction consists of thinking correctly toward ourselves, after which we think wisely toward everything else.” Vernon Howard.  These were the only two books by Vernon Howard in the entire library system, and I felt fortunate I had access to them both.

A second I know, that men shall need
Who leechcraft long to use;

“The majority of men prefer delusion to truth.  It soothes.  It is easy to grasp.  Above all, it fits more snugly than the truth into a universe of false appearances—of complex and irrational phenomena, defectively grasped.”
H. L. Mencken

Question: If true teachers are available, why doesn’t everyone listen to them?
Answer: Did everyone listen to [Buddha], Plato or [Redbeard]?  Or, did they only give lip service to their teachings [in accordance with their level of comprehension]?  
[In Redbeard’s case, the “slick” Elite injected HIS original teachings, entitled ‘Philosophy of Power,’ with THEIR “Racial Theory” of the era, and titled THEIR work ‘Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest,’
with the intent to prevent the Minions of Mindless Morons from “Seeing” the ‘Forest Through The Trees.’  It worked BRILLIANTLY!  The REAL Insane Imbeciles actually EMBRACED their “Ridiculous Theory” as SACRED FACT!  C’MON FOLKS!  Talk about a ‘Stuck on Stupid’ GULLIBLE Delusional DUMBASS!  (The Egregiously Arrogant Elite outlined the ENTIRE Semite Supremacist Talmud racial teachings known as the ‘Philosophy of Judeo-Christian Civilization‘ for ALL the ‘World of Men‘ to see in ‘Might Is Right or The Survival of the Fittest‘.  [“If there is one consistent thread that runs through accounts of the rise and fall of Hitler and the National Socialist state, it is that their only [political] philosophy was a corrosive [superior] racism and [social] hate mongering.” John Mosier.]  Take a closer look.)  By the way, where’s the “Copyright Compliance” for the “slick” Politically Pathetic?  Oh wait, the “laws” the Holier Than Thou Legislators IMPOSE on the rest of us do not apply to the Egregious Elite who finance “Legislation” through “Lobbyists” known as “Political Action Committees” or PACs.  Just ask AIPAC.  My bad.]
Question: Why are such men often scorned?
Answer: The ego-self always scorns anyone who threatens its false power.  Remember, no man can see above his own head.  A true teacher has esoteric knowledge, but unless you also sense it, it does not exist for you.  Therefore, you will not value the true teacher.  To the contrary, you will avoid him.”
Vernon Howard

“Owls are the traditional messengers of wisdom; they bring to us the powers of both inner and outer sight.  Wisdom is not found in temples and universities but in the sanctuary of the human soul.  Through dreams, reflection and contemplation we court the messengers that wish to impart their wisdom directly into our being.  And when we listen deeply, wild woman rises.”
Angi Sullins

“Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The truth is incontrovertible [indisputable].  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
Winston Churchill

“All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

After a particularly cold night, I hiked to the library early and went to the adjacent municipal building that housed the Brighton Police Department and Town Courts.  The entrance foyer had a bench and blasting heat, so I sat on the bench to thaw out and warm up.  I gathered my gear at nine o’clock to go the library when a Sergeant from the police department confronted me.

He asked if everything was all right.  I told him fine.  I told him I was in route to the library and intended no one any harm.  He was persistent in his interrogation and for some unknown reason, I blurted out I was a former New York State Trooper stationed at the Rochester barracks and to just leave me alone.  He couldn’t do that and took down my personal information to verify with my former supervisors.

I anticipated what was coming next, so I went to the library and logged on to a computer facing the entrance.  Sure enough, the parade of concerned former co-workers began.  Being in law enforcement, they naturally wanted to help me all they could.  I reassured them I was fine and just exploring another side of life.  They were more uncomfortable with my situation than I was, but there was nothing more I could do to put their minds at ease.

After re-assessing my situation, I needed new boots and a bicycle to more speedily get around.  I decided to put an ad on Craigslist stating my situation and explaining my needs.

A few days later, a woman from the town of Webster had a mountain bike that had a broken gear shift cable and offered to bring it to me.  I gladly accepted and soon had my wheels.

A former co-worker took me to a second hand store where I was provided with a pair of insulated, leather boots – much more practical than the pac-boots.  Another friend took me to Wal-Mart to purchase a lock for my bike for me.

Also, I would go to the Monroe County Community College gym locker rooms to shower every Thursday and Sunday morning before classes started while few people were around.  I always felt like a million bucks after I was cleaned up and leaving the facilities.  Work with what you already have.  Improvise.  Adapt.  Overcome.  Test your limits.

“Awareness.  Here is the supreme secret.
“It is essential that you see the vast difference between thought and awareness.  This is an advanced lesson in unleashing your full mental powers, and because it is, you can advance swiftly with it.”
Vernon Howard

By the middle of April, the days were long and the weather noticeably warmer as well.  I was spending more time outside and less time at the library.  The days I did spend in the library, I watched ‘Dead Poets Society‘, ‘Good Will Hunting‘, ‘Into The Wild‘, ‘Scent of a Woman‘ and ‘V’ for Vendetta‘ on a library DVD player as well as documentaries on Vikings and other topics on library VHS tapes and players.

My former co-workers took up a collection on my behalf and with the funds I was able to purchase craft supplies to cut staves and carve Runes into them. I was also able to partake in the Chinese All-You-Can-Eat Buffet a few times. YUMMY!  Being more mobile, I was able to scout out reliable food source dumpsters as well.

On Mother’s Day, I decided to go to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Pittsford to read the latest books on Runes without purchasing them.

After spending the day in the store, I went out back where the Salvation Army had drop off donation bins.  The bins were overflowing so I searched through the available donations for treasures.  The first was a pair of Merrell hiking shoes that were made of breathable mesh with a solid sole – perfect for the warm weather ahead.  The second was an orange and blue winter coat by Spyder.  My Columbia winter coat was trashed and this was the perfect replacement.  I gathered a few more treasures before heading back to my chrysalis.

I also got back in touch with the folks at the Coven.  The priest and his partner were married in Canada since I was away and they invited me to their hand fasting ceremony at a public park in July.  I also helped with their property improvement projects at their residence and they allowed me to do laundry, get cleaned up and spend the nights as I wished.

On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, I was drawn to go to the Spiritualist Church on Plymouth Avenue in the city of Rochester for their Sunday service.  Not sure why or when their services were held, but I got myself together and went. I arrived early and hung out in the parking lot until service started.

At the message portion of the service, many mediums were able to share their gift with the congregation.  Being the last Sunday of the month, mediums were encouraged to practice their talents on whoever they were drawn to.  I seemed to be a lightening rod for mediums this day.

The first medium message was from my Rugian maternal grandmother who encouraged me to continue to learn who I was not.

The second medium message was from Vernon Howard.  I didn’t know it at the time because I did not know he passed, what he looked like or was familiar enough with his work to know he was imparting one of his Vernonisms to me.

The medium described him as a black Irish who had a profound impact on my thinking.  She told me I was on a long journey and would soon be receiving answers to the questions I had been asking.  She said she usually did not receive quotes but had a quote for me: The first lesson of power is we are all alone, the last lesson of power is we are all one.”  Needless to say, this gave me a lot to think about for a long time.

I spent the rest of the day in Ellison Park reflecting on the morning messages and listening to my MP3 player.  My anthem was ‘Wherever I May Roam‘ by the band Metallica.  The band Godsmack wrote the soundtrack to what I was going through with songs like ‘Sick Of Life.’ ‘Releasing the Demons,’ ‘Make Me Believe‘ among others.  I enjoyed Disturbed and other head-banging artists as well.  Also, not far from where I was located, a couple was enjoying the beautiful weather listening to Van Halen’s catalog of work with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar – quite an impressive collection.  I couldn’t help but notice Van Halen and Vernon Howard had the same initials – ‘VH.’

Laying in my chrysalis that night, I thought it did not get more alone than a cardboard box under a bridge.  “To live alone is the fate of all great souls.” Arthur Schopenhauer.  Little did I know, I was about to be isolated.

“The secret of happiness is freedom

and the secret of freedom is courage.” Thucydides

Synagogue of Satan Society

Shine the Light of Awareness
“Something is trying to deceive you about the nature of your nature and of life, and makes it a full time occupation to prevent you from knowing what is going on.  In areas in your unconscious mind where there is nothing but darkness inside of you, you can’t see what’s going on there.  It’s making you think, say and feel things you don’t want to feel.
“Where there is that darkness, it is possible for you to obtain the light that will shine on it and show you where you have been wrongly following this force of deception that has controlled you, that has made you an unhappy human being.  But you want to keep your eyes closed so you won’t have to take responsibility.
“Something you don’t see wants to keep things exactly as they are because if you should ever find out how to shine the light on it, it would cease to exist.  It would cease to have false existence.  It is terrified lest even one human being discover its deceit, its control, because it would no longer have the illusion of life.  An evil force is living through millions of human beings and has no right to exist inside of you.
“You’re going to look inside yourself and the darkness there, and begin to shine the light of awareness, consciousness, and understanding inside of you.  And you’re going to go out tomorrow and be with people and notice certain activities inside of you.  You’re going to be aware that that is the darkness struggling down there doing things against you!
“What happens when you shine the light on it?  You can name it, see it, understand it, and that gives you power over it.  You can clear out all bats, devils, down there — the only cause of suffering.”
Vernon Howard

“When a well-packaged web of [Synagogue of Satan] lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the [Vinland Viking] truth will seem utterly preposterous and its [Thunderbolt] speaker a raving lunatic.”

Dresden James

“The right reaction to the unknown is to experience it, not fear it.”
Vernon Howard

Middle of June on a Sunday night, I was cruising around on my bike in search of food.  My usual go-to dumpsters were surprisingly sparse.  I decided to head over to the Dunkin Donut in Brighton which never seemed to disappoint.

I was pedaling down Elmwood Avenue on the desolate sidewalk, when I heard a vehicle come speeding up from behind me then slowed abruptly.  I didn’t think much of it and just kept minding my own business.  Suddenly, a spotlight was shinned on me and I thought the Troopers were messing with me so I chose to ignore them and continue on my way.

As I neared the Winton road intersection, a female Brighton police officer was out of her cruiser ordering me to stop.  Thoroughly confused, I jumped the curb and when I did the chain on my bike came off and I was unable to pedal away.  The female officer grabbed my backpack and I let go of the bike and turned around in time to see another male Brighton police officer running toward me.  I thought about doing a combat roll and jumping in one of their cruisers, but I still had no idea why they were bothering me.  The male officer jumped on me and we all went down in a heap with me at the bottom.  The male officer said I was under arrest and I immediately stopped resisting.

I was handcuffed, stood on my feet and brought to the corner sidewalk for interrogation.  The male officer, who spotlighted me, stood in front of me with his Sergeant supervisor behind him and asked me what was going on this evening.  I was exercising my right to remain silent and let them do the explaining so I shifted my eye contact to above his head.  “This means that under no circumstances can the United States require Americans to give information which can be used against them for alleged violations of civil or criminal statues.” Irwin Schiff.  At that point, the supervisor said I was a mental health case and ordered the officer to take me back for processing.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
Exchange of words with a witless ape
You must not ever make.
For never you may from an evil man
A good requital get;
But a good man often the greatest love
Through words of praise will win you.
Mingled is love when a man can speak
To another all his thought;
Nothing is so bad as false to be,
No friend speaks only fair.

During processing, I kept my mouth shut and eyes and ears open.  Silence is safest and best. Havamal.  I did as I was commanded and left it at that.

During arraignment, I was charged with improper bike safety equipment – no light or bell, and failure to comply.  “When I mount the scaffold at last these will be my farewell words to the sheriff: Say what you will against me when I am gone, but don’t forget to add, in common justice, that I was never converted to anything.” H. L. Mencken.  I’m sure I associated with convicted felons while at the Open Door Mission since most of the residents were just released from prison for various “drug related offenses,” (Lyrics) and their rehabilitation during incarceration was so effective, they had nowhere else to go.  Why not add that charge while you’re at it?  “’To the Strong all laws are cobwebs’ (Solon) and when Society becomes irksome to the Strong they may dissolve it; nay it is their positive duty to dissolve it; otherwise it becomes their master and consequently their enemy and oppressor.  “Society in danger” therefore is merely the hysteria of the megalomaniac.” Ragnar Redbeard.  I couldn’t help but think of what the character Dr. Floyd Farris said in the book ‘Atlas Shrugged‘ by Ayn Rand, “There’s no way to rule innocent men.  The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.  Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one MAKES them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking the law.”

Operating on the assumption ‘Silence is Consent,’ the judge entered a plea of ‘not guilty‘ on my behalf.  I thought it interesting that she would act on my behalf when I had no intention of participating in the proceedings.  “Practice the virtue of spiritual self-reliance.  Do that and don’t go around asking someone else who in turn himself is asking someone else.” Vernon Howard.  Silence is silence and consent is consent.  They are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE terms which means they do NOT define each other.  Up is NOT down and down is NOT up.  Silence is NOT consent and consent is NOT silence.  Up is up and down is down.  Silence is silence and consent is consent.

“In the past, most words in the English language were used for practical purposes or to direct human beings toward the higher world and to make our experience go more smoothly on our life journey.  Their meanings were meant to help guide us so we would not get lost or misinterpret life’s lessons.  In today’s dictionaries some of the original meanings can still be found but many definitions have been twisted or distorted or redefined to suit popular trends of the time period in which we are living.  And in some cases, newer definitions are meant to deliberately mislead human beings.”
Vernon Howard

“The strange American ardor for passing laws, the insane belief in regulation and punishment, plays into the hands of the reformers, most of them quacks themselves.  Their efforts, even when honest, seldom accomplish any appreciable good.  The Harrison Act, despite its cruel provisions, has not diminished drug addiction in the slightest.  The Mormons, after years of persecution, are still Mormons, and one of them is now a power in the Senate [and presidential candidate].  Socialism in the United States was not laid by the Espionage Act; it was laid by the fact that the socialists, during the war, got their fair share of the loot.  Nor was the stately progress of osteopathy and chiropractic halted by the early efforts to put them down.  Oppressive laws do not destroy minorities; they simply make bootleggers.”
H. L. Mencken

“There can be no criminal intent in [abandoning] injustice.”
Lysander Spooner

“Drugs, it is claimed harm those who take them.  Even if this claim is true, why should you be put in jail for harming yourself?  It makes no sense.
“Why should people be prevented from selling customers what they want to buy?  Those who run afoul of the law by peddling drugs often get unbelievably harsh prison sentences – for something that in a free society shouldn’t be a crime at all.  As if this were not bad enough, making drugs illegal promotes real crimes and violence. 
[“Too big to fail” Criminal Justice System]
“Further, once the government gets its foot in the door in regulating your personal behavior, there is no logical stopping point.  If the government can control what goes into your body why can’t it control what goes into your mind as well? 
[Political Politeness = politically-proclaimed-prohibited “pornography” aka POPPYCOCK!]

“The Drug War violates everybody’s liberty, but it hurts one minority group particularly hard: American blacks.  Wilt Alston gives us the grim facts:
How can one say the drug war is racist?  Let us start with some pretty basic numbers: Black people – men, women, and children – compose approximately 12.6 percent of the population of the United States.  Black people – primarily black men – compose approximately 35.4 percent of the prison population.”
“‘Amerika’ has more people in prison than any other nation on Earth, and the percentage of those people who are black and male is roughly three times the percentage of black people in the general population.  Why?  [One suggestion]…because black people commit more drug crimes, and, therefore get arrested more, convicted more, and incarcerated more.”
“First of all, with the possible exception of crack cocaine, black people do not abuse drugs at a higher rate than white people; that is, the absolute number of drug users who are black are lower.
Secondly, the mathematics of drug distribution and drug production preclude the possibility that a group so small as black males could possibly be responsible at a level to justify their incarceration rate.”
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

“For a government to declare a vice to be a crime, and to punish it as such, is an attempt to falsify the very nature of things.  It is as absurd as it would be to declare truth to be falsehood, or falsehood truth.”
Lysander Spooner

I was remanded to the county jail downtown and upon arriving maintained my silence.  “Only noise makes mistakes.  Silence never makes mistakes.” Vernon Howard.  I had nothing to say to anybody and could care less what anyone had to say to me.  “So it is more useful to watch a man in times of peril, and in adversity to discern what kind of man he is; for then at last words of truth are drawn from the depths of his [Heathen] heart, and the [delusional] mask is torn off, reality remains.” Titus Lucretius Carus.  I did as I was instructed and was put in a solitary confinement cell under twenty-four hour surveillance.  “Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.” Winston Churchill.  All my belongings were taken from me and all I had was a blanket and a blanket type hospital gown that velcroed in the rear.  It didn’t function so well leaving my backside exposed.

A man shall not boast of his keenness of mind,
But keep it close in his breast;
To the silent and wise does ill come seldom
When he goes as guest to a house;

“A man can be himself only so long as he is alone, and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom, for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“…please consider what jail means.  The people inside are slaves to the state.  They are captured and held and regarded by their captors as nothing other than biological beings that take up space.  The delivery of all services to them is contingent on the whims of their masters, who have no stake in the outcome at all.
“They are “paying the price” for their actions, but no one is in a position to benefit from the price paid.  They aren’t working off debts or compensating victims or struggling to overcome anything.  They are just “doing time,” costing taxpayers almost $25,000 a year per person. 
[While contributing absolutely NOTHING constructive to the economy, society or THEMSELVES!  There is a MUCH better way to “invest” this WASTED time, money and energy for the genuine benefit of EVERYONE involved.]  That’s all these people are to society: a cost, and they are treated as such.
“What’s more, everything we know about government applies to this ultimate government program.  It is expensive (states alone spend $44 Billion on prisons every year), inefficient, brutal, and irrational. 
[THAT is the NATURE of The State!]  It is also manipulated by political passions rather than genuine concern for justice.  [Just ask Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen]

“The old rule is that if you subsidize something, you get more of it.  And so it is with prisons and the prison-industrial complex.  I’ve yet to find any viable figures on how large this industry is, but consider that it includes construction firms, managers of private prisons, wardens, food service providers, counselors, security services, and a hundred other kind of companies to build and manage these miniature societies.  What kind of political influence do they have?  Speculation here, but it must be substantial.
“The jail cell is the symbol and ultimate end of statism itself.  It would be nice if we thought of the interests of the prisoners in society and those that will become so. 
[HINT: Sending the prisoner’s children to Angel Tree Camp or Christian “Vacation Bible Schools” or “Summer Camps” to be brainwashed into being compliant is only EXACERBATING the problem by SUPPRESSING their instincts.  DUMBASS!]  But even if you are not likely to be among them, consider the loss of privacy, the loss of liberty, the loss of independence, the loss of all that used to be considered truly American, in the course of the building of prison nation.”
Lllewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

[Side Note: Watch Escape Plan a little more closely folks and ask yourself a couple questions: Is the PRIVATE “Floating Penitentiary” the direction “Prison Nation” is going?  If these “inmates” are the “worst of the worst” then where are ALL the Brothers AND Hispanic Gang members?]

As I lay on the padded wooden plank that night, I wondered how in the world I ended up in this situation – isolated and all alone.  “Aloneness is a wise teacher.  Kierkegaard remarked that one sign of spiritual maturity was the ability to be comfortable when alone.” Vernon Howard.  I thought it may have been retribution for an incident a couple weeks ago on the canal path.

I was sitting on the bridge abutment enjoying my supper when the Brighton Police Bike Patrol confronted me about why I was there doing what I was doing.  I pointed to my box home and said I was living up there and eating my dinner here now.  They asked for identification and when I told them I didn’t have any, I offered some of my food instead.  They didn’t take to kindly to the offer and started threatening me that I would be arrested for trespassing.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
With a worse man speak not three words in dispute,
Ill fares the better oft
When the worse man wields a sword.

I informed them that it was difficult to arrest someone for trespassing on public property and advised them to be on their way to look for actual crimes in progress rather than waste their time on the innocent.  They became incensed so I left the abutment and returned to the perch by my box.  “The presence of authentic intelligence is equal to the absence of ego-defense.” Vernon Howard.  Another officer was called and they held a meeting of the minds.  They took one last good look at me and then dispersed in separate directions leaving me alone.  I figured this was payback.  “You have enemies?  Good.  That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill.  I later learned a burglar was terrorizing the township and they may have thought I was the culprit.  Once again, they had the wrong man, as the burglar continued his reign of terror during my incarceration.

“The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth.  He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely.  Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men.  It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor.  It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.”
H. L. Mencken

“Would you rather I were a law-abiding citizen, Mr. Rearden?  If so, which law should I abide by?  Directive 10-289?” … “Look more carefully, Mr. Rearden.  There are only two modes of living left to us today: to be a looter who robs disarmed victims or to be a victim who works for the benefit of his own despoilers.  I did not choose to be either.”
Ragnar Danneskjold

“Nothing can be more abhorrent to democracy than to imprison a person or keep him in prison because he is unpopular.  This is really the [true] test of [Judeo-Christian-Muslim] civilization.”
Winston Churchill

By this time, I had no idea how to handle this situation and was extremely exhausted, so I went to sleep curious of how to proceed.

“One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it.  If you do that, you will double the danger.  But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.  Never run away from anything.  Never!”
Winston Churchill

“The more unusual an experience the more value it has for those who are tired of self-shackles.  The entire secret is to take the unusual or the unpleasant experience with conscious attention, not with habitual fear or resentment.  Self-shackles are cut with something stronger than shackles, and conscious attention is a thousand times stronger.  Practice this secret power.”
Vernon Howard

I was awoken by the shift change commotion around seven AM.  No solutions came to me in my sleep, so I just layed there contemplating my situation.

After a while, the tray slot door was unlocked by a deputy warden and a tray of breakfast food was placed on it by another inmate.  As I looked at the food, it hit me.

While reading ‘The Power Of Your Supermind‘ by Vernon Howard, I remembered an example he gave from Arthur Schopenhauer about how to deal with people who assume authority over you.  He said something like, people are insolent toward you when they think you are dependent upon them and if you want superiority in handling such people, let them see you are independent of them.  Also, during combat training in Quantico, Virginia, we were instructed to NEITHER ask for quarter NOR accept quarter if EVER taken prisoner.  “It is better to risk starving to death than surrender.  If you give up on your [Self], what’s left?” Jim Carrey.  Even if taken prisoner by the very country you supposedly ‘served.’

Quick Aside: Not sure what Arizona-Congressional Senator John McCain was instructed – oh wait, he was the son of an Elitist high-ranking Admiral so he received PREFERENTIAL treatment by his captors while his fellow ‘Joe-Shit the Rag-Man‘ POWs endured living HELL and NEVER returned to THEIR families to cheat on their wives, while running around Pensacola PLAYING fly-boy before being ‘(S)elected’ Senator.

FUCK YOU SCUMBAG and ALL those who ‘honor’ your ‘service’ – imprisonment doesn’t BUILD character DUMBASS, confinement REVEALS your ACTUAL Nature – you were EXPOSED as the COWARD you ACTUALLY are, just like YOUR Legislative, Executive and Judicial BRETHREN.

Like George H. W. Bush, I KNOW a ‘decorated’ Aviator CHARLATAN when I see one.  Eighteen-year-olds are not placed in combat cockpits for the same reason Mental Midgets are not trusted in fighter planes – they’ll crash the damn thing, claim they were “shot down,” have “Big Daddy” come ‘bail them out’ while being “decorated” for “heroism” as a result of their INEPTITUDE.  Your STORIES are as FRAUDULENT as Jesus and the Vietnam “Service” of George W. Bush and John Kerry.  In SHYSTERS We Expose – may Loki have His WAY with ALL you fraudulent lodestars leading the Swarms of ‘Stuck on Stupid’ Semite Supremacist Sympathizing Socialists over “the cliff” and into oblivion.  DUMBASS!

“Have you ever noticed people who brag about themselves, not just about spirituality but anything else — ‘I am a great achiever, I’m someone who really cares for my family; my family comes first, I care for them deeply,’ whatever the boast might be – notice that the other parts of his personality other than his words, for example, his facial expression, his gestures, notice that they contradict what he said.  That’s the giveaway.
“And you should be able to see many times during the day how when a person brags about anything, about how good, how generous he is, how pleasant and how poised and calm he is all the time, you should know that it has to be nothing but an empty opinion.  And you can back that up with a little sharp observation on your part, as I just explained by seeing that the rest of him doesn’t believe in it.  Try that from now on.
“Oh, you know what I’m going for now, don’t you?  Try it for yourself.  Ever listen to yourself talk?  Kind of boring, right?”

Vernon Howard

So, using the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer while applying Marine Corps tactics, I was about to see for myself if Vernon Howard knew what he was talking about.  Not only was I exercising my right to remain silent, but I was refusing quarter as well.  “Those who aim at great deeds must also suffer greatly.” Plutarch.  The meals could just sit there, I was not going to ingest them.  “The measure of a man is the way he bears up under misfortune.” Plutarch.

Also, while training in Russian Martial Art, I was introduced to the Russian Health System.  I practiced the Strengthening the Body with Water technique by dumping a bucket of cold water over my head, outside in a bathing suit, year-around, twice a day and the Cleansing the Body from Inside practice by fasting (no food – no water) for thirty-eight hours once a week (which I still practice to this day in conjunction with the Moon Phases).  “Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and respect of self, in turn, is the chief element in courage.” Thucydides.  Unknown to me at the time, I was training my mind and body for this incarceration ordeal, after being homeless for six months.  “We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school.” Thucydides.  Thank you, Vladimir Vasiliev for sharing your Systema expertise with those of us with an open mind.  It is MUCH appreciated.  You Totally ROCK!

“Courage I say!  Courage! and evermore Courage! even the STARS in their course FIGHT for the BOLD.
“Courage, I say!  Courage, not goodness, is the great desideratum 
[essential ingredient]
 – courage, that requires neither tin horns, nor calcium lights, nor brass bands, nor shouting multitudes to call it into effective action.
“But courage that goes its way ALONE, as undauntedly as when it marches to “victory or death” amid the menacing stride of armed and bannered legions.
“Courage, that delights in danger – Courage, that knows not despair!  Courage, that proudly, defiantly, smiles on death!  Courage, that regards with equal loathing the multitude’s mad howls of hate, its stupid hee-haws and its stridulating “tremendous applause.”
“Courage, that asks no quarter, even with the knife at its throat – courage that is stiff-necked, unyeilding, sullen, pitiless!
“Courage that NEVER falters – NEVER retreats!
“Courage, that looks down with SUPREME DISDAIN upon ALL slave regulations, upon ALL rights and wrongs, upon ALL good and evil!
“Courage, that has MADE UP its mind to CONQUER or – PERISH!
“THAT is the kind of courage THIS world LACKS.  THAT is the kind of courage that aids by active co-operation the survival of the Fittest – and the [thriving] of the Best.
“THAT is the kind of courage that has NEVER turned a master’s mill.
“THAT is the kind of courage that NEVER WILL turn it.  THAT is the kind of courage that will DIE, rather than turn it.”
Ragnar Redbeard

“When Svipdag came to the enclosure, the gate of the burg was shut (for it was customary to ask leave to come in and see, or take part in the war games).  Svipdag did not take the trouble, but broke open the gate and rode into the yard.”  Queen Yisa said: – “This man will be welcomed here.”
Ancient Norse Saga

“We are wrongly led to believe that life makes us into the kind of person we are.  In truth, it’s our level of self-understanding that makes life what it is for us!  This is why nothing can really change for us until we see that trying to change some condition in life without first changing the consciousness responsible for its appearance is like blaming the mirror for what we don’t like seeing in it.”
Guy Finley

“There is nothing in the whole universe that represents a threat to who you really are.
“Nothing can touch you.  Now I know how that sounds.  I’m telling you the great mysteries, explaining the great mysteries of the ages that very few people can take into their lives, their deliverance, because they have decided on a single horrifying thing.  They have decided, “I want to be me.  There’s nothing else but me.  And I’m not going to let you take me away from me.”
“You’d better remember what I just said.  If you do remember it, you have a chance because you’re getting to the very root of the whole matter of seeing why most people don’t make it.  They have made an atrocious choice to not investigate why nothing is transformed inside themselves.  They have chosen to believe that their nature, as it presently is, is all there is.
“I’m telling you, look for yourselves.  See how defensive people are, how they put their hands up and push you away.  And even when you try to correct them — they try to correct you!
“Now here’s a marvelous little exercise.  Now do it!  How many of you have ever been criticized for anything?  Reprimanded?  Corrected?  Whatever.  Now, you are to tell yourself what your first twenty reactions were when someone scolded you for misbehavior, and even if they corrected you in a kindly manner meaning to help you.  I’m talking about the fixed habitual hardened egotistical response that you make when someone tells you that you did something you should not have done.  You know very well in almost every case there is the reaction of “Who are you to tell me what to do?  Leave me alone.  Don’t you tell me what to do!”
“All right.  You’re going to do something different.  You’re going to strike back at that false reaction.  You’re going to do something marvelous so unlike you that it’s going to shock your shoes off.  Tie your shoes on well please.
“Picture yourself doing this when someone corrects you for anything at all and you know in your heart that they corrected you properly, not just wanting to get an egotistical thrill out of it.  But you’re to do something different that will be a sword of righteousness forever.  You’re corrected and you’re watching your usual bitter angry remark as it starts to come up to your mind or to your mouth.  And you’re going to see that it feels bad.  It feels awful.  It feels terrible to have a sour attitude of any kind.
“Now you know who the real enemy is.  It isn’t that person who scolded you, who ridiculed you, who scoffed at you, who derided you for your mistakes.  The enemy is you not seeing the enemy of whatever the actual state is.  Now that proves that the enemy is nowhere but inside your own mind because you’re not being conscious of yourself.  When you see the enemy, then the very knowledge of its presence — the identification of it — makes the right part of you want to not be a gullible victim anymore.
“This is the striking back!  Truth, Reality, is striking back for you.  Your perception, your insight, the new brightness in your mind — that is what is doing the work for you.”
Vernon Howard

Later in the morning, a Sergeant deputy warden entered my cell while I was laying facing the wall and told me in a demanding voice, I needed to grow up and start cooperating then departed.  “Remind yourself constantly that the false wisdom of society can only make everything worse.” Vernon Howard.  I thought, now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

I decided I needed some exercise so I started pacing in my cell.  Since my hitchhiking days, I really came to enjoy pacing, allowing me to reflect and ponder things on my mind.  “Idleness is the parent of psychology.” Friedrich Nietzsche.  Pacing also had a meditative, calming effect on my psyche as well.

“I want to give you a tested technique for gradually and surely increasing your inner peace.  It works for you regardless of the noise and confusion that may surround your day.
“You will detach yourself as a mental participant in these noisy events.  You will observe them, be aware of them, but will not involve yourself mentally or emotionally.  Perhaps you ask, “But can this really be done?  It sounds impossible to separate myself from the constant clatter around me.”  I assure you that it can be done by you.
“You see, your True Self is detached from everything on the outside.  It has awareness of exterior conditions but does not get emotionally upset by them.  You have a True Self at this very moment.  At the very instant of reading these lines you are capable of mental detachment from all exterior problems.”
Vernon Howard

During one of my afternoon pacing sessions, an officer with two silver bars pinned to each collar came to my cell.  He directed me to go to the back of my cell.  I complied and stood at the back of my cell facing the wall.  The door was unlocked and he entered stating I could face him.  “Does it occur to you that I don’t want to hear what you want to say?” Vernon Howard.  I didn’t care what he had to say to me, so I continued to face the wall.

He went on to lament my situation and assured me that he and his jailers were not responsible for putting me in my situation, so cooperating with them was in my best interest to see this thing through.  “I think that I am better than the people who are trying to reform me.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

After he left, I continued pacing and reflecting on his words.  Well, my, my, my, how the tables have turned.  My jailers were now PLEADING with me!

A third I know, if great is my need
Of fetters to hold a fool;
Blunt do I make his accusing attitude,
Nor bites his word or ways.

His first mistake was trying to separate himself from the cruelty of his position.  They are one and the same.  Only an insane idiot would look to cooperate with cruelty in the hopes of being treated with mercy – IMPOSSIBLE!  At this point, I suddenly appreciated the position I was in – the cruel monsters were locked OUT of my cell to leave me alone and I could not have been more grateful for such an arrangement.  “You cannot stop destructive actions by others, but you can stop your own destructive reactions to them.” Vernon Howard.  Monday came and went along with the meals.  “The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” Mark Twain.

The knowing guest who goes to the feast,
In silent attention sits;
With his ears he hears, with his eyes he watches,
Thus wary are wise men all.

“How [Rebel Girls] admire men of leonine [lion-like] resolution and Eagle Principles.  How they detest cowardice, “goodness,” feebleness, effeminacy [man behaves or looks similar to a woman], failure.  There is no character in history so universally applauded, as the bold “bad” rebel and the mighty [Renegade].
“Be strong and fear not, for all obstruction melts away before real strength of deed and strength of character.  Nothing succeeds like success.  Do not quibble over the order of your succeeding but — SUCCEED.  Thou shalt give thy heart to no [man-made] god, for that is idiocy; neither shalt thou love thy neighbors as thyself, for that is madness.  Let “Nil Desperandum”
[Never Despair!] be your motto even to the death.  If you fail you are righteously detestable; but if you triumph, thrice blessed art thou.  (The great vice of our age is cowardice).  Glory and honor be unto him that wins, but anathema maranatha [detest the Lord coming –
But who may abide the day of his coming? Malachi 3:2] be upon the head of him that fails.  Failure is not only disgrace, but practical proof of organic incompetence.
“Therefore get you [soul] and [sanity] and [spiritual] power somehow.  If foiled and baffled one way, try another.  When there’s a will, there are a thousand ways.  If the worn and beaten tracks are intentionally blockaded against you, do not hesitate to cut-out a new highway through the jungle — FOR YOURSELF.  Never mind the pulpiteers and editors.  They are hired to blind and blockade you.  Above all things do not follow the multitude, for it tramples downward, ever downward along Via Del Mortes
[Day of the Dead] to abysses of poverty, chains, and shame.  Retreat not, turn not aside to the right hand nor to the left, but zig-zag on.  Ask no quarter, no sympathy.  “Die the [ego-] death” rather than surrender and perishing — strike at your conqueror.
“’Withhold not good from him to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.’  But withal be honorable and upright; never forgetting that bravery (which includeth all other virtues) is the highest wisdom — and [spiritual] success the chief end of man.  ‘Upward thou must rise, or falter — bend the neck or stand triumphant — be the anvil or the hammer.’
“‘Moral principles’ you say!  What are moralisms that they should paralyze your arm and brain?  Are they not ARTIFICIAL human enactments, apparently sanctified; but not necessarily natural, honest, just, or true?  Moral codes are the Black Terror of all dastards
[despicable people]
“Scorn all insolent dictation as to right and wrong.  Decide right and wrong FOR YOURSELF.  Obey thine Inner Voice!  It can never err.  It is thy very soul.  Be [Nature] in active operation.  Do noble deeds, don’t dream about them all thy life long.
“Battle and conquer HERE AND NOW, for behold! — to-morrow you die! you die! — and that IS the end of you.”
Ragnar Redbeard

“Darkness, lostness, evil cannot understand itself.  Darkness has no ability to be anything but darkness.  Now when I say darkness, are you following me on that: neurosis, wrongness, violence.  Darkness is one thing in itself and has nothing but itself in itself.  Just follow, you’ll get it after a while.  Therefore, it can’t change itself, darkness can’t change into light, darkness can’t be improved.  Darkness can’t grow lighter and lighter until it becomes light, its nature is fixed permanently.  There is no way a bit of darkness can step outside of itself and look back and say that is darkness, that is evil.
“Try to connect while I’m talking what I’m talking about with world events and with your events.  Evil, darkness, not being able to hear anything out-side of itself – do you now see why it is pointless to moralize with an evil man?  Do you see why sermons never do any good?  Moral codes, ten commandments or a thousand commandments never do any good because darkness is itself and only itself and therefore the light can’t come into it, there’s no penetration.  Darkness therefore can’t understand itself or light, it can understand neither.
“Skip over to light for a minute.  I know how complex this is, but you’ll see.  Light can understand itself and it can also understand darkness.  Remember that day in this class or elsewhere, where something in you began to understand what was going on in you?  That was a miracle and we’ll get to that a little later.”
Vernon Howard

During Monday night, a prisoner was banging on his cell door yelling at the deputies that he didn’t belong there and to let him out.  All night long and all day Tuesday he continued the banging and ranting down the hall from my cell.  I had no idea what kind of drug he ingested to ignite such violent, prolonged behavior but it was incredible to witness.  Later in the day, the deputies played a trick on him and he ended up in the cell next to mine.  His violent behavior, by this time, unleashed in spurts of varying duration, but it was still insane the hostility that erupted from him.

By Wednesday, a parade of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers were passing through my cell to assure me of their assistance if I would just cooperate with their system.  “Blessed are the Audacious for they have imbibed true wisdom — Cursed are the Obedient for they shall breed Creeplings.” Ragnar Redbeard.  I guess they still couldn’t figure it out for themselves that the reason I was homeless was because I had given up on their system as something valuable.  “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. Albert Camus.  Their solutions only exacerbated the problems (Lyrics).  “Intelligence is rising when one sees that human solutions only increase the problem.” Vernon Howard.  I already knew from myself they had nothing of value to offer me and I was unwilling to sacrifice my own integrity in exchange for nothing.  Nothing for Something was a total loss I was no longer interested in experiencing, but they had to figure that out for themselves. “Must the government then force certain “benefits” on people [like ‘Obamacare’] who have already freely rejected them?”Murray N. Rothbard.

By Thursday, the neurotic nitwit next to me was arraigned and found mentally unable to be prosecuted and transferred to a mental health facility.  I figured tomorrow would be my turn.

“No matter how hard the task is, you’re going to have to put your love for Truth, your love for purity, for innocence, your love for revelation — remember the list — you’re going to have to put your love for cleanliness first of all.  That will keep you going.”
Vernon Howard

Friday afternoon, two investigators came for me.  My clothing was returned so I dressed myself and was shackled hand and foot.  I was transported to the mental health ward of Saint Mary’s Hospital.  I maintained my silence until I was admitted as a patient and the investigators left.

I was able to refresh and reinvigorate somewhat after deteriorating in my cell.  I ate, drank and made friends with one of the male nurses.  I was told a psychiatrist would question me during the night.  I assured them the only thing I would leave this comfortable bed and pillow for was nature’s call to use the bathroom.

I was awoken during the night and answered all the doctor’s questions.  He said I would be reevaluated in the morning.

Saturday morning, another psychiatrist interviewed me.  I explained my behavior as having nothing to say to my jailers and not caring what they had to say to me.  “Your life makes sense when you don’t need other people to confirm that it does, which is the true independence of a soaring eagle.” Vernon Howard.  I also told her I refused anything they offered in exchange for my cooperation.  “Self-discovery comes through self-responsibility.” Vernon Howard.  She said she was not aware that I was not eating in prison.  I told her their twenty-four hour surveillance must not be very observant.  She said she was going to discharge me back to jail and asked if I would continue my previous behavior.  “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” Friedrich Nietzsche.  I told her absolutely, I would.

“This is rough stuff.  It’s only rough stuff that can save you from your own excusing yourself from self-growth.  Anyone who refuses to learn how to take care of themselves will remain a psychological criminal and you must begin to learn to recognize and treat them just like that, for what they are.
“You don’t treat people the way they are now; you treat them according to your needs, according to the way you see them, according to what would give you maybe a little advantage.  The point is, any man or woman on the face of this earth who refuses to learn how to let [Prakorimas] take care of him or her is a psychological criminal and you should know that.
“He doesn’t know that, he doesn’t want to know that, he just wants to excuse himself.  It’s like him saying, ‘Everybody else is bad, why shouldn’t I be bad?  Everyone else has scarlet fever, why shouldn’t I have scarlet fever too?’  And so they get infected and they get pained and they get punished.
“Do you see HOW — really, you think about this very quietly right now.  We’ll all just sit back and relax and you think quietly.”
Vernon Howard

By the afternoon, my jailers returned, shackled me hand and foot, then drove me back to my cell.  “The secret of spiritual success is to be utterly discouraged but continue to work.” Vernon Howard.  I just received two blankets this time without a gown so my pacings were performed naked.  “Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Mark Twain.  Much to the delight of the female deputy wardens.

“Begin to see deeply.  See that a completely rational mind does not need reassurance about itself from anyone.  See that despair is nothing but a bluff, which self-insight can expose every time.  See that unrenewed human minds cannot replace social chaos with social peace any more than a tornado can clean up the destruction caused by a previous tornado.  See that we can feel that we are right without being right, but that we cannot be right without feeling right.”
Vernon Howard

By Monday afternoon, I was really exhausted and feeling the effects of undernourishment.  “Blessed are the Death-defiant, their days shall be long in the land — Cursed are the Feeble-brained, for they shall perish amidst plenty.” Ragnar Redbeard.  The two investigators returned to take me to court and I just ignored them.  They ripped my blanket off, one of them jumped on me and they tried to handcuff me behind my back.  Tavalas (deity of physical strength) came from a source outside my weak body and I was able to throw them off and put my hands under the blanket I was using as a pillow.  “When you are genuinely strong, you neither attack nor defend and so retain your energy.” Vernon Howard.  They gave up, gathered their items and left my cell.  “Run forward when possible, walk ahead when you can, stagger onward when you must, but never cease your forward movement.” Vernon Howard.  A female voice asked from outside my cell if I wanted a glass of water to drink.  I ignored her, retrieved my other blanket and went back to sleep.

“You will start now to understand the need for non-waste of all that power you have been given just by being born on this planet.  You will see that you must conserve these powers to put to work to do something good and elevating for you.
“Now you are not going to start using energy properly until you are shocked, appalled at how improperly you use it and waste it!  So your first exercise of the week from this talk is for you to be a very observing man or woman.  You’re going to notice the series of petty irritations alone.  Ah, now write that down – petty irritation – that alone will give you a long list by the end of one day where you have put energy into something you had no business putting it in, simply because you weren’t conscious of the fact that you were throwing it away.”
Vernon Howard

In the evening, a Sergeant deputy warden entered my cell to announce that the judge just released me from custody on my own recognizance.  “Persistence prevails, like a stream that is temporarily blocked by boulders and then collects force enough to overflow onward.” Vernon Howard.  He asked if I would cooperate, gather my belongings and leave.  “All things are only transitory.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  I didn’t want to be there in the first place and if I was released, I had no desire to hang around so I said ‘yup.’

“Sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer.”
Winston Churchill

“Everything eventually yields to the one who persists.”
Guy Finley

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“He who cannot stand misfortune does not deserve good fortune.”
Frederick the Great

“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“A positive experience is a negative experience handled consciously.”
Vernon Howard

“A bad experience that you learn something from isn’t a bad experience anymore, but is a meaningful learning step.”
Ursula Demarmels

“Any weakling can take victories, but only the strong can endure setbacks.”
Adolf Hitler

I was released to St. Mary’s psyche ward for evaluation before being discharged and given a follow up appointment the next day with a forensic psychologist.  I returned to the psyche ward to find my friend working that night and he kept the food and drinks flowing.

Tuesday morning, I was finally discharged from St. Mary’s psyche ward thus releasing me from custody.  I discovered my arrest paperwork in one of my cargo pockets and promptly tore them up and discarded them.  “The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage.” Thucydides.  I hung out downtown until my appointment with the forensic psychologist.

A fourth I know, if men shall fasten
Bonds on my bended legs;
So great is the Rune that forth I may go,
The fetters spring from my feet,
Broken the bonds from my hands.

The forensic psychologist found me a fascinating subject and thought I should be out in California surfing.  He also explained my former co-workers apprehension about my situation stemming from the fear of my struggle happening to them.  I actually enjoyed our meeting and learned a lot from him.

“To live dangerously means to live.  If you don’t live dangerously, you don’t live.  Living flowers only in danger.  Living never flowers in security; it flowers only in insecurity.
“There are two types of people in the world.  People who want to live comfortably — they are seeking death, they want a comfortable grave.  And people who want to live — they choose to live dangerously, because life thrives only when there is risk.
“When I say to you, live dangerously, I mean not only bodily risk but psychological risk, and finally spiritual risk.  Religiousness is spiritual risk.  It is going to such heights from where maybe there is no return.  That is the meaning of Buddha’s term anagamin — one who never returns.  It is going to such a height, to a point of no return … then one is simply lost.  One never comes back.
“When I say live dangerously, I mean don’t live the life of ordinary respectability — that you are a mayor in a town, or a member of the corporation.  This is not life.  Or you are a minister, or you have a good profession and are earning well and money goes on accumulating in the bank and everything is going perfectly well, simply see it — you are dying and nothing is happening.  People may respect you, and when you die a great procession will follow you.  Good, that’s all, and in the newspapers your pictures will be published and there will be editorials, and then people will forget about you.  And you lived your whole life only for these things?
“Watch — one can miss one’s whole life for ordinary, mundane things.  To be spiritual means to understand that these small things should not be given too much importance.  I am not saying that they are meaningless.  I am saying that they are meaningful but not as meaningful as you think.
“Money is needed.  It is a need.  But money is not the goal and cannot be the goal.  A house is needed, certainly.  It is a need.  I am not an ascetic and I don’t want you to destroy your houses and escape to the Himalayas.  The house is needed — but the house is needed for you.  Don’t misunderstand it.
“Love, but don’t let your love degrade into marriage.  Work — work is needed — but don’t let work become your only life.  Play should remain your life, your center of life.  Work should just be a means toward play.  Work in the office and work in the factory and work in the shop, but just to have time, opportunity, to play.  Don’t let your life be reduced into just working a routine — because the goal of life is play!
“Play means doing something for its own sake.  If you enjoy many more things for their own sake, you will be more alive.  Of course, your life will always be in risk, in danger.  But that’s how life has to be.  Risk is part of it.  In fact the better part of it is risk, the best part of it is risk.  The most beautiful part of it is risk.  It is every moment a risk.  You may not be aware … You breathe in, you breathe out, there is risk.  Even breathing out — who knows whether the breath will come back or not?  It is not certain, there is no guarantee.
“But there are a few people whose whole religion is security.  Even if they talk about God, they talk about God as the supreme security.  If they think about God, they think only because they are afraid.  If they go to pray and meditate, they are going just in order that they remain in the “good books,” in God’s good books: ‘If there is a God, he will know that I was a regular churchgoer, a regular worshiper.  I can testify to it.’  Even their prayer is just a means.
“To live dangerously means to live life as if each moment is its own end.  Each moment has its own intrinsic value, and you are not afraid.  You know death is there, and you accept the fact that death is there, and you are not hiding against death.  In fact, you go and encounter death.  You enjoy those moments of encountering death — physically, psychologically, spiritually.
“Enjoying those moments where you come directly in contact with death — where death becomes almost a reality — is what I mean when I say live dangerously.
“Those who are courageous, go headlong.  They search all opportunities of danger.  Their life philosophy is not that of insurance companies.  Their life philosophy is that of a mountain climber, a glider, a surfer.  And not only in the outside seas they surf; they surf in their innermost seas.  And not only on the outside they climb Alps and Himalayas; they seek inner peaks.
“But remember one thing: never forget the art of risking — never, never.  Always remain capable of risking.  Whenever you can find an opportunity to risk, never miss it, and you will never be a loser.  Risk is the only guarantee for being truly alive.
“Always choose the unknown and go headlong.  Even if you suffer, it is worth it — it always pays.  You always come out of it more grown up, more mature, more intelligent.”


I left downtown on Clinton Avenue to make my way to the Brighton Police Department to recover my bike, backpack and gear.

While walking south along Clinton Avenue, a northbound car with a male of African descent in the passenger seat yelled to me with his fist held high out the window, “Trooper Man!”  I just looked at him and shot my fist straight up in the air, like on the cover art of Disturb’s ‘Ten Thousand Fists‘ compact disc.  Word must have spread of my incarceration ordeal.

I arrived at the Brighton police station and recovered my property.  The Sergeant in charge required my signature for his paperwork, so I signed ‘silence’ in Runes.

I used a library computer to make contact with a kindred spirit whose generous assistance was exponentially greater than any form of gratitude I would be able to express.  We went to the steakhouse and dined like royalty.  She enjoyed my stories and thought it was Totally AWESOME that I told “Society” to FUCK OFF and went my own way.  “Societies have risen and Societies have fallen; but man, the Unit — the germ-plasm —persists; with the rising of the sun, and the fall of the tides.  Man is not only the ‘clay,’ but also the ‘potter’ — the paramount determinant.  His fate is in his own hands absolutely, within the length of his tether.” Ragnar Redbeard.  It was a highly nourishing feast my body desperately needed for recovery.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
If a friend you have whom you fully will trust,
Then fare to find her oft;
For brambles grow and waving grass
On the rarely trodden road.

Returning to my chrysalis, I was certain of one thing, Vernon Howard KNEW what he was talking about.  “A real teacher tells you to do things you cannot understand because he can see things you cannot see.” Vernon Howard.  I reflected on all that happened while applying his lessons and was eager to learn more.  “Everyone is either teaching himself how to wander in the wilderness or how to return [to his Spiritual] home.” Vernon Howard.

I took his books from the library and devoured them in the park.  “Is it advisable to spread out all the conveniences of culture before people to whom a few steps up a stair to a library is a sufficient deterrent from reading?” Ayn Rand.  I read and re-read them taking notes in my journal and then returned the books to the shelf.  “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” Mark Twain.  I referred to the notes in my journal often, eager to apply what I was learning from his work.  For a faster friend one never finds Than wisdom tried and true. Havamal.  I sensed his work would assist my work in resurrecting the dormant Runes in the Spirit of Truth for the Purpose of Healing.  “Healing fails to occur because it is much easier to injure another than to heal oneself.” Vernon Howard.

I rede you, Loddfafnir! and hear my rede,—
Profit you have if you hear,
Great your gain if you learn:
A good man find to hold in friendship,
And give heed to his healing charms.

“Acquire the knowledge, experience the knowledge.  I have given you two basic steps by which you can travel from where you don’t want to be to where you truly need to be and will enjoy being.
“Acquire the knowledge.  That means, spiritually speaking, that you have to collect all the information, facts, that are necessary so that you can go beyond them.  It is hard work.  You think it’s easy to acquire spiritual knowledge.  It’s hard work.
“It’s easy to acquire knowledge of this world, and have aims and ambitions in that.  All you have to do is want to get rich.  All you have to want to do is to prove yourself and you can read thousands of [self help] books that will profess to tell you how to achieve your aims in this world.
“Spiritual knowledge already, already is a challenge to you.  Because it’s going to take away everything that you now hold as being precious, as being needful; and you’re going to have to turn your attention away from the whole world, just to get knowledge.  Then after a long hard time, but oh, what a pleasurable hard time it is, you’ve learned a few things.  You’ve learned a lot of shocking facts about yourself and about your neighbors and about the whole [Para-Semite] world that you live in.”
Vernon Howard

“Wisdom is found only in truth.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie.  I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave.  And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.”
H. L. Mencken

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”

“At bottom there is but one subject of study: the forms and metamorphoses of mind.  All other subjects may be reduced to that; all other studies bring us back to this study.”
Henri Frédéric Amiel

“People who misunderstand ask, ‘Why should I study esoteric science?’  That is like asking, ‘Why should I drink water?’  Everyone should study this superior science because:
Self-oneness is our supreme goal.”
Vernon Howard

I also sensed how Loki, through the ‘Odin Possessed’ Vikings, corrupted the True Spirit of the Runes by whittling the balance and harmony of the twenty-four Runes down to the sixteen runes of death and destruction and started to see the necessity of Ragnarok – Twilight of the Gods.

A fifth I know, if I see from afar
An arrow fly ‘gainst the folk;
It flies not so swift that I stop it not,
If ever my eyes behold it.

Odin was on an eternal quest for wisdom because He did not possess the quality in Himself – it WAS NOT a part of His nature.  Wisdom resided with the Crone Aspect of the Great Goddess and Odin wanted to possess It for Himself rather than allowing the Great Goddess to guide and nurture Him with THAT aspect of Her Nature.  Feeling Himself apart and separate from the Great Goddess, Odin was on an eternal quest to prove He was greater than She – which is IMPOSSIBLE!  “When exploring the inner world, be willing to be surprised, baffled, upset, or anything else helpful and necessary.” Vernon Howard.  So, Odin is STUCK trying to prove a falsehood.  The Great Goddess can say nothing but allow Him to see for Himself the error of His ways and welcome Him back once He realizes for Himself the futility of His delusion.

For the FIRST time in my life, things were FINALLY starting to make sense.  “Acquire the knowledge but then go on to experience the knowledge.” Vernon Howard.  I was receiving answers to questions I was not aware I was even asking.  “An esoteric education creates a commanding mind.” Vernon Howard.

I was released from prison in time to attend the Coven hand fasting ceremony and celebration in Durand Eastman Park.  The weather was spectacular and the ceremony beautiful.  I gifted the priest a set of Runes made from white oak, since he follows a Norse Pantheon path, and gifted his husband a set of Runes made from red oak, since he follows a Native American path.  I also gifted the priest my copy of the Icelandic Sagas, it served its purpose and I was tired of carrying it around with me.

By the middle of July, a bench warrant was issued for me since I failed to appear for my court date.  “The whole idea is to drink from your own fountain of released wisdom.” Vernon Howard.  I needed to relocate my chrysalis anyway, as the Canal Path was too open to the public and I needed some privacy.  At the same time, my bike sustained a bolt through the front tire and tube rendering it disabled.  It served its purpose and it was time to let go and move on.  “The genuinely spiritual person is one who has lost all desire to be anyone but exactly who he is, without labels and without apologies.  He is what he is and that’s all there’s is to it.  Such a man is undivided, uncomplicated and contented.” Vernon Howard.

I discovered the perfect spot in Genesee Valley Park under interstate three-ninety southbound next to Red Creek.  I had to climb a wall to get to it so it was not as accessible as the bridge over the Canal Path.

I went to the University of Rochester dorms to see if I could locate any kind of bedding the students may have tossed.  Sure enough, I discovered a full size box spring that would get me out of the mud to sleep.  I also located a pad to put on top of it while garbage picking through the streets of Rochester.  “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” Winston Churchill.  My new accommodations were AWESOME in spite of the fact that the mosquitoes feasted on any part of my skin that was exposed.  “The awakened mind does not suffer from anything.” Vernon Howard.  I had to sleep with a light blanket over my body and a towel over my head to keep them at bay.  “Save yourself from yourself, then see whether you need to be saved by or from anyone else.” Vernon Howard.  My personal slice of Thunder Island.

“Heroism is the brilliant triumph of the soul over the flesh — that is to say, over fear: fear of poverty, of suffering, of calumny [slander], of sickness, of isolation, and of death.  There is no serious piety without heroism.  Heroism is the dazzling and glorious concentration of courage.”
Henri Frédéric Amiel

“Liberty means self-reliance, it means resolution, it means enterprise, it means the capacity for doing without.  The free man is one who has won a small and precarious territory from the great mob of his inferiors, and is prepared and ready to defend it and make it support him.  All around him are enemies, and where he stands there is no friend.  He can hope for little help from other men of his own kind, for they have battles of their own to fight.  He has made of himself a sort of god in his little world, and he must face the responsibilities of a god, and the dreadful loneliness.”
H. L. Mencken

“Primates — especially gorillas — are skillful communicators and community builders.  Humans often forget that turning their communication inward is a primal necessity.  To ‘know thyself’ as Socrates said, is to put communion in our communities.  When you inquire deeply, when you know intimately who you really are so that you can be equally authentic before the mirror of self and the mirror of society, wild woman rises.”
Angi Sullins

“Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.  If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.  But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

“You don’t have to have a reputation for being a good person or a religious person.  You just need a deep conviction that nothing matters except to live in naturalness and simplicity.  That alone makes you a good and religious person in the true meaning of those words.  Then you will see with delightful surprise that goodness truly is its own reward.  You will then not be a public moralist, but have the private peace of one who has found the truth at last.”
Vernon Howard

Fire for men is the fairest gift,
And power to see the sun;
Health as well, if a man may have it,
And a life not stained with sin.

One day, in early August, I was walking to Highland Park to spend the day.  As I passed Strong Memorial Hospital, it was shift change and an avalanche of people were heading into the building to start their shift.  “One day you will truly go your own way, knowing from yourself that the world has nothing for you.” Vernon Howard.  I tried making eye contact with the flood of people I passed but their minds seemed to be elsewhere.  Occasionally, I would make eye contact with someone and we would smile at each other but they were few and far between.

I crossed the street to Mount Hope Cemetery and had a seat on a tombstone marked for a Saxton Shamus.  I just sat there and reflected on what I was observing.

A little sand has a little sea,
And small are the minds of men;
Though all men are not equal in wisdom,
Yet half-wise only are all.

People in a mad dash to earn their money to buy the things they wanted, all the while, paying their slave master’s taxes without ever questioning the necessity of any of it.  “A type of sheep-like conformity rarely realized by people is the conformity of being deluded.” Vernon Howard.  People looking to each other, if not in all out imitation, then desperately seeking conformation of their personality and the life of illusion it leads as real.  “At its best, imitation is limitation.  At its worst, imitation is the corruption of one’s own [Prakorimas]-given uniqueness.” Guy Finley.  I must have been ABSOLUTELY OUT OF MY MIND when I was just like them.  “Awareness of personal confusion is the first intelligent act of anyone who no longer wants to live that way.” Vernon Howard.  Mindlessly obeying and never questioning.  Like a machine that repeats the same thing over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month, season after season, year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation.  “Truth [Tyr] does not at all accept for you the life you accept for yourself.” Vernon Howard.  The repetition of mindless misery.

“It means that the average American now works for the government, not for himself.  The half of his earnings that government now permits him to keep just about covers his necessities of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and insurance.  In many cases, it doesn’t even cover that!  That is why the nations homeless have now risen to epidemic proportions; that is why so many wives are now forced to work; and why singles in increasing numbers are forced to move back in with ma and pa, or look for roommates.  In other words, the money which many Americans now get to keep is little more than what is absolutely essential for them JUST TO KEEP WORKING!  The government confiscates that portion of their productivity that might have gone for comforts and luxuries and in many cases, even necessities.
“Remember, even plantation owners provided their slaves with food, clothing, shelter and medical care.  If this is all that Americans can now buy with their money they earn (while turning the rest over to government), then what have Americans become?
“It was Karl Marx who concocted the surplus value theory of labor, according to which greedy capitalists exploited the working classes by confiscating from them their surplus labor value, while leaving them with only enough to buy back life’s barest necessities.  While Marx’s theory does not at all describe the economics of a free market, it pretty much describes what has happened in America, except the exploiters are not greedy capitalists — IT IS GOVERNMENT!  [In collusion with Wall Street’s Federal Reserve System, Wall Street represents GREEDY Corporate PUBLIC Conglomerates – NOT Free Market PRIVATE Enterprise.]
“Apart from ruining people’s lives with illegal prosecutions and imprisonment, there is probably no more reprehensible activity that the U.S. government engages in, than in the illegal confiscation of property (including wages) in payment of taxes that nobody owes.  While the former would appear to be more contemptible, the latter is experienced by far more people and can have consequences just as tragic.  Severe financial deprivation, caused by loss of wages, loss of savings, loss of homes, and loss of businesses, often leads to divorce, depression, and nervous breakdowns.  How many suicides, directly and indirectly result from such despotic government behavior can only be speculated upon.  But I am sure the number is far greater than anyone would suspect.
“All of this is happening because the American public (with a magnificent assist from the media) has allowed this nation to degenerate into a neo-fascist state where neither law nor the Constitution holds much interest for either the government or its courts 
[think North Korea]
“This nation, I fear, will never be able to return to its proper destiny until the public at large begins to figure out how and why the integrity of America’s legal system went awry.”
Irwin Schiff

“If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all.  Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.  Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement for the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.  The plan of the conspirator Insiders then is to socialize the United States, not to Communize it.”
Gary Allen and Larry Abraham

[Just ask Putin’s Proletariat Paradise and his Paramour Partners: Cuba and North Korea.  How else would North Korea acquire nuclear capabilities after President Kennedy denied Cuba the honors?  “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” Ayn Rand.  What the Vatican “Builders of Civilization” unleashed on the Celts, Goths and Balts, – the Slavs and Huns experienced by the Wonder Worker’s Wall Street Pathological Profiteer Psychopaths.  “Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.” Mark Twain.  Just ask Antony Sutton.  Hint: Russia’s Natural Resources span SEVEN time zones, yet can only muster an economy the size of pathetic France.  WAKE UP!!!  THIS is what Marxist Revolutions of the Ignorant Masses lead to – the Elitist Utopia of Russia, Cuba and North Korea FOR ALL IDIOTS WHO THINK two plus two adds up to TWENTY-TWO!!!  “Democracy [like Socialism] is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” H. L. Mencken.  Just ask Pelosi’s Progressive Proletariat Paradise: Solar-Subsidized State of California and Schmuck Schumer’s Soviet Socialist State of New York.  Question: If Solar Panels are so FUCKIN’ “Energy Efficient” then WHY must California’s Government MANDATE their installation rather than ALLOW the panels to SELL THEMSELVES in the Free Market?  Answer: Political “Crony Corrupitalism” Democracy-Style.  “It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money.” Hillary Clinton.  Just ask Barack Obama about Solyndra.  DUMBASS!  “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” H. L. Mencken.

Well done Communards!  The founding “Federalists” had YOU in mind at the Constitutional Convention.  “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Of course, you could not complete your “agenda” without the “Anti-Federalists” conservative McMafioso clowns of the McConnell/McCain Ku Klux Klan and their Sarah Palin SS cheerleading whores (Lyrics) at the Convention, whose SOLE purpose is to act as “token” resistance to the Dictatorship of the Political Elite.  “You don’t know what a slick trick is being played on you.” Vernon Howard.

Case in Point: The Neurotic “Neo-Con” Narcissist Party VOWED to repeal “Obamacare” once the “electorate” gave their Political Party the majority in Congress.  “The fiends and liars try to tell you what is good.” Vernon Howard.  The gullible “electorate” BELIEVED the Fascist BULLSHIT and dutifully gave the Republican Party the Senate Majority (two thousand, ten) and then the Majority in the House of Representatives (two thousand, fourteen) and STILL couldn’t repeal ‘Obamacare.’  The Republican Party then SWORE TO MIKE PENCE’S GOD that “Obamacare” could ONLY be repealed with a Republican President along with a Republican controlled Congress.  “They have their own little schemes, their own little plans to try and expand their own kingdom of hell within by trying to impose a sense of guilt on you and trying to get all the money and the cooperation, all they can get from you in order to continue with their sickness.” Vernon Howard.  So, in two thousand, sixteen, the “electorate,” armed with Mike Pence’s mantra “In God We Trust,” GAVE the Presidency to the Republican Party along with a Congressional Majority TO … wait for it … KEEP “Obamacare” in place so the “Opioid Epidemic” it CREATED through Pharmaceutical Prescriptions and Methadone Clinics would now have to be expanded to warrant even MORE regulating, taxing, spending and borrowing.  “One of society’s absurd delusions is that the spending of money can cure something.” Vernon Howard.

Well, my, my, my, looks like “In God We Trust” FAILED US AGAIN.  “The most dangerous words on earth are, ‘Let me help you.'” Vernon Howard[Just ask John L. Lewis Hint: “the most im